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pgp related quotes
that famous fictitious characters might have said

- from The Lord of the Rings:

"Passphrases that once were known, oft chance quickly to become forgotten, and once unremembered, may well remain hidden, until the End of Days, even to the Wise.
Such are the perils that stand to befall the unwary Bearer of a Secret Ring."

-- Gandalf the Grey, to Frodo ,
as he assisted him in generating yet another key pair

- from Babylon 5:

"PGP, GPG, encryption,... useless it is, Zathras warns them, but no one ever listens to Zathras, they play with bigger keys, newer algorithms,... none will help them against even a small level Telepath...
The One that is, knows this, and She does not make use of such things."

--Zathras, mostly to himself

- from Star Trek / Voyager:

"You are intently examining these images of unclothed beings because you suspect you may find secret hidden messages there ?!?"

-- Seven-of-Nine to Harry and Tuvok

- from Star Trek / Next Generation:

Yes, a primitive encryption scheme based on solvable computational problems that could not be solved by pre-Warp mathematicians."

-- Commander Data to Captain Picard

- from Star Trek (Classic):

"These estimates of the time necessary to break a pgp message are quite fascinating.
However, using the Vulcan Remainder Theorem, and the ship's computer, it took precisely 12.9 seconds to factor the modulus."

-- Spock to Kirk

- from Star Wars:

"READY are you, to have your own key pair?!
Still writing down your passphrases, you are! Still using simple words, you are!
Such a one, not ready is!
Passphrases, NOT guessable they should be!
Random, they must be.
DICEWARE they should be!
Seven Diceware words you must know, before a key you will have.
Memorize! ... Memorize! ... Go, now! ... Go."

-- Master Yoda to Luke

- from Harry Potter:

"A PGP Encrypted Message? Clever, these Muggles",
said Albus Dumbledore to Professor McGonagall,
and with a twinkle in his eye, he pointed his wand at the message block, and after the simple Charm command 'Revelato', instantly beheld the plaintext.

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