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invisible font

a true type font for windows
where the characters are not displayable or printable

here is a zipfile (ifw2kxp) with the following files:

- invisible1.ttf ( a true-type font for windows 2k/nt/xp )

- ifreadme.asc ( a pgp clearsigned readme file, explaining the invisible font and its usage )

- aifs.pdf (a pdf file with an armored signed pgp message enbedded in it, using invisible font)

the zipfile '' is here:


When a document is rendered in pdf, empty lines are rendered as whitespace, rather than as a line return.
This results in a 'functional' omission of the 'empty line' in pgp messages.
The standard for open pgp messages, is that there needs to be an empty line between the last line of the pgp header, and the beginning of the radix 64 armor of the pgp message block.
This is primarily for aesthetic effect, but some implementations will not process the message if the empty line is absent.

(All versions of PGP will decrypt/verify the message even in the absence of the 'empty line', while earlier versions of GnuPG will give an error message of 'improper header' and halt further processing.
The 1.4.2 version 'does' accept the message in absence of the empty line.)

'Invisible font' is unrestricted freeware.

Enjoy, Improve, Distribute freely ;-)

Please e-mail me if there are any inaccuracies in any of the above, or for any suggestions / comments / etc.



my 2 pgp keys are:

v3 rsa
size: 2048
key id: 0x6A05A0B785306D25
fingerprint: 96A6 5F71 1C43 8423 D9AE 02FD A711 97BA

v4 rsa
size: 4096
key id: 0x5AA20C866A589A97
fingerprint: ED03 5602 A6A9 093F 0BF7 1BD0 5AA2 0C86 6A58 9A97

Email: vedaal at gmail dot com