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Steve Steere

Book 2 - A ledger containing the user identity, sample label illustrations of perfins, commercial overprints and insurance dies used with the costs. This Book predates Book 1 and was probably started in the late 1940s.

The records show Surname followed by name or initials so I have followed that system. If any errors are spotted then please notify the webmaster Alastair Walter ( or myself.

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Page linkIdentityPerfinOverprintInsurance
Page 1Damaged page showing examples of perfins
Page 2Damaged page showing examples of perfins
Page 3Damaged page showing examples of perfins
Page 4Damaged page showing examples of perfins, overprints & insurance
Page 5Aberdare & District Co-op Society Ltdyesyes
Page 5Accrington Corporationyesyes
Page 5Accrington Water Boardyes
Page 5Addlestone & District Industrial Co-op Society Ltdyes
Page 6A C Cars Ltdyesyes
Page 6Aberdare UDCyesyesyes
Page 6Aberdeen CCyes
Page 6Abingdon Corporationyesyes
Page 6Abingdon RDCyes
Page 6Acme Flooring Co Ltdyes
Page 6Acton & Wembley Hospitalyes
Page 6Acton Corporationyesyes
Page 6Adams & Benson Ltdyes
Page 7Acceptance Co Ltdyes
Page 8Addressograph - Multigraph Ltdyesyesyes
Page 8Adlam George & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 8Airdrie BCyesyes
Page 8Aire & Calder Navigationremoved
Page 8Aireborough UDCyesyesyes
Page 8Albion Sugar Co Ltdyes
Page 8Alden R R & Son Ltdyesyes
Page 8Aldwinckle A O & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 8Allied Industrial Services Ltdyes
Page 9Alden R R & Son Ltdyesyes
Page 9Allcock S & Co Ltdyes
Page 9Allders Ltdyes
Page 9Allen Cockshutt & Co Ltdyes
Page 9Allen J J Ltdyes
Page 9Alliance & Dublin Consumers Gas Coyes
Page 9Alliance Assurance Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 9Alliance Trading Coyes
Page 9Allison Bros Ltdyes
Page 10Aldershot BCyes
Page 10Amalgamated Electrical Servicesyes
Page 10Amalgamated Press Ltdyes
Page 10Anglia Securities Ltdyes
Page 11Amalgamated Dairiesyes
Page 11American Express Co Incyes
Page 11Anglo Baltic Produce Co Ltdyesyes
Page 11Anglo Portuguese Bank Ltdyes
Page 11Anglo Saxon Petroleum Co Ltdremoved
Page 11Angus George & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 11Angus William & Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 11Apex Staff Agency (Midlands) Ltdyes
Page 12Appollinaris Co Ltdyes
Page 12Arbuthnot Latham & Co Ltdyes
Page 12Archbishops Houseyes
Page 12Archer R & Sons Ltdyes
Page 12Arding & Hobbs Ltdyesyes
Page 12Ardrossan BCyes
Page 12Argus Press Ltdyes
Page 12Argus S A Newspapers Ltdyes
Page 12Arnolds Ltd Great Yarmouthyes
Page 13Ashton Under Lyne Corporationyesyes
Page 13Askeys Premier Biscuit Co Ltd (Askeys Ltd)yesyes
Page 14Associated Book Publishers Ltdyes
Page 14Associated Newspapers Ltdyesyes
Page 14Associated Weavers Supplies Ltdyesyes
Page 15Armstrong & Thompsonyesyes
Page 15Asprey & Co Ltdyes
Page 15Associated Carways Ltdyesyes
Page 15Associated Equipment Co Ltdyes
Page 15Associated Lead Manufacturers Ltdyes
Page 15Associated Manufacturers Ltdyes
Page 15Associated Press of G B Ltdyes
Page 15Atkins E Ltdyes
Page 15Atkinson John Ltdyes
Page 16Anglo American Oil Co Ltdyesyes
Page 16Atlas Wharf Ltdyesyes
Page 16Australian Mutual Provident Societyyes
Page 16Automobile Associationyes
Page 16Automobile Palaceyes
Page 16Awley Finance Co Ltdyes
Page 16Ayrton, Saunders & Co Ltdyes
Page 16Esso Development Coyes
Page 16Esso Transportation Co Ltdyes
Page 17Baildon UDCyes
Page 18B X Plasticsyes
Page 18Bacup Corporationyes
Page 18Bailey & Whites Ltdyes
Page 18Bailey W H & Son Ltdyes
Page 18Bain A W & Sons Ltdyes
Page 18Bainbridge & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 18Baird J W & Co Ltdyes
Page 18Baker G P & J Ltdyes
Page 18Balme & Thomas Ltdyesyes
Page 19Banff County Councilyes
Page 19Bank of Englandyes
Page 20Bangor Corporationyesyes
Page 20Bank of British West Africa Ltdyes
Page 20Banstead UDCyes
Page 20Barclay & Fry Ltdyesyes
Page 20Barclay Perkins & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 20Barclays Bank D C O Gracechurch Streetyes
Page 20Barclays Bank Ltdyes
Page 20Barclays Bank Ltd (Foreign Branch)yesyes
Page 20Barking BCyesyes
Page 21Barnet London BCyes
Page 22Barker Henry Smart & Brown Ltdyes
Page 22Barker John & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 22Barlow & Jones Ltdyesyesyes
Page 22Barnes Corporationyesyesyes
Page 22Barnes John & Co Ltdyes
Page 22Barnet Ensign Ltdyes
Page 22Barnet Gas & Water Companyyes
Page 22Barnet UDCyes
Page 22Barnoldswick UDCyes
Page 23Barnet District Water Coyes
Page 23Barnstaple Corporationyesyes
Page 23Barnstaple RDCyes
Page 23Basford RDCyes
Page 23Basildon Development Corporationyesyes
Page 23Basingstoke BCyes
Page 23Batley Corporationyesyes
Page 24Barratt & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 24Barrow Lane & Ballard Ltdyes
Page 24Barrus E P Ltdyesyesyes
Page 24Barry Corporationyesyes
Page 24Barry Ostlere & Shepherd Ltdyesyes
Page 24Barton A R & Coyes
Page 24Bartrum Harvey & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 24Basted Paper Mills Ltdyesyes
Page 24Bath City ofyesyes
Page 25Batger & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 25Bath & Portland Stone Firmsyes
Page 25Batt John & Co Ltdyes
Page 25Batten J & I & Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 25Battersea BCyesyesyes
Page 25Battle RDCyesyes
Page 25Baume & Co Ltdyes
Page 25Baxendale & Co (Manchester) Ltdyes
Page 26Beans Express Ltdyes
Page 26Bedford RDCyesyes
Page 26Beecham Foods Ltdyes
Page 26Beer I & Sons Ltdyes
Page 26Belcopel Ltdyes
Page 27Baxters Leather Co Ltdyesyes
Page 27Baynes & Dixonyesyes
Page 27Beach & Marslandyes
Page 27Bebington Corporationyesyes
Page 27Beck & Co (Meters) Ltdyes
Page 27Beck & Inchbold Ltdyes
Page 27Beck & Pollitzer Ltdyes
Page 27Beddington & Wallington Corporationyesyes
Page 27Bedwellty UDCyesyes
Page 28Benfleet UDCyes
Page 29Beckenham BCyesyesyes
Page 29Beeston Boiler Co Ltdyes
Page 29Belgrave Library Theyes
Page 29Bell George & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 29Benham & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 29Benson J W Ltdyesyes
Page 29Berkeley Coachwork Ltdyes
Page 29Berks CCyesyes
Page 29Bee Bee Biscuits Ltdremoved
Page 30Benson S H Ltdyes
Page 30Bermondsey & Southwark HMCyes
Page 30Bermondsey BCyesyesyes
Page 30Bertish M & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 30Bethnal Green BCyesyes
Page 30Betterway Electrical Products Ltdyesyes
Page 30Betts Hartley & Co Ltdyes
Page 30Bexhill BCyesyes
Page 30Billingham UDCyesyes
Page 31Bewlay & Coyes
Page 31Biddle Sawyer & Co Ltdyes
Page 31Bingley UDCyes
Page 31Binns Ltdyes
Page 31Birkett & Roberts Ltdyes
Page 32Bexley BCyesyes
Page 32Biggs Herbert Ltdyes
Page 32Bird & Co (London) Ltdyes
Page 32Birkenhead Corporationyes
Page 32Birkett & Bostock Ltdyes
Page 32Birmingham Battery & Metal Co Ltdyes
Page 32Birmingham City of, Water Departmentyesyes
Page 32Birmingham Co-operative Society Ltdyesyes
Page 32Birmingham Regional Hospital Boardyes
Page 33Bilsby L Ltd (Assoc A E A Prowting Ltd)yes
Page 33Bilton Percy Ltdyes
Page 33Birmingham Hospital Saturday Fundyes
Page 34Birt Potter & Hughes Ltdyes
Page 34Bishop A E Ltdyes
Page 34Bishopbriggs Burghyes
Page 34Bishops Stortford Gas Coyes
Page 34Blaby RDCyes
Page 34Blackburn County BCyesyes
Page 34Blacknell H & H (Blacknell Buildings)yes
Page 34Blackpool County BCyesyes
Page 34Bobby & Co Ltdyes
Page 35Blagden Victor & Co Ltdyes
Page 35Blom Walter & Son Ltdyesyes
Page 35Bluebell Polish Coyes
Page 35Blundell, Spence & Co Ltdyes
Page 35Blyth Dutton & Coyes
Page 35Blythswood Shipbuilding Co Ltdyes
Page 35Boake A Roberts & Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 35Boardmans Ltdyes
Page 35Bognor Regis RDCyes
Page 36Bly F J & Co Ltdyes
Page 36Boehm Frederick Ltdyesyes
Page 36Bolding John & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 36Bolton Area Assessment Committeeyes
Page 36Bon Marche Ltdyes
Page 36Bond J G Ltdyesyes
Page 36Bonds (Norwich) Ltdyes
Page 36Bonds (Somerton) Ltdyes
Page 36Boosey & Hawkes Ltdyes
Page 37Booth E H & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 37Booth James Aluminium Ltdyesyes
Page 37Booth Steamship Co Ltdyes
Page 37Bootle BCyesyes
Page 37Borax Consolidated Ltdyes
Page 37Borthwick Thomas & Sons Ltdyes
Page 37Boston Corporationyes
Page 37Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co Ltdyesyes
Page 37Bournemouth Gas & Water Coyes
Page 38Bosworth & Co (Contractors) Ltdyes
Page 38Boulds (Fenton) Ltdyes
Page 38Boulton (Scaffolding) Ltdyes
Page 38Bourne & Hollingsworth Ltdyes
Page 38Boyd Gibbins Ltdyes
Page 38Brian Mills Ltdyes
Page 38Burlington Warehouses Ltdyes
Page 38Bury District Co-operative Society Ltdyesyes
Page 39Borwick George & Sons Ltdyes
Page 39Bourne S & Co Ltdyes
Page 39Bournemouth Corporationyesyes
Page 39Boving & Co Ltdyes
Page 39Bovis Ltdyes
Page 39Bow Thomas (Mr)yes
Page 39Bowles George, Nicholls & Co Ltdyes
Page 39Bowmaker Ltdyesyes
Page 39Boy Scouts Associationyes
Page 40Boyd Ltdyes
Page 40Boyes & Anger Ltdyesyes
Page 40Braby Frederick & Co Ltdyes
Page 40Brackett & Sonsyesyes
Page 40Bracknell Development Corporationyes
Page 40Bradbury Greatorex & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 40Braden & Stark Ltdyes
Page 40Bradford City Corporationyesyes
Page 40Bradford Old Peoples Welfare Committeeyes
Page 41Brent London BCyesyes
Page 42Bradford Thomas & Co Ltdyes
Page 42Bradstreet's British Ltdyes
Page 42Braham, Patterson & Benham Ltdyes
Page 42Brandies Goldschmidt & Co Ltdyes
Page 42Bray Arthur Ltdyes
Page 42Bray Gibb & Co Ltdyes
Page 42Brentford & Chiswick BCyesyesyes
Page 42Brentnall & Cleland Ltdyesyes
Page 42Bridgwater BCyes
Page 43Brecon BCyes
Page 43Brentwood UDCyes
Page 44Brereton Collieries Ltdyes
Page 44Brettle George & Co Ltdyes
Page 44Brickwood & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 44Bridlington BCyesyes
Page 44Brierley Hill UDCyesyes
Page 44Brighouse BCyesyes
Page 44Brighton County BCyesyes
Page 44British Bata Shoe Co Ltdyes
Page 44British Central Electrical Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 45Bristol City & County BCyesyesyes
Page 45Bristol Evening Postyes
Page 45Britannic Assurance Co Ltdyes
Page 45British Cork Mills Ltdyesyes
Page 45British Drug Houses Ltdyesyesyes
Page 45British Dyestuffs Ltd (Imperial Chemical Industries)yes
Page 45British Electricity Authority, Midlands Divisionyes
Page 45British Engineers Associationyes
Page 45British Equitable Assurance Co Ltdyes
Page 46British & Foreign Bible Societyyesyes
Page 46British Empire Cancer Campaignyes
Page 46British Essence Co Ltd
Page 46British Fire Insurance Co Ltdyesyes
Page 46British General Insurance Coyesyes
Page 46British Glues & Chemicals Ltdyes
Page 46British Jaeger Instruments Ltdyes
Page 46British Law Insurance Co Ltdyesyes
Page 47British & Northern Shipping Agency Ltdyes
Page 47British Merchants Incorporated Ltdyesyes
Page 47British Mexican Petroleum Co Ltdyes
Page 47British Monomarks Ltd
Page 47British National Newspapers Ltdyes
Page 47British Oak Insurance Co Ltdyes
Page 47British Overseas Airways Corporationyes
Page 47British Ropes Ltdyes
Page 47British Soda Co Ltdyesyes
Page 48British Oxygen Gases Ltdyes
Page 48British Sisalkraft Ltdyes
Page 48British Transport Commission, British Waterwaysyesyes
Page 48British Transport Docksyes
Page 48British Vinegars Ltdyes
Page 48British Xylonite Co Ltdyes
Page 48Brittain Bros (Rotherham) Ltdyesyes
Page 49British Sailors Societyyesyes
Page 49British Sewing Machines Ltdyes
Page 49British Standard Assurance Association c/o Matthew Wrightson & Co Ltdyes
Page 49British Steel Piling Co Ltdyes
Page 49Broad & Co Ltdyes
Page 49Broad Manufacturing Co Ltdyes
Page 49Broadway Congregational Friendly Societyyes
Page 49Bromley London BCyesyes
Page 49Broughs Ltdyes
Page 50Brook St Bureau of Mayfair Ltdyes
Page 51Brompton Hospital For Consumptionyes
Page 51Brooke Bond & Co Ltdyes
Page 51Brooke Bros & C E Brooke Ltdyes
Page 51Brooker Dore & Co Ltdyes
Page 51Brotherton & Co Ltdyes
Page 51Brown Alfred & Sons Ltdyes
Page 51Brown Arthur & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 51Brown Jenkinson & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 51Brown W G & Co Ltdyes
Page 61Carmarthen Industrial Co-operative Society Ltdyes
Page 52Bruce Starke & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 52Buchholtz & Co Ltdyes
Page 52Buck & Hickman Ltdyes
Page 52Buckinghamshire CCyesyes
Page 52Buckridge & Gardner Ltdyes
Page 52Budenberg Guage Co Ltdyes
Page 52Budgett James & Son Ltdyes
Page 52Budgett Samuel & Co Ltdyes
Page 52Bull Johnyes
Page 53Brunex Ltdyes
Page 53Buckley UDCyes
Page 53Bucklow RDCyesyes
Page 53Budgett H H & S & Co Ltdyes
Page 53Bunting Construction Co Ltdyes
Page 53Burndept Ltdyes
Page 54Buntings Ltdyesyes
Page 54Burberrys Ltdyesyes
Page 54Burgess Henry J & Coyes
Page 54Burgess Hill Water Coyes
Page 54Burnley Corporationyes
Page 54Burnley Equitable Industrial & Co-operative Society Ltdyes
Page 54Burns Philp & Co Ltdyes
Page 54Burrell & Co Ltdyes
Page 54Burroughs Adding Machines Ltdyes
Page 55Burroughs Wellcome & Coyes
Page 55Burrows A J Clements Winch & Sonsyes
Page 55Burt Chas Ltdyesyes
Page 55Burton Son & Sanders Ltdyesyes
Page 55Bury District Co-operative Society Ltdyesyes
Page 55Bury St Edmunds BCyesyes
Page 55Bush Henry W & Co Ltdyes
Page 55Bush W J & Co Ltdyes
Page 55Bushell H & Sonsyes
Page 56B & N Line Royal Mail Ltd (Bergen Steamship Co)yes
Page 56Bush Boake Allen Ltdyesyes
Page 56Bushill Thomas & Sons Ltdyes
Page 56Butter B T Ltdyes
Page 56Butterfield Bros Ltdyesyes
Page 56Butterworth & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 57Caernarvon Corporationyes
Page 57Calder Water Boardyes
Page 57Calmic Ltdyes
Page 57Calverley (Concrete) Ltdyes
Page 57Calverley George & Sons (Contractors) Ltdyes
Page 57Cambrian Insurance Co Ltdyes
Page 57Camden London BCyes
Page 58Cadbury Pratt & Co Ltdyes
Page 58Cakebread, Robey & Co Ltdyes
Page 58Calvert F C & Co Ltdyes
Page 58Camberwell BCyesyesyes
Page 58Camborne - Redruth UDCyes
Page 58Canada Life Assurance Co Theyes
Page 58Canadian Pacific Express Coyes
Page 58Canadian Pacific Railway Coyesyes
Page 58Cambridge University & Town Waterworks Coyes
Page 59Campbell Daniel & Sons (Contractors) Ltdyes
Page 59Canterbury Corporationyesyes
Page 59Capel Cure & Terry Ltdyes
Page 59Capel James & Coyes
Page 59Cardiff Corporationyesyesyes
Page 59Cardiff Pure Ice & Cold Storage Co Ltdyes
Page 59Cardiff RDCyesyes
Page 59Cargills Ltdyes
Page 59Carr James & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 60Cambridge Co-operative Society Ltdyesyes
Page 60Camilatone Ltdyes
Page 60Canning W & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 60Cannings W (London) Ltdyes
Page 60Castleford BCyesyes
Page 60Castrol (see CC Wakefield)
Page 60Caxton Publishing Co Ltdyes
Page 60Cmden London BCyesyes
Page 61Campbell Bros & Carteryes
Page 61Carbon Dioxide Co Ltdyes
Page 61Carless Whitaker & Bignold Ltdyes
Page 61Carreras Ltdyes
Page 61Carshalton UDCyesyesyes
Page 61Carter Paterson & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 61Carters Tested Seeds Ltdyesyes
Page 61Cassin P & Coyes
Page 62Cementation Construction Ltdyes
Page 63Caspar Ltdyes
Page 63Caterham & Warlingham UDCyesyes
Page 63Catesbys Ltdyes
Page 63Causton Sir Joseph & Sons Ltdyes
Page 63Caxton Electric Developments Ltdyes
Page 63Cearns W J & Co Ltdyes
Page 63Central Electricity Authorityyes
Page 63Central London Electricity Ltdyes
Page 63Central News Associationyes
Page 64Chadderton UDCyes
Page 65Century Press Ltdyes
Page 65Century Thermal Bath Cabinet Ltdyes
Page 65Cerebos Ltdyesyes
Page 65Chailey RDCyesyesyes
Page 65Challinors & Dixonyes
Page 65Champion Druce & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 65Chance Bros Ltdyes
Page 65Chartered Bankyes
Page 66Cheadle RDCyes
Page 67Chamberlain Industries Ltdyes
Page 67Chanctonbury RDCyesyes
Page 67Chapman & Hall Ltdyes
Page 67Chappell & Co Ltdyes
Page 67Charing Cross Hospitalyes
Page 67Charrington Gardner Lockett & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 67Chater-Lea Manufacturing Co Ltdyes
Page 67Chatham & District Water Companyyes
Page 67Chelmsford Corporationyesyes
Page 68Chelsea BCyesyes
Page 68Chelsea Polytechnicyes
Page 68Cheltenham BCyesyes
Page 68Chertsey UDCyesyesyes
Page 68Cheshire County Cinemas Ltdyes
Page 68Cheshunt UDCyesyes
Page 68Chester City & County of the City of Chesteryesyesyes
Page 68Chesterfield BCyesyes
Page 68Chichester RDCyesyes
Page 69Cheltenham RDCyes
Page 69Chester RDCyes
Page 69Chigwell UDCyesyes
Page 69Chippenham Corporationyes
Page 69Chocolate Tobler Meltis Ltdyes
Page 69Chown A T & Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 69Christchurch Corporationyes
Page 70Chester Wm C & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 70Chingford BCyesyesyes
Page 70Chislehurst & Sidcup UDCyes
Page 70Chiswick Products Ltdyesyes
Page 70Chorley BCyes
Page 70Chorley Co-operative Society Ltdyesyes
Page 70Christy & Co Ltdyes
Page 70Church Armyyes
Page 70Churchman Lambert & Ringer Ltd (prev. W A & A C Churchman)yesyes
Page 71Church Missionary Societyyes
Page 71Church of England Childrens Society (See Waifs & Strays Society)
Page 71Church of England Zenana Missionary Societyyes
Page 71Churchill & Sim Ltdyes
Page 71Churchill H & D Ltdyes
Page 71Churchill V L & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 71Churtons Ltdyes
Page 71City & Town Buildings Ltdyes
Page 71City of Londonyes
Page 72Cinnamon J Ltdyes
Page 72Clark & Fenn Ltdyes
Page 72Claye S J Ltdyes
Page 73City of Londonyesyesyes
Page 73Civic Co Ltdyes
Page 73Clang Ltdyes
Page 73Clarendon Press Delegates ofyes
Page 73Clarke Son & Platt Ltdyes
Page 73Clarks College Ltdyes
Page 73Clarkson H & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 73Clements Newling & Co Ltdyes
Page 73Clifford's Frederick Tyes
Page 74Clydebank Burghyes
Page 75Clyde Valley Electrical Power Co (See South West Scotland Electricity Board)yes
Page 75Clydesdale Supply Co Ltdyes
Page 75Coales F & Sonyes
Page 75Cobb & Jenkins Ltdyesyesyes
Page 75Cohen & Wilks Ltdyes
Page 75Cohen George Sons & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 75Cohen L & Sons (Deptford) Ltdyes
Page 75Cole Bros Ltdyes
Page 75Colne Valley UDCyesyes
Page 76Coatbridge Burghyes
Page 76Cockayne T B & W Ltdyes
Page 76Colchester Lathe Co Ltdyes
Page 76Colwyn Bay Corporation (deleted on page)
Page 76Commonwealth Savings Bank of Australiayes
Page 76Commonwealth Trading Bank of Australiayes
Page 76Congleton BCyes
Page 76Congregational Insurance Co Ltdyes
Page 76Consett UDCyesyes
Page 77Colmer James Ltdyes
Page 77Colne Valley Water Coyes
Page 77Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society Ltdyes
Page 77Colonial Wharves Ltdyesyes
Page 77Colthurst & Harding Ltdyesyes
Page 77Columbia Ribbon & Carbon Manufacturing Co Ltdyesyes
Page 77Colwyn Bay Corporationyesyes
Page 77Commercial Union Assurance Co Ltdremovedyes
Page 78Congregational Council For World Missionsyes
Page 78Consolidated Gold Fields Ltdyes
Page 78Conway Valley Water Boardyes
Page 78Cook F W & Co Ltdyes
Page 79Conde Nast Publications Ltdyesyesyes
Page 79Connolly Bros (Curriers) Ltdyesyes
Page 79Constantine Joseph (London) Ltdyes
Page 79Continental Transport Co Ltdyes
Page 79Cook M & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 79Cook Thos & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 79Cooke & Ferguson Ltdyesyes
Page 79Cooling Lawrence & Sonsyes
Page 79Cooper & Co's Stores Ltdyes
Page 80Cooper McDougall & Robertson Ltdyes
Page 80Cooper Peglar & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 80Cooper Stewart Engineering Co Ltdyes
Page 80Copestake Crampton & Co Ltdyes
Page 80Cork W H Gulley & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 80Cornhill Insurance Co Ltdyes
Page 80Cornwall Press Ltdyes
Page 80Cory Bros & Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 80Courage & Barclay Ltdyesyes
Page 81County Council Associationyes
Page 81County Employment Agency Ltdyes
Page 82Cory Wm & Son Ltdyes
Page 82Coulsden & Purley UDCyesyes
Page 82County Fire Office Ltdyesyesyes
Page 82County Laboratories Co Ltdyesyes
Page 82Courtin & Warner Ltdyes
Page 82Coventry Corporationyesyes
Page 82Cowes UDCyesyes
Page 82Cowlin William & Son Ltdyes
Page 82Cox G T & Sons Ltdyes
Page 83Cranbrook District Water Coyes
Page 83Cranbrook RDCyes
Page 83Crane Ltdyes
Page 83Craven Water Boardyesyes
Page 83Crawley Development Corporationyes
Page 83Crawley UDCyesyes
Page 83Crayford UDCyesyesyes
Page 83Cryselco Ltdyesyes
Page 84Craig & Rose Ltdyes
Page 84Crawford W S Ltd
Page 84Crewe BCyesyes
Page 84Croad Jonathan Ltdyes
Page 84Crompton UDCyes
Page 84Crosby Corporationyesyes
Page 84Cross Sons & Absolom Ltdyes
Page 84Crosse & Blackwell (Mftg Co) Ltdyesyes
Page 85Croydon BCyesyesyes
Page 85Croydon Education Committeeyesyes
Page 85Croydon Gas Coremovedyesyes
Page 85Crusader Insurance Co Ltdyesyes
Page 85Crypto Ltdyes
Page 85Cuckfield RDC (two separate entries on same page)yesyes
Page 85Cuckfield UDCyesyes
Page 85Cunard S. S. (prev. Cunard White Star Ltd)yesyesyes
Page 86C & A Modes Ltdyesyesyes
Page 86Canda Manufacturing Co Ltdyesyes
Page 86Cryselco Ltdyes
Page 86Curl Bros Ltdyes
Page 86Currie Line Ltdyes
Page 86Curry & Paxton Ltdyes
Page 86Currys Ltdyes
Page 87Corke Sons & Murrent Ltdyes
Page 88D P Battery Co Ltdyes
Page 88Dae Health Laboratories Ltdyes
Page 88Dagenham BCyesyesyes
Page 88Daily Mirror Newspapers Ltdyes
Page 88Daily Telegraph Ltdyesyes
Page 88Daimler Hire Ltdyes
Page 88Dairy Supply Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 88Dalton Percy (London) Ltdyesyes
Page 88Dalton, Barton & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 89Dartford Corporationyes
Page 90Danks Thomas & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 90Darwen J S & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 90Davenport Vernon & Co Ltdyes
Page 90Davey & Co (London) Ltdyes
Page 90Davies Middleton & Davies & Co Ltdyes
Page 90Davies R A (Birmingham) Ltdyes
Page 90Davies Turner & Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 90Davies W T & Sonsyes
Page 90Daviservice (Davis Sons & Co Ltd)yesyes
Page 91Dawley UDCyesyes
Page 92Davis Contractors Ltdyes
Page 92Davis J A & Co (& Co deleted Son Ltd added in pencil)yes
Page 92Davis's Feather Mills Ltdyesyes
Page 92Dawlish Electric Light & Power Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 92Dawson & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 92Dawson Ayesyes
Page 92Dawson William & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 92Day & Sons (Crewe) Ltdyesyes
Page 92Deben RDCyes
Page 93De Graaff & Baker Ltdyes
Page 93De La Rue Thomas & Co Ltdyes
Page 93De Pass E A & Co Ltdyes
Page 93Deal BCyesyes
Page 93Deane Edward & Beal Ltdyesyes
Page 93Debenhamsyesyes
Page 93Decca Gramophone Co Ltdyes
Page 93Dee & Clwyd River Boardyesyes
Page 93Depwade RDCyes
Page 94Defiant Crown Cork Co Ltdyes
Page 94Defiant Enamel Co Ltdyes
Page 94Demolition & Construction Co Ltd (See Cementation and Construction)yesyes
Page 94Dennis Bros Ltdyes
Page 94Dent Allcroft & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 94Dental Manufacturing Co Ltdyes
Page 94Deptford BCyesyesyes
Page 94Derby County BCyesyes
Page 94Derbyshire CCyes
Page 95Davy J Car Hire Ltdyesyes
Page 95Dermatine Co Ltdyes
Page 95Dernier & Hamlyn Ltdyes
Page 95Derry & Toms Ltdyes
Page 95Devas Routledge & Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 95Devon CCyes
Page 95Dewsbury County BCyes
Page 95Deyong S & L Ltdyes
Page 95Dick W B & Co Ltd (See Wakefield-Dick & Co Ltd)removedremoved
Page 96Dibben W & Sons Ltdyes
Page 97Dickens & Jones Ltdyes
Page 97Dickinson John & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 97Dicks Asbestos Co Ltdyesyes
Page 97Dickson Wm & Sonyesyes
Page 97Dictaphone Co Ltdyes
Page 97Dinham Fawcus & Co Ltdyes
Page 97Direct Salt Supply (Ruislip) Ltdyes
Page 97Docks and Inland Waterways Executive (See Br Transport Commission)removedremoved
Page 97Dolgellau RDCyes
Page 98Dobell John Ltdyes
Page 98Docking RDCyesyes
Page 98Dolland & Aitchison Ltdyes
Page 98Dolphin Squareyes
Page 98Don Bros Buist & Co Ltdyes
Page 98Donaldson & Sonsyesyes
Page 98Donaldson John & Co Ltdyes
Page 98Doncaster Corporationyesyes
Page 98Doncaster RDCyesyes
Page 99Dorking & Horley RDCyes
Page 99Droylsdon UDCyesyes
Page 100Domestic Electric Rentals Ltdyes
Page 100Dottridge Bros Ltdyesyes
Page 100Doulton & Co Ltdyes
Page 100Dove J T Ltdyes
Page 100Draffens of Dundeeyes
Page 100Drake & Gorham Ltdyes
Page 100Drayton Paper Works Ltdyesyes
Page 100Drivers & Norris Ltdyes
Page 100Dun & Bradstreets Ltdyes
Page 101Druce & Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 101Du Barry Et Cieyes
Page 101Duckham Alexander & Co Ltdyes
Page 101Dudley & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 101Dudley Brierleyhill & District Gas Coremovedremoved
Page 101Dudley County BCyesyes
Page 101Duncan Fox & Co Ltdyes
Page 101Dunn G A & Co Ltdyes
Page 102Dunbarton CCyesyes
Page 102Daniels S & Co Ltdyes
Page 102Domewood Park Estatesyes
Page 102Dunbar BCyes
Page 102Dunbarton CCyesyes
Page 102Dunfermline Corporationyes
Page 102Dunns Farm Seeds Ltdyes
Page 102Dunns Footwear Ltdyes
Page 102Dyster Nalder & Coyes
Page 103Earby UDCyes
Page 103Earth & General Contracts Ltdyes
Page 103East Kesteven RDCyes
Page 103East Lothian CCyes
Page 103East Lothian Water Boardyes
Page 103East Retford Corporationyesyes
Page 103Eastbourne The Waterworks Coyes
Page 103Eastern Counties Newspapers see Norfolk News
Page 103Eastern Gas Boardyesyes
Page 104East Midlands Gas Boardyesyes
Page 104Eastleigh BCyes
Page 105Ealing BCyesyesyes
Page 105East Barnet UDCyesyes
Page 105East Ham Corporationyesyes
Page 105East Midlands Electricity Boardyesyes
Page 105East Riding CCyes
Page 105East Surrey Water Coyesyes
Page 105Eastern Carpets Ltdyes
Page 105Eastern Electricity Boardyesyes
Page 105Eastwood UDCyesyes
Page 106Eastern Gas Boardyes
Page 106Eastwoods Ltdyes
Page 106Ebbw Vale UDCyes
Page 107Eastes & Loud Ltdyes
Page 107Eccles Corporationyesyes
Page 107Edinburgh City & Royal Burgh ofyes
Page 107Edmonton BCyesyes
Page 107Educational Supply Association Ltdyesyes
Page 107Egham UDCyes
Page 107Ehrmann & Ehrmannyes
Page 108Elder Dempster Lines Ltdyes
Page 108Elders & Fyffes Ltdyes
Page 108Electrical Press Ltdyes
Page 108Electrolux Ltdyes
Page 108Ellesmere Port UDCyesyes
Page 108Elliott & Sons Ltdyes
Page 108Elliott F J & Coyes
Page 108Ellis & Everard Ltdyes
Page 109Enfield London BCyes
Page 110Ellis Jos & Sons Ltdyes
Page 110Ellis Munday & Clarkeyes
Page 110Ely Fruit Preserve (See A Wallace Ltd)yes
Page 110Emu Wine Co Ltdyesyes
Page 110Enfield UDCyesyesyes
Page 110English Electric Co Ltdyes
Page 110Epping & Ongar RDCyesyes
Page 110Epsom & Ewell Corporationyesyes
Page 110Erith BCyesyesyes
Page 111Esso Development Co Ltdyes
Page 111Esso Petroleum Co Ltdyesyes
Page 111Esso Transportation Co Ltdyes
Page 112Esher UDCyesyesyes
Page 112Essex & Suffolk Equitable Insurance Society Ltdyes
Page 112Essex CCyesyes
Page 112Essex Executive Committeeyes
Page 112Eston UDCyes
Page 112Evans A E & Co Ltdyes
Page 112Evans Bros Ltdyesyes
Page 112Evans Gadd & Co Ltdyes
Page 112Evans M P & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 113Evans & Reid Coal Co Ltdyes
Page 113Evans Medical Supplies Ltdyesyes
Page 113Evans Wm & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 113Evening Telegraph (Late Northern Daily Telegraph)yes
Page 113Eventide (Bedding) Ltdyes
Page 113Everett W H & Son Ltdyes
Page 113Evesham BCyes
Page 113Ewart Wm & Son Ltdyes
Page 113Ewing J A & Co (London) Ltdyes
Page 114Exchange Telegraph Co Ltdyesyes
Page 114Exeter City & County of the City ofyesyes
Page 114Exmouth UDCyesyesyes
Page 114Express Dairy (Northern) Ltdyesyes
Page 114Express Dairy Co Ltdyesyes
Page 114Express Motor & Body Works Ltdyesyes
Page 114Eyre & Spottiswoode (Publishers) Ltdyes
Page 115Faber J V & Co Ltdyes
Page 115Failsworth UDCyes
Page 115Fairclough Dodd & Jones Ltdyes
Page 115Fairclough T M & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 115Faire Bros & Co Ltdyes
Page 115Falk Stadelmann & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 115Falkirk Burghyes
Page 116Faringdon RDCyes
Page 116Farnham UDCyes
Page 116Featherstone's Ltdyesyes
Page 116Fenwick R & Co Ltdyes
Page 117Farmiloe T & W Ltdyesyes
Page 117Farrow Bersey Gain & Vincent & Coyes
Page 117Fassett & Johnson Ltdyesyes
Page 117Faulkner Greene & Co Ltdyes
Page 117Faulkner W & Fyes
Page 117Feltham UDCyes
Page 117Fenn & Crosthwaiteyes
Page 117Ferguson Cross & Co Ltd (late Ferguson Holness & Co Ltd)yesyes
Page 117Howard Farrow Ltdyes
Page 118Fenton Byrn & Co Ltdyes
Page 118Firestone Tyre & Rubber Co Ltdyes
Page 119Field Roscoe & Coyes
Page 119Figgis S & Coyes
Page 119Fincham Matson & Co Ltdyes
Page 119Finchley BCyesyes
Page 119Fincken A C & Co Ltd
Page 119Finsbury BCyesyes
Page 119Fitzpatrick & Son (Contrs) Ltdyesyes
Page 119John Ferry Ltdyes
Page 119John Fitton & Co Ltdyes
Page 120Flaxton RDCyes
Page 121Field R & Son Ltdyes
Page 121Flather J W Ltdyes
Page 121Fleetwood Paints Ltdyes
Page 121Flint BCyesyes
Page 121Folkestone Corporationyes
Page 121Ford & Walton Ltdyes
Page 121Ford Paper Mills Ltdyes
Page 121Forfar Royal Burghyes
Page 121Fortes Ltdyes
Page 122Formby UDCyes
Page 123Fixol & Stickphast Ltdyesyes
Page 123Flaxton RDCyes
Page 123Fleetwood & Thornton (Superannuation) Joint Committeeyes
Page 123Fleetwood Corporationyesyes
Page 123Flint R & Co Ltdyes
Page 123Ford Louis G Ltdyes
Page 123Fore Street Warehousing Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 123Forster W & Sonyes
Page 123Fortnum & Mason Ltdyes
Page 124Foster Clarke & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 124Foster Porter & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 124Four Counties Bacon Co (1927) Ltd
Page 124Fowlie Reid & Wills Ltdyesyes
Page 124Fownes Gloves Ltdyes
Page 124France J A & Son Ltdyesyes
Page 124France, Fenwick Ltdyes
Page 124Francis Day & Hunter Ltdyes
Page 124Francis F & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 125Francis & Pearse Ltdyes
Page 125Fraser & Chalmers Engineering Worksyesyes
Page 125Fraser Alexander & Son Ltdyes
Page 125Frasers (Ipswich) Ltd now Frasers (Maple) Ltdyes
Page 125Fremlins Ltdyesyes
Page 125French J W & Co Ltdyes
Page 125French W & C Ltdyes
Page 125Frinton & Walton UDCyesyesyes
Page 125Froy W N & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 126Forehoe & Henstead RDCyes
Page 126Fuel Supplies Ltdyes
Page 126Fulham BCyesyesyes
Page 126Fuller A H Ltdyes
Page 126Fylde Water Boardyes
Page 127Gainsborough UDCyes
Page 128G M Engineering (Acton) Ltdyes
Page 128Gagniere A & Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 128Galashiels Burghyes
Page 128Gale & Mount Ltdyes
Page 128Gale E Jyes
Page 128Gamage A W Ltdyes
Page 128Gateshead BCyesyes
Page 128Gaumont British Picture Corporation Ltdyes
Page 128Gee Wm Ltdyes
Page 129Gaunt Reuben & Sons Ltdyes
Page 129Geipel Wm Ltdyes
Page 129Gellatly Hankey & Co Ltdyes
Page 129Gelpke & Bate (Late Gelpke H Ltd)yes
Page 129General Electric Co Ltdyes
Page 129General Electric Research Laboratoriesyes
Page 129Gent G L & Sonyes
Page 129George & Sonsyes
Page 129George John & Sons Ltdyes
Page 130General Telephone Systems Ltdyes
Page 130Gerwin W Ltdyes
Page 130Gestetner Ltdyes
Page 130Gibbons Skinner & Co Ltdyes
Page 130Gibbs & Dandy Ltdyes
Page 130Giddysyes
Page 130Gillanders James Ltdyes
Page 130Gilliatt J K & Co Ltdyes
Page 130Gillman & Spencer Ltdyes
Page 131Gilbert - Ash Ltdyes
Page 131Gillingham BCyesyes
Page 131Glanford Brigg RDCyes
Page 131Godstone RDCyes
Page 131Good Housekeeping Institute Ltdyes
Page 132Ginner Morton & Goddardyes
Page 132Glamorgan CCyes
Page 132Glasgow Corporationyesyes
Page 132Glasgow South Co-operative Society Ltdyes
Page 132Gledsdale & Jennings Ltdyes
Page 132Glyn & Co Ltdyes
Page 132Glyn Mills & Coyes
Page 132Godalming BCyes
Page 132Goodhews R V (Restaurants) Ltdyes
Page 133Goddard & Smithyes
Page 133Godfree A H & Co Ltdyes
Page 133Golding Ralph S & Co Ltdyes
Page 133Goldsmiths Collegeyesyes
Page 133Gollings W H & Partnersyes
Page 133Gondrand Freres S F T yes
Page 133Good Advertising Ltdyes
Page 133Goodacre Wm & Sons Ltdyes
Page 133Goodhews Ltdyes
Page 134Evans Gordon H & Coyes
Page 134Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Co (Gt Britain) Ltdyes
Page 134Goole BCyesyesyes
Page 134Gordon & Gotch Ltdyesyesyes
Page 134Gordon Press Ltdyes
Page 134Gosheron John & Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 134Goslett Alfred & Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 134Gosling & Sons Ltdyes
Page 134Woodroffe Gordon & Co Ltdyes
Page 135Gosport BCyes
Page 135Gouldsyesyes
Page 135Gow Wilson & Stanton Ltdyes
Page 135Grace Brothers Ltdyes
Page 135Graham A & Co Ltdyes
Page 135Grampian Press Ltdyes
Page 135Gray Brothersyes
Page 135Gray's Holdings Ltdyesyesyes
Page 135Great Harwood UDCyes
Page 136Greater London Councilyesyes
Page 137Great Southern Railwaysyes
Page 137Great Western Railway (Now Railway Executive, Western Region)yes
Page 137Green George (Beckenham) Ltdyes
Page 137Greene F A & Co Ltdyes
Page 137Greene, King & Sons Ltdyesyesyes
Page 137Greenlaw H T & Co Ltdyes
Page 137Greenock Corporationyesyes
Page 137Greenwich & Deptford HMCyes
Page 137Great Yarmouth BCyes
Page 138Greenwich BC (London added later)yesyesyes
Page 138Greenwood Henry & Co Ltdyes
Page 138Greenwood John Ltdyes
Page 138Gresham Fire & Accident Insurance Co Ltdyes
Page 138Grey & Marten Ltdyes
Page 138Grierson Oldham & Adams Ltd (prev. Grierson Oldham & Co Ltd)yes
Page 138Grimsby Cleethorpes & District Water Boardyes
Page 138Grimsby Corporationyes
Page 138Groves O Ryes
Page 139Grimsby RDCyes
Page 140Grimshaw Baxter & J J Elliott Ltdyesyes
Page 140Grounds & Newton Ltdyes
Page 140Grumbar & Seeyes
Page 140Guardian Assurance Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 140Guildford BCyesyes
Page 140Guildford Education Committeeyes
Page 140Guildford Gas Light & Coke Co (See South Eastern Gas Board)removedremoved
Page 140Guinness A & Son & Sonsyes
Page 140Gunstone W & Sons Ltdyes
Page 141Hale Construction Co Ltdyes
Page 141Hall W (Contractors) Ltdyes
Page 142Hackney BC (London BC)yesyesyes
Page 142Hadden Best & Co Ltd (Agents for Whiston RDC)yesyes
Page 142Haffner H Coyes
Page 142Halex Ltdyes
Page 142Haley & Co Ltdyes
Page 142Halifax BCyes
Page 142Hall & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 142Hall James Ltdyes
Page 142Harlow UDCyes
Page 143Hambledon RDCyesyesyes
Page 143Hambros Bank Ltdyes
Page 144Hall & Pickles Ltdyes
Page 144Haltemprice UDCyes
Page 144Hamilton A J & Co Ltdyes
Page 144Hammersmith BC (London BC)yesyesyes
Page 144Hammond L & Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 144Hampshire CCyes
Page 144Hampstead BCyesyesyes
Page 144Hampton & Sons Ltdyes
Page 144Hancock J Lyne & Coyes
Page 145Haringey London BCyes
Page 145Harpenden UDCyesyes
Page 146Hand in Hand (Commercial Union Assurance Co Ltd)yesyes
Page 146Harding Douglas & Sons (Deleted on Harlow UDC record)
Page 146Hardman & Inghamyes
Page 146Hare James Ltdyes
Page 146Harlow Development Corporationyesyes
Page 146Harlow UDCyesyes
Page 146Harradence R Wyes
Page 146Harris (Eastleigh) Ltdyes
Page 146Harris C & T (Calne) Ltdyesyesyes
Page 146Harris Cheetham & Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 147Harrison & Sons Ltdyes
Page 148Harris & Dixon Ltdyes
Page 148Harris (Ipswich) Ltdyes
Page 148Harris E & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 148Harrison J & C Ltdyes
Page 148Harrison J A (Brokers) Ltdyesyes
Page 148Harrisons (London) Ltdyesyes
Page 148Harrods Ltdyesyes
Page 148Harrods Ltd (Estate Agents & Auctioneers)yes
Page 148Harrogate Corporationyes
Page 149Harris Cheetham & Coyesyes
Page 149Harrison's of Stoke Ltdyes
Page 149Hart & Levy Ltdyes
Page 149Harvey J Ltdyes
Page 149Haslemere UDCyeayesyes
Page 149Hatfield RDCyes
Page 149Higgins (Textiles) Ltdyes
Page 149Hinton Amos & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 149William Harvey of Guildford Ltdyes
Page 150Hartlepool Corporationyes
Page 151Harrow UDCyes
Page 151Hart Angel H & Coyes
Page 151Hart Dix Wm H & Coyes
Page 151Hartrodt C W & Co Ltdyes
Page 151Harvest W & D Ltdyesyesyes
Page 151Harvey G A (London) Ltdyesyes
Page 151Harvey Jyes
Page 151Harvey Nicholls & Co Ltdyes
Page 151Haslingden Corporationyesyes
Page 152Hatch Mansfield & Co Ltdyes
Page 152Hattersley George & Sons Ltdyes
Page 152Havant & Waterloo UDCyesyes
Page 152Hayes & Co Ltd (C A )yes
Page 152Hayes & Harlington UDCyesyes
Page 152Haymills (Contractors) Ltdyes
Page 152Haynes J P Ltdyes
Page 152Hays Wharf (Proprietors of) Ltdyesyes
Page 152Hays Wharf Cartage Co Ltd (Engineers)yesyes
Page 153Hawarden RDCyesyes
Page 153Haynes H J Ltdyes
Page 153Head, Walters & Co Ltdyes
Page 153Henry Heath (Wholesale) Ltdyesyes
Page 154Head Henry & Co Ltd
Page 154Headquarters & General Supplies Ltdyes
Page 154Heal & Son Ltdyes
Page 154Healey & Bakeryes
Page 154Heaton & Taylor Ltdyes
Page 154Heelas Ltdyesyes
Page 154Hemel Hempstead Development Corporationyes
Page 154Hendley & Coyes
Page 154Hendon BCyesyes
Page 155Hendry Bros (London) Ltdyesyes
Page 155Henleys Telegraph Works Co Ltdyes
Page 155Herbert Alfred Ltdyes
Page 155Hereford RDCyes
Page 155Hereford Town Councilyesyesyes
Page 155Herring Dewick & Crippsyes
Page 155Herron G R & Son Ltdyes
Page 155Herve L Ltdyes
Page 155Hetton UDCyes
Page 156Heston & Isleworth BCyesyesyes
Page 156Hewlett C & J & Son Ltdyesyes
Page 156Hexham RDCyes
Page 156Heywood BCyesyes
Page 156Heyworths of Cambridge Ltdyes
Page 156Highbridge Bacon Co Ltdyes
Page 156Highways Construction Ltdyes
Page 156Hill Leonard Ltdyesyes
Page 156Hine Parker & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 157Herne Bay UDCyes
Page 157Hinckley UDCyesyes
Page 158Hipwell & Sons Ltdyes
Page 158Hitchcock Williams & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 158Hobbs Pagett & Co Ltdyes
Page 158Hobday Bros Ltdyesyes
Page 158Hobson J & Coyes
Page 158Hogg Lindley & Coyes
Page 158Holborn BCyesyesyes
Page 158Holywell RDCyesyes
Page 159Holdron Hyes
Page 159Holland & Lewis Ltdyesyes
Page 159Holland & Sherry Ltdyesyesyes
Page 159Holland Hannen & Cubitts Ltdyesyes
Page 159Holliday & Greenwood Ltdyes
Page 159Hollins Mill Co Ltdyesyes
Page 159Holloway Bros (London) Ltdyes
Page 159Holman John & Sonsyes
Page 159Homfray & Co Ltdyes
Page 160Hopkins John (Builders) Ltdyes
Page 161Holt & Mosely Ltdyes
Page 161Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporationyes
Page 161Hooper & Ashby Ltdyesyes
Page 161Hooper A S Ltdyes
Page 161Hopkins Manley Son & Cookesyes
Page 161Hornchurch UDCyesyes
Page 161Hornsey London BC (London added)yes
Page 161Horsall Frank & Co Ltdyes
Page 161Horsham UDCyesyes
Page 162Hopewells Ltdyesyes
Page 162Horsham RDCyesyes
Page 162Horsley A & Cyes
Page 162Hough Robertyes
Page 162Houghton Butcher Manufacturing Co Ltdyes
Page 162Houlder Bros & Co Ltdyes
Page 162Houldsworth & Coyes
Page 162Hounslow London BCyes
Page 163Harris (Eastleigh) Ltd (record deleted)yes
Page 163Hotpoint Electric Appliance Co Ltdyes
Page 163Houlder Howard & Partners Ltdyes
Page 163Howard John & Co Ltdyes
Page 163Hurlock Wm Jnr Ltdyes
Page 164Houndsditch Warehousing Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 164Hovenden R & Sons Ltdyesyesyes
Page 164Howard Tenens & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 164Howard W W Bros & Co Ltdyes
Page 164Howse Mead & Sons Ltdyes
Page 164Hubbards Ltdyes
Page 164Hubbuck Thomas & Son Ltdyesyes
Page 164Huddersfield Corporationyesyes
Page 165Hale & Sonyes
Page 165Hughes F A & Co Ltdyes
Page 165Hugos Language Instituteyes
Page 165Hull Corporationyesyes
Page 165Humphreys Ltdyesyes
Page 165Hunter Thomas Ltdyes
Page 165Hurst & Son Ltdyesyesyes
Page 165Hutchison & Co (Publishers) Ltdyes
Page 166Hyde J E & Co Ltdyes
Page 166Hydleman L J & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 167East London HMC (Bancroft Road)yes
Page 168Bermondsey HMCyes
Page 168Bethlem HMCyes
Page 168Bexley HMCyes
Page 168Bow HMC (Thames later added)yes
Page 168Brighton HMCyes
Page 168Brompton HMCyes
Page 168Cane Hall (sic) HMC [Cane Hill]yes
Page 168Fountain & Carlshalton HMC (Fountain & added later)yes
Page 169Central Middlesex HMCyes
Page 169Coleshill HMCyes
Page 169Frenshay HMC (Cossham deleted)yes
Page 170Cefn Coed HMCyesyesyes
Page 170Charing Cross HMCyes
Page 170Chelsea HMCyes
Page 170Cromer HMCyes
Page 170Croydon HMCyesyes
Page 170Darenth Park HMCyesyes
Page 170East Riding HMCyes
Page 170Edmonton HMCyesyesyes
Page 170Enfield HMCyes
Page 171Guildford HMCyes
Page 171Harrow HMCyes
Page 171Hillingdon HMCyes
Page 172Fulham & Kensington HMCyes
Page 172Gateshead HMCyesyesyes
Page 172Goole HMCyesyes
Page 172Greenwich & Deptford HMCyes
Page 172Hackney HMCyesyes
Page 172Hammersmith HMCyes
Page 172Haywards Heath HMCyes
Page 172Highcroft Hall HMCyes
Page 172Horton HMCyes
Page 173Leeds (A) HMCyes
Page 173Mid Worcestershire HMCyes
Page 173Monyhull HMCyes
Page 173North Tees-side HMCyes
Page 174Ilford HMCyes
Page 174Knowle HMCyesyes
Page 174Lambeth HMC (Now St Thomas added)manuscript
Page 174Lewisham HMCyesyes
Page 174Long Grove HMCyes
Page 174Maudsley HMCyes
Page 174Middlesex HMC (deleted NW Metro Region HMC in place)
Page 174North Western Metropolitan Regionyes
Page 174Oldham HMCyes
Page 174Paddington HMC (St Charles added)yesyesyes
Page 175Rainhill HMCyes
Page 175Royal London Homoeopathic HMCyes
Page 176Peterborough HMCyesyes
Page 176Plymouth HMCyesyes
Page 176Preston Hall HMCyesyes
Page 176Redhill HMCyes
Page 176Rochdale HMCyes
Page 176Royal Earlswood HMCyes
Page 176St Ebbas HMC (Belmont later added then two new identities shown)
Page 176St Georges HMCyesyes
Page 176St Helier HMCyesyes
Page 177Shenley HMCyes
Page 177St Marks HMCyes
Page 178Lodge Moor (Sheffield No 3) HMCyes
Page 178Middlewood (Sheffield No 2) HMCyesyes
Page 178Scunthorpe HMCyes
Page 178South Manchester HMC (deleted)yesyesyes
Page 178South Warwicks HMCyesyes
Page 178Southmead HMCyes
Page 178St Helens HMCyes
Page 178St Margarets HMC (now WH/MC)yes
Page 178St Thomas'yesyes
Page 178University HMC of South Manchesteryes
Page 179South West Middlesex HMCyes
Page 179South West Region HMCyesyes
Page 179Stapleton HMC (Hortham added)yes
Page 179Stepney HMCyes
Page 179Tooting Bec HMCyes
Page 179Tunbridge Wells HMCyesyes
Page 179University College HMCyes
Page 179Uxbridge HMCyes
Page 179West Bromwich HMCyes
Page 180Guys HMCyes
Page 180Hollymoor (Birmingham) HMCyes
Page 180Liverpool & Crossley HMCyes
Page 180Moorhaven HMCyes
Page 180Swindon & District HMCyes
Page 180West London Hammersmith HMCyes
Page 180West Park HMCyes
Page 180West Suffolk HMCyesyes
Page 180Yardley Road HMCyes
Page 181Winchester HMCyes
Page 182Derby HMCyesyes
Page 182Hendon HMCyes
Page 182Manchester HMCyes
Page 182Merthyr & Aberdare HMCyes
Page 182South Cheshire HMCyes
Page 182South Shields HMCyes
Page 182St John's HMCyes
Page 182Sunderland Area HMCyesyes
Page 182Windsor HMCyesyes
Page 183Aberdeen HMCyes
Page 183Cell Barnes HMCyes
Page 183Farnham HMCyes
Page 183Lancaster Moor HMCyes
Page 183Norwich HMCyes
Page 183Preston & Chorley HMCyes
Page 183Royal Marsden HMCyes
Page 183St Bartholomews HMCyes
Page 183United Cambridge Hospitals HMCyes
Page 184Icelandic Trading Corporation Ltdyes
Page 184Idris Ltdyes
Page 184Ilford BCyes
Page 184Ilford Ltdyes
Page 184Illustrated Newspapers Ltdyes
Page 184Immediate Transportation Co Ltdyes
Page 184Imperial Bank of India (record deleted)removed
Page 184Imperial News Co Ltdyes
Page 184Imperial Tobacco Co Ltdyes
Page 185Ingham & Tipping Ltdyes
Page 185Ingham Jerry & Sons Ltdyes
Page 185International Management & Eng Group Ltdyes
Page 186Inde Coope & Allsopp Ltdyes
Page 186India Rubber Gutta Percha & Telegraph Works Co Ltdyes
Page 186Industrial Contractors Ltdyes
Page 186Ingersoll Rand & Co Ltdyes
Page 186Institute of Educationyesyes
Page 186Insurance Engineers Ltdyesyes
Page 186International Aeradio Ltdyes
Page 186International Correspondence Schools Ltdyesyes
Page 186International Refrigerator Co Ltdyes
Page 187Insurance Committee (See London Executive Committee)
Page 187Interflora Ltdyes
Page 187Invalid Childrens Aid Association (London) Incyesyes
Page 187Inverness Royal Burghyes
Page 187Ipswich Corporationyesyes
Page 187Iron Trades Insurance Coyes
Page 187Ironside Ltdyes
Page 187Irvine Burghyes
Page 187Islington BC (London added)yesyesyes
Page 188Jackaman A & Son Ltdyes
Page 188Jackson E & Sons Ltdyes
Page 188Jackson G & Sons Ltdyes
Page 188Jacobs Cyes
Page 188Janet Fraseryes
Page 188Jasco Ltdyes
Page 189Jacksons (Hurstead) Ltdyes
Page 189Jacoby M & Co Ltdyes
Page 189Japhet S & Co Ltdyes
Page 189Jelks W & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 189Jewish Board of Guardiansyes
Page 189Johns Son & Watts Ltdyes
Page 189Johnson Bros (Aylesford) Ltdyes
Page 189Johnson Dymond & Son Ltdyes
Page 190Johnson Matthey & Co
Page 190Johnston & Son (London) Ltdyes
Page 190Johnstone Burghyes
Page 190Jones & Higgins Ltdyes
Page 190Jones Brosyes
Page 190Jones Edwin & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 190Jones T C & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 190Judd, Budd & Co Ltdyes
Page 191Kearley & Tonge Ltdyesyes
Page 191Kearley C F Ltdyes
Page 191Keay F & Co Ltd (Allied Paper Merchants)yes
Page 191Keevil Peter & Sons Ltdyes
Page 191Kellys Directories Ltdyesyes
Page 191Kemball Bishop & Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 191Kendal & Dentyes
Page 191Kerrier RDCyesyes
Page 191Kettering Industrial Co-operative Society Ltdyes
Page 192Kenrick A & Sons Ltdyes
Page 192Kensington BCyesyesyes
Page 192Kent Education Committeeyesyes
Page 192Kent W (Porcelains) Ltdyesyes
Page 192Kessler & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 192Kesteven CCyes
Page 192Kidlington Bacon Factoryyes
Page 192Kilmarnock Burghyes
Page 192King Edward Memorial Hospitalyesyes
Page 193K L G Sparking Plugs Ltdyes
Page 193Kellett J C & Sons Ltdyes
Page 193Kent Blaxhill & Co Ltdyes
Page 193Kent Blaxill (Wholesale) Ltdyes
Page 193Kent Co-operative Society Ltdyes
Page 193Kidd J & Son (Builders) Ltdyes
Page 193Kidsgrove UDCyes
Page 193Kings Motors (Oxford) Ltdyes
Page 193Kingston Steam Trawling Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 194King Edwards Hospital Fund for Londonyes
Page 194King Wallace Ltdyesyes
Page 194Kingham Wm & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 194Kingston Corporationyes
Page 194Kinnell C P & Co Ltdyes
Page 194Kirkby-In-Ashfield UDCyes
Page 194Kittel & Co Ltdyes
Page 194Kleinwort Sons & Coyes
Page 194Knapman Bros Ltdyes
Page 195Kensington & Chelsea London BCyes
Page 195Kings College Londonyes
Page 195Kings Lynn BCyesyes
Page 195Kingswood Business Services Ltdyes
Page 195Knifton Ernest Ltdyesyes
Page 195Knight Frank & Rutleyyes
Page 195Kodak Ltdyesyes
Page 195Kuhn H & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 196Labbett F & Sonsyes
Page 196Lactogol Ltdyesyes
Page 196Ladefoged L Nielson & Co Ltdyes
Page 196Lambeth BCyesyesyes
Page 196Lambeth HMC [deleted record replaced by Land Improvements Ltd]
Page 196Lanark CCyesyes
Page 196Lancashire CCyesyesyes
Page 196Lancashire Steel Corporation Ltdyes
Page 196Lancaster Corporationyesyes
Page 196Land Improvements Ltdyes
Page 197Language Tuition Centre Ltdyes
Page 197Latto Douglas Dryes
Page 197Law Union & Rock Insurance Co Ltd (Assoc with the Royal Insurance Co Ltd)yes
Page 198Lane Fox & Co Ltdyes
Page 198Langridge & Freemanyes
Page 198Larkins S C & Sons Ltdyes
Page 198Latham & Co Ltdyes
Page 198Latham New & Smythyes
Page 198Law Accident Insurance Society Ltdyesyes
Page 198Law Societyyesyes
Page 198Lawes John Bennett & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 198Lawrence T B Ltdyes
Page 199Language Tuition Centreyes
Page 199Lawson & Ormrodyes
Page 199Le Bas Tube Co Ltdyes
Page 199League of Mercyyes
Page 199Leatherhead UDCyesyes
Page 199Leathwait & Willing Ltdyesyes
Page 199Lebus Harrisyes
Page 199Lee G H & Co Ltdyes
Page 199Lee J & Sons (Stockport) Ltdyes
Page 200Lee & James Ltdyes
Page 200Lee & Pembertonsyes
Page 200Leeds City ofyes
Page 200Leek UDCyes
Page 200Leethams (Twilfit) Ltdyes
Page 200Leggatt Hugh Ltdyes
Page 200Leicester City ofyes
Page 200Leigh BCyes
Page 200Leslie & Co Ltdyes
Page 201Leith Provident Co-operative Society Ltdyes
Page 201Leominster & Wigmore RDCyes
Page 201Leonards (Builders) Ltdyes
Page 201Letchworth UDCyes
Page 201Lewis's Ltdyes
Page 202Le May W H & Hyes
Page 202Leigh Mills Co Ltdyesyes
Page 202LEP Transport Ltdyesyes
Page 202Leslie & Godwin Ltdyesyes
Page 202Lewis Coates & Lucasyes
Page 202Lewis John & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 202Lewisham BCyesyesyes
Page 202Lewisham HMCyes
Page 203Leyland UDCyes
Page 203Leyton BCYesyesyes
Page 203Lichfield RDCyes
Page 203Liebigs Extract of Meat Coyes
Page 203Lilley & Skinner Ltdyes
Page 203Lillico & Van Den Bergh Ltdyes
Page 203Limerick Steamship Co Ltdyes
Page 203Lindley Ernest R & Coyesyes
Page 204Lincoln Bennett & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 204Lincoln City ofyesyes
Page 204Lincoln Co-operative Society Ltdyesyes
Page 204Lindsey Education Committeeyes
Page 204Lindsey Health Committeeyes
Page 204Lingard's (Bradford) Ltdyesyes
Page 204Lingford Jos & Son Ltdyesyesyes
Page 204Littlewoods Warehousesyes
Page 205Linotype & Machinery Ltdyesyesyes
Page 205Lister R A & Co Ltdyes
Page 205Litherland Fredkyesyesyes
Page 205Liverpool City ofyes
Page 205Liverpool Electric Cable Co Ltdyes
Page 205Liverpool Gas Coyes
Page 205Liverpool Letterpress Ltdyes
Page 205Liverpool Victoria Friendly Societyyes
Page 205Lleyn RDCyes
Page 206Llanelly & District Water Boardyesyes
Page 206Llantrisant & Llantwit Fardre RDCyes
Page 207Liverpool Warehousing Co Ltdyesyes
Page 207Llandilo RDCyes
Page 207Llanelly BCyes
Page 207Lloyd Attree & Smith Ltdyes
Page 207Lloyd Piggott David & Coyes
Page 207Lloyd'syes
Page 207Lloyds Bank Ltdyes
Page 207Lloyd's Register of Shippingyes
Page 207Locke Lancaster & W W & R Johnson & Sons Ltdyes
Page 208London Carriers Ltdyes
Page 209Lock S H & Co Ltdyes
Page 209London Assuranceyesyes
Page 209London City Missionyes
Page 209London Corn Trade Association Ltdyes
Page 209London County Councilyesyesyes
Page 209London Electric Firmyes
Page 209London Electricity Boardyesyesyes
Page 209London Missionary Societyyes
Page 209Londonus Ladies Leisurewear Ltdyes
Page 210London & Home Counties J E A yesyes
Page 210London & Lancashire Insurance Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 210London & Scottish Assurance Corporation Ltdyesyes
Page 210London Electric Wire Co & Smiths Ltdyes
Page 210London Executive Committeeyes
Page 210London Insurance Committeeyes
Page 210London Life Association Ltdyes
Page 210London Louis & Sonsyesyes
Page 211London & North Eastern Railway Coyes
Page 211London Passenger Transport Boardyesyes
Page 211London Wholesale Dairies Ltdyes
Page 211Londonderry Port & Harbour Commissionersyes
Page 211Long Acre Press Ltdyes
Page 211Longden George & Son Ltdyes
Page 211Longley Bros Ltdyesyes
Page 211Lord Mayor Treloar Cripples Hospital & Collegeyes
Page 211Royal London Society for the Teaching & Training the Blindyesyes
Page 212Longley James & Co Ltdyes
Page 212Lovell Y J & Son Ltdyes
Page 212Lowestoft BCyes
Page 213Louden John & Co Ltdyes
Page 213Loughborough Corporationyesyesyes
Page 213Loughborough Corporation Gas Departmentyesyes
Page 213Louth Corporationyes
Page 213Love Frank Ltdyesyes
Page 213Lovell & Christmas Ltdyes
Page 213Loveys John & Co Ltdyes
Page 213Lubricating Oil Poolyes
Page 213Lucas J Ltdyes
Page 214Lumley Edward & Sons Ltdyes
Page 214Lupton John & Son Ltdyesyes
Page 214Luton BCyesyes
Page 214Luton Motor Co Ltdyes
Page 214Lutterworth Pressyes
Page 214Lymington BCyesyes
Page 214Lyon Lohr & Slyyes
Page 214Lyon Robert & Coyes
Page 214Lyons J & J (Import & Export) Merchants Ltdyes
Page 215Legal & General Assurance Society Ltdyesyesyes
Page 215Legal Insurance Co Ltdyes
Page 215Liverpool London & Globe Insurance Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 215Lyons J & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 215Lytham St Annes Corporationyes
Page 216M A C Engineering Co Ltdyesyes
Page 216Macclesfield Corporationyes
Page 216Maconochie Foods Ltdyes
Page 216Maidstone RDCyes
Page 217M R Chemical Products Ltdyes
Page 217M R D A Ltd (Now Associated Weavers Supplies Ltd)yesyes
Page 217MacAlpine Sir A & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 217Mace Rainbow & Stone Ltdyes
Page 217MacFarlane Carmen & Lewis Ltdyes
Page 217Machin & Kingsley Ltdyes
Page 217McCorquordale & Co Ltdyes
Page 217McKenna & Coyes
Page 217McKenzie James & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 218Macnair A & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 218Macqueen W & Co Ltdyes
Page 218Maggs B & Co Ltdyes
Page 218Maidstone Corporationyesyes
Page 218Malcolm W F & Co Ltdyes
Page 218Maldon RDCyes
Page 218McLennan & Urquhart Ltdyes
Page 218McMullen A & Co Ltdyes
Page 218McVitie & Price Ltdyesyes
Page 219Macclesfield Corporationyes
Page 219Malden & Coombe BCyesyesyes
Page 219Maldon Corporationyesyes
Page 219Manbre & Garton Ltdyesyes
Page 219Mander Bros Ltdyes
Page 219Mann W & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 219Mansfield Corporationyesyes
Page 219Maple & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 219Mappin & Webb Ltdyes
Page 220Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 220Mardorf Peach & Coyes
Page 220Margate BCyesyes
Page 220Marine Insurance Co Ltdyesyes
Page 220Mark Brown's Wharf & Cold Storeyesyes
Page 220Markinch Co-operative Society Ltdyesyes
Page 220Marlborough E & Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 220Marley Tile Co Ltdyes
Page 221Marriage W H & Sonsyes
Page 221Marshall H & Son Ltdyesyesyes
Page 221Marshall's Dairies Ltdyes
Page 221Marshall's Ltd (Marshall & Snelgrove Ltd)yes
Page 221Marshland RDCyesyes
Page 221Marston Thompson & Eversled Ltdyes
Page 221Marston Wm Ltdyes
Page 222Martin Douglas Ltdyesyes
Page 222Martins Bank Ltdyesyes
Page 222Martins Ltdyes
Page 222Mason & Church Ltdyes
Page 222Matheson McLaren & Co Ltdyes
Page 222Matthew & Son Ltdyes
Page 222Matthew J & Son (London) Ltdyes
Page 223Matthews J G & Son Ltdyes
Page 223Matthews Wrightson & Co Ltdyes
Page 223Maw S Son & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 223May & Hassell Ltdyesyes
Page 223May R & Son Ltdyes
Page 223May Roberts & Co Ltdyes
Page 223Mayhew Mark Ltdyes
Page 223Mendel Arthur & Co Ltdyes
Page 223Meriden RDCyes
Page 224Melton Mowbray UDCyesyes
Page 224Merton London BCyesyes
Page 225Mayo Syphons Ltdyes
Page 225Medway Water Boardyes
Page 225Meredith H W & Son Ltdyes
Page 225Merseyside & North Wales Electricity Boardyes
Page 225Merthyr Tydfil Corporationyes
Page 225Merton & Morden UDCyesyesyes
Page 225Messel L & Coyes
Page 225Messers Ltdyesyes
Page 225Metal Agencies Co Ltdyes
Page 226Metal Box Co Ltdyes
Page 226Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures Ltdyes
Page 226Metropolitan Estates & Property Corpnyes
Page 226Metropolitan Policeyes
Page 226Metropolitan Water Boardyesyesyes
Page 226Meuxs Brewery Co Ltdyes
Page 226Meyer Montague L Ltdyesyesyes
Page 226Meyer W A Ltdyes
Page 226Midland Employers Mutual Assurance Co Ltdyesyes
Page 227Minter F G Ltdyes
Page 228Mickleover Transport Ltdyesyes
Page 228Middlesborough Corporationyesyesyes
Page 228Middlesex Hospitalyes
Page 228Middlesex Medical Schoolyes
Page 228Middleton & Wood Ltdyes
Page 228Midland Bank Ltdyesyes
Page 228Midlands Electricity Boardyesyes
Page 228Midlands Electricity Board, West Bromwichyes
Page 228Miller T R & Sonyes
Page 228Mitchell F W & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 229Middlesex Motors Ltdyes
Page 229Middlewich UDCyesyes
Page 229Millard K E Ltdyes
Page 229Minimax Ltdyes
Page 229Mitcham Works Ltd (See Philips Electrical)yesyes
Page 229Mitton & Butleryes
Page 229Mobil Oil Co Ltd Late Vacuum Oil Co Ltd)yesyes
Page 229Modern Electrical Industries Ltdyes
Page 229Moffat A T Ltdyes
Page 230Mitcham BCyes
Page 230Modern Transport Co Ltd (now Modport Fuels Liverpool)yes
Page 230Moira Colliery Co Ltdyes
Page 230Mold UDCyesyes
Page 230Mond Nickel Co Ltd
Page 230Monk A & Co Ltdyes
Page 230Monotype Corporation Ltdyes
Page 230Montagu Stanley & Coyesyes
Page 230Morecambe & Heysham BCyes
Page 231Morgan Charles & Co Ltdyes
Page 231Morgan Crucible Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 231Morgan W (Bristol) Ltdyes
Page 231Morice Tozer & Beck Ltdyesyes
Page 231Morison J L Son & Jones Ltdyes
Page 231Morison Polexfen & Blair Ltdyesyes
Page 231Morley BCyesyesyes
Page 232Modern Transport Co [deleted record]yes
Page 232Morley I & R Ltdyesyesyes
Page 232Morreau Spiegelburg & Thompson Ltdyes
Page 232Morton Bros & Coyesyes
Page 232Morton C & E Ltdyesyes
Page 232Moss Bros & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 232Moss Empires Ltdyesyes
Page 232Moss H E & Coyes
Page 232Mossley BCyes
Page 233Bysouth Samuel & Sons Ltdyes
Page 233General Plasterers Ltdyes
Page 233Moss W & Co Ltd Cheltenhamyes
Page 233Moss W & Co Ltd Liverpoolyes
Page 233Moss W & Co Ltd Londonyes
Page 233Moss W & Co Ltd Loughborough [Newcastle deleted]yes
Page 233Moss W Stone Masonry North Western Ltdyes
Page 234Mowlem John & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 234Moxey Savon & Co Ltdyes
Page 234Moy Thomas Ltdyesyesyes
Page 234Mullard Ltdyesyes
Page 234Mundy E H & Co Ltdyes
Page 234Munro Press Ltdyes
Page 234Murdoch John G Co Ltdyes
Page 234Murray O & Co Ltdyes
Page 234Mutual Property Life & General Insurance Co Ltd (see Crusader Inse Co)yes
Page 235Multitone Electric Co Ltdyes
Page 235Myers John & Co Ltdyes
Page 235Myers Wayne V & Co Ltd (now Redex Ltd)yesyes
Page 236Nantwich UDCyesyes
Page 237Nantwich UDCyes
Page 237Napier Brown & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 237National & Grindleys Bankyes
Page 237National Benzole Co Ltdyesyes
Page 237National Boiler & General Inse Co Ltdyesyes
Page 237National Cash Register Co Ltdyesyes
Page 237National City Bank of New Yorkyes
Page 237National Dock Labour Corporation Ltdyes
Page 237National Foundation for Educational Research (ex Institute of Education)yes
Page 238Bennett, Ferris & Bennettyes
Page 238Evans Holdings (London) Ltdyes
Page 238Everett B R & Coyes
Page 238National & Local Government Officers Associationyes
Page 238National Magazine Co Ltdyesyes
Page 238Neale Alfred & Coyes
Page 238Neale C Ayes
Page 239National Pharmaceutical Unionyes
Page 239National Provident Institutionyesyes
Page 239National Provincial Insurance Co Ltdyes
Page 239National Small-Bore Rifle Association (ex Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs)yes
Page 239National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Childrenyes
Page 239National Union for Insuranceyes
Page 239National Union of Conservative and Unionist Associationsyesyesyes
Page 239National Union of Railwaymenyesyesyes
Page 239Naylor John & Son Ltdyesyesyes
Page 240Neale & West Ltdyesyes
Page 240Neale & Wilkinson Ltdyes
Page 240Nelson A & Co Ltdyes
Page 240Nelson Corporationyesyes
Page 240Nestles Milk Products Ltdyes
Page 240Nettlefold & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 240Neuhofer Santiagoyes
Page 240Newbury Corporationyes
Page 240Newcastle Upon Tyne Corporationyes
Page 241Nevastane Products (Hornsey) Ltdyesyes
Page 241Newcastle under Lyme RDCyesyes
Page 241Newhaven UDCyes
Page 241Newton Ernest & Co Ltdyes
Page 242New Era Treatment Co Ltd
Page 242New Forest RDCyesyes
Page 242New Hunstanton UDCyesyes
Page 242Newcastle under Lyme Corporationyesyes
Page 243New Consolidated Gold Fields Ltd (See Consolidated Gold Fields Ltd)removed
Page 243New Ideal Homesteads Ltdyesyes
Page 243New Zealand Governmentyes
Page 243Newcastle Upon Tyne & Gateshead Gas Co (see Northern Gas Board)removed
Page 243Newey Bros Ltdyesyesyes
Page 243Newnes George Ltdyes
Page 243Newport Corporationyes
Page 243News of the World Ltdyesyesyes
Page 243Newsome Smith & Co Ltd
Page 244Nicks Brosyes
Page 244Norfolk Canneries Ltdyes
Page 244Normand Electrical Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 244North East Lincolnshire Water Boardyes
Page 244North Lonsdale RDCyes
Page 245Nicholson John & Sons Ltdyes
Page 245Nicholson T & Sonyes
Page 245Noakes B & Co Ltdyes
Page 245Norfolk News Co Ltdyesyes
Page 245Normand Ltdyes
Page 245Norris S E & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 245North British & Mercantile Insurance Co Ltdyesyes
Page 245North Western Electricity Boardyesyes
Page 245Northcliffe Newspapers Group Ltdyes
Page 246North Eastern Electricity Boardyes
Page 246North Eastern Gas Boardyesyes
Page 246North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board [numerous locations]yesyes
Page 246North Western Gas Board [numerous locations]yesyes
Page 246North Western Gas Board, Liverpoolyesyes
Page 246Northampton Corporationyes
Page 246Northern Daily Telegraph Ltd (See Evening Telegraph)removed
Page 246Northern Gas Board [numerous locations]yesyes
Page 246Northfleet UDCyes
Page 247North Middlesex Gas Coyes
Page 247North Riding CCmanuscriptyes
Page 247North West Sussex Joint Water Boardyesyes
Page 247Northmet Power Coyes
Page 247Northwich UDCyesyes
Page 247Norton & Gregory Ltdyes
Page 247Norwich Union Fire Insurance Societyyesyes
Page 247Norwich Union Life Insurance Coyesyes
Page 247Novadel Ltdyes
Page 248Navy Army and Air Force Institutesyes
Page 248Norrose Service Co (Norton Rose)yes
Page 248North Riding CCyes
Page 248North West Securities Ltdyesyes
Page 248Nuneaton BCyesyesyes
Page 249Oakengates UDCyes
Page 250O'Brien Thomas & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 250Observer Ltdyesyes
Page 250Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corporationyesyesyes
Page 250Odhams Press Ltdyesyes
Page 250O'Hanlon Wm & Co Ltdyes
Page 250Olbey A & Son Ltdyes
Page 250Old William Ltdyes
Page 250Oldbury Corporationyesyes
Page 251Olney Amsden & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 251Oppenheimer A & Coyes
Page 251Oppenheimer Pipes Ltdyes
Page 251Oppenheimer Son & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 251Orbit House Services Ltdyes
Page 251Ormos Shipping Co Ltdyesyes
Page 251Ormskirk UDCyesyes
Page 251Orpington UDCyesyes
Page 252Osborne Stevens & Co Ltdyes
Page 252Osman Henry & Co Ltdyes
Page 252Osmond & Matthews Ltdyesyesyes
Page 252Osram G E C yesyes
Page 252Otley UDCyes
Page 252Oury Miller & Co Ltdyes
Page 252Overseas Chemical Export Co Ltdyes
Page 252Owen Thos & Co Ltdyes
Page 252The Secretary of Local Examinations, Oxfordyesyes
Page 253Ossett BCyesyes
Page 253Owen (Brecon) Ltdyes
Page 253Oxford University Pressyesyes
Page 254P A Reuters Featuresyes
Page 254Padiham UDCyes
Page 254Parkinson Sir Lindsay & Co Ltdyes
Page 255P A Reuters Photos Ltdyesyes
Page 255Paddington Metropolitan BCyesyesyes
Page 255Paignton UDCyesyesyes
Page 255Palmer John Jnr & Co Ltdyes
Page 255Park R & J Ltdyes
Page 255Parke Davis & Coyes
Page 255Parker Winder & Achurch Ltdyesyes
Page 255Patrick Grainger & Hutley Ltdyesyesyes
Page 255Paul R & W Ltdyes
Page 256Joseph Peck Ltdyes
Page 256Paisley Town Councilyes
Page 256Palmeria Storesyes
Page 256Partington Jonathan Ltdyes
Page 256Patrick Grainger & Hutley Ltd [deleted, on Peacock & Son record]
Page 256Pattison John Ltdyes
Page 256Paul K S (Molybdenum Disulphide) Ltdyes
Page 256Pauldens Ltdyes
Page 256Peacock & Son Ltdyes
Page 256Peeblesshire CCyes
Page 257Pawsons & Leafs Ltdyesyes
Page 257Payne & Co Ltd [deleted, on Payne Hicks Beach record]removed
Page 257Payne George & Co Ltdyes
Page 257Payne Hicks Beach & Coyes
Page 257Pearce George & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 257Pearsall James & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 257Pearson E T & Co Ltdremoved
Page 257Peek Bros & Winch Ltdyesyes
Page 257Peek Francis & Co Ltdyes
Page 257Peek Frean Clubyes
Page 258Peek Frean & Co Ltdyes
Page 258Penge UDCyesyesyes
Page 258Penny Geo H & Coyesyes
Page 258Penrith UDCyesyes
Page 258Penzance Corporationyesyesyes
Page 258Peopleyes
Page 258Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals (for the Poor) Inc yes
Page 258Perks John & Son (Forgings) Ltdyes
Page 258Perth Corporationyes
Page 259Petersfield RDCyesyes
Page 259Pfizer Ltdyes
Page 259Phillips A J Ltdyes
Page 259Pilling & Coyes
Page 260Perishable Transport Co Ltdyes
Page 260Perry W R Ltdyes
Page 260Peterborough Cityyesyes
Page 260Peterborough Joint Education Boardyesyes
Page 260Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britainyes
Page 260Philip & Tacey Ltdyes
Page 260Phillips Lamps Ltdyesyes
Page 260Picard Henri & Frereyes
Page 260T I Phillips F A I yesyes
Page 261Phillips Patents Ltdyes
Page 261Piccadilly Hotel Ltdyes
Page 261Pickfords & Hays Wharf Shipping & Forwarding Co Ltdyes
Page 261Pickfords Ltdyesyes
Page 261Pim W H & Co Ltdyes
Page 261Pinn Supplies Ltdyes
Page 261Pirrelli General Cable Works Ltdyes
Page 261Pitt & Scott Ltdyes
Page 261Pocock Bros Ltdyesyes
Page 262Pollard, Ray & Sampson Ltdyesyes
Page 262Polytechnicyesyes
Page 262Pontardawe RDCyes
Page 262Pontexport Co Ltdyesyes
Page 262Pontypridd & Rhondda Joint Water Boardyesyes
Page 262Pontypridd UDCyesyes
Page 262Pool Lorimer & Tabberer Ltdyes
Page 262Poole BCyesyes
Page 262Poole Joint Sanitorium Boardyes
Page 263Port of Bristol Authorityyes
Page 263Port of London Authorityyesyes
Page 263Portsmouth City ofyesyes
Page 263Potters Bar UDCyes
Page 263Poulton & Noel Ltdyes
Page 263Poupart T J Ltdyes
Page 263Powell Duffryn Carbon Products Ltdyes
Page 263Powell L Sons & Coyes
Page 264Pratts Insurance Officeyes
Page 264Premier Electric Heaters Ltdyes
Page 264Premier Motor Policies Ltdyes
Page 264Preston County BCyesyes
Page 264Printing & Kindred Trades Federationyes
Page 265Pratt & Coyes
Page 265Press Associationyesyes
Page 265Preston & District Farmers Trading Society Ltdyesyesyes
Page 265Price Forbes & Co Ltdyes
Page 265Prices (S C) Ltdyes
Page 265Price's Patent Candle Co Ltdyes
Page 265Pride & Clarke Ltdyes
Page 265Primavesi R H Ltdyes
Page 266Primrose Leagueyes
Page 266Pritt & Coyes
Page 266Provident Mutual Life Assce? Assn?yesyes
Page 266Prowting A E A Ltdyesyes
Page 266Prudential Assurance Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 266Pugh & Co (London) Ltdyes
Page 266Pulsometer Engineering Co Ltdyes
Page 266Pyman Bell & Co Ltdyes
Page 267Petroleum Boardyes
Page 267Pye Records Ltdyes
Page 267Pyrene Co Ltdyes
Page 268Queen Elizabeth Hospital for Childrenyes
Page 268Queensbury & Shelf UDCyes
Page 268Queensland Insurance Co Ltdyes
Page 268Quick Reek & Smith Ltdyes
Page 269Radiomobile Ltdyes
Page 269Radnorshire & North Breconshire Water Boardyes
Page 269Railway Executive Western Regionyes
Page 269Ramsgate BCyesyes
Page 269Randalls Ltdyes
Page 269Rawtenstall Corporationyes
Page 269Redbridge London BCyes
Page 270Ramsay N F & Co Ltdyes
Page 270Ravenscroft Woodward & Co Ltdyes
Page 270Raymond Way Motors Ltdyesyes
Page 270Reading BCyes
Page 270Red Hand Compositions Coyesyes
Page 270Redcar BCyesyes
Page 270Reeves Herbert & Coyes
Page 270Regent Oil Co Ltdyes
Page 270Renault Ltdyes
Page 271Davies R A (Birmingham) Ltdyes
Page 271Reckitt & Colman Ltdremoved
Page 271Reckitt & Son Ltd [originally Reckitt & Coleman Ltd]yes
Page 271Redex see Wayne V Myersmanuscript
Page 271Regent Assets Ltdyes
Page 271Remington Electric Shavers Ltdyes
Page 271Remington Rand Ltdyesyes
Page 271Renown Motor Policiesyesyes
Page 272Renton G H & Co Ltdyes
Page 272Reuter R J & Co Ltdyes
Page 272Reuters Ltdyesyes
Page 272Rhondda BCyes
Page 272Rhondda UDC [UDC deleted replaced by BC]removed
Page 272Rice George & Co Ltdyes
Page 272Richard & Tucker Nunn Ltdyes
Page 272Richardson & Coyes
Page 272Richardson & Co Ltdyes
Page 272Richardson Edward & James Ltdyes
Page 273Rice & Sons Ltdyes
Page 273Ribak Property Services see Healey & Bakermanuscript
Page 273Ricemans Ltdyes
Page 273Richards George & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 273Richmond (Yorks) RDCyesyes
Page 273Richmond Upon Thames London BCyesyes
Page 273Ripon & Pateley Bridge RDCyes
Page 274Richford E M Ltdyesyes
Page 274Richmond BC [Surrey]removedyesremoved
Page 274Ricket Cockerell & Co Ltdyes
Page 274Rickmansworth UDCyesyesyes
Page 274Ridge Alan J & Co Ltdyes
Page 274Ridgways Ltdyesyes
Page 274River Trent Catchment Board (See Trent River Board)yes
Page 274Robert Sinclair Tobacco Co Ltdyesyes
Page 275Robb Bros Ltdyes
Page 275Robbins Sam Ltdyes
Page 275Roberts & Coyes
Page 275Roberts Bros (Sheffield) Ltdyesyesyes
Page 275Roberts J R Stores Ltdyesremoved
Page 275Robins Hay & Coyes
Page 275Robins Hay & Waters [Waters deleted Co inserted]removed
Page 275Robinson H H & Jyesyes
Page 275Robinson Peter Ltdyes
Page 275Rochdale BCyesyes
Page 276Roll Film Co Ltdyes
Page 276Romford Gas Coyes
Page 276Rootes Ltd
Page 276Roscoe T & H Ltdyes
Page 276Rose E P & Son Ltdyes
Page 276Rose Thomson Young & Coyes
Page 276Rosing Bros & Co Ltdyes
Page 276Roy E E Ltd & Dible & Son Ltdyes
Page 276Runcorn RDCyesyes
Page 277Rothschild N M & Sonsyes
Page 277Royton UDCyes
Page 277Ryman H J Ltdyes
Page 278Ross Ltdyesyes
Page 278Rotherham Corporationyesyes
Page 278Rothmans Ltdyes
Page 278Rowley Regis BCyesyes
Page 278Rownsen, Drew & Clydesdale Ltdyesyes
Page 278Royal College of Artsyes
Page 278Royal Earlswood Institution for Mental Defectivesyes
Page 278Royal Society for The Prevention of Accidentsyes
Page 278Royal Typewriters Ltdyesyes
Page 279Rugeley UDCyes
Page 279Ryde (IoW ) BCyes
Page 280Redline Glico Ltdyes
Page 280Road Transport & General Insurance Co Ltdyes
Page 280Royal Exchange Assuranceyes
Page 280Royal Insurance Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 280Rubenstein Nash & Coyesyes
Page 280Rugby Industrial & Provident Co-operative Society Ltdyesyes
Page 280Runcorn UDCyesyesyes
Page 280Ruston & Hornsby Ltdyes
Page 280Rutherglen Co-operative Society Ltdyesyes
Page 281S L A Ltdyesyes
Page 281St Albans City ofyesyes
Page 281St Albans RDCyes
Page 281St Georges Hospitalyesyes
Page 281St Helens Corporationyesyesyes
Page 281St Ives Corporationyes
Page 281St Marylebone BCyesyesyes
Page 281St Pancras Metropolitan BCyesyesyes
Page 281St Thomas's Hospitalyesyes
Page 282Sacratinta Ltdyes
Page 282Sadd John & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 282Sale Corporationyesyes
Page 282Salmon & Gluckstein Ltdyes
Page 282Salop CCyesyes
Page 282Salvation Army Assurance Society Ltdyes
Page 282Samuel M & Co Ltdyes
Page 282Sanderson Arthur & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 283Sandeman George G & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 283St Austell with Fowey BCyes
Page 284Sanderson Fabricsyesyes
Page 284Sangers Ltdyes
Page 284Sanitas Ltdyes
Page 284Sankey J & Sons Ltdyes
Page 284Sankey J H & Son Ltdyesyes
Page 284Sassoon E D & Co Ltdyes
Page 284Saunders Arthur & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 284Saunders Edward & Son Ltdyesyes
Page 284Savemore Sales Service Ltdyes
Page 285Scarborough Corporationyes
Page 286Schenkers Ltdyes
Page 286Scottish North Eastern Counties Police Boardyes
Page 287Saunders H A Ltdyes
Page 287Savoy Hotelyesyes
Page 287Schweppes Ltdyesyes
Page 287Scott H & Sonyes
Page 287Scottish Gas Boardyes
Page 287Scottish Provident Institutionyes
Page 287Scribbans-Kemp (London) Ltdyesyesyes
Page 287Scunthorpe Corporationyesyes
Page 287Seager Evans & Co Ltdyes
Page 288Scribbans-Kemp (Bakeries) Ltdyes
Page 288Scribbans-Kemp (Eastern) Ltdyes
Page 288Scunthorpe Co-operative Society Ltdyesyes
Page 288Seaburn Construction Co Ltdyes
Page 289Searle H J & Son Ltdyesyes
Page 289Selfridges Ltdyesyes
Page 289Sells Ltdyes
Page 289Serpells Ltdyesyes
Page 289Sevenoaks RDCyesyes
Page 289Sevenoaks UDCyes
Page 290Shackleton John F & Son Ltdyes
Page 290Shardlow RDC [o/p reads South East Derbyshire RDC]yes
Page 290Sharp Perrin & Co Ltdyes
Page 290Sharpe Chas & Coyesyes
Page 290Shaw Matthew T & Co Ltdyes
Page 290Shead A T & Co Ltdyes
Page 290Sheepbridge Co Ltdyesyes
Page 290Sheffield City ofyesyes
Page 290Shell International Petroleum Co Ltdyes
Page 290Shell Petroleum Co Ltd [altered later to Shell International]removed
Page 291Shenton A V Ltdyes
Page 292Sheppey Glue & Chemical Works Ltdyes
Page 292Sherborne UDCyes
Page 292Sherwood's [altered to] Sherwood Parsons Ltdyes
Page 292Shipley UDCyesyes
Page 292Shires & Co (London) Ltdyesyes
Page 292Shoreditch BCyesyesyes
Page 292Siddal & Hilton Ltdyes
Page 292Siemans Edison Swan Co Ltd [Siemans Bros & Co Ltd deleted]yes
Page 292Silvertown Rubber Co Ltdyes
Page 293Siemans & General Electric Railway Signal Coyes
Page 293Siemans Electric Lamps & Supplies Ltdyes
Page 293Silsden UDCyes
Page 293Simmonds & Websteryesyes
Page 293Simmons & Hawker Ltdyes
Page 293Simon-Carves Ltdyes
Page 293Simpson Alfred Ltdyes
Page 293Simpson J H & Watkins J Ryes
Page 293Singleton Benda & Co Ltdyes
Page 294Situsec Ltdyes
Page 294Skefko Ball Bearing Co Ltdyesyes
Page 294Skegness UDCyesyes
Page 294Skinner & Coyes
Page 294Skinner T & Co (Publishers) Ltdyes
Page 294Skipton RDCyesyes
Page 294Slaters & Bodega Ltd (see Fortes & Co Ltd)yesyes
Page 295Slough Corporation [deleted]removed
Page 295Smallburgh RDCSR/DCyes
Page 295Smedley's Ltdyes
Page 296Slingsby H Cyesyes
Page 296Slocock Walter C Ltdyesyes
Page 296Slough Corporationyesyes
Page 296Small G & Sons Ltdyes
Page 296Smethwick Corporationyesyes
Page 296Smith & Lister Ltdyes
Page 296Smith A F & Sons Ltdyes
Page 296Smith Frederick & Coyes
Page 296Smith J R & A Ltdyes
Page 297Smith J W & T A Ltdyes
Page 297Smith John & Co (London) Ltdyes
Page 297Smith S & Sons (England) Ltd [additional names]yes
Page 297Smith Sidneyyes
Page 297Smith Tom & Co Ltdyes
Page 297Smith W (Brasted) Ltdyes
Page 297Smith W H & Son Ltdyesyesyes
Page 297Smithfield & Argentine Meat Co Ltdyesyes
Page 298Smiths Gore & Coyes
Page 298Snell & Coyes
Page 298Society of Minature Rifle Clubsyes
Page 298Sodens (Regent St) Ltdyes
Page 298Soil Mechanics Ltdyesyes
Page 298Solicitors Law Stationery Societyyesyes
Page 298Solihull County BC [Solihull UDC deleted]yesyes
Page 298Somerset CCyesyes
Page 298South Eastern Gas Boardyesyesyes
Page 299Sotheran Henry Ltdyes
Page 299South Eastern Electricity Board Waltonyes
Page 299South Eastern Electricity Board (Formerly London & Home Counties Joint Electricity Board)yesyesyes
Page 299South Eastern Wholesale Meat Supply Association Ltdyes
Page 299South Essex Water Coyes
Page 299Southall BCyesyes
Page 299Southampton BCyesyes
Page 299Southend BCyesyes
Page 299Southgate BCyesyesyes
Page 300South Derbyshire Water Boardyesyes
Page 300South London Greyhounds Associationyes
Page 300South West Surburban Water Coyes
Page 300Southwark London BCyes
Page 301South Metropolitan Gas Co (See South Eastern Gas Board)removedremoved
Page 301South of Scotland Electricity Boardyes
Page 301South Shields County BCyes
Page 301South Staffordshire Waterworks Coyesyes
Page 301South West Scotland Electricity Board [later altered to South of Scotland]removed
Page 301Southern Electricity Boardyesyes
Page 301Southern Gas Boardyesyes
Page 301Southwark BC [deleted]yesyesyes
Page 301Southwell Chas Co Ltdyesyes
Page 301Sowerby Bridge UDCyes
Page 302South Wales Electricity Boardyes
Page 302South Western Electricity Boardyesyes
Page 302South Western Electricity Board, Plymouth, Exeteryes
Page 302South Western Gas Boardyesyes
Page 302Southerns Ltdyesyes
Page 302Southwark Corporationmanuscriptyes
Page 303Sparklets Ltdyes
Page 303Sparrow W A & Co Ltdyes
Page 303Spears B & G Ltdyes
Page 303Spenborough Corporation [UDC deleted]yesyes
Page 303Spencer & Coyes
Page 303Spencer Turner & Boldero Ltdyesyes
Page 303Spicers Ltdyes
Page 304Spiers Wallace & Co Ltdyes
Page 304Spirella Co of Great Britain Ltdyes
Page 304Spokes Henry Ltdyesyes
Page 304Spooners of Plymouth Ltdyes
Page 304Spottiswoode Dixon & Hunting Ltdyes
Page 304Spratts Patent Ltdyes
Page 304Springthorpe C & Sons Ltdyes
Page 304Squire F & Sons Ltdyes
Page 305Squirrel Confectionery Co Ltdyesyes
Page 305Stafford Corporationyesyesyes
Page 305Staffordshire Education Departmentyes
Page 305Stag & Russell Ltd, Leicester Squareyesyes
Page 305Stalybridge Corporationyes
Page 305Stamford Corporationyes
Page 305Standard Motor Co Ltdyesyes
Page 305Standard Soap Co Ltdyes
Page 305Standard Telephones & Cables Ltdyesyes
Page 306Staffordshire CCyes
Page 306Standard Bank Ltdyes
Page 306Standard Tablet Co Ltdyes
Page 306State Bank of Indiayes
Page 306Steel Structures Ltdyes
Page 307Stanley Chas & Co Ltdyes
Page 307Staples J & T H Ltdyesyes
Page 307Stapley & Smith Ltdyesyes
Page 307Staveley Coal & Iron Co Ltdyesyes
Page 307Steinberg & Sons Ltdyes
Page 307Stephens E & Son Ltdyes
Page 307Stephens H C Ltdyesyes
Page 307Stephenson H G Ltdyesyes
Page 307Stepney Metropolitan BCyesyesyes
Page 308Steart D & Co [Stewart?]yes
Page 308Stephenson H G Ltdyesyes
Page 308Sternol Ltdyesyes
Page 308Stevenage Development Corporationyes
Page 308Stevens Ernest Ltdyes
Page 308Stevenson & Howell Ltdyesyes
Page 308Stevenson Hugh & Sons Ltdyes
Page 308Stevinson Hardy & Co Ltdyes
Page 308Stirling J A & Co Ltdyes
Page 309Stewart Ltdyes
Page 309Still W M & Sons Ltdyesyesyes
Page 309Stockport Corporationyesyes
Page 309Stockton on Tees Corporationyes
Page 309Stodart H & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 309Stoke Newington Metropolitan BCyesyesyes
Page 309Stokes A Fyes
Page 309Stonards Ltdyes
Page 309Stone J & M Ltdyes
Page 310Stoll Theatre Corporation Ltdyes
Page 310Stone L F & Sons Ltdyes
Page 310Straker S & Sons Ltdyes
Page 310Strand Hotel Ltdyesyes
Page 310Strawson Chemical Co Ltdyesyes
Page 310Strickland F & Sonsyesyes
Page 310Strickland R & Hyes
Page 310Strood RDCyes
Page 311Sunday Telegraph Ltdyes
Page 312Stringer Brosyes
Page 312Stubbs Ltdyes
Page 312Stubley G & J Ltdyes
Page 312Sun Electrical Co Ltdyes
Page 312Surbiton Corporationyesyesyes
Page 312Surrey CCyesyes
Page 312Surrey Executive Councilyes
Page 312Sutton & Cheam Corporationyes
Page 312Summers O C Ltdyes
Page 313Sunderland Corporationyes
Page 313Surridge Dawson & Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 313Sutton & Co Ltdyes
Page 313Sutton Coldfield BCyesyes
Page 313Sutton District Water Coyesyesyes
Page 313Sutton Dwellings Trustyes
Page 313Sutton E J & Coyes
Page 313Swaffham RDCyesyes
Page 313Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltdyes
Page 314Swansea County BCyesyesyes
Page 314Sweet & Maxwell Ltdyesyes
Page 314Swindon Corporationyesyes
Page 314Swiss Bank Corporationyes
Page 314Symbol Biscuits Ltdyesyes
Page 314Symonds H & Co Ltdyes
Page 314Symons G T & Co Ltdyes
Page 315Shell Mex & B P Ltdyesyesyes
Page 315Shell Refining & Marketing Co Ltdyes
Page 315Sun Life Assurance Societyyesyes
Page 315Syer Alfred Ltdyes
Page 315Sykes W R Interlocking Signal Co Ltd
Page 315Syndication Internationalyes
Page 315Syrett & Sonsyes
Page 316Spillers Ltdyes
Page 317Taf Fechan Water Boardyes
Page 318Tadcaster RDCyes
Page 318Tamworth Corporationyes
Page 318Tanner R T & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 318Tasso Tabernacle F[riendly?] Society [was Tasso Tabernacle Approved Society]yes
Page 318Tatham J Jyes
Page 318Taunton Corporationyesyes
Page 318Taunton RDCyesyes
Page 318Taylor Bros & Cox Ltdyes
Page 318Taylor D F & Co Ltd [also o/p for Newey Bros]yesyes
Page 319Technical Paint Servicesyes
Page 320Taylor J F & Son Ltdyes
Page 320Taylor John (Mansfield) Ltdyesyes
Page 320Taylor John Dunford & Co Ltdyes
Page 320Tec Ltdyes
Page 320Tees Valley Water Boardyesyesyes
Page 320Teignmouth Electric Lighting Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 320Telephone & Associated Services Ltd
Page 320Telfer & Sons Ltdyes
Page 320Tellus Super Vacuum Cleaner Ltdyes
Page 321Teetgen & Co Ltdyes
Page 321Telamite Ltdyes
Page 322Temple Press Ltdyesyesyes
Page 322Tennant C & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 322Terry John & Co Ltdyes
Page 322Tetley Joseph & Co Ltdyes
Page 322Textile & General Supplies Ltdyesyes
Page 322Thames Conservancyyesyesyes
Page 322Thew Arnott & Co Ltdyes
Page 322Thompson R M Ltdyes
Page 322Times Publishing Co Ltdyes
Page 323Thom David & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 323Thomas & Son Ltdyesyes
Page 323Thomas J B Ltdyes
Page 323Thompson J M & Co Ltdyes
Page 323Thomson R (Chemist)
Page 323Thorn Electrical Industries Ltdyes
Page 323Thornton Cleveleys UDCyes
Page 323Thurrock UDCyesyes
Page 323Toomer R & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 324Token Construction Co Ltdyes
Page 324Tonbridge UDCyesyes
Page 325Thornaby on Tees Corporationyes
Page 325Thorne Lancaster & Coyesyesyes
Page 325Thresher & Glenny Ltdyes
Page 325Tickle H Byes
Page 325Tidmarsh & Sonsyes
Page 325Tilghmanns Patent Sand Blast Co Ltdyesyes
Page 325Tormo Ltdyes
Page 325Torquay Corporationyesyesyes
Page 325Tottenham BCyes
Page 326Three Cooks Ltdyes
Page 326Tottenham & District Gas Co (see Eastern Gas Board)removed
Page 326Townsen William & Son Ltdyes
Page 326Travers J & Sons Ltdyes
Page 326Treasure Cot Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 326Trent River Boardyes
Page 326Tress & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 326Triefus E A P & Ayes
Page 326Trimpell Ltdyes
Page 327Token Construction Co Ltdyes
Page 327Tower Hamlets London BCyesyes
Page 327Trade Mark Owners Associationyes
Page 327Treasure Bros Ltdyes
Page 327Trentham Percy G Ltdyes
Page 327Troon Burghyes
Page 327Truman Hanbury Buxton & Co Ltdyes
Page 328Trinidad Leaseholds Ltdyesyes
Page 328Trollope & Colls Ltdyes
Page 328Tucker Robert & Coyes
Page 328Turketine T & Coyes
Page 328Turner E & Sons Ltdyes
Page 328Turner G R Ltdyes
Page 328Turners Asbestos Cement Co Ltdyesyes
Page 328Turney W J & Co Ltdyes
Page 328Twining R & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 329Tucker Nunn & Greenwood Ltdyes
Page 329Turketine & Co Ltdyes
Page 329Turner F Ltdyes
Page 329Turner John & Son Ltdyes
Page 329Twickenham BCyes
Page 329Tylors (Water & Sanitary) Ltdyes
Page 329Tysons Ltdyes
Page 330Unit Construction Co Ltdyes
Page 331Lever Bros & Unilever Ltdyesyesyes
Page 331Lever Bros Port Sunlight Ltdyes
Page 331U D Engineering Co Ltdyesyes
Page 331Uckfield RDCyes
Page 331Union Assurance Society Ltdyesyes
Page 331Union Lighterage Co Ltdyes
Page 331Unique Table Pad Co Ltdyes
Page 331Uni-Tubes Ltdyes
Page 332Ulverston RDCyes
Page 332United Baltic Corporation Ltdyes
Page 332United Counties Trust Ltdyes
Page 332United Creameries Ltdyes
Page 332United Dairies Ltdyes
Page 332United Shipping Co Ltdyesyes
Page 332United Standard Insurance Co Ltdyes
Page 332University College Hospitalyes
Page 332University College, Londonyesyesyes
Page 333United Africa Co Ltdyes
Page 333University of London Press Ltdyes
Page 333University Pressyes
Page 333Unwin Bros Ltdyes
Page 333Urmston UDCyesyes
Page 333Ushers Wiltshire Brewery Ltdyes
Page 334Valentine & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 334Valley RDC [record has UDC o/p has RDC]yes
Page 334Venesta Ltdyes
Page 335Vacuum Oil Co Ltdremovedremovedyes
Page 335Vale Thomas & Son Ltdyes
Page 335Van Den Bergh & Jurgens Ltdyes
Page 335Van Oppen & Co (1935) Ltdyes
Page 335Vavasseur & Co Ltdyes
Page 335Vavasseur J H & Co Ltdyes
Page 335Veevers J S Ltdyes
Page 335Ventnor UDCyes
Page 335Vickers J W & Co Ltdyes
Page 336Vestric Ltdyes
Page 336Vidor Holdings Ltdyes
Page 336Viney Price & Goodyearyes
Page 336Vivian Gray & Coyes
Page 336Vulcan Products Ltdyes
Page 336Vyse Sons & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 337Waifs & Strays Society (Now Church of England Childrens Society)yesyesyes
Page 337Wakefield C C & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 337Wakefield City ofyes
Page 337Wakefield RDCyes
Page 337Wales Gas Boardyesyes
Page 337Walker & Hall Ltdyes
Page 337Walker Ashworth & Linney Ltdyes
Page 337Walkers (Empire Wines) Ltdyes
Page 337Walkers Parker & Co Ltdyes
Page 338W & G Ltdyes
Page 338Wade W J Ltdyes
Page 338Wakefield-Dick & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 338Walker (Tooting) Ltdyes
Page 338Welsh Cold Storesyes
Page 339Wall Paper Manufacturers Ltdyesyes
Page 339Wall T & Sons Ltdyes
Page 339Wallaces Ltdyes
Page 339Wallach Bros Ltdyes
Page 339Wallis Thomas & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 339Walrond Scarman & Coyes
Page 339Walsall Corporationyesyes
Page 340Walsall & West Bromwich Joint Hospital Boardyes
Page 340Walsh & Co (Bristol) Ltdyes
Page 340Walshs Ltdyes
Page 340Walsingham RDCyes
Page 340Waltham Forest London BCyesyes
Page 340Walthamstow BCyesyesyes
Page 340Walton & Weybridge UDCyes
Page 340Walton Le Dale UDCyes
Page 340Walworth Ltdyesyes
Page 341Wares & Bartlett Ltd [on deleted record of Wares A K Ltd]yes
Page 341Warings (Contractors) Ltdyes
Page 341Warley Corporationyesyes
Page 342Coote & Warren Ltdyesyes
Page 342Wandsworth & District Gas Co (See South Eastern Gas Board)removedremovedyes
Page 342Wandsworth BCyesyesyes
Page 342Wanstead & Woodford BCyesyes
Page 342Warner Bros Pictures Ltdyes
Page 342Warner H & Son Ltdyesyes
Page 342Warner William R & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 342Warren & Reynolds Ltdremoved
Page 342Warrington Corporationyesyesyes
Page 343Warshaw I & Sons Ltdyes
Page 343Warwick & Woollens as Holland & Sherry
Page 343Warwick RDCyes
Page 343Watergate Credit Ltdyes
Page 344Waterlow & Sons Ltdyes
Page 344Waters Joseph Fyes
Page 344Wates Ltdyesyes
Page 344Watford Corporationyesyes
Page 344Watkins & Simpson Ltdyes
Page 344Watson & Co (Leek) Ltdyes
Page 344Watts E R & Co Ltdyes
Page 345Watson Angus & Co Ltdyes
Page 345Watts Fincham 1932 Ltdyes
Page 345Waygood-Otis Ltdyesyesyes
Page 345Webb Bros Ltdyes
Page 345Webb E D & Sons (Stourbridge) Ltdyes
Page 345Weber L & J & Phillips Ltdyesyes
Page 345Wednesfield UDCyes
Page 345Welwyn Garden City UDCyesyes
Page 346Wednesbury BCyesyes
Page 346Weiner J Ltdyesyes
Page 346Welch Margetson & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 346Weldon C & J Ltdyesyes
Page 346Wellingborough UDCyesyes
Page 346Wells Charles Ltdyesyes
Page 346Wells of Bedford Ltdyes
Page 346Welsh Insurance Corporationyesyes
Page 346Wembley BCyesyesyes
Page 347Midland Electricity Board West Bromwichyes
Page 347West Bromwich Corporationyesyes
Page 347West Bromwich HMCyes
Page 347West End Advertising Agency Ltdyes
Page 347West Green P S S Dividing Societyyes
Page 347West of England Bacon Coyes
Page 347Western Counties Agricultural Assn Ltdyesyes
Page 347Western Margerine Ltdyes
Page 347Western Union Telegraph Coyesyes
Page 348West Bridgford UDCyes
Page 348West Denbighshire & West Flintshire Water Boardyes
Page 348West Midlands Gas Boardyesyes
Page 348West Penine Water Boardyes
Page 348West Sussex Executive Councilyes
Page 348Western Appliances Ltdyes
Page 348Westhoughton UDCyes
Page 349West Hartlepool BCremovedyes
Page 349West Midlands Joint Electricity Authyesyes
Page 349West Park HMCyes
Page 349West Wylam & Prudhoe Co-operative Society Ltdyesyes
Page 349Westinghouse Brake & Signal Co Ltdyes
Page 349Westminster City Councilyesyesyes
Page 349Westminster Fire Officeyesyes
Page 349Wey Valley Water Coyes
Page 349Whatmoor Thomas A & Co Ltdyes
Page 350White House Theyesyes
Page 351White & Carter Ltdyes
Page 351White Cooking Equipment Ltdyes
Page 351White J W (Contractors) Ltdyes
Page 351White, Tomkins & Courage Ltdyesyes
Page 351Whitehead Bros (M/C) Ltdyesyes
Page 351Whiteley William Ltdyesyesyes
Page 351Whiteside H S & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 351Whitstable UDCyesyes
Page 351Whitworth Hillyard & Wade Ltdyes
Page 352Whyatt (Builders) Ltdyes
Page 352Whyte Ridsdale & Co Ltdyes
Page 352Widnes Corporationyes
Page 352Wigan County BCyesyes
Page 352Wigan Richardson & Co Ltdyes
Page 352Wigglesworth & Co Ltdyes
Page 352Wigley F G & Co Ltdyes
Page 352Wilcox Alfredyes
Page 352Willenhall UDCyes
Page 353Willcox W M & Co Ltdyes
Page 353Williams Furniture Galleriesyes
Page 353Wimpenny Harry & Sons Ltdyes
Page 353Wirral UDC
Page 354Willesden Corporationyesyes
Page 354Willesden Optical Worksyesyes
Page 354Willing & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 354Willis Faber & Dumas Ltdyes
Page 354Willis Faber & Partners Ltdyes
Page 354Wilson Bros Ltdyes
Page 354Wilson W & Sons (London) Ltdyes
Page 355Willows Francis Butler & Thompsonyesyes
Page 355Wilson Joseph & Sons Ltdyes
Page 355Wilts United Dairies Ltdyes
Page 355Wiltshire Bacon Co Ltdyes
Page 355Wimbledon BCyes
Page 355Winchester RDCyesyes
Page 355Windhill Co-operative Society Ltdyesyes
Page 355Winsford UDCyesyes
Page 355Wirral UDCyes
Page 356Wisbech Corporationyes
Page 357Winchester City ofyesyes
Page 357Winchester Corporation Electricity Departmentyesyes
Page 357Wingate W & Johnston Ltdyesyes
Page 357Wippel J & Co Ltdyes
Page 357Wisbech RDCyesyes
Page 357Wishaw Co-operative Society Ltdyes
Page 357Witherby & Co Ltdyes
Page 357Woking District Gas Coyesyes
Page 357Woking UDCyesyes
Page 358Wokingham BCyes
Page 358Wood Geo & Sons (Builders) Ltdyesyes
Page 358Woodman & Sons Ltdyes
Page 358Worcester Corporationyes
Page 359Wolverhampton Corporationyes
Page 359Wood Green BCyesyes
Page 359Wood W & Sons Ltdyesyes
Page 359Woodall Duckham Construction Co Ltdyes
Page 359Woodley H & Co Ltdyes
Page 359Woolley Sanders & Co Ltdyesyes
Page 359Woolwich Metropolitan BCyesyes
Page 359Workington Corporationyesyes
Page 359Wrenwood Estate Co Ltdyes
Page 360World Transport Agency Ltdyes
Page 360Worthing BCyesyesyes
Page 360Worthing RDCyesyes
Page 360Wrexham Corporationyesyes
Page 360Wrexham RDCyes
Page 360Wright Bros (Box Makers) Ltdyes
Page 360Wright George (London) Ltdyes
Page 360Wright John & Co Ltdyesyesyes
Page 360Wrigley (Sales) Ltdyesyes
Page 361Allied Paper Merchants (W T & Co) Ltdyesyes
Page 361Pirie Appleton & Coyesyes
Page 361Wiggins Teape & Co (1919) Ltdyesyesyes
Page 361Wycombe RDCyesyes
Page 362Yardley & Co Ltdyes
Page 362Yarrow & Co Ltdyes
Page 362Yeovil Corporationyes
Page 362Yiewsley & West Drayton UDCyesyesyes
Page 362York Corporationyes
Page 362York Hotel Ltdyes
Page 362Yorkshire Electricity Boardyesyes
Page 362Yorkshire Hennebique Construction Co Ltdyes
Page 362Yorkshire Penny Bank Ltd