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Revised October 2020

1. Postal bids must be on a Bid Form or a photocopy. All details must be provided unless marked ‘optional’. Emails bids are welcome provided the same details are given & bids are listed in the body of the email and not as an attachment. Telephone or ‘Buy’ bids will not be accepted.

2. Bids will be recorded in strict order of receipt. In the event of equal highest bids, the earliest received bid will win the lot. Unsuccessful bidders will be notified if they provide an email address or a stamped self-addressed envelope.

3. Bids will advance in 10p steps. Lots will be sold to the highest bidder. The price will be either the bid made or one bid step more than the next highest bid, whichever is lower. If only one bid is received, the lot will be sold at the reserve price. All reserve prices are in GBP (£).

4. Members may place a spending limit on their bids. Any limit must be stated on the Bid Form. Once the limit has been reached, all subsequent bids will be ignored. If placing a limit, bids must be listed in order of preference, otherwise please list in lot number order.

5. Despatch of lots will start as soon as possible after the auction closing date. 2nd Class post will be used unless otherwise requested on the Bid Form or otherwise at the Auctioneer’s discretion. Postage & packing will be charged to the buyer.

6. An invoice will be sent to each bidder with payment instructions. The Society reserves the right to require payment for auction purchases before delivery takes place. ALL payments must be made to the Treasurer, not the Auctioneer. Postage stamps are NOT accepted as payment.

7. If the buyer thinks that any lot has been incorrectly described, then the lot must be returned as soon as possible. The reason for non-acceptance must be stated and a Certificate of Posting should be obtained. A full refund will be given for incorrectly described lots.

8. There is no buyer’s premium.

9. The Auctioneer reserves the right to refuse lots which in their opinion are unsuitable e.g. covers or postcards with no identity, badly damaged stamps with partial perfins, non-perfin material excluding security overprints & where appropriate to split or combine lots or alter descriptions.

10. Vendors must lot all items using secure display cards or envelopes. Covers must be in a protective outer cover to allow for marking with a lot number. Vendors must also supply a list of their lots with a full description including total number of stamps, number of damaged stamps, and the required reserve price. An email address or a stamped self-addressed envelope must be supplied if an acknowledgement of receipt is required.

11. Commission of 10% will be charged to vendors.

12. Lots will not be sold below the reserve price without the prior agreement of the vendor.

13. Unsold material will be returned to the vendors as soon as possible.

14. Payments by the Society will be in GBP (£) usually by cheque drawn on the Society’s UK bank.

15. The Society and its Officers accept no responsibility for loss or damage to material, although reasonable care will be taken to avoid any loss or damage.

16. By submitting bids to this auction, bidders confirm that they accept the terms & conditions contained within these Perfin Society Auction Rules.