Perfin Society Auction No. 2 (2014)

All reserves are expressed in pounds.

Bidding steps: Bids advance in 10p stages.

This auction closed on 30th September 2014.

Enquiries can be sent by email to John Donner: send to john dot donner at btinternet dot com (with dot and at replaced by the appropriate symbols!)

Please put your address and method of payment on your email.

This auction has ended.
1Kings from Charity Source On/ Off piece10004.0025.10
2QV 2/6d Perfin H.S.B.11.002.40
3KEVII ADD1233.0012.70
4KGVI Statement (1953) bearing 1d (CC) perfin F/ &/ J & ident of Fassett & Johnson Ltd, Clerkenwell Road, London EC. Filing holes11.201.20
5Germany ADD1404.0018.10
6KGV Seahorses Perfin C/AN/ S : C.C.A on 2/6d21.004.50
7Norway DDF4020.0045.10
8KGV Statement (1934) bearing d : 2d perfin FB/ & CO. & ident of Fownes Brothers & Co, Gresham St, London EC11.301.30
9KGV DDF1007.0010.10
10Denmark Censored Window Envelope (1942) bearing 2 x 30 ore : 5 ore perfin C.B. & ident of P.F Esbensen, Copenhagen11.505.10
11All Reigns QV(90) : KEVII(85) : KGV(160) : KGVI(140) : QEII(40) ADD51510.0033.10
12KGV British Empire Exhibition Perfins W&S (1925) : TP/ LD : O&CO (1924) on 1d31.204.60
13World Mix ADD341.003.30
14KGV Statement (1934) bearing d perfin FB/ &CO (F0320.02) & ident of Fredk Braby & Co Ltd, Bristol. Also 2d overprinted Received ./ Fk.Braby & Co Ltd11.307.60
15Revenues MDD (20) plus 2 x Post Stat cut outs perfin CORY : SC222.0011.30
16KEVII 2/6d Perfin P&W/ MLD Glasgow postmark11.004.60
17USA Pre-Cancels Small towns only ADD1279.0012.10
18Germany Trade PC (1932) to Holland bearing 15pf Hindenburg perfin BK & ident of Benedikt Klein, Koln11.205.10
19Denmark ADD1204.5013.10
20QV d Bantam Perfin S&J (pl.20) Slight trim1 (1)1.005.10
21KEVII Cover (1910) bearing 1d perfin E.H/ &CO/ LTD & ident of E Hulton & Co Ltd, Printers, Withy Grove, Manchester11.304.30
22Zanzibar Al Busaid Dynaste (1944) Mint set of 4 perfin SPECIMEN in arc410.0010.00
23World Mix from Charity Source On/ Off piece300+3.0033.30
24QEII Self Addressed Cover (1977) bearing 3p Machin perfin SCF & ident of Sporting Club Francais, Jersey11.0011.10
25QV 2s Blue (SG120b) Perfin BS/ &CO (pl.1)18.0014.10
26Holland DDF1009.0013.10
27QEII Statement (1954) bearing 2d Wilding perfin EMS & ident of Evans Medical Supplies Ltd, Speke, Liverpool11.001.20
28QV 1d (SG51) Perfin H&CO/ 2.C.S (pl.3)11.5020.10
29Hungary Cover (1910) to London bearing 10f perfin S.W/ H & ident of S&W Hoffmann, Fiume. Letter H partially off stamp11.304.60
30QEII Wildings ADD3044.0013.10
31All Reigns Good Mix QV QEII ADD1000+10.0050.10
32QV 1d Red Plate Perfin BASS (pl.121)11.204.50
33KEVII Illustrated Trade PC (1904) bearing d (damaged) perfin D&J & identity of Dickins & Jones, Regent St which is depicted on front of PC12.004.20
34Overprints on QEII Wildings ADD392.004.60
35KEVII ADD1404.0014.70
36Full Names inc SALT : OETZMANN : SUTTON/ &/ SONS : DRAY : CORY ADD463.0011.10
37KEVII Receipt (1905) bearing 1d perfin DB & ident of Daniels Bros Ltd, Seed Growers & Nurserymen, Norwich11.304.10
38KGVI ADD1102.505.30
39QEII Window Envelope (1962) bearing 3d Wilding perfin LO & ident of L Orlik Ltd, Old Bond St, London W11.006.80
40QV 1d Red Plate Perfin Crown/ B.T (pl.150)12.0017.90
41Railways Collectors duplicates QV QEII100+3.0030.10
42QEII Machins Collectors Clearout Some heavy duplication3000+5.0022.40
43QV 2d Mauve (SG141) Perfin P.J/ N.T (pl.9) : H&/ GS (pl.15) : H..B. (pl.16)31.504.90
44Kings KEVII (23) : KGV (20) : KGVI (27) ADD702.005.00
45QV Registered Cover (1900) to Germany bearing 1d Lilac : d Verm Jub (not perfinned) : 3d Jub perfin WP & ident of William Poppelreuter, Manchester13.006.10
46World Mix Collectors duplicates100+2.008.10
47QEII Window Envelope (1982) bearing 14p : 2 x 2p Machins perfin SE/ EB & ident of Seeboard, South Eastern Electricity Board11.001.00
48Germany Perfins on Germania issue ADD613.008.00
49KEVII ADD2305.0023.70
50Bosnia & Herzegovina ADD (4) DDF62.006.10
51QV 1d Red Plate Perfin J.H/ &CO. (pl.222) Trimmed1 (1)1.009.10
52KGV ADD1253.0012.00
53French Morocco DDF (24) Duplication415.008.70
54KEVII Trade PC (1909) bearing d perfin P&T & ident of Philip & Tacey Ltd, Norwich St, London EC11.301.80
55France Perfins on Pasteur/ Sower DDF10011.0020.10
56QV 1d Red Plate Perfin P.J./ N.T. (pl.209)11.204.10
57Denmark Window Envelope (1941) bearing 15 ore Caravel perfin D.B./ CO. & ident of The Dominion Belting Co, Kobenhavn11.303.60
58Italy Perfin BCI : CI Duplication10003.008.10
59KGV Seahorses Perfin C.C.A : SBD on 2/6d : HB/ &CO on 5/-31.207.60
60KGVI Receipt (1948) bearing 1d (LC) perfin GWR & ident of The Great Western Railway, Birkenhead Station. Filing holes11.204.10
61Overprints from Charity Source On/ Off piece1000+5.0070.10
62QV 1d Lilacs ADD1307.0018.60
63QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin H.R/ &CO (pl.14)11.205.90
64QEII Wildings ADD1201.506.10
65Overprints on KGV 2d inc Received for/ Dent, Allcroft/ & Co, Ltd : RECEIVED/ For/ HITCHCOCK,/ WILLIAMS/ & Co. : Received for/ John Barker Co Ld71.5010.10
66Germany Perfin POL (4 types) of The Directorate of Police DDF302.0025.10
67KGVI Trade PC (1946) bearing 2d (LC) perfin GA/ CO & ident of George Angus & Co Ltd, Leeds Bridge, Leeds11.201.20
68India ADD No partials1033.0010.10
69QV 8d Orange (SG156) Perfin BWB11.007.10
70QEII Machins DDF230(4)3.006.00
71KGVI Trade PC (1951) bearing 1d (CC) perfin DC & ident of Deptford Public Libraries, Lewisham Way, London SE11.201.20
72USA ADD241.001.30
73QV 2/6d Perfin HUTH11.204.30
74QEII Castles Collectors Duplicates Values to 1452.0012.10
75Germany Trade PC (1938) bearing 3pf Hindenburg perfin AE/ Co & ident of American Express Co, Berlin11.208.60
76World Mix ADD1003.009.80
77QEII Machins On/ Off piece1200+5.0065.10
78KGV Seahorses Perfin H./ L. on 2/6d : I&R/ M on 5/-21.002.30
79KEVII Receipt (1909) bearing 1d perfin JT/ &S/ LD & ident of Joseph Travers & Sons Ltd, Cannon St, London EC. Filing hole11.301.30
80KGVI/ QEII Commems ADD251.5012.30
81KEVII ADD1009.0011.10
82QV 1d Red Plate Perfin D&F (pl.182)11.204.70
83QV Jubilees ADD1203.5014.30
84Full Name Perfin PEARS on QV 5d Green (SG193)11.004.10
85QV Receipt (1895) bearing 1/- Contract Note perfin F&B & ident of Foster & Braithwaite (manuscript)11.201.60
86KEVII 5/- Perfin A&CO/ LD12.003.60
87KGVI High Values ADD262.508.30
88All Reigns QV(23) : KEVII(31) : KGV(43) : KEVIII(6) : KGVI(86) : QEII(826) ADD (325) DDF101520.0027.60
89QV 1d Red Plate Perfin J&S (pl.186)11.206.30
90QEII Cover (1967) bearing 1d : 2d Wilding perfin C/ BC & ident of Chester Boro Council, Northgate St, Chester11.001.30
91KGVI ADD1192.5010.00
92KGV Receipt (1923) bearing 2d perfin JD&S & ident of James Dixon & Sons Ltd, Cornish Place, Sheffield. Filing holes11.203.10
93QEII Pre-Decimal Machins ADD1193.006.30
94Gibraltar (4) : Gold Coast (1) all with part perfin CANCELLED DDF51.003.60
95KEVII d Post Stat PC (1905) perfin TV/ R through card. No ident but known to be Taff Valley Railway11.306.10
96QV 1d Red Plates All seconds Perfins sound342.5025.10
97QEII Cover (1959) bearing 2d Wilding perfin CFO/ LD & ident of County Fire Office Ltd, Mark Lane, London EC11.006.80
98QV 2d Lilac (SG189) Perfin C.B.S : IT/ &CO21.003.80
99Australia Official Perfin VG DDF161.001.30
100QV 10s Perfin P.S/ NC Liverpool postmark dated FE 3 9112.0012.10
101Denmark Cover (1886) bearing 4 ore Numeral perfin J.J. & ident of Jorgen Jensens Eftf, Kjobenhavn11.304.40
102KGV Trade PC (1913) bearing d perfin M&K & ident of Maxted & Knott Ltd, Engineers, Burnett Ave, Hull11.301.60
103Kings from Charity Source On/ Off piece10005.0098.40
104QV Trade PC (1901) bearing d Green Jub perfin AUX between lines & ident of Army & Navy Auxiliary Co-operative Supply Ltd, Westminster11.305.30
105KGV Seahorses Perfin F : I&R/ M : C&C/ LD : BW/ &CO42.504.00
106Germany ADD1965.0021.30
107KEVII Letter Entire (1906) bearing d perfin M/ &CO & ident of Maples Depository, Camden St, London NW11.202.60
108Belgium with tabs DDF242.504.60
109KGV Statement (1937) bearing 2d Photo perfin J & ident of The Jaeger Co Ltd, Milton St, London EC11.201.20
110QV 1d Lilacs ADD1263.0016.10
111GB Regionals Collectors duplicates100+1.5013.10
112QV 3d Lilac (SG191) Perfin DT/ FB11.002.20
113Israel WW2 (1941) Ticket (Movie/ Theatre ?) bearing revenue & Palestine 5M revenue. Ticket is perforated with 3 Israeli letters (?)12.004.30
114KEVII ADD1243.0015.10
115French PO in Alexandria Perfin CL/ A DDF32.504.10
116KEVII 2/6d Perfin I.I &CO/ L Liverpool postmark dated OC 14 06 Short perfs on right side11.005.00
117QV 1d Red Plate Perfin T.C.&/ M.CO.L (pl.102) Slight trim1 (1)1.005.10
118KGVI ADD1203.008.70
119QV Cover (1900) bearing 1d Lilac perfin W&S & ident of Waterlow & Sons Ltd, London11.204.20
120QV 3d Rose Perfin M&S (pl.10) pair on piece Postmark Liverpool dated 22 JY 7322.009.20
121Liberia 5c Pink Embossed Cover (1893) HG No.5a perfin SPECIMEN through front of cover. Some faint toning. Unusual item14.004.00
122All Reigns from Charity Source QV QEII On/ off piece inc some world1000+5.00101.30
123Zululand Perfin BB/ D on QV 6d Jub overprinted ZULULAND (Forged ?)11.004.20
124USA Precancels Small towns only ADD1259.0011.10
125KEVII Credit Note (1906) bearing 1d perfin RSB & ident of R Salmon Backhouse & Co11.201.20
126QV 1d Red Plates Perfin HEAL : M&S : H&P (pl.?) Slight trims3 (3)1.503.70
127KGV Statement (1926) bearing d : 2d perfin JS & ident of Jeyes Sanitary Compounds Co Ltd, Cannon St, London EC. Filing holes11.301.30
128India ADD No partials521.504.80
129KEVII ADD1373.5014.20
130QV 2/6d Perfin AU Liverpool postmark dated NO 30 9511.208.80
131Germany ADD1003.5010.00
132KGVI Registered Cover (1946) bearing d (LC) : 2 x 2d (LC) perfin CICOLD ident of Consett Iron Co Ltd11.201.20
133QV 1d Red Plate Perfin S&L (pl.178)11.002.10
134Austria Trade PC (1916) bearing 5h perfin N.U. & ident of Norbert Ulmann, Wien11.30Unsold
135QV Jubs ADD10711.0017.10
136QEII Label (1957) bearing 2d Wilding perfin AS & ident of Armstrong, Stevens & Son Ltd, Whittall St, Birmingham11.006.80
137QV 1d Red Plate Perfin M&S. (pl.127)11.203.10
138Denmark Collectors duplicates Common dies 1000s3000+5.0020.10
139Overpints on stockcard KGV QEII Heavy duplication100+1.306.60
140KGV Seahorses Perfin H.P./ &F. : RM/ SP : RT/ &S : SUTTON/ READING : S&S : SAS on 2/6d : SAS : N.C./ S. : H.P/ &F. : H&P on 5/-10 (1)6.008.60
141QV 1d Red Plates Perfin A&N/ C.S.L (pl.181) : BG/ CL (pl.190) : S.T/ &B (pl.12?) All stamps have rounded corners3 (3)1.502.70
142Denmark Cover (no date) bearing 10 ore Little Mermaid (SG294) perfin F/ E/ H/ R & ident of Fehr & Co, Odense11.304.40
143KEVII ADD1524.0016.70
144QV 1d Red Plate Perfin D.B/ B (pl.193) Stamp is mint with gum. Hinge mark11.2010.10
145KGVI Statement (1942) bearing 2d (DC) perfin JD & ident of John Dickinson & Co Ltd, Apsley Mills, Hemel Hempstead, Herts11.201.20
146KGV Photos ADD1022.509.10
147QV 5/- Perfin RS/ &CO Liverpool postmark dated SP 29 9612.0010.10
148QEII Wildings/ Machins ADD1502.505.00
149QV 1d Red Plates Perfin I&R/ M (pl.162 : 167 : 168 : 169)4 (2)1.502.30
150France Label (no date) bearing 75c Exposition Internationale (1925) perfin S.G. & ident of Societe General, Paris11.301.30
151KGV British Empire Exhibition Perfins C.B : MW/ CO : GSM/ LD on 1d (1924)31.202.60
152Austria Collectors Duplicates521.30Unsold
153QV Cover (1882) bearing 1d Lilac perfin GLF & ident of General Life & Fire Assurance Co Ltd11.303.10
154QV d Bantam Perfin GR/ W (pl.5) Slight trim1 (1)1.003.80
155Kings KEVII(73) : KGV(130) : KEVIII(15) : KGVI(97) ADD3157.0020.30
156Germany Perfins on Germania ADD1003.0010.00
157KEVII Trade PC (1907) to Egypt bearing 1d perfin H & ident of Hongkong & Shanghai Banking Corporation, Lombard St, London EC11.205.60
158Bulgaria Registered Cover (1939) to London bearing 2 x 7A : 6 x 1NB Steam Train perfin bHb & ident of Banque Nationale de Bulgarie, Sofia11.505.10
159KGV ADD1363.5011.60
160QV 1d Red Plate Perfin H.R/ &CO (pl.187)11.206.30
161Czechoslovakia DDF10210.00Unsold
162KGV Trade PC (1927) bearing 1d perfin JE/ &/ S & ident of Joseph Ellis & Sons Ltd, East St, Leicester11.304.10
163QEII Wildings ADD1362.005.10
164QV 4d Grey-Brown (SG160) Perfin R.B/ &CO. (pl.17)11.204.80
165QV 1d Red Plates Perfin DT&F (pl.190 : 210)21.504.60
166All Reigns Commencing letters A : E QV QEII DDF2033.0018.70
167All Reigns Commencing letter B QV QEII DDF3285.0020.10
168All Reigns Commencing letter C QV QEII DDF2985.0014.10
169All Reigns Commencing letters D : F QV QEII DDF230(2)3.0023.40
170All Reigns Commencing letter G QV QEII DDF1863.0010.10
171All Reigns Commencing letter H QV QEII DDF2625.0013.40
172All Reigns Commencing letters I : J : K QV QEII DDF2355.0020.10
173Holland Window Envelope (no date) bearing 6c Wilhelmina perfin S&Z/ A & ident of R.S Stokvis & Zonen, Haarlem11.30Unsold
174USA MDDF752.007.10
175QV 1d Red Plate Perfin W&S (pl.217)11.205.30
176KGV Trade PC (1923) bearing 1d perfin SPENCER & ident of John Spencer Ltd, Wednesbury, Staffs11.303.30
177Germany ADD872.509.10
178KGVI Statement (1940) bearing d : 2d (DC) perfin P/ D & ident of Parke, Davis & Co, Beak St, Regent St, London W11.201.20
179KEVII ADD1353.5014.70
180KGV Trade PC (1922) to Holland bearing 3 x d perfin J.S.D (J7050.01) & ident of J.S Darwen & Co Ltd, Featherstone St, London EC11.303.20
181KGV ADD1383.0011.60
182QV 1d Red Plates Perfin J.T/ M (pl.123) : B.D/ LD (pl.222) : E&W/ IDCO (pl.190) All with slight trims3 (3)1.504.60
183Denmark Cover (1923) front only bearing 15 ore Caravel perfin F.F & ident of Aktieselskabet Frederik Fiedler, Kjobenhavn11.304.40
184KGVI ADD1272.509.70
185Lebanon Perfin B.R. on 4p (SG208)11.002.10
186QEII Wildings ADD2203.008.70
187QV 1d Red Plate Perfin I.H.S/ &CO (pl.183) on piece. Liverpool postmark dated 22 FE 7811.001.30
188KGV Trade PC (1936) bearing 1d Photo perfin W/ L & ident of Willcoxs, Southwark St, London SE11.201.20
189Newfoundland DDF135.005.00
190Denmark Cover (1946) to Kirkwall bearing 25 ore : 40 ore King Christian X perfin C.K.H. & ident of C.K Hansen, Copenhagen11.203.60
191KEVII ADD1674.0018.00
192KGV ADD1603.5012.60
193KEVIII ADD321.505.10
194KGVI ADD1633.0010.30
195QEII Cover (1970) bearing 2 x 1/6d Wildings perfin NA/ FI & ident of NAAFI, London SE11.004.10
196Post Stat Cut Outs Perfin G&F on QV d : SC on KEVII d21.002.70
197KGV Cover (1927) to France bearing 2d perfin JVD (J8180.01) & ident of J.V Drake & Co, Mincing Lane, London EC11.302.30
198Belgium Trade PC (1932) bearing 50c Lion perfin E.C. & ident of Evence Coppee & Cie, Bruxelles11.201.80
199All World Mix from Charity Source On/ Off piece5004.0052.70
200QEII Cover (no date) bearing 3 x 1d Wildings perfin ECC & ident of Essex County Council, Bury Water Lane, Newport, Essex11.001.00
201QV 1d Lilacs ADD732.5011.10
202QV 6d on 6d Perfin LR/ O11.208.10
203QEII Wildings/ Machins ADD1261.504.00
204KGV Seahorse Perfin B./ W. on 10/-14.006.50
205Canada Cover (1917) bearing KGV 1c : 2c perfin C/ P/ R & ident of Canadian Pacific Railway Co, Montreal. Small tear at top of cover11.202.10
206KGVI ADD1182.508.60
207Germany Window Envelope (1924) bearing 10pf Inflation perfin FL/ P & ident of F Lehmann fruher Pfaffenberg11.305.10
208KEVIII ADD261.202.30
209KEVII Receipt (1907) bearing 1d perfin H.S/ L & ident of Harrods Stores Ltd, Brompton Road, London11.201.60
210QEII Machins ADD1291.305.10
211QV 1d Venetian (SG167) Perfins J.R.S : F&A/ L : LT/ &CO31.5011.10
212KGV ADD1092.5010.10
213Overprints from Charity Source On/ Off piece1000+5.0047.60
214QEII Wildings ADD1122.005.10
215KEVII Trade PC (1905) bearing d perfin M/ C & ident of Manchester Corporation, Rivers Department11.201.20
216Holland ADD10810.0015.10
217KGVI Trade PC (1952) bearing d (CC) : 1d (LC) perfin NPI & ident of National Provident Institution11.201.20
218QV 1d Lilacs ADD1327.0022.10
219Germany Covers (QTY 30) perfins but no idents ADD303.0012.10
220QV 1d Red Plate Perfin JTM (pl.188)1 (1)1.001.20
221World Mix ADD842.005.10
222KGV Cover (1925) bearing 1d perfin CLS (C4590.03) & ident of The County of London Electric Supply Co Ltd11.201.20
223KEVIII ADD432.004.60
224QV 1d Venetian (SG166) Perfins L.R.S. : M&S : R.R/ &CO31.5010.10
225Denmark Trade PC (1920) to Sweden bearing 3 ore numeral perfin E.V. & ident of Ernst Vosss Fabrik11.304.10
226QV 1d Red Plate Perfin W.W (pl.138) Second W slightly off stamp11.00Unsold
227KEVII ADD1404.0015.70
228USA Cover (1914) bearing 2c Washington perfin WG/ CO & ident of The William Galloway Co, Waterloo, Iowa. Cover a bit tatty11.204.10
229Germany ADD1253.5015.10
230Holland Trade PC (1901) bearing 2c Numeral perfin VDB & ident of Van den Berghs Ltd, Rotterdam11.201.20
231QV 1d Red Plate Perfin W.H/ &T (pl.120)11.207.10
232QV Jubilees ADD1003.5017.10
233QEII Wildings/ Machins ADD (215) DDF84512.0014.00
234KGV ADD1253.0010.10
235KGVI ADD1182.506.60
236Germany Window Envelope (1927) bearing 10pf Grosse perfin MT & ident of Maschininenfabrik Turner, Frankfurt11.20Unsold
237Bavaria Perfin E of The Eisenbahn Packmarke DDF101.502.10
238QV 4d Sage-green (SG153) Perfin G&CO (pl.15)11.005.10
239All Reigns in stockbook QV QEII Duplication500+4.0020.00
240Italy DDF2504.009.10
241QV Jubs/ Lilacs ADD642.009.00
242Germany Trade PC (1930) bearing 8pf Ebert perfin BE/ G & ident of Barmer Export Gesellschaft, Barmen11.306.10
243KEVII DDF1009.0010.10
244Kings KEVII (27) : KGV (29) : KGVI (22) ADD782.006.10
245KGV Cover (1927) to France bearing 2d perfin CL & ident of Credit Lyonnais, Lombard St, London EC11.203.90
246World Mix DDF1453.505.30
247QV 5/- Perfin CL11.507.60
248QEII Machins ADD2693.008.10
249KGVI High Values Values to 5/- ADD62.003.60
250KEVII ADD632.007.10
251QEII Covers Councils Identified by postmark301.2015.10
252QV 1d Venetians (SG166) Perfins F.P.C.L : H.R/ &CO : T.W.S/ &CO31.507.10
253KEVII Cover (1910) to Holland bearing 1d perfin O.L & ident of Otto Lechla, Holborn Viaduct, London EC11.301.30
254All Reigns Commencing letter L QV QEII DDF3024.0011.10
255All Reigns Commencing letter M QV QEII DDF2075.0010.30
256All Reigns Commencing letters N : O : R QV QEII DDF271(4)5.0021.90
257All Reigns Commencing Letter P QV QEII DDF1743.008.60
258All Reigns Commencing letter S QV QEII DDF2735.0015.10
259All Reigns Commencing letter W QV QEII DDF1874.009.30
260All Reigns Commencing letter T V : Y Des QV QEII DDF2245.0022.10
261KGV Trade PC (1919) bearing 1d perfin LE/ F & ident of London Electric Firm, Brighton Road, Croydon11.201.20
262QV 1d Red Plates Seconds Perfins sound131.0010.10
263QEII Wildings/ Machins ADD1112.003.60
264QV 4d Grey-brown (SG160) Perfin IBHL (pl.17)11.204.40
265QEII Window Envelope (1962) bearing 2d Wilding perfin CG & ident of Castrol Group of Companies, Marylebone Road, London NW11.0011.10
266QV 1d Red Plates Perfin GR/ W (pl.135 : 146 : 212)32.006.50
267KGV Seahorses Perfin KLD on 2/6d : GE/ C on 5/-21.002.00
268Denmark Cover (1930) to Sweden bearing 15 ore Caravel perfin M. & ident of Markt & Co A/S, Kobenhavn11.204.40
269QV d Bantams Perfin A&S : B.N : G.E.R31.0016.10
270France Perfins on Pasteur Issue DDF10012.0026.10
271KEVII Cover (1902) bearing 1d perfin A&B. & ident of Arighi, Bianchi & Co Ltd, Commercial Road, Macclesfield11.303.10
272QEII Wildings/ Machins from Charity source On/ off piece300+2.008.60
273KGVI ADD1302.5011.30
274QV 1d Red Plate Perfin LDM/ C (pl.214) Slight trim1 (1)1.202.60
275QEII Window Envelope (1962) bearing 2d Wilding perfin L&M/ LD & ident of Linotype & Machinery Ltd, Altrincham11.006.80
276KGV ADD1393.5013.10
277Overprint Received for/ GELLATLY/ HANKEY,/ SEWELL & Co on QV 1d Lilac11.0011.20
278Germany Trade PC (1914) bearing 5pf Germania perfin AG & ident of Adolf Goldschmidt, Bremen11.305.10
279All Reigns QV(65) : KEVII(80) : KGV(120) : KGVI(100) : QEII(20) ADD3859.0023.60
280QV 1/- Green (SG117) Perfin SM/ &CO (pl.5) Wing margin copy11.003.60
281Europe from five countries ADD571.50Unsold
282KGV Statement (1923) bearing d perfin AM/ C & ident of Associated Manufacturers Co Ltd, Mansell St, London E. Filing holes11.201.20
283KGV Seahorse Perfin S/ T/ C on 10/-12.504.20
284All reigns QV QEII Seconds but all perfins sound. Damage minor300+2.008.10
285QV 1d Red Plate Perfin L.G/ &CO. (pl.171)11.205.10
286KGV Trade PC (1920) bearing d perfin C & ident of Joseph Crosfield & Sons Ltd, Bank Quay Works, Warrington. Filing holes11.301.30
287KEVIII DDF351.203.20
288Overprint RECEIVED FOR/ NUNNERY COLLIERY Co (in scrolled arc)/ Limited on QV 1d Revenue (small)12.0020.10
289World Mix Mainly DDF Some duplication1013.00Unsold
290QV 1d Red Plate Perfin H/ C&CO (pl.204) Corner damage1 (1)1.001.70
291KGV British Empire Exhibition Perfins M&/ P : S&B/ LD : F.G on 1d (1924)3 (1)1.204.10
292KGV Seahorses Perfin NB/ I : R.B.N. on 5/-21.501.50
293QV 5/- Perfin WN11.507.60
294Railway Perfin LB/ &/ SCR on QV 1d Venetian (SG166) Stamp damaged at bottom1 (1)1.002.10
295QV 1d Red Plate Perfin P.S/ NC (pl.213)11.205.70
296KGV ADD1243.0010.10
297Russia DDF2519.0019.00
298QV 1d Red Plate Perfin MBW (pl.216)11.002.10
299Europe Perfins from 4 countries ADD502.004.10
300KEVIII Statement (1937) bearing d perfin AM/ C & ident of Associated Manufacturers Co (London) Ltd, Wharfdale Road, London N. Filing holes11.203.10
301KGVI Trade PC (1953) bearing 1d (CC) perfin EN/ E & ident of The Railway Executive, Wellington St, Leeds11.003.60
302KGVI ADD1202.507.10
303QV 1d Red Plates Perfin STOTT/ &CO (pl.192 : 205)21.5010.10
304KEVII 2/6d Perfin H11.003.10
305Inner London Education Authority Perfin IL/ EA 1000s2000+2.005.10
306QEII Wildings ADD1101.506.10
307Kings KEVII (20) : KGV (17) : KGVI (22) ADD591.302.40
308QV 1d Red Plates Perfins R/ F&CO (pl.185) : H.E/ &CO. (pl.186) : BD/ &CO (pl.177) Slight trims3 (3)1.507.20
309Denmark Trade PC (1915) bearing 5 ore King Christian X perfin G&S & ident of M.J Gronbech & Sonner, Kobenhavn11.30Unsold
310USA Pre-Cancels DDF3409.0015.10
311QEII Window Envelope (1971) bearing 2p Machin perfin BCS/ LD & ident of Birmingham Co-operative Society Ltd, Vauxhall Road, Birmingham11.003.10
312All Reigns QV(15) : KEVII (21) : KGV (19) : KGVI (12) : QEII (20) ADD871.505.10
313KGV ADD1303.0010.60
314QEII Machins ADD1101.504.50
315KGVI Receipt (1940) bearing 2d (DC) perfin CCW & ident of C.C Wakefield & Co Ltd, Cheapside, London EC. Filing holes11.201.20
316Australia Collectors duplicates581.203.60
317QV 1d Red Plate Perfin NN/ NN (pl.20?)11.005.70
318QV Jubilees ADD1003.5017.60
319Denmark Trade PC (1942) bearing 15 ore Caravel perfin LL & ident of L Levison Junr, Kobenhavn11.204.10
320KEVII ADD1002.5011.70
321Germany ADD662.007.10
322QV 10d Red-Brown (SG112) Perfin D&S Small tear on bottom edge1 (1)1.008.10
323All Reigns in stockbook QV QEII Duplication400+4.0011.60
324Belgium Perfins on Railway Stamps DDF263.506.10
325KGV UPU Congress ADD151.005.30
326KGVI Registered Cover (1948) long, bearing d (LC) : 5d perfin BAT & ident of British American Tobacco Co Ltd, Millbank, London SW11.203.10
327KGV ADD1323.0011.20
328QV 2d Blue (SG157) Perfin MB/ &CO (pl.23) : B&L/ H (pl.23) : AF/ B (pl.22)31.205.60
329KGVI High Values Perfin M.V/ CO. : H : GT on 10/-31.204.30
330QV 1d Red Plate Perfin C.D/ &CO (pl.145) Stamp faded11.004.10
331KGVI ADD1012.005.60
332QEII Wildings ADD1352.505.10
333KEVII 2/6d Perfin T.B.S.12.005.10
334Full Names ADD241.203.40
335QEII Cover (1956) bearing 2d Wilding perfin RT/ G & ident of Road Transport & General Insurance Co Ltd11.001.00
336QV 6d on 6d (SG162) Perfin HSB Side trims1 (1)1.006.20
337Kings KEVII (20) : KGV (15) : KGVI (20) ADD552.004.30
338QEII Cover (1967) bearing 4d Machin perfin BCS & ident of Burnley Equitable Co-operative & Industrial Society Ltd, Hammerton St, Burnley11.004.10
339QEII Machins ADD1001.004.00
340QV 2d Mauve (SG141) Perfin M/ BR.P (pl.4) : IBHL (pl.7) : F.W.B/ &CO. (pl.9)31.505.70
341KGV DDF1007.007.00
342Railways Collectors duplicates321.009.10
343QEII Cover (1981) bearing 11p Machin perfin D/ &CO & ident of Dunn & Co, London NW11.003.00
344Germany ADD1404.0018.10
345KEVII ADD1233.0012.10
346Denmark Window Envelope (1970) bearing 60 ore King Frederick IX perfin N.D.&K. & ident of Nordisk Droge & Kemikalieforretning A/S, Ragnagade11.205.10
347KGVI High Values Perfin JD : G on 5/-21.001.00
348QV 1d Red Plate Perfin B.N (pl.171) on piece Manchester postmark dated 6 JA 7911.201.20
349QV d Slate-blue (SG187) Perfins C.B.B.T : CR/ &CO. : SS/ &CO31.509.10
350All Reigns from Non Collector Unsorted450+4.0042.10