Perfin Society Auction No. 3 (2013)

All reserves are expressed in pounds.

Bidding steps: Bids advance in 10p stages.

This auction closed on 31st January 2014.

Bids and enquiries can be sent by email to John Donner: or send to john dot donner at btinternet dot com (with dot and at replaced by the appropriate symbols!)

Please include your name, postal address and method of payment when bidding.

We apologise for the late publication of the realisations for this auction, this is due to our Auctioneer being ill.

This auction has ended.
1QV Cover (1896) bearing 1d Lilac perfin GL & ident of General Life Assurance Co, Cannon St, London12.004.60
2KGV ADD1323.0012.30
3KGVI Centenary ADD301.506.30
4Austria ADD765.005.10
5QV 1d Red Plate Perfin B&CO/ B&L (pl.181) Slight trim1 (1)1.005.10
6Denmark Trade PC (1947) bearing 15 ore King Christian X perfin N.S.V. & ident of Nakskov Skibsvaerft. Filing holes11.202.20
7Holland Perfins on 6c Queen Wilhelmina (SG429) ADD5010.00Unsold
8KEVII 2/6d Perfin I.H.S/ &CO11.004.60
9QEII Machins ADD1001.004.00
10KGV Airmail Cover (1937), large, front only to New South Wales bearing 15 x 1s Photo : 5 x 2/6d Seahorse : 3 x 5/- Seahorse, all perfin full name SINGER & ident of The Singer Manufacturing Co Ltd, Clydebank. Cover a bit grubby 7 creased but rather a striking item120.0040.10
11KGV British Empire Exhibition Perfins TP/ LD : GSM/ LD on 1d (1924) : ABC on 1d (1925)33.004.10
12QV 3d Rose (SG158) Perfin O&CO. (pl.21)11.206.10
13KGV DDF1007.007.00
14QEII Cover (1957) bearing 2d Wilding perfin LEP & ident of LEP Transport Ltd, Shelton St, Long Acre, London WC11.002.10
15Great Western Railway Perfin WHS/ &S on 2d Newspaper Parcel Stamp. Heavy hinge mark on back of stamp and small tear at top of stamp near perfin. Thinned1 (1)2.0010.10
16KGVI ADD1233.007.60
17QV 1d Red Plate Perfin 533/ T.H (pl.119) Side trim1 (1)1.004.10
18KGVI High Values ADD232.005.00
19QEII Wildings/ Machins from Charity Source On/ Off piece Unsorted1000+5.0050.10
20QV 6d Grey (SG160) Perfin LS/ C (pl.18)11.205.10
21Curacao Perfin MB DDF102.505.10
22KGV Silver Jubilees ADD503.0015.00
23KEVII Cover (1906) to Liberia bearing 1d : 1d perfin SP/ &S & ident of The Union of London & Smiths Bank, Lombard St. ( Amalgamated with Smith, Payne & Smith in 1902)12.005.60
24Germany ADD1353.5012.10
25KGV Seahorses Perfin RM/ L : MB/ &D : AM/ PCO : UA on 2/6d42.0015.10
26Bavaria DDF355.006.10
27QEII Cover (1971) to USA bearing 2 x 3d Machins perfin HM/ SO & ident of H.M Stationery Office, Gee St, London EC11.004.10
28KEVII 2/6d Perfin N&G11.002.60
29Germany Trade Card (1909) bearing 80pf Germania perfin E.G./ H. & ident of E.F Grell, Hamburg11.505.10
30KEVIII ADD2026.0022.00
31QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin M&S (pl.15)11.203.60
32QEII Castles ADD642.5020.10
33All Reigns QV(70) : KEVII(50) : KGV(85) : KGVI(85) : QEII(20) ADD3108.0023.10
34KGVI Invoice (1941) bearing 2d (DC) perfin SM/ BP & ident of Shell-Mex & B.P Ltd, Carr St, Ipswich11.201.20
35KEVII ADD1303.5012.60
36QV Cover (1901) to France bearing 3d : 4d Jubs perfin H&CO./ 2.C.Sq (H1650.01) & Ident of Horstman & Co, 2 Crosby Square, London EC. Some flap damage12.5010.10
37KGV Postal Union Congress ADD933.0018.10
38QV Cover (1882) bearing 1d Lilac perfin ILS & ident of The Incorporated Law Society. Cover roughly opened11.204.10
39Hungary DDF1007.007.20
40QV 1d Red Plates Perfin A&G (pl.122) : GR/ W (pl.202) : S.M.S/ &T (pl.165?)33.506.90
41QV Jubilees ADD1544.0018.50
42KEVII Cover (1908) long, bearing 1d perfin B&CO. & ident of Butterworth & Co, Bell Yard, Temple Bar, London WC. Filing pin hole. Some flap damage11.301.30
43KGV Seahorse Perfin SFCO on 5/- (Type A)11.006.10
44QEII Commems ADD432.0020.00
45KGVI Statement (1948) bearing 1d (LC) perfin F/ &/ J & ident of Fassett & Johnson Ltd, Clerkenwell Road, London EC. Filing hole11.203.60
46Switzerland ADD415.0012.30
47QV 1d Venetian (SG166) ADD744.0015.00
48Switzerland Cover (1913) bearing 10c (SG260) perfin W&Co. & ident of Wanner & Cie S.A, Horgen11.50Unsold
49Kings KEVII(78) : KGV(106) : KEVIII(35) : KGVI(182) ADD4018.0020.10
50KGV Trade PC (1920) bearing 1d perfin F&P & ident of Fielding & Platt Ltd, Gloucester11.301.30
51QV 1d Plate (SG52) Perfin J&G/ OXST (pl.3)11.2015.10
52Switzerland DDF477.004.10
53Germany Trade Card (1922) bearing 4 x 20M Ploughman : 40M Inflation : 2M : 4M Germania perfin R.W. & ident of Rossler &Weissenberger, Cannstatt11.508.10
54QV 1d Red Plates All seconds Perfins sound32(32)3.0023.10
55KGV Trade PC (1918) bearing d perfin H/ T/ W & ident of W.T Henleys Telegraph Works Co Ltd, Blomfield St, London EC11.203.90
56Finland Perfin ASEA on 1M : 1M (1930 issue) on piece21.003.10
57Hungary Trade Card (1918) bearing 25f Farmers perfin B.F. & ident of Braun os Fleischman, Budapest11.303.60
58KGVI ADD3677.0021.10
59QV Entire (1900) bearing d Verm Jub perfin M/ &CO & ident of Maples Depository Ltd, Camden St, London NW11.306.70
60Overprints Electricity Companies KGVI-QEII DDF301.504.10
61QV 4d Grey-Brown (SG160) Perfin HUTH (pl.18)11.208.10
62KGV Photos ADD51110.0030.10
63QEII Castles ADD295.0010.80
64KGVI Trade PC (1947) bearing 1d (LC) perfin L/ &CO/ LD & ident of Lister & Co Ltd, Manningham Mills, Bradford11.201.60
65Belgium Perfins on Railway Stamps DDF305.005.00
66KGV Censored Cover (1915) to Norway bearing 2d perfin CA/ G & ident of The Central Agency, Glasgow. Identity partially covered by Censor sticker12.002.00
67KGV Seahorses Perfin JP/ CO : MR/ COLD : J.D : JB/ CO.LD. on 2/6d42.0010.10
68QV 1d Red Plate Perfin L&CO./ W (pl.192) Trimmed on 2 sides1 (1)1.0010.60
69Bosnia & Herzegovina Perfin P.L.B DDF112.506.10
70World Mix ADD623.005.10
71KGV Downeys ADD2615.0025.00
72KGV Trade PC (1931) bearing 1d perfin R&S & ident of S Redmayne & Sons Ltd, Bespoke Tailors, Wigton, Cumberland11.302.10
73Indo China Perfin G.M.R. on 10c on 25f Burma Perfin C.B.I. on 4As (pair)31.003.60
74QV 3d Rose (SG144) Perfin BEAVIS (pl.18)11.205.10
75KGVI Commems ADD512.5017.10
76KEVII ADD1033.0010.10
77KEVII Registerd Letter (1902) to Berlin bearing 1d : 2d perfin BB&CO (split) & ident of Blessig Braun & Co, Liverpool11.501.50
78Austria Used in Czechoslovakia towns prior to 1918 DDF919.0016.10
79KGVI ADD431.502.30
80QV 1d Red Plate Perfin B&L (pair) (pl.140)22.007.70
81Holland ADD1884.009.10
82Denmark Trade PC (1928) to Sweden bearing 10 ore Numeral perfin G.S. & ident of Gruberts Sonner, Kobenhavn11.202.10
83Germany Window Envelope (1927) bearing 10pf Der Grosse perfin MS/ C & ident of M Schmieder & Co, Chemnitz11.303.30
84France ADD1508.0040.10
85KGV Trade PC (1921) bearing d : 1d perfin RD/ &C & ident of Rownson, Drew & Clydesdale Ltd, Upper Thames St, London EC11.301.80
86Australia/ States Collectors Duplicates50+1.006.10
87QV 3d Rose (SG144) Perfin B.W.B (pl.14) Full strike11.206.10
88Germany ADD1534.0011.10
89QV 1s Green (SG117) Perfin J.T/ M (pl.6) : 533/ T.H (pl.7)22.008.10
91Upper Silesia Perfin A.B. DDF32.007.10
92KEVIII ADD723.509.10
93QV 1d Red Plate Perfin J&I/ B&G (pl.149)11.205.10
94Railways Perfins mounted on piece/ Stock cards from collection Noted LB/ SC : GNR : LS/ WR : SER : GWR : GC : SE/ CR : CPR : CR : CP/ R : CAM/ RYS : LT/ SR : LN/ E : MJ/ R : SE/ CD/ BA : NE/ R : TV/ R : MS&L : GER : SE/ CR/ BA Must be a good 200+ stamps. There is obvious duplication but a nice lot200+10.0063.10
95Switzerland Cover (1929) bearing 5c Tell Boy perfin OF & ident of Orell Fussli-Annoncen, Zurich11.20Unsold
96QV (1883-1884) ADD (55) DDF644.5017.10
97QV Self Addressed Cover (no date), front only, bearing 1d Lilac perfin AF/ &CO & ident of Alex Findlater & C0, Sackville St, Dublin11.301.30
98World Mix Mainly Europe from Charity Source100+2.008.10
99Italy ADD955.0010.10
100KGV British Empire Exhibition Perfin O&CO on 1d (1924)11.002.10
101KEVII Receipt (1908) bearing 1d perfin B&D/ L & ident of Barker & Dobson Ltd, Confectionery Wholesale & Export, Liverpool11.301.70
102Germany ADD1003.003.60
103QV 2/6d Perfin P.S/ NC Some foxing11.006.10
104France on Sower Issue Commencing letters M Z DDF10010.0022.10
105KEVII Cover (1903) bearing 1d perfin MAB & ident of Metropolitan Asylums Board, London EC11.206.70
106QV 1d Lilacs ADD1104.0018.10
107KGV Trade PC (1925) bearing 1d perfin W.G/ &S & ident of Wm Gossage & Sons Ltd, Widnes11.301.30
108KGV Seahorses Perfins B/ D/ H : D : PB/ LD. : H : GE/ C on 5/-52.0010.10
109QEII Pre-Decimals ADD2074.005.10
110Germany Trade PC (1923) bearing 3 x 40pf Posthorn perfin A & ident of Actien-Gesellschaft fur Anilin-Fabrikation, Berlin11.305.10
111KGV Invoice (1924) bearing 2d perfin AAO/ CO & ident of Anglo-American Oil Co Ltd. Filing holes12.003.10
112KEVII ADD1413.5013.60
113Straits Settlements Cover (1912) to London bearing 4c perfin HSB & ident of The Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp, Singapore12.006.10
114QEII Cover (1961) to Switzerland bearing 6d Wilding perfin K & ident of Keep Brothers Ltd, Birmingham11.003.30
115KEVIII ADD2006.0025.10
116QV Entire (1878) to Germany bearing 2 x 1d Red Plates (pl.190) : 2d Mauve (SG141) Pl.9 perfin H.R/ & CO & ident of Hayn, Roman & Co, Philpot Lane, London EC15.0032.90
117KGV ADD1008.0010.10
118KGV 4d Registered Letter Cut Out Perfin CP/ EX though cut out11.005.80
119World Mix ADD612.504.60
120Full Names QV(6) : KEVII (11) : QEII(5) ADD22(2)1.0010.10
121France Cover (1931) to Germany bearing 1f.50 Pasteur perfin S.G. & ident of Societe Generale11.203.20
122Perfin Society Perfin PS (mono) (P4145.01m) DDF306.007.10
123QV Jubilees ADD1043.5012.10
124KEVII d Wrapper (1905) to Dublin bearing d perfin JK/ &S & ident of James Keiller & Son Ltd, Dundee11.3010.10
125KGVI/ QEII Commems ADD (14) DDF171.207.10
126Germany ADD1827.0013.60
127KEVII 2/6d Perfin DB : SUTTON/ READING21.003.60
128KGVI Receipt (1942) bearing 2d (LC) not perfinned : 1d (LC) perfin C/ &H & ident of Colthurst & Harding Ltd, Bristol. Filing holes11.201.20
129Germany Cover (1926) to Switzerland bearing 5pf : 30pf Eagle : 2-pf Rheinland perfin LEO L & ident of Leo Lammertz, Aachen11.306.10
130Hong Kong Perfin H&S/ BC on QV 20c on 30c (SG45a)11.001.30
131All Reigns in stock book Some duplication600+10.0070.10
132KGV Trade PC (1926) bearing d perfin FS/ &CO/ LD & ident of Falk, Stadelmann & Co Ltd, Farringdon Road, London EC. Some minor creasing on PC12.002.00
133Luxembourg Cover (1920) bearing 17c Grand Duchess Adelaide perfin D.L. & ident of Division de Differdange, Luxembourg11.203.10
134Ireland ADD455.00Unsold
135KGV Receipt (1920) bearing d : 1d perfin L/ &CO & ident of Latham & Co Ltd, Tuebrook, Liverpool11.301.70
136World Mix Mainly ADD522.004.10
137QV 2/6d Perfin D/ C&CO11.008.00
138KGV Photo ADD3007.0025.00
139Germany Cover (1911) to Switzerland bearing 20pf Germania perfin MAAS & ident of Adolph Maas & Co, Berlin11.305.10
140Romania Perfin S&CO.. on block of 6, 15b (1908) issue61.002.10
141KGV Receipt (1935) bearing 2d Photo perfin B & ident of Bamfords Ltd, Uttoxeter, Staffs. Filing holes11.301.30
142QEII Trade Card (1980) to Holland bearing 10p Machin perfin IT/ CO & ident of The Imperial Tobacco Co Ltd, Raleigh Road, Bristol11.006.70
143Russia Perfins, with some partials/ missing pins2520.0020.00
144KGVI ADD1342.506.10
145Denmark Cover (1936) bearing 10 ore Hans Tausen perfin HL & ident of Hans Lystrup, Kobenhavn11.202.30
146KGV Notice (1930) bearing d perfin LN/ E & ident of The London & North Eastern Railway11.5015.10
147All Reigns QV(34) : KEVII(51) : KGV(67) : KGVI(61) : QEII(31) ADD244(3)7.0023.10
148KEVIII Cover (no date) bearing 1d perfin GA/ CO & ident of The Guardian Assurance Co Ltd11.202.60
149KEVII 5/- Perfin FP/ CL11.208.00
150KGVI/ QEII Commems ADD246.0010.10
151KGV ADD1123.0011.10
152QV 1d Red Plate Perfin M&S (pl.138) Very slight corner nick1 (1)1.003.10
153KEVII Entire (1905) bearing d perfin P.F & ident of Peek, Frean & Co Ltd, Biscuit Manufacturers, London. Filing hole11.301.30
154All Reigns QV QEII MDDF872.505.10
155KGV Statement (1927) bearing d perfin AM/ C & ident of Associated Manufacturers Co Ltd, Mansell St, London E. Filing holes. A bit tatty around edges11.202.10
156Nigeria Perfin NRC DDF(3)41.002.50
157QV d Green (SG164) ADD251.505.00
158KGV Registered Cover (1928) to Norway bearing d : 2 x 2d perfin H & ident of Hambros Bank Ltd, Bishopsgate, London EC. Cover open on 3 sides11.301.30
159QEII Wildings/ Machins from Charity Source On/ Off Piece Unsorted1000+5.0050.10
160QV 2/6d Perfin SUTTON/ READING dated 11 Nov 190111.005.10
161Germany Trade PC (1926) bearing 5pf Eagle perfin WV & ident of W Vobach & Co, Gmbh, Leipzig11.204.30
162World Mix from non perfin collector On/ off piece200+3.0010.10
163QV Trade PC (1897) to Dublin bearing d Verm Jub perfin S&Y & ident of Stewart & Young, Confectioners, Glasgow11.307.60
164QV d Bantam Perfin F/ B&CO (pl.5) Small pulled perf1 (1)1.007.60
165Kings KEVII(90) : KGV(155) : KEVIII(35) : KGVI(120) ADD4008.0025.10
166QV 2/- (SG118) Perfin LETTS11.5010.00
167KGVI ADD441.302.60
168QEII Cover (1958) bearing 2d Wilding perfin S&S & ident of Shaw & Sons Ltd, Bell Green Lane, Lower Sydenham11.001.00
169Argentina DDF15012.0010.10
170KGV Trade PC (1922) bearing 1d perfin W/ L & ident of W.H Willcox & Co, Southwark St, London11.201.20
171KGV Seahorses Small collection on sheets with introduction Nice item2512.0030.10
172Germany Cover (1935) to Iran bearing 40pf Hindenburg perfin Dr.B. & ident of Dresdner Bank, Berlin1Unsold
173KGV Entire (1934) bearing d perfin SW/ S & ident of Shropshire, Worcestershire & Staffordshire Electric Power Co. Filing hole11.301.30
174Germany ADD1654.0012.10
175QEII Cover (1969) bearing 4d Sepia Machin perfin L&G & ident of Legal & General Assurance Society Ltd11.001.10
176QV Receipt (1899) bearing 1d Lilac perfin RSB & ident of R Salmon Backhouse, Stocks & Shares Broker, Park Row, Leeds11.204.60
177KEVII 1d Value only ADD1203.5012.10
178South America ADD from 16 countries446.008.70
179QEII Illustrated Cover (1959) bearing 2d Wilding perfin R & ident of E.M Richford Ltd, Snow Hill, London EC11.006.70
180Overprints Councils KGVI-QEII DDF121.0011.20
181KGV Seahorses Perfin TS : C/ AN/ S : RM/ L : BG/ &CO : SUTTON/ READING : W&S : I&R/ M : FS/ W on 2/6d83.507.10
182Tunisia ADD(4) DDF51.00Unsold
183KGV Silver Jubilees ADD503.0017.10
184KGV ADD1203.0011.10
185QV 10d Red-Brown (SG114) Perfin C.I.H/ &S11.204.20
186KGV Photo ADD3007.0025.00
187KGVI Receipt (1940) bearing 2d (DC) perfin T&/ WF & ident of T&W Farmiloe Ltd, Rochester Row, Westminster. Filing holes11.201.20
188QV 3d Rose (SG143) Perfin SM/ &CO (pl.16)11.202.30
189All Reigns QV(95) : KEVII(50) : KGV(90) : KGVI(60) : QEII(65) ADD3608.0040.10
190QV Entire (1886) to France bearing 2d (1883-84 Issue) perfin S.P.S & ident of Smith, Payne & Smith (Manuscipt)13.0010.70
191KEVII ADD1223.5012.60
192Switzerland Window Envelope (1913) bearing 10c perfin R.J./ C. & ident of Rob Jacob & Co, Winterthur11.30Unsold
193All Reigns from Charity Source QV QEII Unsorted100+4.0010.10
194Full Names inc PEARS : JAFFE : CORY : DOCK/ RELL : LINE : SALT ADD432.0017.10
195France Peace Issue DDF10010.0020.10
196QEII Wildings ADD1332.002.00
197QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin L.S.C (pl.15) Corner damage1 (1)1.003.10
198KGVI Registered Cover (1943) bearing 2d (LC) perfin B&T (partial) & ident of Butler & Tanner Ltd, Printers, Frome11.501.50
199QV 6d on 6d (SG162) Perfin HB/ &CO11.208.10
200KGV Seahorses ADD 2/6d(10) : 5/-(3)136.0020.10
201KEVIII ADD2367.0021.30
202KGVI Receipt (1948) of City of Stoke on Trent bearing 2d (LC) overprinted For the Corporation/ of Stoke-on-Trent11.201.60
203KEVII 5/- Perfin WW/ LT.D.11.008.10
204World Mix ADD1304.00Unsold
205Denmark Cover (no date) bearing 5 ore (SG90) perfin H&S. & ident of Hecksher & Son, Copenhagen11.20Unsold
206Germany Perfins on Inflation stamps ADD1004.0020.00
207QV Cover (1895) bearing 1d Lilac perfin S&C & ident of Sale, Seddon & Co, Manchester11.508.90
208KEVII DDF1008.0010.10
209QV 3d Rose (SG103) Perfin I&R/ M (pl.7)11.205.10
210USA Precancels MDDF3009.0013.10
211QEII Machins ADD1071.20Unsold
212KEVII Cover (1904) bearing 1d perfin F/ &CO & ident of Few & Co, Solicitors, Surrey St, Strand, London. Small pin hole11.302.10
213Overprints KEVII QEII Some duplication362.005.10
214KGVI ADD1223.007.60
215QV 1d Red Plate Underprint COPESTAKE,/ MOORE,/ CRAMPTON, & Co./ London. (pl.96)11.205.10
216KEVII Cover (1908) bearing 1d perfin B&M/ LTD & ident of Bryant & May Ltd. Small pin hole and some flap damage11.201.20
217KGV ADD1103.008.10
218Straits Settlement ADD315.009.60
219KGVI Receipt (1942) bearing 2d (LC) perfin CC/ W & ident of C.C Wakefield & Co Ltd, Cheapside, London EC. Filing holes11.201.20
220QV 2/6d Perfin L/ C&S Corner nick1 (1)1.001.20
221Austria DDF1008.00Unsold
222QEII Cover (1958) bearing 3d Wilding perfin LL & ident of The London & Lancashire Insurance Co Ltd11.001.60
223KGVI High Values Perfins B&H : GA/ CO : L : NZ : P&O/ CO. : V on 2/6d61.505.00
224QV 1d Red Plate Perfin HH&CO. (pl.193)11.206.10
225Germany ADD1464.0011.10
226Germany Trade PC (1927) bearing 5pf Eagle perfin VM & ident of Vogtlandische Maschinen-Fabrik, Plauen11.505.10
227Overprint QV 1d Lilac overprinted J.T.MORTON.11.004.30
228All Reigns from non perfin collector Unsorted350+3.0030.10
229QV 1d Red Plate Overprint O.U.S in red reading vertical12.0018.60
230World from Charity Source inc GB On/ off piece150+2.008.10
231KEVII Cover (1911), long, bearing 1d perfin WB/ L & ident of Waterlow Bros & Layton Ltd, London11.201.20
232QEII Wildings/ Machins ADD1352.00Unsold
233QV 2/6d Perfin DEC/ &D (D1510.01) Dated 20 Aug 8811.507.10
234Czechoslovakia DDF10010.0016.10
235KGVI 5s High Value on piece perfin R.B.N through stamp and piece with identity of Register of Business Names dated 23 Aug 194011.007.40
236QV 2d Blue (SG157) Perfins C.I.H/ &S (pl.21) : BEAVIS (pl.22) : C.L/ L (pl.23)31.204.10
237KGV Photo ADD2044.0016.10
238Spain Cover (1917) to USA Bearing 3 x 2c King perfin F.F & ident of Francisco Flores, Espinardo (Murcia)11.307.10
239KGV Cover (1935) to Holland bearing 4d perfin U..C/ CO & ident of The Union Castle Mail Steamship Co Ltd, London11.308.10
240KEVII Commencing letters C, D, E Values to 1/- ADD60(4)2.006.10
241Switzerland Cover (1941) bearing 10c Chillon Castle perfin D & ident of Danzas & Cie, St Gallen11.20Unsold
242Australia ADD1344.0018.10
243QEII Machins DDF1502.006.00
244KEVII Trade PC (1903) bearing d perfin MCG/ &CO & ident of Sir Charles R McGrigor, Bart & Co, St James Square, London Sw11.401.40
245QV 1d Red Plate Perfin C.D/ &CO (pl.116 or 118)11.005.10
246KEVII ADD1403.5012.70
247Holland Pokos DDF386.006.00
248QV Cover (1900) bearing 1d Lilac perfin A&P & ident of Aveling & Porter Ltd, Rochester11.508.90
249KGVI Trade PC (1950) bearing 2 x 1d (LC) perfin LG/ H & ident of Long Grove Hospital, Epsom11.201.20
250KGV ADD1273.0011.10
251QV Trade PC (1895) bearing d Verm Jub perfin J.M/ LTD & ident of John Morrell Co Ltd, Victoria St, Liverpool. Filing hole with some foxing11.306.60
252QV 1d Red Plate Perfin D.B./ B. (pl.193) Mint with gum11.208.10
253India ADD1107.0012.10
254QV Cover (1891) bearing 1d Lilac perfin GER & ident of The Great Eastern Railway Co. Tear in flap11.5010.10
255KGV Trade PC (1920) bearing 1d perfin LE/ F & ident of London Electric Firm, Brighton Road, Croydon11.201.20
256QV 1d Lilacs ADD2008.0025.10
257All Reigns QV(90) : KEVII(50) : KGV(90) : KGVI(55) : QEII(75) ADD3608.0040.10
258Germany Cover (1911) bearing 10pf Germania perfin D.S. & ident of Deutsche Spiegelglas-Aktien-Gesellschaft, Freden11.306.10
259KEVII Trade PC (1908) bearing d perfin AJC/ &S & ident of A.L Caley & Son Ltd, Old Bond St, London W. Vertical crease up PC & pin holes11.201.60
260KGVI High Values Collectors Duplicates Values to 10/-301.505.10
261Belgium Perfins on 1884 1912 Issues with tabs DDF7810.0016.10
262QEII Castles Collectors Duplicates381.2012.10
263KGV Silver Jubilees ADD253.0012.10
264KEVII Cover (1908) to Germany bearing 1d perfin A&CO (A1280.02) & ident of Armour & Co Ltd, Holborn Viaduct, London EC12.502.50
265QV 5/- Telegraph Perfin I.H.S/ &CO15.0021.10
266KGV Downeys ADD1003.0010.10
267Denmark 8 Ore Post Stat Cover (1919?) to Berlin perfin J.M. through cover & ident of J Moresco, Kjobenhavn11.206.10
268QV 3d on 3d (SG159) Perfin T11.207.60
269KEVII 2/6d Perfin S&/ MCD11.007.10
270World Mix ADD1406.006.00
271KGV Contract Note Perfin G&S on 6d : SC on 1s20.503.10
272QV 4d Grey-Brown (SG160) Perfin F.P.W (pl.17)11.206.10
273KEVII ADD622.006.60
274Switzerland DDF All scarcer category 7 stamps326.008.60
275Saar ADD (6) DDF141.208.10
276QV 4d Vermillion (SG94) Perfin T&CO (pl.14)11.204.10
277Bohemia & Moravia ADD (21) DDF303.0012.20
278KEVIII ADD2006.0020.10
279North Borneo Perfin REV/ ENUE on 25c Native Boat : 25c Arms of the Co22.006.30
280KGV Seahorses Perfin I&R/ M : E/ LTD : C/ AN/ S on 2/6d31.005.10
281KGV ADD1233.0010.60
282QEII Machins from Charity Source On/ Off piece Unsorted1000+4.0023.30
283Wurtemburg ADD (10) DDF181.508.10
284KEVII 5/- Perfin DB (D0210.08)11.002.30
285QV 1d Red Plate Perfin H.H/ &CO (pl.210)1 (1)1.005.10
286Holland Perfins on 6c Queen Wilhelmina (SG429) ADD408.00Unsold
287Palestine Perfin A.P.C. DDF104.004.00
288QV 2d Mauve (SG141) Perfins B&L/ H (pl.15) : C.I.H/ &S (pl.2) : B/ C&CO (pl.4)31.206.70
289Japan ADD (6) : China Perfin T.Y72.0010.10
290KGV Silver Jubilees ADD503.0016.10
291QV 1d Red Plate Perfin MS&L (pl.200)11.204.10
292Germany Cover (1930) bearing 15pf Evacuation of Rhineland perfin POL & ident of Der Politzeiprafibent von Berlin11.508.10
293QEII Wildings ADD2503.005.10
294Hong Kong Perfin UT/ CO : TC/ &S on 10c Silver Jubilee : HE/ C on 20c Silver Jubilee : UT/ CO on 20c Coronation42.0012.10
295KEVII 2/6d Perfin C.I.H/ &S11.007.10
296Germany ADD1865.0015.10
297QV 1d Red Plate Perfin MAW (pl.123)11.202.90
298QEII Machins from Charity On/ Off piece Unsorted500+3.0010.00
299France Perfins on Sower Issue Commencing letters D L DDF9910.0016.60
300Overprints Councils KGV-QEII ADD352.008.90
301QV 6d Grey (SG125) Perfin B.E.CO (pl.12) Some pulled perfs1 (1)1.207.10
302Germany Cover (1934) to Switzerland bearing 5pf : 8pf : 12pf Hindenburg perfin M&/ C & ident of Moritz Maas & Co, Mannheim11.303.10
303Holland ADD193(3)11.0011.10
304KGV ADD1003.007.60
305KEVII 1d Registered Letter (1906) to Germany bearing 2 x 2d perfin W.B/ SCO & ident of Wm Brandts Sons & Co, London11.302.60
306All Reigns in stockbook Collectors duplicates300+4.0025.10
307QEII Wildings ADD1362.004.10
308Denmark Cover (1892) to Sweden bearing 10 ore (SG92) perfin M&H & ident of Michaelsen & Heinemann, Kjobenhavn11.204.60
309KEVII ADD1504.0015.10
310KGVI ADD1252.508.10
311Full Names inc STORY : SUGG : BIBBY : BIRK/ BECK : BORWICK : CURTISS ADD1065.0026.30
312QV 4d Vermillion (SG94) Perfin SM/ &CO (pl.11)11.202.30
313Austria DDF615.00Unsold
314KGV Seahorses Perfin L : D&CO : ELW on 2/6d31.205.30
315KGV Registered Cover (1928) to Norway bearing 1d : 2d : 3d perfin LMB & ident of The London Merchant Bank Ltd, London. Cover open on 3 sides & roughly opened11.201.20
316Germany Perfins on Germania Issue ADD1073.009.70
317KEVII 2/6d Perfin T.B.S Nice postmark - London dated Oct 12 190411.205.10
318QEII Machins ADD1102.003.60
319Kings KEVII(90) : KGV(155) : KEVIII(35) : KGVI(120) ADD4008.0020.30
320QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin B.E.CO (pl.13) Trimmed1 (1)1.006.10
321QV Jubilees ADD2007.0024.20
322QEII Pre-Decimal Machins from Charity Source On/ Off piece Unsorted500+4.5011.10
323QV 8d Orange (SG156) Perfin D&S11.2010.10
324KEVII ADD1404.0014.10
325German Occupation of Belgium ADD121.508.60
326Belgium Perfins on Railway Stamps DDF316.10
327QV 1d Lilacs ADD1174.0016.10
328Kings KEVII (33) : KGV (37) : KGVI (32)1023.006.60
329Board of Trade Perfin Crown/ B.T on 2d : 3d Jubs : KEVII d. Some missing pins31.205.10
330KGVI High Values 2/6d (19) : 5/- (19) : 10/- (4) : 1 (1) ADD436.0010.10
331Perfin Society Perfin PS (mono) DDF241.206.10
332Germany Trade PC (1926) bearing 5pf Eagle perfin ZG & ident of Zingetragene Genoffenfrhaft mit befrhr11.507.60
333KGVI ADD1133.007.60
334QV d Slate-Blue (SG187) ADD292.507.10
335Germany ADD1604.0012.10
336QEII Receipt (1966) of The Midlands Electricity Board bearing 2d Wilding overprinted M.E.B.11.001.20
337QV 1d Red Plate Perfin LACY (pl.189)1 (1)1.006.70
338KGV Downeys ADD1353.5014.00
339QV 1d Red Plate Perfin C/ S&T (pl.152)11.201.20
340QV 1d Red Plate Perfin H/ C&CO (pl.184)11.203.10
341QV 1d Red Plate Perfin T.H.B (pl.202) Some of Latter B off stamp1 (1)1.005.00
342QV 1d Red Plate Perfin N.C.W/ CO (pl.161) Slight corner nick1 (1)1.004.30
343QV 1d Red Plate Perfin H/ E&S (pl.205) Slight corner damage1 (1)1.006.10
344QV 1d Red Plate Perfin S/ CLC/ S (pl.193) Slight corner nick1 (1)1.003.10
345QV 1d Red Plate Perfin BG/ CL (pl.157)11.002.10
346QV 1d Red Plate Perfin M&S (pl.163)11.203.10
347QV 1d Red Plate Perfin P.C./ L. (pl.184)11.206.10
348QV 1d Red Plate Perfin GLYN (pl.152)11.204.10
349QV 1d Red Plate Perfin S.P.G (pl.220) Slight trim1 (1)1.008.10
350QV 1d Red Plate Perfin I.C/ &CO/ B (pl.173)11.207.10