Auction No. 3 (2012)

All reserves are expressed in pounds.

Could all members that bid through email please put your address and method of payment on your email.

Bidding steps: Bids will advance in 10p stages.

This auction is closed.

Enquiries can be sent by email to John Donner: or send to john dot donner at btinternet dot com (with dot and at replaced by the appropriate symbols!)
Please include your name and postal address when bidding.

This auction has ended.
1Germany ADD1884.0017.10
2KEVII 5/- Perfin CN/ E11.005.60
3QEII Self Addressed Label (no date) bearing 3 x 1/6d Machins perfin BM & ident of Brian Mills, Bolton. Vertical crease through label11.005.60
4KEVII ADD271.203.10
5QEII Wildings/ Machins from Charity Source On/ off paper1000+5.0032.10
6KGVI ADD752.504.60
7USA Cover (1968) to England bearing 2x 5c Washington : 10c Independence Hall perfin VPI & ident of Virginia Polytechnic Institute11.201.20
8QEII Wildings/ Machins ADD(180) DDF4264.0013.10
9Overprint RECEIVED FOR/ NUNNERY COLLIERY (in arc)/ Ltd11.5012.70
10QV d Post Stat PC (1889) bearing d Verm Jub perfin W&S & ident of Waterlow & Sons Ltd, London Wall, London EC11.304.10
11Hong Kong DDF178.0015.10
12Overprints on QEII Wildings ADD261.305.10
13KGVI Cover (1948) to USA bearing 6d : 2/6d perfin ET/ CO & ident of Esso Transportation Co Ltd11.505.60
14Denmark ADD1353.5016.60
15QV 1/- (pl.14) Perfin LS/ C11.004.60
16QV Lilacs/ Jubs ADD803.008.10
17KGV Cover (1920) bearing d perfin T.R & ident of Thos Robinson, Sons & Co, Hull. Vertical crease up cover11.201.20
18QEII Pre-Decimal Machins ADD771.507.10
19Railways ADD37(1)4.0020.10
20KGV ADD2509.0025.00
21KEVII Cover (1911) bearing 1d perfin SP/ H (S5940.02) & ident of The Strand Hotel Ltd, London11.202.10
22Board of Trade Perfin Crown/ B.T on KEVII 1d : QV 2d Lilac (SG190)21.003.10
23KGV Downeys ADD512.005.70
24St Helena Perfin SPECIMEN on KGVI 3d (1938) The Colonys Badge12.004.10
25KGV Silver Jubilees Perfin L.D.C on d : NC on 1d (pair) : M.L on 2d ADD41.503.30
26Germany ADD1333.5020.00
27KGVI Trade PC (1939) bearing d perfin LN/ E & ident of The London & North Eastern Railway Co, Sheffield11.504.60
28QEII Machins ADD1232.005.10
29QV Cover (1901) bearing 1d Lilac perfin TMCK/ &CO. (T3210.01) & ident of Thompson McKay & Co Ltd11.506.10
30All Reigns QV(30) : KEVII(50) : KGV(120) : KGVI(60) : QEII(50) ADD3108.0022.10
31QV 4d Grey-Brown (SG160) Perfin JTM (pl.17)11.205.60
32QV Cover (1898) bearing 1d Lilac perfin N.Z.L (N3790.02) & ident of New Zealand Loan & Mercantile Agency Co Ltd, Basinghall St, London EC13.0021.10
33World Mix from Charity Source inc GB On/ off piece200+3.0015.10
34KGV Trade PC (1934) bearing 1d perfin WHS & ident of W.H Smith & Sons Library, Portugal St, London WC11.503.80
35KGV Seahorses Perfin JD/ &CO on 2/6d : NB/ I on 2/6d : 5/-31.204.70
36Czechoslovakia DDF1009.0025.00
37QV Receipt (1895) bearing 1d Lilac perfin W (W0010.40) & ident of J.D Whitehead (manuscript), Pickering11.504.80
38KGV Cover (1918) bearing 1d perfin F.D/ CO & ident of Finsbury Distillery Co Ltd, London EC11.30Unsold
39KEVIII ADD351.504.20
40All Reigns QV(105) : KEVII(70) : KGV(130) : KGVI(75) : QEII(70) ADD45010.0046.10
41QEII Window Envelope (no date) bearing 6d Wilding perfin W & ident of J Wippell & Co Ltd, High St, Exeter11.003.10
42Germany ADD1203.5010.00
43QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin HUTH (pl.13)11.202.70
44KGVI Receipt (1947) of The Gas Light & Coke Co overprinted THE GAS LIGHT/ AND COKE COMPY11.206.20
45QEII Wildings ADD1502.007.30
46KGVI Cover (1951) to Trinidad bearing 1/- perfin K & ident of Kodak Ltd, Wealdstone, Harrow, Middx11.503.60
47KEVII ADD1204.0012.60
48KGV Cover (1933) to Persia bearing 2d perfin SM/ &CO & ident of Samuel Montagu & Co, London11.002.10
49Denmark Cover (1909) bearing 10 ore King perfin E.R. & ident of Ed Richter, Copenhagen11.304.70
50KGV Cover (1928) to USA bearing 1d perfin WD/ &S & ident of William Dawson & Sons Ltd, Pilgrim St, London EC. Flap torn11.203.10
51Commonwealth of Australia Collection of perfins C/ OF/ A : COFA on KGV QEII inc KGVI High Values to 1 : Block of 30 KGVI d (CC) : KGV Seahorse : Silver Jubilee : Block of 9 QEII World Scout Jubilees : QEII Coronation1265.0027.10
52QEII Machins ADD1402.005.10
53Egypt ADD121.503.20
54KGVI Cover (no date) front only bearing d perfin GHW/ &CO & ident of G.H Wedekind & Co, London11.00Unsold
55Cyprus Revenue Perfin LA on QV 2/-11.006.10
56USA Precancels Only small towns ADD1307.0012.10
57KEVII Cheque (1904) of Barclay & Co Ltd bearing 1d perfin H.P/ &CO & ident of Heseltine Powell & Co (manuscript)11.301.30
58KEVII ADD451.504.90
59Overprint United/ Kingdom/ Temperance/ and/ General/ Provident/ Institution on QV 1d Lilac13.0011.20
60KGV ADD on 9d : 10d : 1/-934.0010.60
61KGV Trade PC (1913) bearing d perfin M&K & ident of Maxted & Knott, Engineers, Burnett Ave, Hull. Filing hole11.301.30
62Queen Victoria Commencing letters K Z DDF2205.0020.10
63KEVII 2/6d Perfin A./ B.C.11.005.10
64QV Receipt (1897) bearing 1d Lilac perfin Diamond Design (DES 0580.01) & ident of The Mayor, Aldermen & Burgesses of The Boro of Macclesfield13.007.10
65Queen Victoria Mainly Jubs ADD241.202.60
66KEVII DDF1253.008.70
67QV 1d Red Plates All seconds Perfins sound31(31)2.005.60
68All Reigns Commencing letters D F ADD1003.508.50
69KGV Cover (1926) to USA bearing 1d perfin MWB & ident of The Metropolitan Water Board. British Industries Fair Postmark11.201.60
70Germany ADD1663.5012.00
71KGVI 10/- (1951) ADD10 (3)1.004.10
72Denmark Window Envelope (1932) bearing 15 ore Ship perfin W.H. & ident of Wilhelm Hansen, Musik-Forlag, Kobenhaven11.004.30
73KGV DDF2173.0016.10
74QV 1d Red Plate Perfin BEAVIS (pl.207)11.205.60
75KGVI Cover (1940) to USA bearing 2d perfin RB/ L & ident of Raybestos-Belaco Ltd, Asbestos House, Southwark St, London SE11.503.10
76Hungary DDF1008.009.10
77KGV British Empire Exhibition Perfin PBL on 1d 192411.00Unsold
78KGVI ADD1002.505.30
79KEVII Cover (1906) bearing 2 x d perfin PAC & ident of Prudential Assurance Co Ltd, Holborn Bars, London11.201.20
80QEII Castles ADD426.0013.60
81KGV Trade PC (1913) bearing d Downey perfin PBL & ident of Pilkington Brothers Ltd, Glass Manufacturers, Upper Thames St, London EC11.302.30
82Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika Perfin SB/ SA DDF51.003.00
83QV 1883-1887 ADD on 1883-1884 (SG188-193) ADD152.0010.10
84QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin H.S.K/ &CO. (pl.15)11.205.30
85Bosnia & Herzogovina ADD (10) DDF126.0020.00
86KGV Statement (1924) bearing d perfin GE/ C & ident of The General Electric Co Ltd, Moor St, Birmingham. Also 2d overprinted Received for/ The/ General Electric/ Co., Ltd13.007.10
87KEVII 2/6d Perfin B.N.Z on piece11.005.60
88KEVIII ADD402.005.30
89QEII Machins ADD4786.0022.10
90KGV Cover (1931) to USA bearing 1d perfin LCC & ident of The County Hall, London. The Telephone, A sound investment slogan postmark11.001.00
91KGV ADD1103.0010.60
92KEVII Trade PC (1903) bearing d perfin MCG/ &CO & ident of Sir Charles McGrigor, Bart & Co, St James Square, London S11.40Unsold
93KGVI Censored Cover (1941) to USA bearing 3d : 1s perfin MB & ident of Midland Bank Ltd, Old Broad St, London EC11.50Unsold
94QEII Wildings/ Machins ADD1303.005.10
95Europe Mix from non foreign collector Duplication100+2.5013.10
96KEVII Receipt (1904) bearing 1d perfin Cross in Shield (DES 0130.01) & ident of Carlisle Borough Council12.003.60
97KGV Photo ADD502.005.10
98Netherlands Trade PC (1920) bearing 5c perfin B&S & ident of Brocades & Stheeman. Spike filing hole11.50Unsold
99Full Name Perfin GLYN on QV 1d (SG167) : 2d (SG168)21.001.40
100Kings KEVII(110) : KGV(150) : KEVIII(30) : KGVI(130) ADD4208.0035.10
101KGVI Cover (1938) to USA bearing 1d (DC) perfin M & ident of I&R Morley Ltd, London11.20Unsold
102QV 2d Mauve Perfin SDB/ &S/ M (pl.10) : WJB/ &S (pl.2) : B/ BR.S. (pl.15)32.0010.10
103QV Cover (1882) roughly opened bearing 1d Lilac perfin ILS & ident of The Incorporated Law Society11.20Unsold
104Netherlands DDF10214.0014.00
105KGV British Empire Exhibition Perfin BS&S on 1d (1924)11.203.10
106KGV ADD2865.0022.60
107KEVII Receipt (1908) bearing 1d perfin W&/ AC & ident of W.A & A.C Churchman, Tobacco Manufactory, Ipswich12.004.00
108QV 1d Red Plate Perfin FEG (pl.164)11.204.90
109Bavaria ADD (126) DDF30820.00150.10
110QEII Machins ADD270.501.70
111KEVII Trade PC (1911) bearing d perfin K.B/ B & ident of Keep Brothers, Great Charles St, Birmingham11.205.20
112All Reigns Commencing letter W QV(111) : KEVII(90) : KGV(121) : KEVIII(16) : KGVI(101) : QEII(48)487(70)18.0050.10
113Holland ADD1739.0020.00
114KGV British Empire Exhibition Perfin W&S (W6680.07) on 1d 1924 Crease1 (1)1.001.20
115India Cover (1897) to Scotland bearing 2 x QV 2a.6 perfin B.D./ &CO. & ident of Begg, Dunlop & Co, Calcutta11.205.10
116QEII Wildings ADD1102.504.60
117KEVII High Values ADD on 9d 1/- ADD646.0012.60
118KGV Receipt (1924) bearing d perfin R/ D/ C (R1360.02) & ident of Rownson, Drew & Clydesdale Ltd, Upper Thames St, London EC. Also 2d overprinted Recd./ FOR/ Rownson, Drew/ & Clydesdale,/ Ltd.12.505.10
119Overprint FOR/ WM. MCLAREN,/ SONS, & Co. on QV 1d Revenue (small)13.0011.20
120QV Jubilees ADD25015.0030.10
121KGVI Censored Cover (1943) to Canada bearing 2d (LC) perfin H/ M (H4890.01p) & ident of Howse, Mead & Sons Ltd, Warwick St, London W11.20Unsold
122Finland Perfin ASEA on 1m : 1m 1930 issue on piece21.503.10
123QEII Machins inc Castles Perfin WHS (W3800.01a) DDF61.501.80
124QV d Verm Jubs ADD455.005.00
125QEII Pre-Decimal Machins ADD1102.005.10
126QV 1d Red Plate Perfin WT/ C&S (pl.90) Trim on 3 corner perfs1 (1)1.004.50
127KEVII Bill of Exchange (1906) bearing 2s : 10s Foreign Bill perfin BB & ident of Baring Brothers & Co Ltd13.005.40
128Germany ADD2024.0020.00
129QV 1d Red Plate Perfin ST/ &B (pl.196)11.202.60
130KGV ADD2509.0025.00
131QV Entire (1878) to Norway bearing 2d Rose (pl.9) perfin CS&CO. & ident of Chr. Salvesen & Co, Leith13.0012.10
132QEII Commems Perfin PS (mono) of The Perfin Society DDF502.5010.10
133QEII Wildings/ Machins from Charity Source On/ Off paper1000+5.0032.90
134KEVII Receipt (1910) of The Corporation of The City of Glasgow bearing 1d overprinted GLASGOW/ GAS TRUST11.506.10
135QV 1d Lilacs ADD809.0010.10
136KGV ADD1203.5011.60
137QV 1d Red Plate Perfin WB&S (pl.215) (W0745.01)11.004.70
138All Reigns Commencing letter V ADD (36) DDF(45) Duplication118(24)1.506.10
139Germany Cover (1927) bearing 5pf Schiller perfin POL & ident of Der Polizeiprasident zu Berlin12.008.10
140QV 10d Perfin C.I.H./ &S (C3730.02) Pl.112.007.80
141KGVI Cover (1946) bearing 2d (LC) perfin B/ P & ident of Beck & Pollitzer Ltd, Universal House, London SE11.20Unsold
142Germany ADD1404.0012.10
143Denmark Trade PC (1923) bearing 25 ore King perfin B.W./ E & ident of Baadh & Winthers, Eiterfelger11.304.70
144KGVI 5/- Dover (1951) ADD14 (1)1.507.10
145All Reigns QV(70) : KEVII(40) : KGV(90) : KGVI(80) : QEII(40) ADD3208.0026.60
146New South Wales Perfin ED on block of four 1d Arms (1906)41.002.30
147KEVII Cover (1903) to Germany bearing 3 x d perfin A&CO & ident of Armour & Co Ltd, Holborn Viaduct, London EC11.303.90
148QV 1d Red Plate Perfin W.H.S/ &S (W3900.01) (pl.181 : 188 : 198)31.207.10
149Germany inc Bavaria from Charity source Unsorted2004.0030.00
150KGVI Perfins on light colours ADD361.202.70
151QV Cover (1897) to Germany bearing 1d Jub perfin B&F & ident of Benham & Froud, London12.008.60
152KGV 1929) PUC ADD32 (2)2.5010.10
153KGVI Cover (1939) to Germany bearing 2d perfin G.H.P/ &CO & ident of Geo H Penney & Co, Aldersgate, London11.50Unsold
154Germany Cover (1929) to Finland bearing 25pf Hindenburg perfin R&HA & ident of Reis & Handells Aktiengessellschaft, Hamburg11.504.60
155Austria DDF837.0012.10
156QV 1d Red Plates Perfin G.E.R (pl.170 : 201 : )2 (1)1.206.00
157KGV Downeys ADD110(5)7.0015.00
158KGVI Trade PC (1946) bearing 2d (DC) perfin D & ident of S Dixon & Son Ltd, Leeds11.20Unsold
159QV Cover (1894) to USA bearing 3 x 2d Jubs perfin CORY/ L (C5630.01) No ident Flap torn11.001.10
160QEII Wildings ADD2503.0011.10
161KGV Posted Receipt (1929) bearing 1d perfin F&S : 2d overprinted W.B FORDHAM/ & SONS LD.13.005.10
162QV 1d Lilacs ADD472.003.60
163Germany Cover (1920) to Sweden bearing 10pf : 2 x 20pf Germania perfin Du.n. & ident of R.G Dun & Co, Gmbh, Hamburg11.508.40
164QV 1d Jubs ADD758.50Unsold
165QV Cover (1896) bearing 1d Jub perfin NB/ &/ M (N0390.01) & ident of The North British Mercantile Insurance Co11.505.10
166USA Precancels Only small towns ADD1357.0012.10
167QV 1s Green (SG117) Perfin J/ R&CO on Pl.711.203.10
168KEVII 2/6d Perfin KS/ &CO11.004.90
169KEVII Receipt (1908) bearing 6d perfin L&P (L4380.03a) & ident of London & Paris Exchange Ltd, Moorgate St. Filing hole & receipt has been folded12.00Unsold
170QV 1d Lilacs Commencing letters A-F inc Full Names (7) ADD127(2)12.0020.10
171KGV Censored Cover (1918) to Sweden bearing 2d perfin C&H/ LD. & ident of Chance & Hunt Ltd, Gracechurch St, London11.303.30
172KGVI ADD772.006.60
173France Revenue Perfin TC/ &S (split) Belgium Revenue Perfin CL with Credit Lyonnais/ Brussels postmark - Spain Revenue Perfin J.C.35.00
174KGV Statement (1935) bearing d Photo perfin WCY (W1640.01) & ident of W.C Youngman, Clapham Road, London SW11.503.00
175All Reigns from Charity Source Completely unsorted On/ Off piece750+8.0026.10
176KEVII DDF9911.0012.10
177Germany Airmail Cover (1937) to Argentina bearing 25pf Hindenburg perfin VW & ident of Victoria-Werke AG, Nurnberg. Additional 100pf x3 Hindenburg Not perfinned11.508.10
178Overprints from Charity Source Mainly QEII A few Kings50+1.508.70
179KGV Window Envelope (1931) bearing d perfin CB/ &CO & ident of Chance Brothers & Co Ltd, Glass Works, Smethwick, Birmingham11.302.10
180QV 1/- Green Perfin S.M/ &CO (S4930.02) Pl.412.004.10
181Germany ADD1553.5013.10
182QV 10d (SG99 Pl.1) Perfin SM/ &CO11.006.90
183QV Cover (1898) bearing d Verm Jub perfin WP/ COLD (W5960.02a) & ident of Walkers, Parker & Co Ltd, Newcastle on Tyne12.005.60
184Overprint Received for/ FIELD & SONS on QV 1d Revenue (small) Slight perf pull1 (1)3.006.10
185Germany Cover (1923) to London bearing 3 x 5m Inflation perfin KW/ H & ident of Karl W Hiersemann, Leipzig11.504.10
186QV 3d Jubs ADD515.50Unsold
187QV 2d Blue Perfin K&CO (pl.23) : QV 2d Mauve Perfin T&CO (pl.16)21.001.00
188QV Contract Note (1901) on Foster & Braithwaite Share Receipt perfin F&B12.00Unsold
189Kings KEVII (23) : KGV (40) : KGVI (38) ADD1012.5010.60
190KGVI Cover (1947) to USA bearing 2d (LC) perfin F&M & ident of Fortnum & Mason Ltd, Piccadilly, London W11.203.60
191QV 4d Vermillion (SG94) Perfin J/ R&CO on Pl.1311.203.30
The following 8 lots are from a vast collection being disposed of. All are ADD with each stamp annotated with die number. Very nice material.
192All Reigns Commencing letter M QV QEII ADD50725.0075.10
193All Reigns Commencing letter N QV QEII ADD33717.0060.10
194All Reigns Commencing letter P QV QEII ADD53925.0075.10
195All Reigns Commencing letter T QV QEII ADD51525.0075.60
196All Reigns Commencing letter U QV QEII ADD1225.0035.10
197All Reigns Commencing letter S QV QEII ADD88030.00100.10
198All Reigns Commencing letter X-Des QV QEII ADD16810.0050.10
199All Reigns Commencing letter W QV QEII ADD89330.00100.10
200KGV Censored Cover (1917) to USA bearing 2 x d perfin ED/ COLD & ident of Elder Dempster & Co Ltd14.004.60
201Canada Perfin S.L/ ACO. on QV 20c 1893 Scarce stamp13.003.60
202Railway Perfin GR/ W on QV 1d Red Plates (All different Pl.No.s) Mixed condition131.305.10
203Seahorses ADD on 2/6d (9) : 5/- (3)125.0015.10
204Germany Window Envelope (1938) bearing 8pf Hindenburg perfin G.W.S & ident of Gustav Wolfrums Sohn11.50Unsold
205KGVI Statement (1940) bearing d : 2d (DC) perfin P/ D & ident of Parke, Davis & Co, Regent St, London11.20Unsold
206Austria ADD655.005.00
207QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin MCI (pl.15)11.002.60
208QEII Receipt (1963) bearing 2d Wilding perfin CS & ident of City of Sheffield Education Committee. Filing hole11.00Unsold
209Kings KEVII(80) : KGV(80) : KEVIII(20) : KGVI(70) ADD2507.0026.00
210QV Cover (1883) bearing 1d Lilac perfin GLF & ident of General Life & Fire Assurance Co Ltd, Cannon St, London EC11.301.30
211QV 1d Lilacs ADD1006.0010.10
212Germany Cover (1923) bearing 40m Harvester perfin D.B. & ident of Dresdner Bank Filiale Zwickau11.50Unsold
213QEII Wildings/ Machins from Charity Source On/ Off paper1000+5.0025.10
214QV 1d Red Plates All seconds VS/ &CO (pl.166) : V.M/ &C (pl.212) : WHR (pl.210) : W&A/ G (pl.187)4 (4)1.008.90
215Germany ADD1774.0020.00
216Holland Cover (no date) bearing 5c Queen perfin NB/ A & ident of de Nederlandsche Bank N.V, Amsterdam11.201.20
217KGVI Cover (1946) to USA bearing 1d (LC) perfin UP/ O & ident of University Press, Oxford11.503.10
218QV Jubilees ADD572.007.10
219KGV Cover (1933) to USA bearing 1d perfin JW/ &CO & ident of J Wippel & Co Ltd, Exeter. Some flap damage11.20Unsold
220QV 1d Lilacs Commencing letters G-J inc Full Names (9) ADD144(6)14.0022.10
221Germany Trade PC (1934) bearing 6pf Hindenburg perfin HS & ident of Heckers Sohn, Dresden11.508.10
222QV 2/6d Perfin C.B.I.11.006.60
223KGV Cover (1933) to Mombasa bearing 1d : 6d perfin U..C/ CO & ident of The Union Castle Mail Steamship Co Ltd, Fenchurch St, London EC11.507.10
224QV Mixture ADD (No Lilacs/ Jubs)488.0010.10
225Victoria State ADD on QV 1d Red pairs181.003.60
226Board of Trade Perfin Crown/ B.T on QV d Green (SG164)11.003.20
227KGVI DDF1402.008.10
228Morocco ADD (11) DDF144.009.60
229QEII Machins ADD1201.204.10
230KGV Window Envelope (1915) bearing 2d perfin JP/ &S & ident of J Pedley & Son Ltd, Birmingham11.302.60
231KGV ADD391.203.10
232QV 1d Red Plate Perfin W&CP (pl.173) (W1460.01)11.204.70
233KGVI Cover (1946) top of cover bearing 5d : 7d : 3d Commem perfin WS/ M & ident of Woods, Sadd, Moore & Co Ltd, Thorpe Road, Norwich11.50Unsold
234All Reigns Commencing letter W QV (79) : KEVII (128) : KGV (206) : KEVIII (17) : KGVI (160) : QEII (370) DDF96020.0050.10
235Overprint Received for/ I.F.PAWSON & Co./ on QV 1d Revenue (small) Trim1 (1)3.006.20
236India Trade PC (1907) bearing KEVII a perfin JM/ &CO & ident of James Murray & Co, Govt Place, Calcutta11.505.10
237Board of Trade Perfin Crown/ B.T on QV Jubs 1d : 6d : 1s31.204.10
238KEVII ADD717.007.60
239Hungary Trade PC (1930) bearing 50f perfin B.H. & ident of Back Hermann11.303.60
240QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin HUTH (H7490.01) Pl.13 : 1524.004.00
241All Reigns Commencing letter P & Q ADD943.009.20
242KGV Trade PC (1925) bearing 1d perfin J.P/ S & ident of Joshua Preston & Son Ltd, Clothiers, Stockport11.201.20
243All Reigns from non GB collector Unsorted300+3.0021.10
244QV d Bantam Perfin JT/ &S (pl.8)11.006.60
245Germany Window Envelope (1914) bearing 20pf Germania perfin L&V & ident of Lehmann & Voss, Hamburg11.201.20
246KEVIII DDF1003.006.10
247QEII Castles Perfin WD/ &S (W2040.02A) on 2/6d : 5/-21.002.00
248KGV/ KGVI DDF inc High Values9007.0027.60
249Switzerland Cover (1893) bearing 10c perfin M & ident of Fabrik von Maggis Nahrungsmitteln A.G, Kempttal11.201.60
250KGV Seahorses ADD (11) One duplicate133.0013.30
251QEII Wildings ADD1011.505.30
252Bavaria Trade PC (1903) bearing 5pf perfin F.N. & ident of Franz Neumayr, Tuchversandhaus, Munchen11.209.10
253QV d Green Jubs ADD303.50Unsold
254KGV British Empire Exhibitions 1924 (7) : 1925 (2) ADD9 (1)4.506.10
255KGV Silver Jubilees Perfin TCH on 1d : GE/ C on d : L on 2d31.203.60
256KGVI Airmail Cover (1939) to New York bearing d : 1d : 1d x 2 : 2d (DC) perfin WF/ D & ident of Willis Faber & Dumas, London. Also 2d : 3d : 4d (DC) not perfinned13.003.00
257QEII Cover (1967) bearing 4d Machin perfin PF/ TS & ident of Preston & District Farmers Trading Society Ltd11.004.70
258QV 1/- Green Perfin S.M/ &CO (S4930.02) (pl.4) Side trim1 (1)1.002.10
259KGV Seahorses Perfin W/ H : W&S : EP/ B on 2/6d : JB/ &CO. on 5/-41.506.30
260QV 1d Lilacs ADD103(3)7.0011.10
261Board of Trade Perfin Crown/ B.T on QV Jubs d (Verm & Green) : 1d : 2d : 2d : 3d : 4d : 6d : 9d95.0016.40
262QEII Cover (1968) bearing 3d Machin perfin TM/ LD & ident of Thomas Moy Ltd, General Merchants, Colchester11.001.00
263KGV Silver Jubilees Perfin S&S : J.S/ CO : CK on 1d31.203.60
264QEII Wildings/ Machins from Charity Source On/ Off paper1000+5.0026.70
265KGV British Empire Exhibition Perfin GSM/ LD on 1d 192411.001.30
266KGV Photos ADD271.002.10
267QV 1d Red Plate (Pl.137) Underprint COPESTAKE,/ MOORE,/ CRAMPTON, &Co.,/ London.12.006.10
268Liberia Perfin SPECIMEN on 3c Inland Postage (mint)13.007.10
269All Reigns Commencing letter W ADD1274.0012.10
270QV 1d Lilacs Commencing letters K-P inc Full Names (18) ADD126 (3)12.0020.60
271KGV Trade PC (1926) bearing 1d perfin DM & ident of The Daily Mail11.502.10
272KGVI High Values Perfin WD/ &S on 2/6d : W.M./ M on 10/- : GE/ C on 10/-31.003.10
273KEVII ADD351.502.30
274QV 1/- Green (SG150) Perfin HUTH (pl.12)11.004.70
275Holland ADD18310.0016.10
276Kings KEVII (20) : KGV (25) : KGVI (30) ADD752.004.30
277KGV British Empire Exhibition Perfin W/ &CO (W1340.01a) on 1d : 1d 192421.502.20
278QV 1d Lilacs ADD351.501.50
279All Reigns Commencing letters V : X : Y : Z ADD212.004.60
280QV High Values ADD on 9d : 10d : 1/-42(2)6.009.60
281KGVI Censored Cover (1940) to USA bearing 2d perfin CB & ident of The City of Birmingham11.00Unsold
282KGVI inc High Values ADD1002.5010.10
283KEVII ADD2868.0026.30
284KGVI 5/- Arms ADD10 (1)1.002.10
285QEII Cover (1958) bearing 3d Wilding perfin MH & ident of The Middlesex Hospital on letter enclosed inside cover11.204.90
286Queen Victoria Commencing letters A I DDF2505.0025.00
287KGV ADD431.304.30
288KGV Receipt (1918) bearing 1d perfin PAID/ SD&CO.LTD/ 12 12 18 through receipt and part of stamp & ident of Stewart Dawson & Co, Regent St, London W. Filing holes11.20Unsold
289Sweden Trade PC (1921) bearing 10 perfin SA & ident of Sigff Andersson & Co, Stockholm11.303.10
290All Reigns Commencing letter R ADD802.509.90
291QEII Window Envelope (1972) bearing 3 x 2p perfin LB/ C & ident of London Borough of Camden11.001.10
292Germany ADD1363.0013.70
293KGV QEII Perfin SB (S0460.03B) Michelius on KGV d : W/ &/ S (W6700.01) on KGV 1d Fixo with marks : W/ J (W4480.01) on KGVI 1d only known recorded value : SA (S0060.02) on QEII 2d Wilding only known recorded value41.002.70
294QEII Wildings/ Machins On/ off piece from Charity Source Unsorted500+3.0017.70
295Malta Perfin JW : CG/ M : CB/ &C : A.M./ B. : Kodak perfin ADD52.009.60
296KGV ADD2509.0024.30
297KGVI/ QEII Commems ADD131.304.60
298Overprint ARTHUR & COMPY. On QV 1d Revenue (small)13.0010.10
299KEVII ADD862.509.00
300KGV UPU Congress ADD737.0016.10
301KGVI Trade PC (1953) bearing 2d (CC) perfin CB/ C & ident of Metropolitan Borough of Chelsea11.30Unsold
302All Reigns Commencing letter S ADD1274.0010.10
303QEII Castles Values 2/6d (11) : 5/- (4) : 10/- (3) : 1 (1) Damage Minor ADD19 (2)1.505.30
304QV 1d Red Plate Perfin KENT (pl.160)11.204.70
305USA Precancels Only small towns ADD1307.0012.60
306KGV Censored Cover (1916) to Holland bearing 2d perfin LMC/ LD & ident of Lanston Monotype Corporation Ltd, Fetter Lane, London EC11.303.10
307Germany Trade PC (1920) bearing 3pf Ebert perin A.L & ident of Alfred Lorentz, Leipzig11.204.60
308Tunisia ADD (10) DDF193.5012.10
309KGVI ADD1232.509.10
310QV 1d Venetian (SG166) ADD385.008.60
311Czechoslovakia Cover (1923) to Switzerland bearing 50 : 200 perfin J.G. & ident of I Ginzkey, Maffersdorf11.503.10
312Germany ADD1504.0012.10
313Germany Cover (1923) to Switzerland bearing 300m Inflation perfin DL & ident of D Levin, Berlin11.503.90
314KEVII 1d Registered Letter (1903) to Switzerland bearing 1d perfin S&B & ident of Scott & Bowne Ltd, Stonecutter St, London E11.503.60
315KGV Seahorses Values 2/6d (Type A 16) : (Type B 4) Damage Minor ADD20 (5)9.0025.10
316All Reigns Commencing letter T ADD632.006.10
317Hungary Trade PC (1918) bearing 25f perfin B.F. & ident of Braun & Fleischman, Budapest11.204.00
318Full Names ADD737.0021.10
319KGVI Cover (1939) to USA bearing 2 x d : 1d perfin WW/ JLD & ident of W Wingate & Johnston Ltd, The Strand, Liverpool11.503.10
320QV 1d Lilacs Commencing letters R-Designs inc Full Names (5) ADD128(4)12.0020.10
321QEII Wildings ADD (45) DDF1001.004.10
322Earlswood Insane Asylum See December 2012 Bulletin. QV Cover (1865) bearing 1d Red Plate (84) not perfinned. Also letter & poem from the Asylum and history of Royal Earlswood from the internet. QV 1d Lilac x2 & KEVII 1d Red perfin EIA110.0031.10
323KEVII ADD1104.0010.60
324QEII Machins Collectors Duplicates200+1.205.10
325Belgium DDF909.009.00
326QV Mixture ADD inc QV 1d Red Plate (4)160(6)5.0023.10
327KGV Silver Jubilees Perfin C&S : GM/ &G : J.B/ &S on 1d31.203.60
328KGV ADD1102.509.60
329Germany ADD2054.0017.10
330All Reigns Commencing letter U ADD231.505.10
331KGVI Wrapper (no date) to USA bearing 1d (CC) perfin HM/ SO & ident of H.M Stationery Office, Shepherdess Walk, London N11.501.70
332QEII Wildings/ Machins from Charity Source On/ Off paper1000+5.0033.40
333QV 2d Jubs ADD617.00Unsold
334QV Cover (1893) to USA bearing 2d Jub perfin S&H (split) & ident of Sandie & Hull, Liverpool11.20Unsold
335KGV British Empire Exhibition Perfin W&S (W6680.14) on 1d : 1d 192521.502.10
336Commems KGVI : QEII ADD224.0010.10
337QV 1/- Orange-Brown (SG163) Perfin Crown/ B.T on pl.1411.207.10
338World Mix Mainly Europe DDF1003.0013.10
339QV 1d Red Plate Perfin R&S/ M (pl.174)11.001.40
340QV 1d Red Plate Perfin COX (pl.168)11.204.90
341QV 1d Red Plate Perfin I&R/ M (pl.119)11.201.60
342QV 1d Red Plate Perfin GR/ W (pl.119)11.202.30
343QV 1d Red Plate Perfin B.T (pl.119) Slight trim1 (1)1.001.70
344QV 1d Red Plate Perfin C&B/ SOHO (pl.104) Top trim1 (1)1.002.90
345QV 1d Red Plate Perfin CAM/ RYS (pl.119)11.206.70
346QV 1d Red Plate Perfin RYLANDS (pl.191) Side trim1 (1)1.006.60
347QV 1d Red Plate Perfin P.M (pl.194)11.205.10
348QV 1d Red Plate Perfin MAPLE (pl.167)11.202.10
349QV 1d Red Plate Perfin GLYN (G3260.01) Pl.18711.50Unsold
350QV 1d Red Plate Perfin S&/ MCD (S4850.01) Pl.165 Trim1 (1)1.501.60