Auction No. 4 (2011)

All reserves are expressed in pounds.

Could all members that bid through email please put your address and method of payment on your email.

Bidding steps: Bids will advance in 10p stages.

This auction closed on 30th August 2011.

Enquiries can be sent by email to John Donner: or send to john dot donner at btinternet dot com (with dot and at replaced by the appropriate symbols!)
Please include your name and postal address when bidding.

This auction has ended.
1Straits Settlements ADD202.006.90
2QV Trade PC (1897) bearing d Verm Jub perfin PF (P1910.06) & ident of Peek, Frean & Co, London SE12.004.60
3All Reigns from non collector Unsorted300+3.0021.30
4KGV Seahorse Perfin B./ W. (4 split strikes)12.002.00
5Danzig Cover (1939) bearing 25pf perfin S & ident of Siemens, Danzig12.0021.10
6KEVII Trade PC (1904) to Amsterdam bearing 1d perfin BWB/ &Co & ident of B.W Blydenstein & Co, Threadneedle St, London11.501.50
7Germany ADD1134.0011.10
8KGVI Receipt (1950) of The Yorkshire Electricity Board, Huddersfield bearing 2d (LC) overprinted YORKSHIRE/ ELECTRICITY/ BOARD. Filing holes11.204.30
9QEII Wildings ADD1181.505.10
10QV 1d Lilacs ADD662.5011.10
11QV 1d Red Plate on piece Perfin TR&S/ R (pl.140)11.206.10
12KGV Receipt (1915) bearing 1d perfin Cross in Shield Design (Des0130.01) & ident of Carlisle Union, Parish of Carlisle12.002.00
13KGV Downeys ADD381.505.10
14QV Receipt (1900) of Ashridge Estate Office bearing 1d Lilac. Purple handstamp Ashridge Estate Office, Berkhampstead on receipt. Non perfin item12.50Unsold
15QV Wrapper (no date) bearing d Green (SG164) perfin J.T/ &S & ident of Joseph Travers & Sons, London. Wrapper contains 4 invoices12.002.00
16Newfoundland Perfin AN/ D (2) : GK DDF31.005.10
17All Reigns Commencing letters U : V QV(16) : KEVII(28) : KGV(46) : KEVIII(8) : KGVI(47) : QEII(89) ADD(129) DDF230(20)5.0021.10
18KEVII d Post Stat PC (1905) perfin TV/ R through PC. No ident but known to be Taff Valley Railway. Cardiff postmark11.5010.10
19QV 1d Red Plate (pl.157) Underprint COPESTAKE,/ MOORE,./ CRAMPTON & Co.,/ London11.0011.40
20Luxembourg Perfin OFFICIEL DDF111.001.40
21KEVII ADD1304.0013.10
22KGVI Wrapper (no date) to Denmark bearing 2d (CC) perfin HM/ SO (H5200.01m) & ident of H.M Stationery Office12.002.00
23KGV Receipt (1932) of Watson & Philip Ltd, Aberdeen bearing 2d overprinted For/ Watson & Philip, Limited11.307.30
24QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin WHR (pl.15)11.507.10
25KGVI ADD622.005.10
26Italy DDF2503.5010.10
27QV Registered Letter (1898) to Amsterdam bearing 2d Jub perfin HUTH & ident of Frederick Huth & Co, Seed Dept, London12.008.10
28Germany Cover (1923) bearing 300M Inflation overprinted 2M perfin AH & ident of A Hartrodt, Hamburg11.501.50
29World Mix ADD1504.0030.10
30KGV PUC ADD181.0013.30
31QV d Wrapper (1901) Perfin DLR No ident11.50Unsold
32Netherlands Illustrated PPC (1907) to England depicting SGravenhage. Huis Ten Bosch bearing 5c Queen perfin K No ident but known to be a Kiosk perfin11.501.50
33All Reigns QV(70) : KEVII(75) : KGV(55) : KGVI(40) : QEII(45) ADD285(5)8.0030.10
34Board of Trade Perfin Crown/ B.T on QV 1/- Jub11.0011.10
35French Tunisia Perfin T : CL (2 types) : C.N.51.20Unsold
36Mexico Perfin B : M : TB. on Numeral stamps31.007.10
37QV Cover (1897) to St Petersburgh bearing 2x 1d Lilac : d Verm Jub perfin RBCo & ident of Robbins Billing & Co. Cover roughly opened & 1 x 1d Lilac damaged11.301.30
38QEII Wildings ADD1252.006.10
39QV 1d Red Plate Perfin W&A/ G (pl.157)11.206.10
40KGV Trade PC (1931) bearing d perfin LN/ E & ident of The London & North Eastern Railway Co, Liverpool St Station.11.502.00
41QV Jubilees ADD1504.0014.70
42Germany Window Envelope (1927) bearing 15pf Kant perfin GL & ident of Georg Lembke, Berlin11.506.60
43Germany Trade PC (1919) bearing 40pf Germania perfin GW & ident of Gunther Wagner, Hannover11.501.50
44QEII Cover (1969) bearing 5d Machin perfin LB/ H & ident of London Borough of Hackney11.001.30
45QV 1d Red Plate Perfin GR/ W (pl.180)11.004.10
46KGVI ADD1012.507.10
47KGVI Posted Receipt (1938) bearing d : 2d (DC) perfin SJ/ S (S4080.01) & ident of Spear & Jackson Ltd, Aetna Works, Sheffield12.503.10
48Switzerland ADD282.0015.00
49Full Name Perfin WHEEN on QV 3d on 3d (pl.21)16.0012.30
50KGV Cover (1922) to Holland bearing 2d perfin A&/ Co (A1290.01) & ident of Augener Ltd, London. Te Betalen 15c Postage Due stamp attached12.002.00
51KGV British Empire Exhibition Perfin W&S on 1d (1924) : RL/ &S on 1d (1924)22.004.00
52QEII Pre-Decimal Machins ADD771.003.80
53QV Overprint Received for/ COVERLEY & WESTRAY on 1d Lilac11.007.90
54QEII Window Envelope (1957) bearing 2d Wilding perfin Design (Des0560.01) & ident of The Debecey Co Ltd, Oldbury, Birmingham11.501.80
55Kings KEVII (23) : KGV (34) : KEVIII (13) : KGVI (21) ADD912.509.10
56QV 1d Red Plate Perfin S.H/ &S (pl.122)11.204.70
57KEVII Statement (1902) bearing d perfin FP/ CL & ident of Foster, Porter & Co Ltd, London EC. Also 1d overprinted RECEIVED/ For/ FOSTER PORTER & CoLd11.5011.20
58QV d Jubilees ADD1074.0013.10
59Straits Settlements Perfin SPECIMEN in arc on KGV $113.008.10
60KGVI Cover (no date) to Belgium bearing d (DC) perfin N/ Y/ K & ident of Nippon Yusen Kaisya, Leadenhall St, London EC11.205.10
61Perfin Society Perfin PS (mono) DDF (14)161.308.20
62China Cover (1938) to USA bearing 5c : 10c : 25c perfin N/ C/ B & ident of The National City Bank of New York, Shanghai. Vertical tear in cover15.008.10
63Full Names ADD QV-QEII664.006.10
64KEVII 2/6d Perfin W.B/ SCo11.005.10
65QV 1d Venetians (SG166) Perfins C&Co : DT/ &F : H&K : HV/ &Co : WH51.5010.10
66KEVII Trade PC (1904) bearing d perfin LB/ SC (L0690.01) & ident of London Brighton & South Coast Railway, Havant Station13.005.10
67USA Precancels DDF300+10.0021.10
68KGV Receipt (1930) bearing 2d overprinted PHOENIX/ ASSURANCE Co., LD.11.205.20
69KGV Soilver Jubilees Perfin LA/ IS : L.P./ W.LD on 1d : OYEZ : TWW : LU/ &R on 1d52.005.30
70Royal Courts of Justice Document (1887) bearing QV 5s Judicature Fee perforated through with circular Crown/ RCJ. Bottom of document stained11.5010.00
71QV Cover (1884) bearing 1d Lilac perfin GLF & ident of The General Life & Fire Assurance Co, Cannon St, London EC11.302.40
72Germany Trade PC (1929) bearing 8pf Ebert perfin BV/ L & ident of Berger & Voigt, Leipzig11.506.10
73World Mix ADD1103.0012.10
74QV d Bantam Perfin W.R (pl.13) on vertical pair Corner nick2 (1)4.005.10
75KEVII ADD on 1d381.504.10
76KGV Illustrated Trade PPC (1915) depicting Weymouth Promenade bearing d perfin GWR (G5610.05) & ident of The Great Western Railway, Paddington12.005.00
77Germany MDDF1104.0011.10
78KGVI from Charity Source On & Off paper Duplication100+2.009.10
79QV Illustrated 2 page Billhead (1899) of James Stewart, Drapers & Outfitters, Kilburn bearing 1d Lilac. Perfin STEWART/ 23 99 3 through billhead & stamp12.505.80
80British South Africa Co Perfin 16/ 7/ 05 on 2 Rose Slight thinning in corner1 (1)10.00Unsold
81KEVIII ADD391.506.20
82QV 6d on 6d Perfin RJ/ &N (pl.18)11.509.10
83QV Mix ADD No Jubs542.5012.90
84KEVII 1d Post Stat Cover (1902) perfin A&N/ C.S.L through Cover12.00Unsold
85KGV Receipt (1914) bearing 1d Perfin HH (mono) & ident of Hand in Hand Fire & Life Insurance Society11.201.30
86QV 1d Red Plate Perfin D&Co.. (pl.148)11.2010.10
87QEII Machins Collectors Duplicates250+2.007.10
88Germany Cover (1928) to Switzerland bearing 15pf Kant : 2 x 5pf Schiller perfin SM & ident of Stadthauptkasse Munchen12.004.60
89World Mix Mainly Europe ADD752.007.30
90KGV/ KEVIII Cover (1936) to Iran bearing KGV Photo 4d : KEVIII 1d perfin SM/ &Co (S4920.04) & ident of Samuel Montagu & Co, London13.0016.90
91Bavaria ADD (7) DDF10 (1)1.204.10
92KGVI Statement (1939) bearing 2d (DC) perfin B.B/ LD & ident of Brown Brothers Ltd, Great Eastern St, London EC11.201.20
93Hospital Dies ADD621.506.10
94QV 1d Red Plate Perfin COWAN (pl.146)11.2010.10
95KGVI High Values ADD91.003.10
96Railways ADD inc QV 1d Red Plate (3)212.0016.70
97KGV 4d Registered Letter (1921) front only to Berlin bearing 3 x 1d perfin AHB/ &Co (A2780.01) & ident of Arthur H Brandt & Co Ltd, Fenchurch St, London EC11.501.50
98QV Receipt (1888) bearing 1d Lilac perfin NRC & ident of The New River Co11.304.60
99All Reigns QV(60) : KEVII(70) : KGV(80) : KGVI(60) : QEII(20) ADD2908.0034.10
100QV Receipt (1899) bearing 1d Lilac perfin JH/ M (J3750.03) & ident of John Heywood, Manchester. Vertical crease through receipt12.002.00
101KEVII Invoice (1908) of The Anglo-American Oil Co Ltd bearing 1d perfin Full Name NASH11.301.60
102QV 1d Red Plate Perfin FRY/ &/ SONS (pl.146)11.2014.10
103KGV ADD1453.5015.00
104Overprints ADD on QEII281.204.10
105KGV Trade PC (1913) bearing d Downey perfin C/ FM & ident of Carrs Flour Mills Ltd, Carlisle & Siloth11.501.50
106QV 1d Red Plate Perfin G&J/ B (pl.165) Rounded corner1 (1)1.004.00
107KGV Receipt (1912) bearing 1d overprinted Received/ / FOR/ RYLANDS & SONS, LD. Filing hole11.303.80
108Poland Perfin B.E. on tete-beche pair 5Mk20.503.60
109QV Cover (1886) bearing 1d Lilac perfin CUA & ident of Commercial Union Assurance11.204.60
110KEVII Illustrated Receipt (1906) bearing 1d perfin H/ LTD (H4680.01) & ident of Hanningtons Ltd, Brighton. Top 2 holes of H off stamp12.002.00
111Denmark Collectors Duplicates Mostly common dies Heavy duplication3000+10.00Unsold
112QV 1d Red Plate Perfin J.H.S/ E (pl.195)11.206.10
113Germany Trade PC (1927) to Switzerland bearing 5pf Eagle : 10pf Der Grosse perfin VR & ident of Vereinsbank Rastatt Gmbh11.509.20
114QEII Machins ADD951.003.60
115QV Entire (1877) to Spain bearing 2d Mauve (pl.4) perfin N&Co & ident of Novelli & Co, Manchester13.0012.10
116KGV Demand Note (1936) bearing 2d Photo perfin M.C & ident of Borough of Macclesfield11.301.30
117World Mix ADD1203.5011.10
118QV Cover (1888) to Spain bearing 2d Jub perfin SM/ &Co & ident of Schill, Modera & Co, Manchester11.301.30
119QV 1d Red Plate Perfin R&W (pl.194)11.205.10
120KGVI Trade PC (1941) bearing 2d (DC) perfin WG/ &S (W3250.01) & ident of Wm Gardner & Sons Ltd, Engineers, Gloucester12.002.00
121KGVI Light Colours ADD692.505.10
122QV Overprint Corporation/ of/ Liverpool on 1d Lilac Red ink11.002.90
123Board of Trade Perfin Crown/ B.T on QV 4d Jub11.006.60
124Danzig Perfin on EAB on pair 5pf (SG177a)20.504.10
125QV 1d Red Plate Perfin K&K (pl.160) Corner nick1 (1)1.005.10
126KGV Trade PC (1911) bearing d Downey perfin AAO/ Co & ident of The Anglo American Oil Co Ltd, Hull11.301.30
127All Reigns Commencing letters X : Y : Z : Des : Nums QV(29) : KEVII(49) : KGV(50) : KEVIII(4) : KGVI(30) : QEII(245) Lots of Duplication307(33)3.0024.10
128QV 1d Red Plate Perfin JAFFE (pl.209)11.207.10
129QEII Wildings ADD751.002.30
130KGV Trade PC (1933) bearing d perfin UG/ L (U0870.02) & ident of United Grand Lodge of England, Freemasons Hall, London WC12.003.10
131KEVII Overprint W.&C. PANTIN on 1d on piece11.006.20
132All Reigns QV(60) : KEVII(50) : KGV(100) : KGVI(60) : QEII(30) ADD3008.0024.10
133KGV Invoice (1932) bearing d perfin J.D. & ident of John Dickinson & Co Ltd, Queen St, Manchester11.301.30
134USA ADD842.004.60
135QV Receipt (1898) bearing 1d Lilac perfin D&Co & ident of C.C Dunkerley & Co, Iron & Steel Merchants, Manchester. Slight staining on right hand side11.503.60
136Board of Trade Perfin Crown/ B.T on QV 1d Jub11.006.10
137KGVI Receipt (1946) bearing 2d (LC) overprinted For the Corporation/ of Stoke-on-Trent11.203.10
138Europe Perfins from 6 different countries ADD1113.009.40
139QV Trade PC (1901) bearing d Green Jub perfin WHH/ &Co (W3640.02) & ident of Walter H Hindley & Co, Cheapside, London EC. Part of perfin off stamp11.001.00
140QEII Machins Collectors Duplicates200+1.506.60
141QEII Trade PC (1968) bearing 3d Wilding perfin CN/ T & ident of Commission for the New Towns (manuscript), Crawley11.002.00
142QV 1d Red Plate Perfin WHITELEY (pl.143)11.204.70
143QEII Pre Decimal Machins ADD491.001.50
144Canada DDF inc Pictorials472.005.10
145Poko Perfin Catalogue (1997) of Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland & Danzig by Ruud J Hammink pp10711.507.10
146Germany ADD1204.0012.10
147KGVI Cover (1949) bearing 1d (LC) perfin I/ CS & ident of International Correspondence Schools Ltd, Kingsway, London11.201.20
148KGV Censored Cover (1918) to New York bearing 1d perfin AE (A1910.01) & ident of The Anglo-Egyptian Bank Ltd, London11.502.40
149QV 1d Red Plate Perfin T/ B&Co (pl.111)11.206.80
150KEVII ADD1123.0012.10
151KEVII 1d Registered Letter (1902) to Germany bearing 4 x 1d perfin CS&Co & ident of Chr. Salvesen & Co, Leith12.002.30
152KGV Photos ADD552.005.60
153Germany Cover (1925) to Switzerland bearing 5pf Eagle : 20pf Rhinland perfin LW & ident of Leistner Werke, Leipzig11.504.20
154QEII Commems ADD272.009.10
155KGV Window Envelope (1935) bearing 1d Photo perfin WU & ident of The Western Union11.301.30
157QV 1d Red Plate Perfin P.J/ &Co (pl.119) Side trim1 (1)1.005.70
158QEII Pre-Decimal Machins ADD882.004.10
159India Perfin GA/ &Co. on QV 2R (SG107)10.503.10
160QV 1d Red Plates Perfin 533/ T.H (pl.150 : 165 : 177)3 (1)3.005.60
161QEII Machins ADD1552.004.60
162KGVI Dark Colours ADD441.503.10
163QV Receipt (1898) bearing 1d Lilac perfin VI/ CO & ident of Dr Tibbles Vi-Cocoa Ltd, Bunhill Row, London EC11.504.00
164QV 1d Red Plate Perfin V.M/ &C (pl.150)11.2010.10
165KGV Downeys ADD744.008.10
166Denmark ADD1144.0020.00
167KGV Receipt (1924) bearing 2d perfin VO/ CoL & ident of Vacuum Oil Co Ltd, Carlton House, High St, Birmingham11.301.30
168KEVII ADD902.509.10
169KGV Receipt (1913) bearing 1d overprinted J.H. DOVENER/ & Co. LTD,/ LIVERPOOL11.306.30
170All Reigns QV(6) : KEVII(5) : KGV(25) : KEVIII(4) : KGVI(60) DDF1003.009.10
171QV 1d Red Plate Perfin LB&L (pl.202)11.208.10
172Austria Trade PC (1929) bearing 10c perfin T.H.G & ident of Triester Handelsgesellschaft, Wien11.50Unsold
173All Reigns inc Monos : Numerals Duplication731.507.10
174QV 1d Red Plate Perfin C/ S&Co (pl.174)11.205.10
175Germany Cover (1921) to Switzerland bearing 10pf : 20pf Eagle perfin T&K & ident of Tittel & Kruger, Leipzig12.006.10
177QEII Commems ADD inc 1 x KGVI122.005.10
178KGVI ADD1013.007.60
179QEII Cover (1958) bearing 3d Wilding perfin G&G & ident of Gordon & Gotch Printing Ltd11.001.10
180KGVI Commems ADD171.305.10
181USA Cover (1924) to Switzerland bearing 3c Lincoln : 2c Washington perfin N/ G/ S & ident of National Geographic Society, Washington DC11.501.50
182QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin B&L (pl.14)11.506.10
183KGV ADD1203.5012.10
184Germany Cover (1900) ``bearing 10pf Germania perfin L.W.&R. & ident of L Weil & Reinhardt, Mannheim11.506.10
185World Mix ADD882.508.60
186QV 1d Red Plate Perfin W&S/ B (pl.183)11.206.10
187Germany Window Envelope (1922) bearing 2 x 6pf Posthorn perfin GW & ident of Gunther Wagner, Hannover11.50Unsold
188QV Overprint Oldham/ Corporation on 1d Lilac11.007.10
189QV 1d Lilacs Perfin L.T/ S.R : J&/ RS : IWC/ &Co : N.C.S/ L : DB : RH/ &S (pair) Duplication12(3)1.002.30
190Germany Trade PC (1914) bearing 5pf Germania perfin AG & ident of Adolf Goldschmidt11.50Unsold
191QV Cover (1892) bearing 1d Lilac perfin W&S & ident of Waterlow & Sons Ltd, London11.308.90
192QV 1d Red Plate Perfin H (pl.205)11.206.10
193Council Overprints KGV-QEII ADD201.003.10
194Belgium Registered Cover (1928) to Oslo bearing 2 x 1f.75 perfin AM/ DT & ident of Agence Maritime de Keyser Thornton, Anvers. Filing holes11.502.00
195KGV Window Envelope (1926) bearing d perfin JPH/ LD & ident of J.P Harrington Ltd, Glasgow11.302.30
196QV Jubilees ADD442.005.10
197Kings KEVII (20) : KGV (25) : KGVI (14) ADD592.005.10
198Holland ADD inc pokos1559.0040.10
199QV 1d Red Plate Perfin J.C.M (pl.193) Side trim1 (1)1.005.10
200KEVII 1d Post Stat PC (1903) to Germany bearing d : 1d perfin A&Co (A1280.02) & ident of Armour & Co, Snow Hill, London EC11.501.50
201QEII Wildings ADD1302.004.10
202Germany Trade PC (1932) to Switzerland bearing 3 x 5pf Hindenburg perfin VD/ B & ident of Verband Deutscher Blumengeschaftsinhaber, Berlin11.505.30
203USA Cover (1986) bearing1.00 Americas Light Fuelled by Truth perfin K in U & ident of The University of Kansas11.50Unsold
204QV 1d Red Plate Perfin P&Co.. (pl.172)11.206.10
205Germany ADD1154.0010.10
206KEVII Trade PC (1904) to France bearing 1d perfin H.J/ &S & ident of Henry Johnson & Sons, Great Tower St, London EC. J slightly off stamp11.301.30
207KGVI ADD1203.009.10
208QV Entire (1878) to Spain bearing 6d Grey (pl.14) perfin JO&Co & ident of Joseph Oxford & Co, London. Vertical crease through stamp13.0016.10
209Denmark Cover (no date) to Sweden bearing 20 ore Christian X perfin J.L & ident of J Lauritzen, Copenhagen11.503.10
210QEII Wildings/ Machins Collectors Duplicates200+2.005.50
211KGVI Demand Note (1953) bearing 2d (CC) overprinted BOSTON/ CORPORATION11.203.60
212QV 1d Red Plate Perfin I.C/ &Co/ B (pl.129)11.203.60
213QV Jubilees ADD392.007.60
214Overprint Received/ / For/ MELLES, JONES,/ REID & Co. on QV 1d Lilac11.008.10
215Malta Perfin A.M./ B. on 1d : 2d20.502.60
216KEVII ADD662.507.10
217KGVI Receipt (1942) bearing 1d (LC) perfin LE/ F & ident of London Electric Firm, South Croydon, Surrey11.201.20
218KGVI Dark Colours ADD201.002.10
219All Reigns from non perfin collector Unsorted300+3.0026.10
220USA Cover (1986) to England bearing 2 x 22 White House perfin U/ OF/ M & ident of University of Minnesota11.50Unsold
221QV 1d Red Plate Perfin B.E.Co (pl.145) Trim & corner trim1 (1)1.006.10
222KGV ADD772.507.60
223KGV Trade PC (1920) bearing 1d perfin JR/ &/ Co. & ident of John Russell & Co Ltd, Alma Tube Works, Walsall11.201.20
224QV 1883-84 ADD171.503.10
225World Mix ADD1033.0011.10
226Full Names Perfin BIRK/ BECK : LINE : OYEZ on QV d Green Jub33.003.10
227KGV Trade PC (1933) bearing d perfin W/ L & ident of W.H Willcox & Co Ltd, Southwark St, London SE11.201.20
228Australia Cover (1987) to England bearing $7 Fruit perfin VG & ident of The National Gallery of Victoria11.001.10
229QV 1d (SG51) Perfin M&S (pl.3) (M4990.06)12.004.60
230QEII Pre-Decimal Machins ADD1001.205.10
231Kings KEVII(60) : KGV (90) : KEVIII (18) : KGVI (60) ADD2285.0018.10
232Council Overprints KGV QEII MDDF32 (1)4.007.60
233QEII Trade PC (1957) bearing 2d Wilding perfin NB/ ICo & ident of The National Boiler & General Insurance Co Ltd, St Marys, Manchester11.001.30
234KGV ADD1002.508.30
235QEII Castles Perfin C/ W/ S : IT/ Co : SA/ A : ST : B/ BK on 2/6d51.002.60
236QV 1d Red Plate Perfin S.P/ &Co (pl.107)11.205.40
237QV 1d Inland Revenue (small) overprinted ARTHUR & COMPY. Corner missing but does not affect overprint1 (1)1.504.10
238KGV Seahorses Perfin AD/ CL on 2/6d : W/ H on 5/-21.005.40
239French Levant Perfin BIO (blind pins) : LC (mono)21.00Unsold
240Australia Perfin VG on KGVI on piece Duplication630.50Unsold
241QEII Statement (1964) bearing 2d Wilding overprinted MERSEYSIDE/ & N. WALES/ ELECTRICITY/ BOARD11.004.20
242KGV Receipt (1922) bearing 2d perfin BB/ CLD & ident of Brooke Bond & Co Ltd, London11.304.10
243QV Overprint Received/ / for/ SAML. GRATRIX, JUN./ & BRO.11.008.10
244USA Cover (1986) to England bearing 3 x 22 US Flag perfin W in U & ident of The University of Wisconsin-Madison11.50Unsold
245Germany ADD1003.0020.00
246KGVI Receipt (1948) of Chamberlins Ltd, Norwich overprinted CHAMBERLINS/ LIMITED. Filing holes11.208.20
247All Reigns Commencing letters X : Y : Z : Des : Nums QV(26) : KEVII(28) : KGV(47) : KEVIII(6) : KGVI(34) : QEII(73) ADD(67) DDF214(24)5.0025.00
248QV Overpint Copestake & Co./ London/ on 1d Lilac11.005.10
249World Mix ADD772.007.10
250QV d Post Stat PC (1898) bearing d Verm Jub perfin AA/ B (A0100.01) & ident of Anglo-Austrian Bank, Lombard St, London EC. Bottom corner of PC missing11.503.10
251QV 1d Red Plates All seconds Perfins sound625.0041.10
252Kings KEVII (24) : KGV (14) : KEVIII (3) : KGVI (18) All on d592.505.60
253KEVIII ADD311.503.10
254KGV Statement (1924) bearing 2 x d perfin MS/ W (M5400.01) & ident of Meynell & Sons Ltd, Montrose St, Wolverhampton12.002.00
255QV 1d Red Plate (pl.97) Underprint COPESTAKE,/ MOORE,/ CRAMPTON, & Co,/ London. Small trim1 (1)1.006.20
256World Mixture All on piece inc GB Unsorted300+3.0042.70
257Overprints KGVI/ QEII Electricity Boards ADD301.003.10
258Mauritius Perfin BB/ &Co (7) : MCB/ M (5) DDF121.503.30
259KEVII ADD802.508.10
260QV 6d on 6d Perfin D.B (pl.18) One perf missing on left1 (1)1.007.10
261QV 5/- Perfin HSB13.008.10
262QV 1d Red Plate Perfin H&S/ L (pl.123)11.006.10
263KEVII ADD1103.0011.10
264KGV Seahorses ADD on 2/6d (7) : 5/- (3)104.0016.10
265QV Receipt (1901) bearing 1d Lilac perfin AAO/ Co & ident of Anglo-American Oil Co Ltd11.203.20
266QV d Verm Jubs ADD131.001.30
267Germany ADD1204.0012.10
268KGV Statement (1935) bearing 2d Photo perfin J & ident of The Jaeger Co Ltd, Milton St, London EC11.301.30
269QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin T (pl.14)11.5010.10
270Austria MDDF1003.00Unsold
271Full Names ADD QV-QEII644.006.40
272Japan Cover (no date) to USA bearing 10sn perfin D.P. No ident11.204.10
273KGV ADD612.506.00
274QV 1d Red Plate Perfin H.SEB (pl.145)11.206.10
275Germany ADD1093.509.20
276QEII Window Envelope (1969) bearing 4d Machin perfin CB/ W & ident of County Borough of Wigan11.001.60
277QEII Wildings/ Machins ADD1331.203.00
278KGVI ADD451.503.60
279Germany Cover (1927) to England bearing 5pf Schiller : 20pf Beethoven perfin A.C./ H. & ident of Alexanser Coppel, Hilden. 20pf stamp damaged11.308.10
280QV 1d Red Plate Perfin R.H/ &Co (pl.156 x2 : 162 : 185)44.0012.10
281World Mix ADD1033.008.70
282KGVI Cover (1939) front only bearing d (DC) perfin CWS & ident of Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd, Newcastle Upon Tyne11.201.20
283USA MDDF762.504.60
284QEII Statement (1964) of The South of Scotland Electricity Board bearing 2d Wilding overprinted SCOTTISH/ GAS BOARD11.002.10
285KEVIII ADD343.003.60
286QV 1d Red Plate Perfin C&B/ SOHO (pl.168)11.202.10
287KEVII ADD462.005.10
288Lebanon Perfin B.R. on 4p (SG208)11.00Unsold
289QV Cover (1892) to Berlin bearing 2x 1d Lilac : d Verm Jub perfin HUTH & ident by monogram FH&Co of Frederick Huth12.508.10
290Germany Cover (1928) front only bearing 2 x 30pf Lessing perfin CR & ident of Carl Ronning-Bremen11.302.60
291All Reigns Commencing letters A-C QV QEII ADD1343.0010.10
292All Reigns Commencing letters D-G QV QEII ADD1273.0014.10
293All Reigns Commencing letters H-K QV QEII ADD1403.0012.10
294All Reigns Commencing letters L-P QV QEII ADD1333.0013.10
295All Reigns Commencing letters R-U QV QEII ADD1223.0012.30
296All Reigns Commencing letters V-Des QV QEII ADD1012.5025.10
297QV 1d Red Plate (pl.204) Underprint COPESTAKE/ MOORE,/ CRAMPTON. & Co/ London. Slight trim1 (1)1.006.20
298Kings KEVII (60) : KGV (100) : KEVIII (17) : KGVI (60) ADD2375.0021.10
299QEII Cover (1957) bearing 3d Wilding perfin LEP & ident of LEP Transport Ltd, Shelton St, London WC11.002.10
300Germany Trade PC (1910) to Amsterdam bearing 10pf Germania perfin B.S.&C. & ident of Benedict Schonfeld & Co, Hamburg11.507.60
301QV Trade PC (1900) to Germany bearing 1d Lilac perfin A&J (A3140.02) & ident of The Apollinaris Co Ltd11.507.10
302Germany Trade PC (1924) bearing 5pf Eagle perfin HF & ident of Hermann Frenkel, Leipzig11.508.10
303KGV ADD1013.509.10
304KGV Seahorses Perfin L&H/ L : F&M : BB on 2/6d31.2010.10
305Germany Cover (1925) to Switzerland bearing 5pf: 20pf Eagle perfin GW & ident of Gebr Wolf, Neukirchen-Pleisse11.508.60
306QEII Machins ADD1101.204.10
307Royal Courts of Justice Document (1882) bearing 2 x QV 4d Judicature Fee both perforated separately with Circular Crown/ RCJ11.506.10
308QEII Self Addressed Cover (1964) from Austria bearing 3d Wilding perfin STH & ident of St Thomas Hospital, London SE. Also 4 Austrian stamps attached not perfinned11.001.30
309QV 1d Red Plate Perfin L.S.C (pl.218)11.206.10
310World Mix ADD1233.5013.10
311QEII Cover (1973) bearing 9p Machin perfin ITC & ident of Immediate Transportation Co Ltd, St Thomas St, London SE11.002.10
312QEII Machins ADD1452.004.80
313Germany Trade PC (1929) to Switzerland bearing 5pf Hindenburg perfin HS & ident of Wotan Hobler, Dusseldorf11.508.60
314All Reigns Commencing letters U : V Much duplication2401.5010.10
315France Cover (1931) to Germany bearing 1f50 Exposition perfin S.G. & ident of Societe Generale11.504.10
316KGVI Receipt (1948) bearing 2d (LC) overprinted Pro Campbells/ and Stewart &/ McDonald, Ltd.11.207.30
317Germany Cover (1925) to Switzerland bearing 5pf Eagle : 20pf Stephen perfin C.P.G. & ident of Continentale Produkten-Gesellschaft, Hamburg11.504.10
318QEII Wildings ADD1662.006.10
319QV 1d Red Plate Perfin MBW (pl.174)11.202.40
320New Zealand Thank You Card (1988-89) of The New Zealand Philatelic Federation (Inc) bearing 1c Nephrite perfin THANK/ YOU11.002.50
321All Reigns QV(33) : KEVII (12) : KGV(32) : KEVIII (3) : KGVI (23) : QEII (45) MDDF A little duplication1484.0012.30
322QV 2d Blue/ Mauve (SG141 : 157) All seconds Perfins Sound55 (55)5.0010.10
323QV Receipt (1856) of Howell James & Co, Drapers, Regent St, London bearing 1d Draft Revenue. Non perfin item22.004.30
324KGV ADD on d : 1d502.005.10
325QV 1d Red Plate Perfin S.L/ &Co. (pl.200)11.2010.10
326KGVI ADD411.502.60
327Italy DDF2503.0010.10
328QV 5/- Perfin C/ AN/ S11.006.10
329KGV Silver Jubilees Perfin PEARS : M : H/ (O)/ LTD : Circle in diamond design on d.42.004.60
330Council Overprints KGV QEII MDDF324.0010.10
331USA Precancels ADD Small towns only1305.0014.10
332Germany Window Envelope (1934) bearing 2 x 12pf Hindenburg perfin CC & ident of Continental Caoutchouc-Compagnie Gmbh, Hannover11.50Unsold
333KEVIII ADD211.002.70
334QEII High Value Machins ADD101.003.70
335Germany Cover (1921) to Switzerland bearing 2 x 60pf Germania perfin S&C & ident of Salzmann & Comp-Cassell11.505.10
336QV 1d Red Plate Perfin ST/ &B (pl.154)11.206.40
337QV 1d Red Plate Perfin DT&F (pl.204)11.205.10
338QV 1d Red Plate Perfin HB (joined)/ 2QSP (pl.184) Corner nick1 (1)1.009.20
339QV 1d Red Plate Perfin M.B/ M (pl.140)11.205.10
340QV 1d Red Plate Perfin MS/ &D (pl.152)11.206.70
341QV 1d Red Plate Perfin LDB (pl.201)11.205.10
342QV 1d Red Plate Perfin K.M/ &Co../ M (pl.212)11.2012.10
343QV 1d Red Plate Perfin H.P/ &S (pl.191)11.2011.90
344QV 1d Red Plate Perfin EOFD (pl.150) Corner nick1 (1)1.004.20
345QV 1d Red Plate Perfin C (anchor) C (pl.167)11.205.10
346QV 1d Red Plate Perfin C.S.P/ Co (pl.208)11.205.10
347QV 1d Red Plate Perfin GR/ W (pl.156)11.005.10
348QV 1d Red Plate Perfin B&Co/ B&L (pl.165)11.205.10
349QV 1d Red Plate Perfin A&G (pl.140)11.202.90
350QV 1d Red Plate Perfin 9/ RVG (pl.171)11.208.10