Auction No. 1 (2011)

Auction 1 is an additional Auction from the normal Auctions and is GB only.
All reserves are expressed in pounds.

Could all members that bid through email please put your address and method of payment on your email.

Bidding steps: Bids will advance in 10p stages.

This auction closed on 31st March 2011.

Enquiries can be sent by email to John Donner: or send to john dot donner at btinternet dot com (with dot and at replaced by the appropriate symbols!)
Please include your name and postal address when bidding.

This auction is closed.
1QV 1d Red Plate Perfin E/ PINK (pl.157) Top trim1 (1) 1.005.10
2KEVII Receipt (1908) bearing 1d perfin H&C & ident of Harrisons & Crosfield, Great Tower St, London EC11.501.50
3KEVII Perfin SW/ P on pair of d21.001.70
4KGV Cover (1921) bearing d perfin PEC & ident of The Pulsometer Engineering Co Ltd, Nine Elms Iron Works, Reading11.301.50
5Full Name Perfin SELL (split) on KEVII d10.50Unsold
6QV Cover (1898) bearing 1d Lilac perfin DB & ident of Dottridge Brothers, Dorset Works, East Road, London N11.506.70
7Full Name Perfin CURRIE on QV 1d Lilac Bottom trim1 (1)1.001.00
8KGV Cover (1917) bearing 1d perfin BR/ C & ident of Joint Womans V.A.D Department (Known to be The British Red Cross)11.205.10
9Full Name Perfin CAR/ TER on KEVII 4d Orange Corner damage1 (1)0.50Unsold
10KGVI Cover (1947) bearing 2d (LC) perfin PP & ident of The Parker Pen Co Ltd, Bush House, Strand, London WC211.204.10
11QV 1d Lilac on piece perfin P/ &Co.. Hooded Cork postmark dated 26 Feb 188411.001.30
12QEII Cover (1957) bearing 2d Wilding perfin RN No ident. London postmark10.50Unsold
13QV 1d Red Plate Perfin C&B/ SOHO (pl.113)11.204.10
14KGVI Trade PC (1941) bearing 2d (DC) perfin H & ident of W & D Harvest Ltd, King William St House, Arthur St, London EC411.201.30
15Full Name Perfin BASS on QV 1d Lilac Top trim1 (1)0.501.20
16QV Cover (1888) to Spain bearing 2d Jub perfin SM/ &Co & ident of Schill, Modera & Co, Manchester. Slight stamp damage11.302.30
17Full Name Perfin MOY on d KGV Downey11.001.00
18QV Book Post Cover (no date) bearing 1d Red (pl.124) : 2d Blue (pl.14) : 4d Verm (pl.12) perfin W&S & ident of Waterlow & Sons, Birchin Lane, London. Nice item110.0060.10
19Full Name Perfin CORY on QV d Green Jub11.001.00
20KEVII Receipt (1903) bearing 1d perfin C&/ SL & ident of Catesby & Sons, Tottenham Court Road, London W11.301.30
21QV 1d Lilac Perfin S.S Dublin Late Fee postmark Side trim1 (1)0.501.10
22KGVI Censored Window Envelope (1941) bearing 2d (DC) perfin WH/ S & ident of W Heffer & Sons Ltd, Cambridge11.202.10
23QV 1d Red Plate Perfin FOX (pl.196)11.204.10
24KGV Window Envelope (1919) bearing d perfin WILLS & ident of W.D & H.O Wills, Holborn Viaduct, London EC11.302.30
25Full Name Perfin DUNCAN on KEVII d11.003.90
26QEII Cover (1959) bearing 3d Wilding perfin EE/ Co & ident of The English Electric Co. Slough Postmark11.001.60
27QV 1d Red Plate Perfin G.E.R (pl.184)11.2010.10
28QEII Cover (1967) bearing 4d Wilding perfin LEP & ident of LEP Travel Ltd, Lowndes St, London SW11.001.00
29Full Name Perfin KENT on KEVII d11.001.00
30QV Cover (1879) bearing 1d Red (pl.171) perfin C&C No ident. Charing Cross W.C postmark11.507.10
31KEVII Perfin C.A/ G on d10.300.30
32KGV Trade PC (1925) bearing d perfin M.V/ Co & ident of Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Co Ltd, Westminster, London SW11.301.30
33QV 1d Red Plate Perfin C.S/ S.A/ L (pl.135)11.202.90
34KGVI d Post Stat Cover (no date) bearing d (LC) perfin BAT No ident10.50Unsold
35Full Name Perfin COX on QV 2d (SG168) Slight trim1 (1)1.001.10
36QEII Cover (1984) bearing 2 x p Machins : 16p Postage Label perfin PS (mono) of The Perfin Society11.003.20
37QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin B (rev) B/ &Co. (pl.15)11.208.10
38QEII Cover (1976) bearing 8p Machin perfin BA/ HA & ident of The Birmingham Area Health Authority11.001.30
39QV 1d Red Plate Perfin VS/ &Co (pl.107)11.205.10
40QEII Cover (1957) bearing 3d Wilding perfin RM/ L & ident of Royal Mail Lines11.003.30
41Full Name Perfin LAF/ AYE/ TTE on 1d KGV Downey11.004.10
42QEII Cover (1959) bearing 3d Wilding perfin PAC & ident of The Prudential Assurance Co Ltd, Holborn Bars, London EC10.501.00
43QV 1d Red Plate Perfin TR&S/ R (pl.202)11.005.60
44KEVII Trade PC (1908) bearing d perfin C.B/ LD & ident of Crossley Bros Ltd, OTTO Gas Engine Works, Openshaw, Manchester11.301.30
45QV 1d Red Plate Perfin T.C.&/ M.Co.L (pl.147)11.208.60
46KGV Cover (1923) bearing 1d perfin D&Co & ident of Debenham & Freebody Ltd, Wigmore St, London11.203.10
47QV 1d Red Plate Perfin EUPN/ MAIL (pl.120)11.206.10
48QV Receipt (1901) bearing 1d Lilac perfin AAO/ Co & ident of Anglo-American Oil Co Ltd11.302.60
49Full Name Perfin LYONS on KEVII 1d11.003.10
50KEVII Illustrated Trade PC (1907) depicting King Henry II & fair Rosamund 1160 bearing d perfin RT/ &S & ident of Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd11.405.60
51QV 1d Red Plate Perfin 533/ T.H (pl.125)11.208.10
52QEII Cover (1965) bearing 3d Wilding perfin SLO & ident of Sun Life Assurance Society, Goldington Road, Bedford10.501.10
53Full Name Perfin ATLAS/ BILSTON on KEVII 1d Corner nick1 (1)1.003.10
54QEII Cover (1960) bearing 2d Wilding perfin CB/ WH No ident. Forest Gate postmark10.500.50
55Railway Perfin LS/ WR on QV 1d Lilac Bottom trim1 (1)1.003.10
56QV Receipt (1898) bearing 1d Lilac perfin K&T/ LD. & ident of Kearley & Tonge Ltd, London EC. Stamp also overprinted RECEIVED/ With THANKS/ KEARLEY & TONGUE/ LIMITED in purple ink.11.506.30
57Full Name Perfin YOST on KEVII 3d10.501.60
58KEVII Receipt (1910) bearing 1s Contract Note perfin F&B & ident of Foster & Braithwaite (manuscript)11.202.70
59Full Name Perfin GRAPHIC on KEVII d10.500.50
60QEII Cover (1965) bearing 2 x 1d Wilding perfin ECC & ident of Essex County Council, Bury Water Lane, Newport, Essex11.002.60
61Full Name Perfin HORSELL (in arc)/ LEEDS on KEVII d11.005.80
62QV 1d Postal Stat PC (1881) to Belgium perfin T.W.S/ &Co through PC & ident of Thos Wilson Sons & Co (manuscript)12.008.60
63QV 1d Red Plate Perfin N&P (pl.203)11.206.10
64KGV Cover (1919) bearing d perfin GLD/ L & ident of Gallaher Ltd, Tobacco Manufacturers, London EC11.305.30
65QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin GLYN (pl.13)11.204.30
66QEII Cover (1963) bearing 3d Wilding perfin JT/ &Co & ident of Joseph Tetley & Co Ltd, Worship St, London EC11.001.60
67QV 1d Red Plate Perfin TRAVERS (pl.134)11.205.20
68QEII Cover (1960) bearing 1d: 2d Wildings perfin UC/ L & ident of University College London Union, Gower St, London WC11.001.60
69QV 1d Red Plate Perfin M&S (pl.164) Corner nicks1 (1)1.002.90
70KEVII Trade PC (1906) bearing d perfin P.F & ident of Peek, Frean & Co Ltd, London SE. Side tear on PC. Filing hole11.201.20
71QV 1d Lilac (14 dots) Perfin P Some foxing11.001.30
72QV Receipt (1886) bearing 1d Lilac overprinted RECEIVED FOR/ LEWIS & ALLENBY Also very nice perfin CASH inside perfin LEWIS & ALLENBY. REGENT ST & CONDUIT ST in elliptical circle through receipt110.0020.10
73QV 1d Red Plate Perfin I&R/ M (pl.134)11.002.90
74QEII Window Envelope (1970) bearing 2 x d : 3d Wildings perfin NUL & ident of Norwich Union Insurance Group11.002.60
75QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin C.I.H/ &S (pl.13)1 (1)1.004.80
76KGV Receipt (1917) bearing 1d perfin SP/ L & ident of Spratts Patent Ltd, Fenchurch St, London EC11.201.20
77QV 1d Red Plate Perfin ROSE/ &Co (pl.155)1 (1)1.008.10
78QEII Window Envelope (1958) bearing 2d Wilding perfin JL/ &Co No ident10.500.50
79Full Name Perfin POLY on KEVII d10.501.10
80QV Wrapper (no date) bearing d Green (SG164) perfi JT/ &S & ident of Joseph Travers & Sons, London11.501.80
81QV 1d Red Plate Perfin B.N (pl.199)11.203.60
82KGV Receipt (1924) bearing 2d perfin JG/ S & ident of John George & Sons Ltd, Laurence Pountney Hill, London EC11.301.30
83QV Jubilee Perfin YTC on d Verm10.501.00
84QEII Statement (1956) bearing 2d Wilding perfin FG & ident of Fownes Gloves Ltd, London11.001.00
85QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin 533/ T.H (pl.15)11.007.10
86KEVII Cover (no date) bearing d perfin G&T/ LD & ident of The Gramophone & Typewriter Ltd City Road, London EC11.301.50
87QV 1d Venetian (SG166) Perfin I&R/ M11.001.60
88QEII Cover (1965) bearing 3d Wilding perfin H&A & ident of Hooper & Ashby Ltd, Bartholomew St, Newbury11.001.60
89Full Name Perfin CENTURY (in arc) on pair of KEVII d21.003.60
90QV Receipt (1900) bearing 2 x d Verm Jubs perfin CHH & ident of Charles H Harvey, Old Swan Lane, London EC. Filing hole11.501.50
91QV 1d Red Plate Perfin NN/ NN (pl.127)11.207.10
92QEII Cover (1959) bearing 3d Wilding perfin D&G No ident10.500.50
93Full Name Perfin LACY on QV 1d Venetian (SG166) Slight trim1 (1)1.002.60
94KGV Registered Cover (1923) bearing d : 4d perfin BB/ E & ident of Banque Belge pour LEtranger, Moorgate Hall, London EC11.303.60
95QV 1d Lilac Perfin L/ SB10.501.10
96QEII Cover (1986) bearing 2p : 2 x 3p Machins perfin W & ident of W.D & H.O Wills11.002.10
97QV 9d Jubilee Perfin I.H.S/ &Co10.501.40
98QEII Receipt (1959) bearing 2d Wilding perfin CFO/ LD & ident of County Fire Office Ltd, East Parade, Leeds11.001.00
99QV 6d Green (SG194) Perfin W.W/ U.P1 (1)0.501.20
100QV Receipt (1886) bearing 1d Lilac of W&A Gilbey, Oxford St, London W overprinted Received/ for/ W&A GILBEY11.502.10
101QV d (SG187) Perfin MR/ &Co11.001.30
102QEII Cover (1972) bearing 3p Machin perfin WG & ident of Williams & Glyns Bank Ltd11.002.90
103QV Jubilees Perfin W.B/ &Co on d Verm : 2 x 2d on piece31.001.60
104QV 1d Red Plate Perfin GR/ E (pl.120)1 (1)1.007.10
105KGVI Censored Cover (1942) to Portugal bearing 2d : 3d (LC) perfin D & ident of Wm Dawson & Sons Ltd, Marylebone High St, London W11.201.20
106Railway Parcel Stamp Perfin M/ GWR on 3d Midland Great Western Railway Stamp11.0022.10
107QEII Cover (1974) bearing 3p Machin perfin E/ GB & ident of Eastern Gas. Enfield postmark11.001.60
108QV 5/- Perfin K11.205.90
109KEVII Cover (1906) bearing 1d perfin LGT & ident of The Law Guarantee & Trust Society Ltd11.302.60
110QV 1d Red Plate Perfin B.B/ &Co (pl.140)11.207.60
111KGV Illustrated Trade PPC (no date) depicting Alpha in his Highland home bearing d perfin THD/ L & ident of T.H Downing & Co Ltd11.301.40
112Full Name Perfin KENT on QV 1d Venetian (SG166)11.002.60
113KGV Cover (1935) bearing 1d KGV Silver Jubilee perfin J&S No ident. Norwich postmark11.004.30
114QV 4d Green (SG192) Perfin IBHL11.002.10
115QEII Wilding Perfin CWS on Block of d (19 )191.002.10
116KEVII Cover (1902) bearing 1d perfin RH/ &S & ident of R Hovenden & Sons Ltd, City Road, London11.301.30
117QV 5d Jubilee Perfin F.E.G10.501.30
118QEII Cover (1961) bearing 3d Wilding perfin BBK & ident of Barclays Bank Ltd11.001.00
119QV 1d Red Plate Perfin CURRIE (pl.165) Slight corner trim1 (1)1.004.10
120KEVII Illustrated Trade PPC (1904) depicting Primula Stellata perfin SUTTON/ READING & ident of Sutton, Royal Seed Establishment (manuscript)11.303.60
121Full Name Perfin LLOYDS on QV 1d Lilac (SG188)11.005.20
122QEII Cover (1960) bearing 1d : 2d Wilding perfin L&M/ LD & ident of Linotype & Machinery Ltd, Fetter Lane, London EC11.002.30
123QV 1d Red Plate Perfin GLYN (pl.165)11.004.50
124QEII Cover (1959) bearing 3d Wilding perfin G/ BC & ident of Gillingham Public Libraries11.002.10
125QV d Green (SG164) Perfin B.R.Co./ LTD11.001.80
126KEVII Cover (1902) bearing d perfin AF/ &Co & ident of Adolph Frankau & Co Ltd, Queen Victoria St, London EC. Some staining11.001.30
127QV d (SG187) Perfin N11.00Unsold
128KGV Receipt (1921) bearing 2d perfin H&P & ident of Huntley & Palmers Ltd, Reading11.301.50
129QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin G.B.L/ L (pl.15) Corner damage1 (1)1.004.30
130QEII Window Envelope (1960) bearing 3d Wilding perfin WGC & ident of Town Hall, Wood Green11.001.70
131Full Name Perfin ELEY on KGV d10.501.30
132QEII Window Envelope (1969) bearing 4d Sepia Machin perfin JD & ident of J Davy11.002.10
133QV 1d Red Plate Perfin H..B (pl.181)11.203.60
134QV Cover (1880) bearing 1d Venetian (SG166) perfin ADCL & ident of Aylesbury Dairy Co Ltd, London11.509.10
135QV d Bantam COPESTAKE,/ MOORE,/ CRAMPTON & Co. underprint1 (1)1.0020.10
136KGV Cover (1915) bearing d perfin JP/ &S & ident of John Player & Sons, Castle Tobacco Factory, Nottingham11.304.60
137Full Name Perfin TITE on KEVII 1d10.503.10
138QEII Cover (1961) bearing 3d Wilding perfin MM/ &Co & ident of McMullen & Co Ltd, Merchants, Hertford11.002.10
139QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin G&Co (pl.15) Side trim1 (1)1.003.80
140QV Cover (1898) bearing 1d Lilac perfin J.S/ &S & ident of John Sanger & Sons, Winslet St, London W11.503.60
141QV 1d Red Plate Perfin EL/ &E (pl.171) Corner nick1 (1)1.004.10
142KGVI Receipt (1947) bearing 2d (LC) perfin S&S & ident of Shaw & Sons Ltd, Fetter Lane, London EC. Filing holes11.201.20
143QV 1d Red Plate Perfin SDB/ &S/ M (pl.198)11.205.10
144QEII Window Envelope (1960) bearing 3d Wilding perfin W/ C & ident of Borough of Walthamstow11.001.60
145QV 1d Red Plate Perfin JAFFE (pl.183)11.208.10
146KGV Receipt (1929) bearing 2d perfin A&H/ LT.D. & ident of Allen & Hanburys Ltd, Vere St, Cavendish Sq, London W111.301.30
147QV 1d Red Plate Underprint COPESTAKE,/ MOORE,/ CRAMPTON & Co.,/ LONDON. (pl.213) Side trim1 (1)1.007.10
148QEII Cover (1959) bearing 3d Wilding perfin EU/ DC & ident of Council Offices, Exmouth11.001.20
149QV 1d Red Plate Perfin L&H (pl.1?3)11.002.10
150KGV Receipt (1930) bearing 2d perfin JL/ &Co. & ident of John Lewis & Co Ltd, Oxford St, London W11.301.30
151QV 1/- Jubilee Perfin S&S Reading postmark11.002.60
152KGV Letter Receipt (1932) bearing d perfin VO/ CoL & ident of Vacuum Oil Co Ltd, Cathedral St, Glasgow. Also 2d overprinted V.O Co. Ltd.11.303.60
153Full Name Perfin PAUL on KEVII 1d10.500.50
154QEII Cover (1957) Part with flap bearing 2d Wilding perfin CSS/ Co & ident of The Cunard Steamship Co Ltd11.001.50
155Full Name Perfin KENT on KEVII 3d10.502.10
The following lots are all covers/ PPC with perfins but no idents:-
156QEII Cover (1956) bearing 2d Wilding perfin C Hounslow postmark10.300.30
157QEII Cover (1972) bearing 3p Machin perfin SB/ HMC Moseley, Birmingham postmark10.300.40
158QEII Cover (1972) bearing 3p perfin MW/ HMC Birmingham postmark10.300.80
159KEVII Cover (no date) to Denmark bearing d perfin MOSS NT in triangle postmark. Stamp has corner damage10.501.10
160KEVII Illustrated PPC (1904) depicting Brockwell Park bearing d perfin PBB/ &Co Peckham S.O postmark10.50Unsold
161KEVII Illustrated PPC (no date) depicting Miss Hylda Dugdale bearing d perfin GPO Diagonal crease on PPC.10.501.20
162KGV Illustrated PPC (1914) depicting Lynmouth, Hunters Inn bearing d perfin B/ D/ N Nottingham postmark10.500.50
163KEVII Illustrated PPC (1905) depicting The Quadrangle, Victoria University, Manchester bearing d perfin FS/ &/ Co. Manchester postmark10.500.50
164KEVII Illustrated PPC (1907) depicting lady holding Robertson lamp bearing d perfin GEC Hampstead NW postmark10.50Unsold
165KGV Illustrated PPC (no date) depicting The Palace of Womens Work, Franco-British Exhibition 1908 bearing d Downey perfin CS/ &Co London postmark10.50Unsold
166KEVII Illustrated PPC (1904) depicting The Serpentine, Hyde Park, London bearing d perfin WFD/ &Co London postmark10.50Unsold
167QEII Cover (1980) bearing 1p : 9p Machins perfin IL/ EA St Albans postmark10.30Unsold
168KEVII Illustrated PPC (1906) depicting Castle Esplanade, Edinburgh bearing d perfin L.F/ LD Edinburgh postmark10.500.60
169KEVII Illustrated PPC (1906) depicting Caversham church from the bridge bearing d perfin WW/ &S London postmark10.50Unsold
170QEII Cover (1980) bearing 3p Machin perfin LB/ RuT Twickenham postmark. Also 5p : 4 x p Machins not perfinned10.30Unsold
171KGV Cover (1920) to Barcelona bearing 2d perfin B&B London postmark10.50Unsold
172QEII Cover (1960) bearing 1d : 2d Wildings perfin OA/ BG Luton postmark10.300.60
173QEII Cover (1967) bearing 4d Wilding perfin OS/ CL London postmark10.300.30
174KGV Illustrated PPC (1913) depicting Bedford Park bearing d Downey perfin BL/ &B Bedford postmark10.50Unsold
175QEII Window Envelope (1958) bearing 2 x 1d perfin U/ D/ L Paddington postmark10.30Unsold
176KEVII Illustrated PPC (1903) long & thin depicting Rutland Barrington bearing d perfin U..C/ Co Leytonstone postmark10.500.50
177QV Cover (1877) bearing 1d Red Plate (pl.188) perfin COX Charing Cross postmark11.507.30
178QV 2d Registered Letter (1902) to Germany bearing KEVII 2d perfin AJ/ &Co Bradford postmark10.501.10
179QEII Cover (1964) bearing 3d Wilding perfin LA London postmark10.300.60
180QV Cover (1884) bearing 1d Lilac : d (SG187) perfin RS/ C Cambridge postmark11.001.00
181QEII Cover (1971) bearing 3p Machin perfin C Colchester postmark10.30Unsold
182QV 1d Red Plate Perfin P&G/ OXST (pl.176)11.205.10
183QV d Post Stat PC (1877) perfin W&A/ G through PC & ident of W&A Gilbey, Oxford St, London13.007.60
184Design Perfin Crown on QV 1d Lilac10.503.40
185QEII Trade PC (1967) bearing 3d Machin perfin AU/ DC & ident of Aberdare UDC (manuscript)11.002.60
186Full Name Perfin WILLS on QV 1d Lilac Side trim1 (1)0.50Unsold
187QV Receipt (1901) bearing 1d Lilac perfin D&Co & ident of C.C Dunkerley & Co Ltd, Store St, Manchester11.502.50
188QV 1d Red Plate Perfin R.A.C (pl.12?)11.203.10
189QV d Wrapper (1892) perfin W&W through wrapper No ident13.0010.10
190QV 1d Red Plate Perfin S.T/ &B (pl.137) Slight corner nick1 (1)1.002.10
191QEII Window Envelope (1958) bearing 3d Wilding perfin L&B & ident of Lambert & Butler, Drury Lane, London WC11.004.00
192Full Name SUTTON/ READING on QV 5d Jub Small tear1 (1)0.50Unsold
193KEVII Perfin K on d : 1d : 3d : 4d41.002.20
194KGVI Statement (1943) bearing 2d (LC) perfin JT/ &Co & ident of Joseph Teley & Co Ltd, Mansell St, London E11.201.30
195Full Name Perfin WILD on QV 1d Lilac Trim1 (1)1.003.70
196QV d Post Stat PC (1890) of Bank of Scotland perfin 17+6 through PC. Edinburgh postmark11.508.60
197Full Name Perfin CORY on KEVII d10.500.50
198KGV Receipt (1925) bearing 2d perfin J & ident of Jaeger Co Ltd, Cheapside, London EC11.201.40
199KGV Perfin E.T.L on 2d (Block of 4)41.001.10
200QEII Cover (1959) bearing 3d Wilding perfin SU/ DC & ident of Trasurers Department, Dudley Road, Sedgley11.001.60
201QV 1d Red Plate Perfin CS/ SA/ L (pl.163)11.202.90
202QV Cover (1899) bearing 1d Lilac perfin Cross Design & ident of Town Clerks Office, Carlisle11.308.60
203KEVII Perfin WHS on 2d on piece10.300.60
204KGV Perfin CA on 1d on piece. Also 2 Cavendish Labels (small)of The Greek Government perfin 23.65% STG.PAID : 43 PER CENT PAID through labels31.003.80
205QV 1d Red Plate Perfin IRVINE (pl.196) Corner perf missing1 (1)1.004.10
206KGV 1d Post Stat Cover (1914) Perfin A&N/ C.S.L through Cover No ident11.001.30
207QV 1d Venetian (SG166) Perfin SM/ &Co.. Side trim1 (1)0.500.50
208KEVII Receipt (1908) Tatty bearing d perfin P.F & ident of Peek Frean & Co Ltd, Biscuit Manufacturers, London10.500.50
209KEVII Perfin X on d 2 corners nicked1 (1)0.500.70
210KGVI Trade PC (1938) to Sweden bearing 1d (DC) perfin WH/ S & ident of W Heffer & Sons Ltd, Petty Cury, Cambridge11.202.30
211Full Name Perfin POTTER on KEVII 1d10.501.10
212QV Cover (1889) to Spain bearing 2d Jub perfin SM/ &Co & ident of Schill, Modera & Co, Manchester11.502.20
213QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin GR/ W (pl.?) Heavy postmark11.005.10
214KEVII Statement (1902) bearing d perfin G&T/ LD No ident. Picture of His Masters Voice dog and gramophone11.20Unsold
215Queen Victoria Perfin C/ AN/ S (2 diff dies) on 4d Jub : 2 x 1d Lilacs31.002.60
216QV Receipt (1875) of Atkins & Sons, Boot Manufacturers, Market Square, Dover perfin ATKINS & SON/ PAID in circle through receipt11.505.10
217KEVII Perfin HAG/ &Co on d10.301.10
218KGV Cover (1924) bearing 1d perfin GH/ AL & ident of Queens Hotel, Birmingham, London, Midland & Scottish Railway Co11.303.10
219QV 1d Lilac Perfin D&S (diagonal)10.503.00
220QV Wrapper (no date) front only perfin R&J/ H through wrapper11.007.10
221QV 1d Lilac Perfin CB (mono)10.501.10
222KGV Open Letter (1923) bearing d : 1d perfin BB No ident British Empire Exhibition 1924 postmark11.201.20
223Full Name Perfin MOSS on QV 1d Lilac10.503.00
224QV Receipt (1889) bearing 6d Contract Note perfin E&Co. No ident11.303.10
225Full Name Perfin MINTON on QV 3d Jubilee11.003.90
226QEII Cover (1966) bearing 4d Wilding perfin PAC & ident of The Prudential Assurance Co Ltd, Holborn Bars, London EC10.300.30
227Full Name Perfin C&B/ SOHO on QV 1d Lilac1 (1)0.500.50
228QEII Window Envelope (1960) bearing 3d Wilding perfin PR & ident of Dairy Supply Co Ltd, Park Royal, London NW11.001.30
229Railway Perfin LB/ SC On QV 1d Lilac11.004.10
230QEII Cover (1966) bearing 3d United Nations 20th Anniv perfin SEP (in arc)/ ./ S No ident but known to be The Security Endorsement & Perfin Society. Reading postmark11.002.10
231Full Name Perfin ELEY on KGV d10.501.10
232QEII Trade PC (1960) bearing 2d Wilding perfin U/ D/ L & ident of Unigate Ltd, Palace Court, London W10.502.60
233QV 1d Red Plate Perfin P.M (pl.193)11.206.10
234QEII Cover (1977) bearing 7p Machin perfin JM/ &Co & ident of John Mowlem & Co Ltd, Brentford, Middlesex10.500.50
235Railway Perfin GWR on QV d Green Jub11.002.60
236QEII Cover (1964) bearing 3d Wilding perfin RG & ident of The Royal Insurance Group. Chelmsford postmark10.500.50
237Full Name Perfin DIXON on KGV d Downey11.002.10
238QEII Window Envelope (1964) bearing 3d Wilding perfin OC & ident of The City Engineer, Town Hall, Oxford10.501.10
239QV 1d Red Plate Perfin ST/ &B (pl.157)11.201.20
240QV d Verm Jub Perfin CL/ +/ CCo Side trim1 (1)0.30Unsold
241KGV Cover (1934) to Germany bearing 2d perfin WW/ JLD & ident of W Wingate & Johnston Ltd, London EC11.301.50
242QV 1d Red Plate Perfin B&Co/ B&L (pl.122)11.201.30
243QEII Trade PC (1967) bearing 3d Wilding perfin BC & ident of County Borough of Bootle (manuscript)11.001.10
244Full Name Perfin PAGE on KGV 3d10.501.10
245KEVII 1d Newspaper Wrapper (no date) to Germany bearing d perfin STD & ident of The Standard, Shoe Lane, London EC11.302.60
246QV 1d Lilac Perfin B&S11.00Unsold
247KGV Trade PC (1926) to Germany bearing 1d perfin SM (S4760.06) & ident of Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co Ltd, Hall Court, London EC11.301.60
248QV 1d Red Plate underprint G.H.W & Co (pl.1?4) Poor copy11.006.10
249QEII Cover (1968) bearing 2d : 3d Machin perfin TM/ LD & ident of Thomas Moy Ltd, General Merchants, Colchester11.001.00
250QV 1d Red Plate Perfin CORY/ C (pl.146)11.206.00
251KGV Cover (1931) to Berlin bearing 4d perfin PF/ &Co & ident of Price Forbes & Co Ltd, Arthur St, London EC11.301.30
252KEVII Perfin L&P on 6d10.501.10
253KGVI Trade PC (1938) bearing d (DC) perfin NR/ C (N2750.02) & ident of The Northern Rubber Co Ltd, Retford, Notts11.201.20
254Full Name Perfin COX on QV 1d Lilac on piece Charing Cross postmark11.001.30
255KEVII Trade PC (1907) to Gotha bearing 1d perfin JL/ &Co (J4930.05) & ident of Jeremiah Lyon & Co, Lombard Court, London EC11.302.10
256QV 3d Rose Perfin JW/ &/ Co. (pl.21) Some foxing11.003.10
257KGVI Window Envelope (no date) bearing 1d (LC) perfin JB (J0460.01M) & ident of John Bull, Long Acre, London WC11.201.20
258QV 1d Red Plate Perfin COX (pl.195)11.001.60
259KGVI Cover (1940) to Iran bearing 3d (DC) perfin MB & ident of Midland Bank Ltd, Old Broad St, London EC11.201.20
260Full Name Perfin WEB/ &Co on QV 3d Lilac (SG191)11.002.10
261KGV Cover (1913) bearing 1d Downey perfin HR/ &Co (H6150.03M) & ident of Hayn Roman & Co Ltd, Great Tower St, London EC11.301.30
262QV 1d Red Plate Perfin I.C/ &Co/ B (pl.155)11.202.60
263QEII Trade PC (1957) to Sweden bearing 4d Wilding perfin HS/ LD & ident of Henry Sotheran Ltd, Booksellers & Bookbinders, Sackville St, London11.001.40
264Full Name Perfin DOWN on KEVII 5d10.502.60
265KEVII 1d Registered Letter (1902) to Germany bearing 4d perfin CFS/ &Co & ident of C.F Stahlecker & Co, Christopher St, Finsbury Sq, London11.303.00
266Full Name Perfin HEAL on KGV 1d Downey11.001.30
267QEII Window Envelope (1965) bearing 1d Wilding perfin GM & ident of Glyn, Mills & Co, Lombard St, London EC10.501.20
268QV 1d Red Plate Perfin A.G.S/ &Co (pl.192)11.203.10
269KGV/ KGVI Cover (1937) to Czechoslovakia bearing KGV 2d Photo : KGVI d (DC) perfin A/ &Co & ident of S Allcock & Co, Fishing Tackle Manufacturers, Redditch11.303.60
270Full Name Perfin JAFFE on QV 1d Lilac11.005.00
271KEVII 1d Post Stat Cover (1903) to Germany bearing d : 1d perfin A&Co & ident of Armour & Co Ltd, Holborn Viaduct, London EC11.301.30
272QV 1d Red Plate Perfin S.H/ &S (pl.108)11.204.10
273KEVII 1d Wrapper (no date) bearing d perfin WHS & ident of W.H Smith & Son, Strand, London11.202.60
274QV d Green (SG164) Perfin SB/ D11.002.10
275QEII Cover (1970) bearing 4d Machin perfin J/ A/ H & ident of The Warwick Insurance Co Ltd, Bromsgrove St, Birmingham10.503.20
276Full Name Perfin PRINT on QV 1d Lilac11.005.10
277QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin S&S (pl.14)11.207.60
278QEII Cover (1970) bearing 4d Machin perfin NS/ PCC No ident Slough postmark10.500.50
279QV d Bantam underprint COPESTAKE,/ MOORE,/ CRAMPTON & Co,/ LONDON11.0020.10
280KGVI Cover (1948) to Austria bearing 3d (LC) perfin S (Crown) O & ident of Board of Trade, Export Promotion Department, London SW11.201.20
281Full Name Perfin BASS on QV 1d Venetian (SG166) Trim1 (1)1.001.10
282QEII Window Envelope (1970) bearing 5d Machin perfin SE/ EB & ident of Seeboard. Tunbridge Wells postmark10.501.10
283KEVII Perfin WD/ &S on 2d10.300.50
284QV 2d Rose Perfin W&A/ G (pl.13)11.003.10
285QV 1d Red Plate Perfin S.M/ M (pl.140)11.206.00
286Full Name Perfin MAZA on QV 1d Lilac11.001.20
287Railway Perfin GWR on QV d Slate Blue (SG187)11.004.10
288KEVII Perfin SMS/ &S on5d10.300.30
289QEII Wildings Perfin NS/ BR on 3 x 10d : 1/- on piece with South Eastern Parcel Office postmark40.50Unsold
290QV Jubilee Perfin CWS on 1d10.301.00
291QEII Cover (1963) bearing 3d Wilding perfin PP No ident but PP in shield on flap. Preston, Lancs postmark10.500.50
292Railway Perfin LS/ WR on QV 1d Lilac London postmark11.004.10
293QV 1d Lilac Perfin B&S10.500.60
294KEVII on piece Perfin H&S on d : 3d20.500.50
295QV d Slate Blue (SG187) Perfin H.R/ &Co11.001.20
296QV 1d Venetian (SG166) Perfin D&E11.002.90
297QV 1d Red Plate Perfin S/ CLC/ S (pl.?)10.502.10
298QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin CS&Co. (pl.14) Side damage1 (1)1.003.10
299QV 6d Green (SG194) Perfin CL/ &Co.11.002.60
300KEVII Perfin J&S/ M on 2d10.30Unsold
301QV 1d Red Plate Perfin R&S/ M.L (pl.14?)11.00Unsold
302QEII Cover (1958) bearing d : 2d Wildings perfin CU/ G & ident of The Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corp Ltd. Boston, Lincs postmark10.504.00
303QV Jubilee Perfin L&C on 2d10.501.10
304Full Name Perfin GRAPHIC on QV 2d Jub10.501.00
305Railway Perfin GER on QV 1d Lilac11.003.10
306Full Name Perfin NAIRN on pair of KEVII 2d21.001.60
307QV 1d Red Plate Perfin S.H/ &S (pl.124) Side trims1 (1)1.003.10
308QV 1d Red Plate Perfin MBW (pl.134) Corner nick1 (1)1.001.00
309Full Name Perfin BUTT on KEVII d10.502.10
310QV Cover (1877) front only bearing 1d Red Plate perfin C&P/ L (pl.?) Corner missing cover. Leicester postmark, No ident11.205.10
311QV 1d Red Plate Perfin JW (pl.171)11.202.60
312Full Name Perfin HEAL on KEVII 3d (pair)21.001.70
313Full Name Perfin HUBER on KEVII d10.502.20
314QV 1d Red Plate Perfin W&A/ G (pl.175)11.203.10
315QEII 3d Post Stat Cover (1966) bearing 1d Wilding perfin BB No ident10.50Unsold
316QV 1d Red Plate Perfin HUTH (pl.146)11.004.50
317Full Name Perfin CITY/ BK on QV 1d Lilac (SG188)11.003.30
318QV 1d Red Plate Perfin KEEN/ &Co (pl.?)11.003.10
319KEVII Perfin GAZ on d10.501.30
320KGV Perfin S (crown) O on 1d10.30Unsold
321QEII Cover (1965) bearing 3d Wilding perfin HMC/ 6 No ident Norwich postmark10.500.50
322Full Name Perfin DRUCE on KEVII d1 (1)0.300.60
323KGV Perfin M&Co. on 1s (block of six)61.001.30
324QV 1d Red Plate Perfin I&R/ M (pl.107)11.201.00
325Full Name Perfin POTTER on KEVII d10.301.10
326QEII Cover (1965) bearing 3d Wilding perfin MM/ &Co No ident10.500.50
327QV 1d Red Plate Perfin LB&SCR (pl.198)11.205.10
328Full Name Perfin YOST on KGV d Downey10.501.60
329QV Jubilees on piece perfin JR/ &Co on d Verm : Green Leicester Squared Circle postmarks21.003.00
330QEII Cover (1957) bearing 2d Wilding perfin CFO/ LD & ident of County Fire Office Ltd, Clarendon Road, Watford11.001.00
331QV d Slate Blue (SG187) Perfin H&P Slight trim1 (1)0.503.10
332QV 1d Red Plate Perfin GR/ W (pl.131)11.004.80
333QV d Slate Blue (SG187) Perfin II&C/ L11.003.20
334QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin C.I.H/ &S (pl.14)1 (1)1.003.10
335KGV Perfin MA/ B on 2d10.300.80
336QEII Self Addressed Cover (no date) bearing 2p : 3p Machin perfin BL/ HMC & ident of Royal Sussex County Hospital, Eastern Road, Brighton10.500.50
337QV 1d Lilac (SG188) Perfin ES/ &Co11.002.20
338Full Name Perfin WHEEN on QV 1d Lilac11.003.10
339KGVI Delivery Note (1940) bearing 2d (DC) perfin PB & ident of The Petroleum Board. Filing holes11.201.20
340KEVII Illustrated PPC (1903) depicting Black Valley, Killarney bearing d perfin FLOUR No ident Liverpool postmark10.501.10
341QV 2d Blue Plate Perfin HUTH (pl.14)11.203.30
342KGVI Censored Cover (1944) to USA bearing d : 3d (LC) perfin BC & ident of Borax Consolidated Co Ltd, King William St, London EC11.201.20
343KGV Receipt (1927) bearing 2d perfin AM/ C & ident of Associated Manufacturers Co (London) Ltd, Aldgate, London EC. Filing holes11.301.30
344QV 1d Red Plate Perfin B&S/ L (pl.186) Bottom trim1 (1)1.002.90
345KGV Invoice (1928) bearing 2d perfin BP/ CoLD & ident of British Petroleum Co Ltd. Filing holes11.201.20
346QV d Wrapper (no date) front only perfin CR through wrapper11.503.30
347Parcel Post Label Western District Office Perfin M&S on KEVII 4d11.002.60
348KGVI Receipt (1943) bearing 2d (LC) perfin CC/ W & ident of C.C Wakefield & Co Ltd, Beaconsfield, Bucks11.201.40
349KGVI Statement (1944) bearing 2d (LC) perfin T&/ WF & ident of T&W Farmiloe Ltd, Rochester Row, Westminster11.201.20
350Full Name Perfin GRAPHIC on KEVII d10.301.10