Auction No. 2 (2010)

All lots are GB unless otherwise stated and all reserves are expressed in pounds.

Could all members that bid through email please put your address and method of payment on your email.

Bidding steps: Bids will advance in 10p stages.

This auction closed on 30th September 2010.

Enquiries can be sent by email to John Donner: or send to john dot donner at btinternet dot com (with dot and at replaced by the appropriate symbols!)
Please include your name and postal address when bidding.

This auction has ended.
1QV Jubilees ADD1306.0022.10
2Switzerland Cover (1908) bearing 10c perfin S.H.O. & ident of Sunlight, Seifenfabrik Helvetia, Olten11.30Unsold
3USA DDF662.505.10
4QV 1d Red Plate Perfin GR/ S (pl.215) Corner trim1 (1)1.002.80
5QV Cover (1901) front only to Savona bearing 2d Jub perfin WP/ LD. & ident of William Petersen Ltd, Newcastle Upon Tyne11.505.30
6QV 2/6d Perfin KS/ &Co11.006.10
7KGV Silver Jubilees ADD on 1d105.007.60
8USA Precancels DDF452.005.60
9Germany ADD582.005.10
10Overprints Corporation/ of/ Brighton : GREENWICH/ BOROUGH/ COUNCIL. : Corporation/ of/ Liverpool on KEVII 1d33.006.20
11Germany Cover (1922) bearing 1M Germania perfin FJ/ M & ident of FIM Messamt, Frankfurt11.504.60
12KGV Downeys ADD523.008.10
13QV Entire (1874) bearing 1d Red Plate (170) perfin GLYN & identity of Glyn Mills & Currie (manuscript)13.0010.20
14Board of Trade Perfin Crown/ B.T on KEVII 2d : 9d21.205.10
15Yugoslavia ADD (23) DDF1103.5020.10
16KGV Trade PC (1920) bearing 1d perfin PW/ &A & ident of Parker, Winder & Achurch Ltd, Birmingham11.304.10
17QV 1d Venetian ADD21 (6)4.0012.10
18KEVII 2/6d Perfin SG11.002.10
19Bavaria Window Envelope (1913) bearing 10pf King Luitpold perfin MK (mono) & ident of M Kunreuther, Furth11.508.10
20QV 2d Blue (SG157) Perfin SDB/ &S/ M (pl.22 : 23)21.201.20
21QEII Machins from non perfin collector1000+10.0055.60
22KGV Demand Note (1929) bearing 2d perfin D.C & ident of County Borough of Derby, Babington Lane, Derby. Filing hole11.201.20
23QEII Window Envelope (1980) bearing 10p Machin perfin PF/ TS & ident of Preston Farmers Ltd11.003.60
24KEVII ADD1264.0015.00
25KGV Postal Union Congress ADD on d50(2)8.0012.10
26KGVI Statement (1946) bearing 2d (LC) overprinted RECEIVED FOR/ LLOYD./ ATTREE & SMITH11.506.20
27KGV British Empire Exhibition Perfin CB on 1d (1924) Corner nick1 (1)1.00Unsold
28Hong Kong ADD (32) MDDF603.0038.80
29KGV Seahorses Perfin FS/ W : FP/ CL : S&S : SB/ SA : HB/ &COY on 2/6d52.0015.00
30QEII Wildings/ Machins Collectors Duplicates2502.006.60
31Germany Trade PC (1923) bearing 10pf Posthorn : 2 x 2.50M perfin G.T. & ident of Gebr. Tietz, Berlin11.507.10
32KGV DDF1054.008.10
33QV 6d Grey (SG147) Perfin H.Z (pl.14)11.201.60
34Overprints KGVI QEII ADD1005.0018.10
35QV 3d Rose (SG144) Perfin C (anchor) C (pl.19)11.205.10
36Belgium Registered Cover (1928) to Norway bearing 2 x 1f.75 King Albert perfin AM/ DT & ident of Agence Maritime de Keyser Thornton, Anvers. Filing holes11.502.10
37All Reigns in stockbook from non perfin collector QV-QEII Duplication500+5.0026.70
38QV Entire (1886) to Finland bearing 2d Lilac (SG190) perfin S&G & ident of Scheydt & Gallatly, London13.0010.10
39KEVII Return of Traffic PC (1911) bearing d perfin GWR & ident of The Great Western Railway12.0016.10
40Austria Commencing letters C-G DDF1417.0012.10
41KGVI Receipt (1942) of The Boiler & Electrical Insurance Co Ltd bearing 2d (DC) overprinted BRITISH/ ENGINE11.507.90
42KGV Trade PC (1921) bearing d : 1d perfin RD/ &C & ident of Rownson, Drew & Clydesdale Ltd, Upper Thames St, London EC11.303.30
43All Reigns QV(27) : KEVII(49) : KGV(92) : KEVIII(10) : KGVI(37) : QEII(22) ADD2378.0022.10
44Switzerland Cover (1917) bearing 10c Tell perfin CARLIS & ident of Martin Carlisch Somne, Zurich12.008.10
45QV 3d Rose (SG158) Perfin SMS/ &T (pl.21)11.202.10
46USA Precancels Small towns only1105.0015.10
47Portugal DDF151.001.60
48KGVI Trade PC (1947) bearing 1d (LC) perfin L/ &Co/ LD & ident of Lister & Co Ltd, Manningham Mills, Bradford11.201.20
49Netherlands MDD1104.0012.10
50KEVII Receipt (1905) bearing 1d overprinted RECEIVED FOR/ GAME, SON, HARRISON/ & LARNER, LTD. Filing holes12.007.10
51Germany ADD (110) DDF120(5)5.0012.60
52Switzerland Window Envelope (1913) bearing 10c perfin R.J./ C. & ident of Rob Jacob & Co, Winterthur11.30Unsold
53Denmark ADD291.002.60
54Overprints Companies DDF40 (2)4.0012.70
55Germany Cover (1928) bearing 15pf Kant perfin POL & ident of Polizeiprasident Berlin12.008.20
56QEII Machins ADD1672.506.10
57France ADD802.5011.70
58KGV Statement (1926) bearing 2d perfin T/ Y & ident of Joseph Terry & Sons Ltd, York. Filing holes. Some red ink staining11.301.30
59KEVII 2/6d Perfin BB11.003.10
60Canada Collectors duplicates200+4.004.00
61Switzerland Trade PC (1937) bearing 10c perfin W.F. & ident of Walter Fierz & Co, Zurich11.502.60
62KEVIII ADD432.005.80
63Netherlands ADD1258.0018.10
64QV Cover (1901) to Italy bearing 2d Jub perfin P.B/ &Co. & ident of Pyman, Bell & Co, Newcastle Upon Tyne11.508.90
65KGVI Statement (1952) bearing 2d (CC) overprinted The/ Sheffield/ Telegraph/ &/ Star Limited11.5012.60
66KGV ADD1063.507.60
67KGV Registered Cover (1919) bearing 2x1d : 1d perfin Q/ AB & ident of Queen Annes Bounty. Cover roughly opened13.003.00
68Ireland ADD (20) DDF522.504.10
69QV Wrapper (no date) bearing d (SG164) perfin JT/ &S & ident of Joseph Travers & Sons, London12.503.20
70QV 1d Lilacs ADD1007.0017.10
71Belgium Window Envelope (1955) bearing 2F King Baudouin perfin H.C. & ident of Henry Cornet S.A, Bruxelles11.507.30
72Austria MDDF171.001.20
73QV 2d Blue (SG157) Perfin LACY (pl.22 : 23)21.201.20
74QEII Wildings/ Machins Values to 2 DDF3725.0015.10
75Germany Trade PC (1923) bearing 40pf Posthorn perfin GK & ident of Gustav Knauer, Berlin11.503.60
76Kings KEVII (135) : KGV (125) : KEVIII (20) : KGVI (70) ADD3507.0037.60
77French Morroco DDF (17) Duplication543.0023.10
78KGV Advice Note PC (1922) bearing d perfin GNR & ident of The Great Northern Railway. Postmark Doncaster11.506.10
79QEII Machins ADD2653.508.10
80Sweden in stockbook ADD (91) DDF40520.0046.70
81KGVI Trade PC (1952) bearing d (CC) : 1d (LC) perfin NPI & ident of The National Provident Institution11.201.20
82Overprint Received for/ W.TARN & CO. on QV 1d Inland Revenue (small)11.5010.10
83KEVII 2/6d Perfin SUTTON/ &/ SONS Small corner nick1 (1)1.005.10
84Newfoundland Perfin AYRE DDF6 (1)1.001.30
85KEVII ADD140(5)5.0016.10
86Austria Cover (1916) bearing 5h perfin N.U. & ident of Norbert Ulmann, Wien12.00Unsold
87KGVI ADD1013.007.00
88Belgium 10c Post Stat PC (1918) to Germany perfin DRV&C through PC & ident of De Ridder, Vekemans & Co12.0024.10
89Kings KEVII (43) : KGV (47) : KEVIII (13) : KGVI (32) ADD1354.0010.10
90Mauritius DDF253.005.20
91KGVI Demand Note (1948) from The County Borough of Warrington bearing 2d (LC) overprinted WARRINGTON/ CORPORATION11.503.10
92QV 1d Lilacs ADD663.0011.10
93Germany Registered Cover (1923) bearing 4 x 10M Reapers perfin FK & ident of Fr.Kaiser, Waiblingen-Stuttgart11.508.10
94Greece Collectors duplicates175+4.0012.60
95USA ADD512.006.10
96QV Cover (1892) bearing 1d Lilac perfin RV/ CL & ident of Rother Vale Collieries Ltd, Rotherham12.0010.20
97Luxembourg Cover (1918) to Switzerland bearing 2 x 12c : 3 x 10c Queen perfin WE. & ident of Vereinigte Huttenwerke Burbach, Werk Esch11.2010.30
98KGV ADD882.507.60
99Germany Perfins on high value Germania 40pf - 4M ADD332.506.60
100KGV Trade PC (1921) bearing 1d perfin N&S & ident of Joseph Nichols & Son Ltd, Cheapside Wire Works, Birmingham. Corner crease on PC11.303.00
101Overprints Councils Letters D L MDD505.0015.70
102Switzerland Window Envelope (1928) bearing 20c Tell perfin E.W./ C. & ident of Escher Wyss & C0, Zurich11.305.10
103QV 2d Blue/ Rose ADD (Pl.13 23)168.0020.10
104KGV Trade PC (1926) bearing 1d perfin SELL & ident of Sells Ltd, Fleet St, London EC11.502.10
105Railway Perfin GNR on KEVII 2/6d Purple handstamp EX part of EXAMINED11.207.10
106KGVI ADD1323.507.10
107Overprints KGV KGVI DDF65 (2)6.5022.20
108KGV Statement (1922) bearing 2d perfin WG/ &S & ident of William Goodacre & Sons Ltd, Victoria Docks, London E. Filing holes11.301.30
109Romania Collectors duplicates On & off piece300+5.0016.00
110Board of Trade Perfin Crown/ B.T on QV 1d : 5d Jubs21.205.10
111QEII Wildings ADD801.504.10
112Overprint ARTHUR & COMPY./ Limited on QV 1d Inland Revenue (small)11.505.20
113Germany Cover (1924) bearing 10M Inflation perfin HD/ A & ident of Hageda A.G, Berlin12.005.10
114KGVI Invoice (1938) bearing d perfin ST/ &B & ident of Spencer Tuner & Boldero Ltd, London NW & 2d (DC) overprinted RECEIVED FOR/ S.T & B.Ltd12.005.10
115Netherlands DDF451.5014.80
116KGVI Values to 5/- DDF135(6)2.007.60
117KGVI Invoice (1949) of The National Banzole Co Ltd bearing 2d (LC) overprinted RECEIVED FOR/ N.B CO.LTD11.509.10
118Bavaria DDF27 (4)3.003.60
119KGVI High Values ADD322.005.80
120Germany ADD1064.508.80
121QV 6d Grey (SG147) Perfin B..B/ &Co (pl.13)11.202.90
122QV Cover (1897) bearing 1d Lilac perfin IC/ &Co & ident of Ind Coope & Co Ltd, Burton on Trent12.003.60
123Luxembourg ADD (14) DDF1705.0017.30
124KGV PUC MDDF55 (2)7.0015.10
125KGV Silver Jubilees Perfins FFC : FBC : H : L : R.P/ &S : T.B.B. on 2d64.008.10
126KGV Receipt (1937) bearing 2d Photo perfin BG & ident of Guildford Corporation. Filing holes11.201.20
127Overprint Received for/ WILLIAM/ WHITELEY on QV 1d Lilac11.003.10
128All Reigns QV(45) : KEVII(62) : KGV(83) : KEVIII(8) : KGVI(56) : QEII(23) ADD2778.0022.10
129Germany ADD762.506.10
130QV Cover (1875) bearing 1d Red Plate (160) perfin GR/ W & ident of The Great Western Railway13.0010.20
131World Mix ADD2505.0012.10
132Sweden Cover (1935) to Germany bearing 25 ore Gustav V perfin WS&Co (mono) & ident of Wilh. Sonesson & Co, Malmo11.501.80
133KGV UPU Congress ADD555.0022.60
134KGV Receipt (1935) bearing 2d Photo overprinted RECEIVED FOR/ THE TIMES/ Publishing/ Company, Ltd12.006.20
135QEII Eliptical Machins DDF1055.0014.80
136Germany Cover (1918) to Denmark bearing 2 x 10pf Germania perfin DGSMAG (mono) & ident of Dresdner Gardinen und Spitzen Manufactur, Actiengesellschaft, Dresden12.004.60
137QV Jubilees ADD1064.0020.10
138QV 3d Rose Perfin C.D/ &Co (pl.12 : 15)21.202.60
139KGV Cover (1922) to Austria-Hungary bearing 3d perfin P/ B/ Co & ident of The Produce Brokers Co Ltd11.301.60
140Hungary Collectors duplicates3503.008.10
141Denmark Cover (1920) to Switzerland bearing 10 ore King perfin O&Co & ident of Ostergaard & Co, Copenhagen11.20246.60
142All Reigns QV(27) : KEVII(34) : KGV(37) : KEVIII(2) : KGVI(17) : QEII(38) ADD1553.507.60
143KGV Receipt (1912) bearing 1d Downey overprinted Received with/ thanks for H. BANNERMAN/ & SONS, LTD12.5010.10
144QEII Cover (1958) bearing 3d Wilding perfin UB/ LD & ident of Unwin Brothers Ltd, Old Woking, Surrey11.001.00
145USA Precancels Small towns only ADD1125.0014.20
146QEII Machins ADD1292.004.10
147All Reigns in stockbook QV-QEII Vast collection2500+20.00135.10
148Ireland Cover (1964) bearing 1p Map of Ireland : 4p Wolfe Tone perfin C.I.E. & ident of Coras Iompair Eire11.201.20
149Bavaria ADD29 (1)3.007.20
150Overprint RECEIVED/ WITH THANKS/ FOR/ OLNEY, AMSDEN/ & SONS. on QV 1d Lilac11.508.10
151KGV Silver Jubilees DDF238.0012.10
152Switzerland Trade PC(1919) bearing 7c Tell boy perfin B.L. & ident of Bamberger, Leroi & Co, Zurich11.304.10
153QV Receipt (1891) bearing 1d Lilac overprinted Received for/ EDWARD AND/ THOMAS PINK. Some loss to bottom of receipt12.006.20
154KGV ADD1233.5012.00
155KEVII Trade PC (1909) bearing d perfin LB/ SC & ident of The London Brighton & South Coast Railway12.0010.20
156Australia Mainly Officials DDF581.20Unsold
157Germany Cover (1923) bearing 10 x 2000 Inflation (on back of cover) perfin L&Co.. & ident of Lichtenstern & Co, Berlin11.505.10
158QV 1d Lilacs ADD 50% faults but perfins sound42 (21)2.004.10
159QV 2d Blue (SG157) Perfin JAFFE (pl.21 : 22)21.202.60
160KGV Receipt (1929) bearing 2d overprinted THE LIVERPOOL/ GAS CO. Advertisement on back of receipt depicting Gas Cookers13.006.20
161Overprint Received for/ COOK, SON & Co. on QV Inland Revenue (large)15.0010.10
162All Reigns QV KGV on piece ADD502.505.10
163India About 1500 perfins QV-QEII Nice lot150010.0067.10
164KGVI Cover (no date) bearing 1d (DC) perfin WWW & ident of The Worldwide Wholesale Warehouses, Charles St, Manchester11.201.20
165QEII Wildings ADD1082.005.10
166KEVII ADD1654.0017.10
167QV Cover (1894) to Germany bearing 2d perfin DB & ident of Deutsche Bank (Berlin) London Agency, Lombard St, London EC11.505.90
168Japan Some Duplication33 (4)3.006.70
169KGV Receipt (1922) bearing 2d overprinted FOR H.H & S. BUDGETT & Co.LTD. (in arc)/ BRISTOL. Filing holes12.006.20
170KEVIII ADD343.003.60
171Overprints on QEII Collectors duplicates100+2.0011.20
172QV 1d Red Plates All seconds, perfins sound52 (52)5.0042.60
173KGV Cover (1921) to Switzerland bearing 2d perfin SB/ C & ident of The Swiss Bank Corp, Lothbury, London EC11.201.50
174Germany Trade PC (1932) to Switzerland bearing 3 x 5pf Hindenburg perfin VD/ B & ident of Verbandszeitung Deutscher Blumengeschaftsinhaber, Berlin11.502.60
175Netherlands Collectors duplicates inc covers (7)550+15.0035.10
176Overprint Received/ FOR/ WM. MORLEY/ AND GRAY,/ With thanks on QV 1d Lilac11.507.10
177Germany Cover (1912) bearing 20pf Germania perfin BB & ident of Bd Blumenfeld, Hamburg11.505.60
178KGV ADD2034.0017.60
179Ceylon Cover (1926) to Switzerland bearing 2 x 2c KGV Tapping Rubber perfin C&Co. (split) & ident of Carson & Co Ltd, Colombo12.007.60
180All Reigns QV(10) : KEVII(13) : KGV(23) : KGVI(13) : QEII(34) ADD932.505.10
181KGVI ADD1053.006.10
182KEVII Illustrated PC (1905) depicting boat J.S The Queen leaving Dover bearing d perfin SE/ CR & ident of The South Eastern & Chatham Railway12.0020.10
183France Cover (1929) to Switzerland bearing 1f50 Pasteur perfin CNE & ident of Comptoir National DEscompte de Paris11.503.10
184QV 2d Jubs Collectors Duplicates Heavy duplication600+4.0013.10
185KGV Receipt (1933) bearing d perfin I&R/ M & ident of I&R Morley, Wood St, London EC. Also 2d overprinted Received for/ I&R Morley12.504.60
186Kings KEVII (23) : (KGV (26) : KGVI (26) ADD752.503.60
187QV 3d on 3d Perfin J/ G&Co (pl.21)11.007.30
188QV Jubilees ADD1305.0013.10
189KEVII Receipt (1908) bearing 1d overprinted RECEIVED/ FOR/ Petty, Wood & Co. Ld. Filing holes12.009.10
190Denmark Vast collection of collectors duplicates. Estimate thousands3000+15.00Unsold
191KEVII Registered Letter (1910) to Switzerland bearing 1d perfin H & ident of Howse, Mead & Sons Ltd, St Pauls Churchyard, London11.503.60
192QEII Cover (1972) bearing 2p Machin perfin STA/ C & ident of St Albans City Council11.001.00
193QEII Wildings ADD1072.005.10
194Germany ADD1884.0017.10
195KGV Statement (1920) bearing d perfin W&/ DH & ident of W&D Harvest, Dowgate Dock, London EC. Also 1d overprinted RECEIVED/ FOR/ W.& D. HARVEST12.505.20
196QEII Wildings/ Machins Collectors duplicates300+2.008.10
197Egypt Registered Cover (1931) to Switzerland bearing 2 x 20M King perfin TC/ &S & ident of Thos Cook & Son Ltd, Near Shepheards Hotel, Cairo12.5010.10
198Europe Perfins from 5 different counries ADD873.007.10
199QV 4d Vermillion (SG94) Perfin T (pl.13)11.001.60
200QEII Machins DDF3885.0015.10
201KGVI Coronation Perfin LU/ &R : H.H.W/ L : GE/ C : L.D./ M. : M : MV/ Co. ADD63.004.10
202Switzerland Cover (1913) bearing 10c perfin W&Co. & ident of Wanner & Cie S.A, Horgen11.30Unsold
203KGV Silver Jubilees ADD on d values125.007.60
204QEII Commems MDDF131.505.10
205QV 2d Blue (SG157) Perfin J.V.F/ Co (pl.21 : 22) Slight trim2 (1)1.002.10
206KGV ADD1303.507.60
207QV 6d on 6d Perfin HUTH (pl.18)11.008.90
208KEVII Trade PC (1907) bearing d perfin LS/ WR & ident of The London & South Western Railway. Havant postmark12.0010.20
209QV Jubilees ADD873.009.10
210Overprint LONDON/ & COUNTY/ BANKING/ COMPY.,LTD on QV 1d Lilac11.506.70
211QEII Cover (1969) bearing 4d Machin perfin R/ &Co & ident of Herbert Reeves & Co, Solicitors, Copthall Ave, London EC11.001.10
212Belgium ADD553.006.10
213Germany Cover (1922) bearing 1M Germania : 2pf Posthorn perfin TIE & ident of Hermann Tietz, Berlin11.507.60
214KEVII 2/6d Perfin SBD Some staining11.004.10
215KEVIII ADD382.005.80
216Overprints Councils Commencing letters B-C MDD505.0015.70
217QV 3d on 3d Perfin G&Co (pl.21)11.003.90
218QEII Window Envelope (1964) bearing 2d Wilding perfin SR/ DC & ident of Smallburgh Rural District Council, Stalham, Norwich11.001.30
219World Mix ADD2004.508.10
220Germany Trade PC (1923) bearing 2 x 30pf Posthorn perfin W.J. & ident of W Junk, Berlin11.20Unsold
221QV Receipt (1896) bearing 1d Lilac perfin US/ &S & ident of Udal Sons & Symonds, Birmingham12.504.10
222KGV Silver Jubilees Perfins C&Co. : J&S/ N : LH : L&S : LR : PJ : PR/ L on 1d7 (1)3.005.10
223Overprint Prudential/ Assurance/ Company. On QV 1d Inland Revenue (Small)11.002.60
224Germany from a collection Commencing letter G Many different dies. Vast collection750+30.00110.50
225KGVI ADD882.504.60
226QV 2d Blue (SG157) Perfin M&N/ M (pl.22 : 23)21.201.20
227QEII Window Envelope (1970) bearing 4d Machin perfin SD/ WB & ident of The South Derbyshire Water Board, Tenant St, Derby11.001.30
228Netherlands Pokos ADD271.504.60
229QV Receipt (1901) bearing 1d Lilac perfin RSB & ident of R Salmon Backhouse & Co, Park Row, Leeds12.508.90
230Germany Trade PC (1922) to Switzerland bearing 3 x 4pf Posthorn perfin CZ & ident of Carl Zeiss Jena11.502.30
231QEII Machins ADD2112.508.80
232QEII Window Envelope (1969) bearing 2 x 2d Machins perfin PY/ Co & ident of The Pyrene Co Ltd, Grear West Road, Brentford11.002.20
233KEVIII ADD613.006.10
234KEVII Cover (1908) bearing 1d perfin R.H/ L & ident of The Ritz Hotel, London. Roughly opened12.004.70
235All Reigns from non perfin collector On/ off piece QV QEII300+5.0021.10
236KGV Receipt (1916) bearing 1d overprinted Received for/ WILLIAM/ WHITELEY,/ LTD. Filing hole12.004.20
237Sweden Window Envelope (1915) bearing 10 ore King perfin B.E. & ident of Broderna Edstrand, Malmo. Some flap missing11.503.10
238KEVII ADD1444.0016.00
239Bosnia & Herzogovina ADD (6) DDF292.0018.10
240QEII Window Envelope (1959) bearing 2d Wilding perfin H&L & ident of Hart & Levy11.001.10
241Switzerland Cover (1915) bearing 15c Tell perfin GF & ident of Georg Fischer, Schaffhusen12.007.10
242Queen Victoria DDF Mainly lilacs/ Jubs85 (4)5.0016.10
243World Mix ADD572.004.60
244Board of Trade Perfin Crown/ B.T on QV d Verm : 2d Jubs21.205.30
245USA Precancels Small towns only ADD1155.0014.70
246QEII Window Envelope (1962) bearing 3d Wilding perfin LO & ident of L Orlik Ltd, Old Bond St, London W11.001.00
247KGV Receipt (1924) of The Guildford Gas Light & Coke Co bearing 2d overprinted GUILDFORD/ GAS COMPANY.12.004.20
248Germany ADD1655.0019.60
249Sweden Trade PC (1922) bearing 10 ore Lion perfin ASEA & ident of Allmanna Svenska Elektriska Aktiebolaget11.501.50
250KGV Seahorses Perfin J : E/ LTD : FS/ W on 2/6d32.005.10
251QV 3d Rose Perfin S.L/&Co. (pl.21)11.201.20
252KEVII ADD411.504.60
253Germany Trade PC (1936) bearing 6pf Hindenburg perfin S.D. & ident of Suddeutsche Drahtindustrie Aktlengesellschaft12.006.10
254All Reigns QV(27) : KEVII(55) : KGV(102) : KEVIII(12) : KGVI(60) : QEII(28) ADD2848.0023.10
255KEVII ADD753.008.10
256QEII Cover (1958) bearing 3d Wilding perfin LMS & ident of The London Missionary Society, Westminster, London SW11.001.30
257QV Cover (1890) bearing 1d Lilac : d Verm Jub perfin DD/ &L & ident of Drake, Driver & Leaver Ltd, Ludgate Hill, London EC12.008.90
258QEII Machins ADD1873.007.60
259Contract Note Perfin D&C on KGV 1s : JC/ Co on KGVI 2s : VG/ &Co on QEII 1s31.004.60
260KGV Cover (1923) bearing 1d perfin SP/ H & ident of The Strand Hotel Ltd. British Empire Exhibition 1924 postmark12.0010.10
261KGV Silver Jubilees ADD on 1d values105.007.60
262QV Entire(1875) to Italy bearing 2d Rose (pl.1) perfin L.N/ &Co.. & ident of Leo Negri & Co, Liverpool14.0012.10
263Bavaria ADD (130) DDF41020.00105.10
264QEII Window Envelope (1969) bearing 1d Wilding perfin L&G & ident of Leslie & Godwin Ltd, London. Also 4d Machin (not perfinned)11.001.30
265World Mix ADD1134.008.10
266Overprints Councils Commencing letters M-S MDD505.0016.70
267QV d Postal Stat PC (1873) with Sloper Clip. Bank of England Branch printed on reverse (Manchester)110.0015.10
268Germany Cover (1930) bearing 8pf Ebert perfin RMM & ident of R.M Maassen, Berlin12.006.10
269QEII Wildings ADD1292.504.20
270KGV British Empire Exhibition Perfin W&S (2 diff dies) on 1d (1924 : 1925)21.003.10
271Germany ADD1104.0011.10
272Council Overprints Commencing letters T Y KGVI QEII202.008.90
273KEVII Receipt (1908) bearing 1d overprinted Received for/ GALBRAITH,/ GRANT, LIMITED12.0010.10
274KGV ADD1343.5011.10
275Queen Victoria No Jubs/ Lilacs ADD495.0025.10
276KGV Seahorses Perfin W&S 92 diff dies) on 2/6d : 10/-21.007.70
277German Occupation of Belgium ADD (4) MDDF122.506.10
278Kings KEVII (16) : KGV (26) : KGVI (20) ADD622.005.80
279World Mix ADD591.506.10
280QV 6d on 6d Perfin C.L/ L (pl.18)11.002.70
281Germany ADD1003.505.80
282KGV Receipt (1924) bearing 2d perfin R.S/ &J & ident of Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies Ltd, Ipswich11.201.20
283QV Cover (no date) bearing d Green Jub perfin JOL/ &Co & ident of James OLambert & Co, Hull11.501.50
284QEII Wildings DDF2413.009.10
285KGV Seahorses Perfin GT : C/ AN/ S : B&J/ M : W/ H : FP/ B on 2/6d : M on 5/-61.5015.00
286KEVII Illustrated Trade PC (1903) depicting The Carlton Hotel bearing 1d perfin CH/ LTD.12.0010.20
287KGV Values 8d 1/- ADD603.006.30
288KGVI Cover (1937) bearing 1d (DC) perfin CWS & ident of Co-operative Wholesale Society Ltd, St Mary St, Cardiff11.202.50
289QEII Machins ADD1232.503.60
290Belgium ADD502.503.10
291QEII Cover (1957) bearing 2d Wilding perfin LF/ CS & ident of Leigh Friendly Co-op Society Ltd, Leigh, Lancs11.002.10
292KEVII ADD1454.0013.30
293Germany Trade PC (1932) bearing 3pf : 20pf Ebert perfin GF/ M & ident of Gebr. Franke, Muhlhaufen11.505.60
294World ADD1383.508.10
295QV 2/6d Perfin U..C/ Co Small tear in LH side of stamp1 (1)1.003.10
296Germany ADD1194.009.70
297QV 2d Blue (SG157) Perfin JB&Co (pl.22 : 23)21.201.20
298KGV Photos ADD1204.008.10
299QV Receipt (1901) bearing 1d Lilac overprinted Received for/ R. Hovenden/ & Sons, Ltd13.008.10
300KGV Silver Jubilees ADD on 1d125.009.10
301Austria Commencing letter A DDF1667.0011.10
302Germany Cover (1911) to Switzerland bearing 20pf Germania perfin MAAS & ident of Adolph Maas & Co, Berlin11.50Unsold
303Foreign Bills Perfins on QV KEVII DDF35 (2)3.5018.30
304QV Receipt (1895) bearing 1d Lilac perfin Shield design & ident of Leicester Corporation13.005.10
305World Mix ADD2004.5010.10
306KGV Statement (1927) bearing 2d overprinted CROSSE & BLACKWELL/ (MFG.Co,) LTD. Filing holes12.009.10
307Bohemia & Moravia ADD (29) DDF888.0056.90
308QEII Cover (1958) bearing 3d Wilding perfin HD/ &C & ident of Herring, Dewick & Cripps, Coleman St, London EC11.001.00
309KGV Seahorses Perfin ELW : W.M/ &Co : W&S : H on 2/6d ADD42.009.10
310USA ADD1453.5011.10
311Canada ADD251.201.30
312QV Receipt (1901) bearing 1d Lilac overprinted W.J./ BUSH & CO./ LTD. Filing holes13.0011.10
313All Reigns QV(50) : KEVII(19) : KGV(40) : KEVIII(11) : QEII(60) ADD1804.5012.10
314USA ADD1103.009.00
315Romania Cover (no date) bearing 6L perfin H&H & ident of Jacob Haffner & Heinrich Harth, Bucharest12.004.50
316KEVIII ADD513.007.10
317Commems KGVI QEII ADD163.007.10
318QEII Cover (1969) bearing 4d Machin perfin LC & ident of Luton Corporation Transport, Bute St, Luton11.001.00
319Italy ADD2115.0017.60
320Board of Trade Perfin Crown/ B.T on KEVII 1d : 2d : 3d : 4d42.0014.20
321Hungary Cover (no date) bearing 10F Tural perfin B.F. & ident of Braun Es Fleischman, Budapest11.501.80
322World Mix from non perfin collector753.0014.90
323KGV Cover (1932) to Finland bearing 2d perfin FM & ident of Foy Morgan & Co Ltd, Leadenhall St, London EC11.301.30
324KGV Photos ADD1003.507.10
325QV Entire Shipping Advice (1871) bearing 1d Red Plate (121) perfin B.B/ &Co & ident of Bahr, Behrend & Co, Liverpool13.0013.60
326KEVII DDF11210.0012.10
327France DDF211.204.90
328QEII Cover (1961) bearing 3d Wilding perfin LEP & ident of LEP Transport Ltd, Shelton St, London WC11.001.00
329KGVI ADD1293.506.90
330QV Receipt (1896) bearing 1d Lilac perfin K&T/ LD & ident of Kearley & Tonge Ltd, Mitre Square, London EC13.003.60
331KGV Postal Union Congress ADD on 1d ADD60 (2)8.0013.10
332QEII Cover (1958) bearing 2d Wilding perfin CFO/ LD & ident of County Fire Office Ltd, St Vincent St, Glasgow11.001.10
333QV 2d Blue (SG157) Perfin WM (pl.22 : 23)21.201.20
334Austria in stockbook ADD (196) DDF2875.0030.10
335KGVI Cover (no date) bearing 1d (LC) perfin I/ CS & ident of International Correspondence Schools Ltd, Kingsway, London11.201.20
336QEII Machins ADD2063.008.60
337Council Overprints KGV QEII MDDF756.0020.70
338QV Receipt (1899) of The Railway Advertising Dept bearing 1d Lilac overprinted Received for/ W.H SMITH/ & SON. Filing hole13.008.20
339KGV Downeys ADD704.007.60
340Germany ADD1164.5010.10
341QV 2d Blue (SG157) Perfin W/ GC/ L (pl.23)11.003.10
342KEVII ADD973.5010.10
343Full Names inc ADAM : BLISS : HOYLES : DRAY OETZMAN ADD757.0020.70
344QEII Window Envelope (1982) bearing 1p : 11p Machin perfin BH/ D & ident of The Brighton Health District11.001.00
345QV 2d Blue (SG157) Perfin S&Co (pl.21 : 23)21.201.20
346KGV Downeys ADD442.006.60
347KGVI Trade PC (no date) bearing 1d (CC) perfin HG/ SL & ident of Headquarter & General Supplies Ltd, Loughborough Junction, London SE11.201.80
348USA Precancels Small towns only ADD1205.0016.20
349KGV ADD1153.008.10
350QV 2d Blue (SG157) Perfin S.C.O (pl.22 : 23)21.202.20