Perfin Society Auction No. 113

This auction closed on 5th September 2018.

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Those lots with a # after the lot number have an illustration available, which can be viewed by clicking the lot number to open the illustration in a new tab.

1All reigns - initial letter L - QV-72 (11); KEVII-104 (15); KGV-168 (18); KEVIII-25 (3); KGVI-153 (11); QEII-596 (22) - DDF - all different to the ADD lot1118 (80)16.00130.90
2All reigns - initial letter L - QV-87 (8); KEVII-42 (4); KGV-104 (9), KEVIII-13 (1); KGVI-78 (8); QEII-71 (3) - includes commemoratives & high values - ADD395 (33)14.0055.10
3All reigns - initial letters A-M QV-88 (3); KEVII-138 (3); KGV-187 (4); KEVIII-13; KGVI-171(2); QEII Wilding-190; sd Machin-80; decimal Machin-208 (1); elliptical-11; regional-7 - DDF1093 (13)20.00150.10
4All reigns - initial letters mainly C, I, L, P, R - considerable duplication - condition mixed - proceeds will go to MS Society so please bid generously110020.00165.60
5All reigns - QV-53 (3); KEVII-104; KGV-145 (1); KEVIII-10; KGVI-106 (2); QEII Wilding-107 (1); sd machin-34 (1); decimal Machin-95 (1); elliptical-8; regional-1 - DDF663 (9)15.00100.10
6All reigns - QV-94; KEVII-91; KGV-193; KGVI-102, QEII Wildings-108 - ADD58812.0048.40
7All reigns - seconds - various damage such as missing holes, totally blind punch, thins, tears, discolouration, clipped or short perforations, partials etc.100010.0014.20
8All reigns - seconds - various damage such as missing holes, totally blind punch, thins, tears, discolouration, clipped or short perforations, partials etc.100010.0014.20
9All reigns - seconds - various damage such as missing holes, totally blind punch, thins, tears, discolouration, clipped or short perforations, partials etc.100010.0020.60
10All reigns but mainly QEII Machins - at least 23 different initial letter L dies sorted into packets by die - range of issues / values for each die, but with very considerable duplication - proceeds will go to MS Society so please bid generously2000+10.0010.00
11All reigns on/off paper - totally unsorted - from a non-GB collector800+6.00101.10
12Four Kings - 32 DDF471.002.10
13Four Kings - KEVII-128; KGV-202; KEVIII-24; KGVI-130 - ADD48412.0033.60
14Four Kings - KEVII-73; KGV-144; KEVIII-2; KGVI-74 - DDF29315.0020.60
15Full Names - ADD8710.0030.10
16Full Names - BIRK/BECK (& duplicate), BIBBY, SINGER, DELIUS pair; Design - cross (0270.01) x 2; CC/&/T on KGV 1/- contract note stamp91.007.10
17KEVII - ADD355 (56)10.0030.10
18KEVII - values to 1/- - mainly DDF but does contain duplication - mixed condition42520.0020.00
19KEVII - values to 1/- mixed condition - ADD40020.0020.00
20#KEVII 2/6 perfin RT/&S (R5380.01)11.002.10
21#KEVII 5/- perfin H - on paper & nibbled perforations1 (1)1.002.70
22KEVII to QEII - designs - all dies complete except for the damaged where damage may be to the stamp or die or both - ADD21 (5)1.005.10
23KEVII to QEII - initial letter A - all dies complete except for the damaged where damage may be to the stamp or die or both - ADD231 (25)9.009.00
24KEVII to QEII - initial letter B - all dies complete except for the damaged where damage may be to the stamp or die or both - ADD480 (53)19.2519.25
25KEVII to QEII - initial letter C - all dies complete except for the damaged where damage may be to the stamp or die or both - ADD454 (30)18.2518.25
26KEVII to QEII - initial letter D - all dies complete except for the damaged where damage may be to the stamp or die or both - ADD166 (16)6.506.50
27KEVII to QEII - initial letter E - all dies complete except for the damaged where damage may be to the stamp or die or both - ADD205 (6)8.008.00
28KEVII to QEII - initial letter F - all dies complete except for the damaged where damage may be to the stamp or die or both - ADD166 (15)6.5024.70
29KEVII to QEII - initial letter G - all dies complete except for the damaged where damage may be to the stamp or die or both - ADD210 (26)8.508.50
30KEVII to QEII - initial letter H - all dies complete except for the damaged where damage may be to the stamp or die or both - ADD320 (35)12.5012.50
31KEVII to QEII - KEVII-141; KGV-182; KEVIII-4; KGVI-183; QEII Wildings-224; sd Machins-37; decimal Machins-645; regionals-11 - mainly DFF but does contain duplication142740.00215.70
32KEVII to QEII - numbers - all dies complete - ADD150.6010.10
33KGV - ADD450 (5)18.0018.00
34KGV - DDF2607.007.00
35KGV - Downey head - ADD19510.0040.10
36#KGV 2/6 Seahorses type B pair, 9d photogravure & KGVI 1d scarlet all perfin K on piece (Birmingham, 8 July 39)11.002.10
37KGV Seahorses 2/6 15 type A, 3 type B; 5/- 5 type A, 3 type B - ADD2610.0019.20
38KGV Seahorses 2/6 type A perfin A, FB/&Co., I&R/M (some small holes - probably staple damage), M/CCo, SUTTON/READING5 (1)2.502.50
39#KGV Seahorses 2/6 type A perfin B&S/.., H&P, N.C./S. (some slight damage to corner & top perforations, R.N.4 (1)2.004.90
40KGV Seahorses 2/6 type A perfin BQ, C/AN/S, D.F., GB/&/Co.Ld., SJ (some slight creasing)52.505.10
41#KGV Seahorses 2/6 type A perfin BS , S.P/&Co, S&S, WM/&Co31.505.10
42#KGV Seahorses 2/6 type A perfin F, FLd, F&M, H.P./&F.42.004.40
43#KGV Seahorses 2/6 type A perfin SJ, type B perfin S&S11.001.00
44#KGV Seahorses 2/6 type A vertical strip of 3 perfin GB/&/Co.Ld. - fold across top 2 stamps - 2 small holes in centre stamp (probably from a staple)3 (2)3.004.60
45KGV Seahorses 2/6 type B perfin BB, BBk, CPA (slight perforation damage a bottom), M (two small holes probably from a staple)4 (2)2.002.00
46KGV Seahorses 2/6 type B perfin BBk, U.H21.001.00
47#KGV Seahorses 5/- type A perfin FP/CL (some staining), I&R/M, M, PL/Ld (slight corner damage), W/H5 (2)2.504.60
48#KGV Seahorses 5/- type B perfin IL (slight creasing to one side), JA/E, D3 (1)1.503.00 **
49#KGV Seahorses type A 2/6 perfin BQ, I&R/M, S.P/&Co, WM/&Co; 5/- perfin F52.502.50
50KGV to QEII POKO dies - all dies complete but some stamp damage - ADD898.908.90
51KGV to QEII with sideways watermarks - all dies complete except for the damaged where damage may be to the stamp or die or both - ADD60 (4)6.006.00
52KGVI - ADD3007.007.00
53KGVI - DDF2504.006.40
54KGVI - values to 1/- - ADD33510.0019.20
55KGVI & QEII large format stamps - issue P perfin U..C/Co; issue Q 2/6 green perfin M, 5/- perfin BP/D, MB; issue S 5/- perfin F&M, JF, 10/- perfin B/D/H, issue U 2/6 perfin F&M, K/EC; issue W 10p perfin B/Bk101.504.60
56KGVI 2d light blue perfin FP (F3160.01M) 50+ examples inc 3 pairs50+0.500.50
57#Liverpool Cotton Brokers Association Clearing House 1/- stamp - perfin C.H - stamp is in poor condition1 (1)0.500.70
58QEII - 90 ADD, 220 DDF2204.0012.10
59QEII sd & decimal Machins - 63 DDF731.004.10
60QEII 44p Machin elliptical perfin triangle (design 0500.02) - the private perfin of Alastair Walter, the Perfin Society Webmaster10.50Unsold
61QEII Machin collection mounted with hinges (hinges on back of stamps) on 40 album pages with die pencilled in at side - mixed condition - 260 ADD, 945 DDF additionally there are 130 duplicates which are mainly phosphor variations10753.0018.10
62QEII Machins - ADD56510.0036.20
63QEII pre-decimal Machins - ADD3908.0024.20
64QEII pre-decimal Machins mounted with hinges (hinges on back of stamps) on 11 album pages with die pencilled in at side - mixed condition - 190 ADD (very minor duplication possible), 379 DDF3793.0015.90
65QEII Wildings - DDF9406.0070.70
66QEII Wildings - ADD2904.0015.10
67QEII Wildings - collection mounted with hinges (hinges on back of stamps) on 19 album pages (die pencilled in at side) - mixed condition - 345 ADD (very minor duplication possible, 710 DDF7107.5010.10
68QEII Wildings values to 1/3 - includes a few regionals - ADD341.002.50
69QV d sg 165 perfin H&P, HF, CS/L/SA; 1d sg 166 perfin JCB, R&S/L; 2d sg 168 perfin R.H/&Co - mixed condition 62.008.70
70#QV 1/- sg 150 perfin B&Co/M (B1605.01) plate 13 - wing margin clipped off - "&" damaged inc 1 blind pin - some pulled perforations1 (1)1.001.00
71#QV 1/- sg 150 perfin HUTH (H7490.01M plate 12 - top & 1 side clipped, other side partially clipped1 (1)1.001.00
72#QV 1/- sg 151 perfin D&S (D4390.07M) plate 13 - perfin split resulting in some pins off-stamp or open to stamp margin11.001.00
73#QV 1/- sg 196 perfin S&W11.005.20
74#QV 1881 2/6 & 5/- both perfin CJ/TC24.007.10
75QV 1d lilac - ADD185 (3)10.0033.90
76QV 1d lilac - initial letters A to J - ADD220 (38)32.0066.10
77QV 1d lilac - mixed condition - ADD874.504.50
78QV 1d lilac & Jubilees - mixed condition - 22 DDF261.001.00
79QV 1d lilac & Jubilees - values to 1/- - mixed condition - 48 DDF854.008.10
80QV 1d lilac & Jubilees with values to 1/- - 43 ADD, 45 DDF492.007.10
81#QV 2/6 sg 178 perfin C.I.H/&S (bottom row of perfin just into stamp side perforations) - some perforation trim a bottom of stamp1 (1)2.002.00
82#QV 2/6 sg 178 perfin HUTH12.005.00 **
83#QV 2/6 sg 178 perfin SM/&Co with Threadneedle St postmark 1 Dec 9812.002.60
84QV 2/6 sg 178 perfin W.W/U.P12.002.60
85QV 2d rosy mauve (7) or blue (12) - ADD1912.0024.60
86#QV 2d sg 139 perfin C&B/SOHO (C0960.01M) plate 1 - crease, some pulled perforations & slight corner damage at bottom left1 (1)1.001.00
87QV 2d sg 139 perfin H&G (H2830.02) plate 1 - left side & bottom clipped, small tear & bottom left corner missing1 (1)1.001.00
88QV 2d sg 141 perfin A&BS (A0860.01) plate 7 - right side clipped & "S" partially off-stamp1 (1)1.002.20
89QV 2d sg 141 perfin A&N/C.S.L (A4205.02M) plate 8 - slight damage to bottom right corner1 (1)1.001.00
90QV 2d sg 141 perfin C.D/&Co (C2087.01) plate 611.002.20
91#QV 2d sg 141 perfin CanchorC (C1840.02M) plate 14 - 1 blind pin in anchor11.003.20
92QV 2d sg 141 perfin CS&Co. (C6910.01) plate 15 - missing some perforations at top11.001.00
93QV 2d sg 141 perfin D.B (D0220.01M) plate 13 - top clipped, some pulled perforations - 1 pin missing from "B"1 (1)1.001.00
94QV 2d sg 141 perfin D.B (D0220.01M) plate 15 - slight crease and some pulled perforations1 (1)1.001.00
95QV 2d sg 141 perfin E.S/&Co. (E4260.01) plate 1511.002.80
96QV 2d sg 141 plate 10 perfin H/K&S (H4290.01)1.002.30
97#QV 2d sg 141 plate 13 perfin LDM/C (some nibbled perforations), plate 11 K.J/&Co (nibbled perforations top corner & 1 side); 6d plate 17 perfin SM/&Co (perfin partly off-stamp, part on paper & with wing margin trimmed off); 1d sg 166 perfin K.J/&Co (trimmed perforations)4 (4)1.001.60
98QV 2d sg 142 perfin H.R/&Co plate 17 (H R just merge into top stamp perforations), DeJ&Co. plate 18 (D partial & corner perorations nibbled), IBHL plate 20 (on paper, bottom stamp perforations partially clipped)3 (3)1.003.20
99QV 2d sg 142 perfin R.H/&Co../M. (R2360.01) plate 20 - some perforations clipped at top left1 (1)1.002.30
100#QV 2d sg 142 perfin SM/&Co (S4920.01) plate 20 - 2 blind pins in "M", "o"11.001.00
101QV 2d sg 142 plate 19 perfin F.P/C.L (F3260.01M) - trimmed at bottom and partially on left side - bottom corner damaged1 (1)1.001.00
102QV 2d sg 157 plate 22 perfin B/C&Co, CS&Co. (some nibbled perforations), H.R/&Co (on paper)3 (1)1.001.00
103QV 2d sg 157 plate 22 perfin CS&Co. (C6910.01) - small tear at top of stamp1 (1)1.001.00
104QV 2d sg 157 plate 22 perfin J/T&S11.002.20
105QV 3d sg 144 perfin A.L/&Co (A3580.01) plate 18 - stamp perforations off-centre11.003.20
106#QV 3d sg 144 perfin C/box/HC (C3400.01) plate 20 with intact wing margin - with COPESTAKE,/MOORE,/CRAMPTON,/&CO.,/LONDON. underprint11.0050.80
107QV 3d sg 158 perfin A&N/C.S.L (A4205.02M) plate 20 - small tear at bottom & some pulled perforations1 (1)1.003.20
108QV 4d sg 152 plate 15 perfin S.F/&Co.. (S2920.02)11.003.20
109QV 4d sg 94 plate 12 perfin T&Co (T1010.03M)11.001.00
110#QV 5/- 1883 sg 181 perfin L/C&S12.007.60
111#QV 5/- sg 127 plate 2 perfin A/B&Co (A0630.01M) - "&" centre damaged, some pulled perforations - part of second strike at left side1 (1)2.003.60
112#QV 5/- sg 180 perfin L/C&S15.005.30
113#QV 6d sg 122, plate 11 perfin with 2 partial strikes of B(reversed)B/&Co - creased & wing margin cut off1 (1)1.001.00
114QV 6d sg 122b perfin B/W&Co (B7720.04M) plate 11 - top left corner missing & corner crease1 (1)1.004.20
115QV 6d sg 125 perfin B(reversed)B/&Co (B0650.01) plate 12 - clipped on right side (wing margin cut off)1 (1)1.001.00
116QV 6d sg 147 perfin A.L/&Co (A3580.01) plate 15 - slight creasing1 (1)1.002.70
117#QV 6d sg 147 perfin CanchorC (C1840.02M) plate 1411.003.20
118#QV 6d sg 161 perfin H.R/&Co (H6150.02M) plate 1711.001.30
119QV 6d sg 161 perfin HUTH (H7490.01M) plate 1711.002.60
120#QV 6d Telegraph Form cut-out type 1 dated 6 10 85 perfinned R/F&Co (1810.02a). This is a very early example as type 1 was first issued 1 10 85. It is significantly earlier than the current earliest recorded in the Postal Stationery Catalogue. It is the first example of this die on a Telegraph Form. A rare item115.0042.90
121QV issue D d perfin F.E.G., N, S; 2d perfin L&C, CS/L/SA x 2 (different dies) - mixed condition62.005.20
122QV issue D 5d perfin L&Co/D, SDB/&S/M; 9d perfin SM/&Co34.008.20
123QV issue D 6d perfin R.I.C11.003.20
124QV Jubilees values to 9d - mixed condition - ADD1306.5020.10
125QV to KGV multiples - 19 different dies on 22 pieces (QV-7, KEVII-7, KGV-8) - pairs, strips of 3, blocks of 4 - on/off paper573.0012.60
126QV to KGVI - QV-84; KEVII-173; KGV-170; KEVIII-19; KGVI-180 - 416 ADD, 626 DDF62610.0045.10
127QV to KGVI partials - but not difficult to identify - 19 ADD, 22 DDF221.001.00
128QV to QEII - values to 5/- - 198 ADD, 240 DDF plus 40 duplicates2802.5015.20
129KEVII 1d perfin L.M/&Co. (L3950.02M) on prepaid (not perfinned) registered cover (Threadneedle St, 15 Jan 08) to Frankfurt - id L Messel & Co, London11.001.00
130KEVII 1d perfin L.M/&Co. (L3950.02M) on prepaid (not perfinned) registered cover (Threadneedle St, 20 Jun 10) to Frankfurt - id L Messel & Co, London - cover has fold (clear of stamp)11.001.00
131KEVII 1d perfin E.P (E3415.02) on trade card (Birmingham, 27 Jun 07) to Spain - id Enrique Payton Ltd, Birmingham11.001.00
132KEVII 1d perfin V.S. (V1570.02) on card (London, 11 Oct 07) to Germany - no id - probably private use of company perfin11.001.00
133#KEVII 1d Postal Stationery envelope (London SW, 20 Jun 02) perfin A&N/C.S.L10.503.60
134#KEVII 4d perfin W.B/&Co (W0790.02) on prepaid (not perfinned) registered cover (Leadenhall Street, 10 Sept 1904) to Amsterdam - id Wm Brantd's Sons & Co, London12.002.00
135KGV d & 2d both perfin AS/AB (A4970.01) on cover (London FS hooded circle postmark, 20 Feb 29) to Norway - id The Anglo South American Bank Ltd, London - cover opened out & with filing holes to left side11.002.60
136KGV d & 3d both perfin H&D (H1920.03M) on opened out cover (London FS, 20 Feb 29) to Oslo - id Harris & Dixon Ltd, london11.002.70
137#KGV d & pair of 1d all perfin CPA (C5840.02M) on cover (Manchester, 31 Mar 26) to Germany - id The Calico printers Association - the top perforations of each stamp have been cut off, and each perfin pattern is partial10.500.50
138KGV d Downey head pair perfin S.T./B (S7140.01) on trade card (Birmingham, 24 Sept 12) to Amsterdam - id A Sauerland & Toepfer, Birmingham11.002.90
139#KGV d perfin AA/B (A0100.01M) on cover (London FS, 16 May 14) to Stockholm - id Anglo-Austrian Bank, London11.001.20
140#KGV d perfin JB/&S (J0970.04 with stop after J missing) on part wrapper (London, 10 Dec 1925) to Amsterdam - id James Burness & Sons - a new id first published August 201812.0020.10
141#KGV d perfin WHS (W3800.03M) on prepaid (not perfinned) newspaper wrapper (London FS, 16 Jun 27) to Germany - id W H Smith & Son, London WC210.5015.00 **
142#KGV d, 2d & 6d all perfin W.S./C on roughly opened cover (London FS, 12 Sept 1932) to Germany - no id11.001.00
143#KGV 1d & 4 d both perfin B (B0013.14) on registered cover (Threadneedle St BO, 29 Nov 28) to Norway id B W Blydenstein & Co, London - cover opened out and with filing holes to left side - tear near to, but clear of, stamps & postmark1 (1)0.503.30
144KGV 1d on prepaid registered cover - cover & stamp perfin DrJ/Co (D4210.01M) postmarked Finsbury Pavement BO EC, 11 Dec 12 to Switzerland - no id11.001.60
145#KGV 1d pair & 2d all perfin AG/&Co/L (A2537.02) on registered cover (LondonW1, 6 Feb 25) to Vienna - id A Gagniere & Co, Golden Square, london11.001.60
146#KGV 1d perfin BW/&Co (B7700.02) on illustrated trade card (London FS, 14 Jan 35) to Germany - id Burroughs Wellcome & Co, Snow Hills Buildings EC - card has crease in top corner across stamp - filing holes at bottom of card1 (1)0.501.30
147KGV 1d & 1d both perfin C&E/M (C2350.02) on cover (Lowestoft, 22 Sept 34) to Germany - id C & E Morton, Ltd, South Wharf, Lowestoft11.002.70
148#KGV 1d & 2d both perfin HCS (H1680.03) on cover (Bradford, 18 Oct 21) to Germany - id H C Slingsby, Bradford11.005.70
149#KGV 1d perfin HS (H6320.01a with missing stop) on card (Birmingham, 1 Jan 21) - id "Spec. Club" which appears to be a book club or similar. This is probably private use of a company perfin11.001.00
150#KGV 1d perfin SB/SA (S0920.01a) on prepaid (not perfinned) registered cover (Lombard St, 10 Jul 24) to Germany - partial id in red sealing wax of Standard Bankd of South Africa Ld, London11.001.00
151KGV 2d perfin C&H (C3040.02) on cover (London WC, 28 May 1930) to Germany - id Chapman & Hall Ltd, 11 Henrietta St WC211.002.70
152KGV 2d perfin C&S (C6800.10) on cover (London FS, 26 Jan 20) to Stockholm - id Chirchill & Sim, London EC11.002.70
153KGV 2d perfin FM/&Co (F2725.03a) on cover (London EC, 1 Dec 20) to Sweden - id Foy, Morgan & Co, London EC211.001.00
154KGV 2d perfin M.H/C.L (M2930.01) on censored cover (Manchester, 10 Dec 1917) to Switzerland - id M Hurst & Co Ltd, Manchester - this cover provides a first id for this die11.005.70
155KGV 2d perfin M.N (M4120.01) on censored cover (London EC, APL 10 17) to Switzerland - id Stockwell & Co Ltd, "Messageries Nationales Express"11.003.30
156KGV 2d perfin RW/G (R5730.01) on cover (London EC, 25 Jul 24) to Germany - id RW Greeff & Co Ltd, London EC411.001.00
157#KGV 2d perfin SAS (S0320.01) on cover (London FS, 11 Ja 34) to Germany - id Harrods (Buenos Aires) Ltd, London EC2 who were the principal shareholders of The South American Stores11.001.30
158KGV 2d perfin SB/SA (S0920.01a) on censored cover (backstamped Amsterdam, 20 Mar 1915) - id Standard Bank of South Africa Limited11.002.90
159KGV 2d perfin SM/&Co (S4920.04) on censored cover (London EC, 10 Sept 1914) to Amsterdam - id Samuel Montague & Co, London11.001.60
160KGV 2d perfin T.B/Co.Ld. (T0495.01) on censored cover (Nottingham, 15 Oct 14) to Holland - id Thomas Bayley & Co Ltd, Lenton, Nottingham11.001.00
161#KGV 2d pair & 6d all perfin FA/H (F0130.01M) on cover (London, Airmail, 26 SP 34) to Germany - id F A Hughes & Co Ltd, London NW111.008.10
162KGV 3d perfin B/W&Co (B7720.05a) on cover (London EC, 11 Apr 23) to Switzerland - id Bessler, Waechter & Co Ltd, london11.002.70
163KGV 6d & 1/- pair all perfin B.G/C (B3030.02 - with "o" missing) on cover (London WC, 6 Dec 1935) to Australia - id British Glues & Chemicals Ltd, London WC2 - this is the earliest recorded date where "o" is missing from the die.12.002.00
164#KGVI 2d perfin M/&Co (M1570.03a) on cover (London FS, 30 Oct 1939) to Holland - id Mitsui & Co Ltd, London EC311.005.10
165QEII 6d Wilding perfin DLR (D2920.02M) on folded cover (London, 11 Apr 60) to Germany - id Thomas De La Rue & Company Ltd - filing holes at bottom of cover10.500.50
166#QEII 8p Silver Jubilee (sg 1033) perfin SCPC (S1767.01) on souvenir letter card with special commemorative handstamp cancel 11 May 1977 - id The Stamp Collecting Promotion Council of Great Britain11.002.50 **
167QEII Wilding 1/3 & 1/6 both perfin BB on 1961 registered cover to USA - id Baring Brothers & Co Limited, London in red wax seal11.001.00
168#QV d blue-green Jubilee perfin WP/&S (W6050.01) on trade card (Ipswich squared circle, 13 Oct 00) id W Pretty & Son, Ipswich11.003.10
169#QV d vermilion Jubilee pair perfin GWR (G5610.07am) on prepaid (not perfinned) cover (Paddington, 21 Dec 99) to Germany - id Great Western Railway Secretary10.509.50
170#QV d vermilion Jubilee perfin E&A (E0080.010) on prepaid (not perfinned) postcard (London hooded circle, 13 Mar 96) to Germany - no id11.002.10
171QV d vermilion Jubilee perfin PCL (P1010.01b) on d (not perfinned) postal stationery envelope (Battersea, 1 Dec 97) to Basle - id Price's Patent Candle Company Limited, London SW - cover folded & creased12.002.00
172#QV 1d lilac pair & 1d pair all perfin R/&Co.. (R1060.01) on registered folded letter sheet (WCDO, 29 Aug 88) - id Rowcliffes, London11.002.70
173#QV 1d lilac pair, d blue-green & 2d Jubilee all perfin B&J/M (B3890.02a) on prepaid (not perfinned) registered envelope (Manchester, 16 Sept 01) id B&J Ld in red sealing wax - known to be Barlow & Jones Ltd, Manchester11.0013.80
174QV 1d lilac perfin WB/L (W0660.02) on cover (London, 29 Apr 98) - id Waterlow Bros. & Layton, Ltd, London11.001.00
175QV 1d lilac strip of 3 all perfin LBW. (L0750.01) on registered cover (Catford SE, 10 JA 02) - no id - flap missing from cover11.003.10
176QV 1d sg 166 perfin E.K./&A. on folded letter sheet (Rochester, 12 Feb 81) containing details of proceedings under Bankruptcy Act11.008.90
177QV 2d Jubilee perfin CB/&Co (C0663.01v with both stops missing) on tatty cover (Felixstowe, Aug 01) to Switzerland - no id - looks like personal use of company perfin - personal letter in French enclosed inside cover11.001.00
178QV 5d Jubilee perfin GLYN on registered letter (Lombard St, 22 SP 92) to Paris - no id11.001.00
179QV perfin A&N/C.S.L (A4205.04) on prepaid 1d pink cover type 3 (London SW, 29 JA 00) & on type 3 cut-out (London SW squared circle, 14 JY 99)20.501.10
see also lot 106 for a perfin with a security underprint
180#QEII 1968 cover with 2 x 2d postally used overprints of The Prudential Assurance - no identity on cover11.005.10
181#QV 1d red stars perf 14 with O.U.S. overprint in red reading up the stamp - on cover to Glasgow with good Oxford 603 postmark dated 2 June 62 - intact "The Oxford Union Society" seal in red wax on back of cover with Glasgow 3 June 62 receiving mark160.0075.10
182#QV 1d red stars watermark large crown perf 14 with O.U.S overprint in red reading up the stamp - 603 (Oxford) postmark - slight peforation trim at bottom of stamp125.0025.00
183#QV 1d sg 43 plate 146 with O.U.S. underprint in red reading up the stamp120.0020.00
184#QV 1d sg 43 plate 150 with O.U.S. underprint in red reading up the stamp - with postmark error (Oxfo)rd 613 - a known postmark error of Oxford 613 instead of the correct Oxford 603 - known in 2 variants with round or straight-topped 3 - this has a straight topped 3125.0025.00
185#QV 1d sg 43 plate 204 with O.U.S. underprint in red reading up the stamp120.0023.10
186#QV 1d sg 43 plate 89 with O.U.S. overprint in red reading up the stamp120.0020.00
187#QV 1d sg 43 with COPESTAKE,/MOORE,/CRAMPTON,&Co.,/London. underprint in red - plate number not clear (obsured by postmark)120.0022.60
See also GB Overprints section for line engraved overprints & underprints
188QV d sg 48 perfin JTM (J7800.01)11.003.20
189#QV d sg 48 perfin W.R (W6220.02) - top left corner missing1 (1)1.001.00
190#QV 1d sg51 plate 3 perfin CS/L/SA (completely trimmed perforations), H.S.K/&Co. (a few nibbled perforations), DT&F ( a few nibbled perforations)3 (3)1.002.00
191QV 1d sg 43 perfin AN/J/SL, A&N/C.S.L, B&Co/L&B, ROSE/&Co, I.C/&Co/B, T.V/&/SONS, WB/&Co., W&C some slight faults8 (2)3.0021.30
192QV 1d sg 43 perfin C.N/&C - plate 19411.005.80
193QV 1d sg 43 perfin COX - plate 185 - a few nibbled perforations1 (1)1.003.90
194#QV 1d sg 43 perfin D.B (D0220.01M) - plate 19611.005.70
195QV 1d sg 43 perfin GR/W (G4350.01) - plate 136 - trimmed perfs1 (1)1.501.60
196#QV 1d sg 43 perfin HUTH - plate 15511.009.70
197QV 1d sg 43 perfin LG.A/Co (L2470.01M) - plate 21811.006.10
198QV 1d sg 43 perfin P.R/R (P3960.01) - plate 174 - slight tear at bottom & slight perforation damaged at left side1 (1)1.003.20
199#QV 1d sg 43 perfin PB/&Co. (P0595.01M) - plate 158 - slight perforation trim top right1 (1)1.003.70
200QV 2d sg 46 perfin LDM/C (L1600.01) - plate 15? (plate number not clear) - stamp perforations off-centre11.004.40
201Bavaria - ADD162.002.00
202#Bavaria 2m (sg 149a) perfin L&H, L.&M., O.&S.32.502.50
203#Cyprus QV 1881 revenues 5/- & 10/- pair all perfin LA32.009.10
204Denmark - ADD1186.5011.20
205Denmark - all dies complete but some stamp damage - ADD22517.4017.40
206Denmark perfin ALKA, BBH, DI, H (small), IA, QS, TOR - on various Queen Margrethe II issues72.505.20
207Germany - ADD58020.00120.10
208Straits Settlements / Malaya - 26 ADD, 102 DDF1025.0025.80
209Sweden - ADD202.005.10
210Switzerland - all dies complete and no stamp damage - ADD686.8014.40
211USA - seconds - various damage such as missing holes, totally blind punch, thins, tears, discolouration, clipped or short perforations, partials etc.100010.0016.10
212USA - seconds - various damage such as missing holes, totally blind punch, thins, tears, discolouration, clipped or short perforations, partials etc.100010.0016.10
213USA - seconds - various damage such as missing holes, totally blind punch, thins, tears, discolouration, clipped or short perforations, partials etc.100010.0010.00
214USA precancels - only small towns - ADD13510.0022.50
215World - Denmark-2, India-2, Netherlands-1, Portugal-1, Straits Settlemenmts-2, Switzerland-4 - ADD120.503.60
216World - France-9, Germany-4, India-1, Canada-1 : mixed condition - ADD150.500.50
217Christmas Island 6 issues all perfin JA on cover and card - used Toombul, QLD in 2014 & 2017 - philatelic21.001.00
218Cocos (Keeling) Islands 4 issues all perfin JA on cover - used Toombul QLD in 2015 - philatelic11.001.00
219#Cuba - 3c Alearo (corner damaged) & c Victory both perfin RV/&/Co. on 1942 censored cover to USA - id Libreria Papeleria Imprenta Cultural SA, Habana, Cuba - clean cover14.004.00
220#Germany 3 issues all perfin A.E.G. on parcel card used Berlin 1913 - id Allgemeine Elektricitats Gesellschaft, Berlin12.002.00
221#Thailand - 37 revenues (3 are damaged) - 5 different values all overprinted N.H.B./Bangkok on the back of a December 1959 Bill of Exchange (very poor condition). On the front are 3 foreign bill stamps - KGVI 5 & QEII 4/- & 5/-110.0010.60
222British Stamps Perforated with Firms' Initials by Hugh Vallency - second edition 1948 - rust marks on centre margin of pages because staples have rusted11.501.70
223The Handbook of British Perfins by John Nelson - second edition 1983 reprinted 1984 - spiral bound12.002.00

# after a lot number indicates that an illustration is available

ADD = all different dies : DDF = different in die or face : id = identity : inc = including

** indicates tied bids - earliest received won the lot