Perfin Society Auction No. 105

This auction closed on 4th January 2017.

Bids and enquiries can be sent by email to Ron Mills: send to

Bids may be submitted by post on a bid form or by email.
Email bidders should include their address and method of payment and list bids in lot number order.
All information should be given in the body of the email and not as an attachment.
Telephone or Buy bids are not accepted. All reserves are expressed in (GBP).

By submitting bids to this auction, bidders confirm that they have read and accept the terms & conditions contained within the AUCTION RULES (revised July 2016)

Please note that this auction is only open to members of the Perfin Society whose membership must be current on the closing date of the auction (Not a member? Join us!)

400All reigns 90% QEII - 352 DDF 168 ADD3522.0012.20
401All reigns QV-100, KEVII-100, KGV-100, KGVI-80, QEII Wildings-120 - ADD50012.0067.30
402All reigns QV-100, KEVII-150, KGV-150, KGVI-100, QEII Wildings-120 - ADD62013.0084.30
403All reigns QV-100, KEVII-200, KGV-200, KGVI-100, QEII Wildings-120 - ADD72015.00117.30
404All reigns QV-109, KEVII-148, KGV-164, KGVI-181, KEVIII-26, Wilding-160, Machin-199 - all clear perfins but about 10% with imperfections98710.00101.10
405All reigns QV-134, KEVII-182, KGV-201, KEVIII-14, KGVI-223, Wilding-155, Machin sd-45, decimal-134, elliptical-5, regional-7 DDF1100 (17)25.00130.30
406All reigns QV-139, KEVII-296, KGV-263, KGVI-237, KEVIII-207, Wilding-84, Machin-86 - all clear perfins but about 15% with imperfections130012.00120.10
407All reigns QV-25, KEVII-28, KGV-63,KEVIII-14, KGVI-100 (230-DDF / 162-ADD) plus QEII 364 DDF / 118ADD5948.0062.30
408All reigns QV-66, KEVII-193, KGV-139, KEVIII-6, KGVI-217, Wilding-230, Machin sd-51, decimal-110, elliptical-5, regional-7 DDF1024 (10)20.00100.10
409Full Names - inc ADAM, BUTT, CURTIS, DIXON, DOWN, LEE, SUGG, WILD - ADD11412.0052.10
410KEVII good mix of values - ADD29010.0050.10
411KEVII A-F DDF1039.0013.10
412KEVII A-Z DDF1963.003.00
413KEVII G-R DDF11510.0013.10
414KEVII S-Z DDF585.508.10
415#KEVII 2/6 (sg260) perfin SG (S3060.03)11.001.00
416#KEVII 2/6 (sg260) perfin WB/SCo (W0790.02)11.002.10
417KEVII higher values - 9d-16, 10d-20, 1/- 53 - ADD897.0021.10
418KEVII to QEII on 2 cards - DDF31 (3)2.50Unsold
419KEVIII ADD23010.0018.60
420KGV ADD2407.0022.10
421KGV ADD141 (11)7.007.00
422KGV A-Z DDF1552.002.60
423KGV A-Z DDF951.001.00
424KGV DDF1007.007.00
425KGV DDF1007.007.00
426KGV higher values 9d (both), 10d & 1/- only - ADD21010.0030.10
427#KGV 1d (x 2) perfin M.E/C (M2270.01) on part album page along with piece with id2 (1)1.00Unsold
428#KGV 2/6 Seahorses - partial ?/&/AR (type A), all others type B - PD (x 3), CJH/&S (x 2), S&S (x 2) mixed condition9 (6)2.0015.00**
429#KGV 2/6 Seahorses (S&S, C/AN/S, R&S/L, C&C/Ld., GT, W.M/&Co, BW/&Co, BQ, J, DeJ/&Co./Lt.d., D&Co, IL, I&R/M, T.A/Ld.)143.003.00
430#KGV 2/6 Seahorses re-engraved pair perfin CN/E (C5340.02M)11.202.20
431#KGV 5/- Seahorses (AP/Co, I&R/M)21.001.00
432KGVI ADD3307.0020.10
433KGVI ADD1508.008.00
434KGVI A-Z DDF1321.002.60
435KGVI A-Z DDF1511.001.00
436KGVI DDF1507.007.00
437#KGVI (1939 issue) 2/6 (ST, AAO/Co., L, M.V/Co.); 5/- (IL, ScrownO, MB, B/D/H)82.002.00
438#KGVI (1951 issue) 2/6 (GE/C, BW, IL, NB/L, ESA, TS, PAC, HM/SO) 5/- (RT/&Co, LL, NB/L)112.002.00
439#KGVI d green perfin CD/&Co.. ( C2085.01) on part album page along with piece with id11.00Unsold
440#KGVI 2d blue perfin ML (M3610.05) on part album page along with piece with id11.00Unsold
441#KGVI commemorative issues DDF81.003.20
442KGVI high values 2/6 (28), 5/- (22), 10/- (5), 1 (1) - ADD568.008.00
443KGVI high values 2/6 brown - ADD5 (1)1.001.00
444Kings KEVII-185, KGV-225, KEVIII-25, KGVI-170 - ADD60512.0041.10
445Kings KEVII-185, KGV-210, KEVII-24, KGVI-170 - ADD58912.0025.10
446Kings on/off paper - mixed condition - Charity source - 40 grams-4.0019.10
447Kings on/off paper - mixed condition - Charity source - 42 grams-4.0019.10
448Letter B : 3 QV, 37 KEVII, 48 KGV, 1 KEVIII, 83 KGVI, 45 Wilding, 98 Machin. DDF inc 130 ADD315 (42)9.009.00
449Letter C : 5 QV, 3 KEVII, 25 KGV, 2 KEVIII, 70 KGVI, 49 Wilding, 175 Machin. DDF inc 105 ADD329 (33)7.007.00
450Letter K : 39 KGV, 11 KEVIII, 37 KGVI, 39 Wilding, 39 Machin. DDF inc 62 ADD165 (12)5.0015.10
451Letter L : 3 KEVII, 15 KGV, 1 KEVIII, 11 KGVI, 6 QEII. ADD36 (7)2.002.00
452Letters F-H : 8 KEVII, 28 KGV, 3 KEVIII, 28 KGVI, 10 Wilding, 7 Machin. ADD84 (10)3.008.10
453Letters I-K : 11 KEVII, 10 KGV, 5 KGVI, 6 QEII. ADD32 (4)1.501.50
454Letters J-L : 11 KGV, 2 KEVIII, 23 KGVI, 9 Wilding, 21 Machin. DDF inc 25 ADD66 (10)2.002.00
455#Newspaper wrapper cut-outs QV: A&N/C.S.L, TWS/&Co (partial) - KEVII: W&A/G31.001.00
456QEII collector's duplicates - mainly QEII4182.004.60
457QEII Machin - sd & decimal - DDF1311.004.70
458QEII Wilding ADD4555.0035.30
459QEII Wilding DDF791.001.80
460#QEII Wilding 1 (WHS, TS)21.001.00
461QEII Wilding 1/6 perfin DS/IR (D4490.01M)10.502.10
462#QEII Wilding 10/- (HM/SO, B/BK, MB, DT, S)52.002.00
463QEII Wilding 2/6 (27), 5/- (11), 10/- (4), 1 (11) - DDF53 (23)5.0010.10
464QEII Wilding 2/6 (PAC, WD/&S, HM/SO, M, S&S, WHS, H, NB/L, LW, CWS, K, FLd)122.002.00
465QEII Wilding 2/6 x10 (block of 4 & 3 pairs), 5/- x 6 (4 singles & 1 pair) all partial strikes of LG/&/SLd (L2610.01)161.00Unsold
466QEII Wilding 5/- (B/BK, DS/IR, ST, CG, M.V/Co., B&H, CJW, HM/SO, LL, S)102.002.00
467QEII Wilding 9d value only ADD94 (20)1.6025.60
468QEII Wilding on/off paper - mixed condition - Charity source - 30 grams-2.002.00
469QEII 2p perfin NC (N0510.02M) x 20 on paper, postmarks Newport Oct 72200.200.20
470QEII 2d Wilding overprints - The Prudential/Assur. Co. Ltd. (2 different), Hornchurch/UDC, Corporation/of Glasgow, Eastern/Electricity/Board50.500.50
471#QEII 4d perfin UH (U0910.01M) on part album page along with piece with id11.00Unsold
472QEII perfins on commemoratives mainly pre-decimal values to 1/6 plus one QEII Australia commemorative - DDF121.005.00**
473QV no Jubilees or 1d lilac - ADD7312.0025.20
474#QV d Bantam plate 6 (B&L/H), 1d red x 4 (J&W/C&Co, C&B/SOHO, C.S/S.A/L, SH/&S), 2d (C.1.H/&S displaced), 2d plate 8 (H.B), 1d lilac (J&W/C&Co)82.008.10
475QV 1d lilac - ADD193 (5)10.0040.10
476QV 1d lilac - ADD232.503.80
477QV 1d lilac - ADD191.002.10
478QV 1d lilac & Jubilees - DDF332.002.00
479QV 1d lilac & Jubilees - A-Z - DDF1053.0025.10
480#QV 2d blue S4920.01 (pl 19, 21, 22, 23), G3260.01 (pl 22), M1280.01 (pl 19), J7800.01 (pl 22), T1010.03 (pl 22), L0080.01 (pl 20)91.009.10
481#QV 2d rosy-mauve J7800.01 (pl 7), S4920.01 (pl 1, 9), W0790.02 (pl 14, 16), S2905.01 (pl 9, 11), M1280.01 (pl 16), A4205.02 (pl 15), C5680.04 (pl 8)101.0010.10
482#QV 2d rosy-mauve S4920.01 (pl 13), B1300.01 (pl 6, 7), G3260.01 (pl 13), T1010.03 (pl 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 15)101.0010.10
483#QV 5/- (sg181) perfin CL (C4210.06M)11.002.30
484#QV 5/- (sg181) perfin HSB (H6440.01)11.001.00
485QV Jubilee higher values - 9d-10, 10d-15, 1/- 27 - ADD528.0025.10
486QV Jubilees & a few 1d lilac - ADD24010.0084.30
487#QV Lilac & Green (D) J7800.01 (1d, 4d, 5d), #0710.01 (5d (x2), 1/-), G3260.01 (2d), B1300.01 (2d), C5680.04 (2d), T0470.01 (2d)101.0012.10
488QV surface printed ADD80 (8)7.5032.20
489#QV surface printed, lilacs & Jubilees 86 DDF & 4 KEVII901.0026.10
49019 covers & picture postcards - KEVII x 2, KGV x 4, QEII Machins x 13 - 3 x QEII have id Prudential Assurance, others no id - mixed condition191.00Unsold
491#Advertising flyer for the "Indelible Cheque Perforator" - Perfin Y257 at top - some staining15.005.00
492#KEVII d yellow-green & 2d both perfin T&S (T4040.01) on registered cover (Eastcheap 19 Nov 07) to Dublin - T&S in red sealing wax on back of cover11.00Unsold
493#KEVII d yellow-green (corner missing) perfin T&S (T4040.02) on cover (undated Inland Section cancel - cover dated Jan 1908) - id Treloar & Sons, Ludgate Hill, London EC1 (1)1.00Unsold
494#KEVII d yellow-green perfin SMcD/Ld (S4860.02) on postal stationery card (Glasgow, 13 Nov 08) - id Stewart & McDonald, Glasgow12.002.00
495#KEVII 1d on prepaid registered cover - stamp & cover perfin C/AN/S - stamp C0270.02M, cover C0270.03M - cancel Southwestern District Office 30 Apr 09 - no id11.0010.60
496#KEVII 1d perfin BW/&Co. (B7705.01) on piece (Dartford duplex 6 Mar 07) - no id11.001.00
497#KEVII 1d perfin DT (D4710.03M) on two newspaper wrapper pieces (FS undated cancels) - id Daily Telegraph, Fleet Street, London. This confirms a suspected id21.001.00
498#KEVII 1d perfin AB/&Co. (A0615.01) on trade card (London EC 24 Jun 04) - id Allen Bros & Co - this card gives the first id for this die11.001.00
499KEVII 1d perfin E&Co. (E0770.02) on contract note (27 Nov 05) - id Ellis & Co11.001.00
500KEVII 1d perfin LD/&L (L1580.01) on unused cover return address of Laycock, Dyson & Laycock, Huddersfield & logo LD&L on rear12.502.50
501KEVII 1d perfin PCSS (P1220.01M) on receipt (7 May 1911) - id The Professional & Civil Service Supply Association Ltd (partially obscured by stamp)11.001.00
502KEVII 1d perfin SLO on cover (London, 14 Aug 02) - id Sun Life Office logo on back11.001.00
503KEVII 1d perfin WR (W6220.03 - partial strike) on trade card (London FS, 21 Dec 09) id Wm S Rice12.002.00
504#KEVII 2d perfin JW (J8270.02M) on part cover (Lancaster Feb 1910) - id on back of cover - company logo of James Williamson & Son , Lancaster11.001.00
505#KEVII 3 x 1/- (pair & single) perfin KLd on part parcel label (undated London Chief Office double circle - id (Kod)ak, London - label dated 24 Jun 0311.001.00
506#KEVII 3d brown Registered envelope used 04/05/08 with 1d added with perfin W.B/SCo (W0790.02). Bears indentifying imprint of W Brandt's & Sons.11.001.00
507#KEVII pair of d yellow-green perfin Design 0150.01 - a full strike of this die has 154 pins, but this only has 29 remaining - on grubby cover cancel Dublin 19 Mar 1908 (late use for this die) - id Borough of Dublin, City Treasurer's Office11.001.00
508KEVII wrapper + d yellow-green perfin EM/&Co (E2960.02M) id E Marlborough11.001.00
509KEVIII d perfin MP/Co (M4480.02a) on piece - cancel C/MTP in triangle - id The Market Prices Co, London EC312.50Unsold
510#KEVIII 2d perfin T.A/Ld. (T0210.01M) on cover (Nottingham 19 Apr 37) - id Thomas Adams Ltd, Nottingham - this cover confirms a suspected id for this die11.005.10
511KGV d perfin DH (D2210.02M) on card (cancel is MTP in triangle) - id Daily Herald11.00Unsold
512#KGV d perfin GWR (G5610.02) on statement (London WC 14 Aug 36) - id Great Western Railway & 2d (typo) perfin GWR (G5610.13) on rent receipt dated 25 Jun 35 - id Great Western Railway, Surveyors Office (this confirms suspected id)21.005.10
513KGV d perfin GWR (G5610.04) on consignment note (Tenbury Wells, Worcs, 30 JY 32) - id GW and LM&S Joint Railways, Tenbury Wells Station (see Bulletin 404 page 13)11.0010.40
514KGV d perfin H&S (H6350.08) on cover (undated Inland Section cancel) to Dublin - id Saml. Hanson & Son, 14 Eastcheap, London EC & 1d perfin J/TS (J7000.01M) on roughly opened cover (London 25 Apr 23) - no id2 (1)1.00Unsold
515KGV d perfin JB&S/Ld (J0990.04) on invoice (London 13 Dec 1920) - id James Budgett & Son Ltd, 2, 3 & 4 Idol Lane, Eastcheap EC311.001.00
516KGV d perfin M/C (M1060.03M) on weather report card (Manchester, 23 Jun 36)11.00Unsold
517KGV d perfin RR (R4270.01m) on trade card (Wolverhamton 29 Mar 1934) - id The Rees Roturbo Mfg Co ltd, Wolverhampton11.501.50
518KGV d perfin U.L (U1170.01a) on card (South Kensington, 29 Oct 20) - id University of London11.50Unsold
519#KGV 1/- & 2 x 2/6 seahorses type A (poor condition) on part parcel label - perfin K (K0016.02M) id .....G Fasteners Ltd, Kynoch Works (Wi)tton, Birmingham11.003.70
520KGV 1d perfin CLC (C4320.01M)on roughly opened cover (Peckham so 10 Nov 22) & QEII 2d perfin LCC on cover (Holloway 1 Jul 57) - both id London County Council21.00Unsold
521KGV 1d perfin M.N. (M4130.01M) on cover (Kirkcaldy, 21 Jun 26) - id Michael Nairn & Co Ltd12.502.50
522KGV 1d perfin RW/G (R5730.01M) on pre-paid registered cover to Germany (London EC, 15 Nov 13) - no id11.50Unsold
523#KGV 1d & 1d both perfin LC/TA (L1340.03) on cover (London EC 11 Aug 36) to France - id London Corn Trade Association Ltd12.502.50
524#KGV 1d partial perfin H./L. (H4420.01M) in addition to 1d franking on cover (London SW, 24 Apr 1935) to Portugal - no id12.00Unsold
525#KGV 1d partial perfin R&Co. (R1037.02) on cover (London EC, 7 Aug 1913) - id Ryley & Co, London EC - this cover provided id see new ids page 610 Bulletin 39713.003.00
526KGV 1d partial perfin WW/Ltd. (W8130.01M) on roughly opened cover (Paddington, 1 Dec 14) - id Wm Whiteley Ltd, Secretary's Office, 153 Queen's Road W.1 (1)1.50Unsold
527KGV 1d perfin A.H (A2720.02M) on tatty censored cover (Coventry, 3 Dec 17) - id Alfred Herbert Ltd, Coventry (part of Alfred obscured by censor label)1 (1)1.00Unsold
528KGV 1d perfin D (D0018.01) on trade card London W1 19 Jne 1934 & QEII 2d perfin D (D0009.01M) on cover London W1, 3 Jul 1956 - id on letter inside - both id Debenhams Ltd21.001.00
529KGV 1d perfin EW/L (E5040.01M) on post card (Leeds 16 Jan 25) - id Ellerman's Wilson Line Ltd, Standard Buildings, City Square, Leeds18.00Unsold
530KGV 1d perfin GA/Co (G0090.02) on trade card 16.2.20 id Guardian Assurance Co Ltd11.00Unsold
531KGV 1d perfin H (H0023.01) on receipted statement (24 Jun 1914) - id F Hewthorn & Co ltd11.001.00
532#KGV 1d perfin P.S/NC (P4380.01) on post card (Liverpool 18 Mar 30) - id Pacific Steam Navigation Company - card has small tear to one side, repaired by selotape18.008.00
533KGV 1d perfin RT/&R (R5330.01) on prepaid opened out registered cover with filing holes (Piccadilly, Manchester 27 Aug 28) - no id11.001.00
534KGV 1d perfin S&S (S6440.11M) on advertising card (1922) id Sutton & Sons, Reading13.00Unsold
535KGV 1d perfin S.R (S6220.03) on receipt (25 Nov 12) id Service, Reeve & Co, London EC12.002.00
536KGV 2d perfin B/Bk (B0740.06) on tatty, censored cover (London EC 25 Jul 18) to Aalborg - id Barclay's Bank Ltd, Foreign Dept, Lombard St, London EC311.00Unsold
537KGV 2d perfin BB/L (B0750.03) on trimmed cover (London c1920) - id Blundell Brothers Ltd12.502.50
538#KGV 2d perfin M.N (M4120.01) on cover (London FS, 20 Aug 24) to Switzerland - id Stckwell & Co Ld, London EC , agents for Messages Nationales Express12.502.50
539KGV 2d perfinJA/E on part cover (London EC 9 May 32) - id ...., Ewing House, Chiswell St, London EC111.001.00
540KGV 2d perfin BG (B2910.03M) on rates demand (Jun 1937) - id Guildford Corporation11.00Unsold
541KGV 2d perfin OA/GC receipt (2 Sept 1936) id Ocean Accident & Guarantee Corp11.00Unsold
542KGV 2d perfin (partial) S&S (crease at top of stamp) on receipt attached to statement (13.4.31) - id Shaw & Sons Ltd11.00Unsold
543KGV 2d perfin S&S on receipt attached to statement (8.10.24) - id Shaw & Sons Ltd11.00Unsold
544KGV 2d perfin VO/CoL (V1330.01M) on receipt (6 Jul 1925) - id Vacuum Oil Co Ltd11.00Unsold
545#KGV 2d perfin WG/&S (W3240.02) on receipted statement (26 Apr 1922) - id William Goodacre & Sons ltd, London E12.002.00
546#KGV 3d perfin CA/S (C0310.02M) on cover to Isfahan (15.11.21) id Claudius Ash11.001.00
547KGV 5 covers bearing McK/&Co, KD/Ld, CM/CoLd & 2 with id - d perfin MP/Co (M4480.02a) id Market Prices Co - d 1d perfin C&Co (C1520.01) id Cowie & Co Ltd51.001.00
548KGV registered cover (1934) to Switzerland bearing 2d & 6d both perfin KLd - id Kodak Limited London SW311.501.50
549KGV strip of three d CM/CoLd (C4963.01) on trade card (London WC, 11 Apr 22) - id Charles Morgan & Co ltd, London EC412.502.50
550KGV to QEII (mainly QEII) 16 covers (+ some pieces), most no id but ids for EK/RDC (E2480.01), LCS (l1310.01), R&H/Ltd. (R2450.01), RG (R1960.01M), K/CC (K0300.02p) - mixed condition164.004.00
551KGV1 2d orange on receipt attached to statement bearing d green (Sheffield, 7 Jul 1938) both perfin S.J/S (S4080.01) - id Spear & Jackson Ltd, Aetna Works, Sheffield12.00Unsold
552KGVI d green perfin UD/CE (U0620.01) on 1 complete rate assessment form & 7 part forms (Enfield all dated from 15 Oct 37 to 31 Oct 37) and KGV d perfin UD/CE (U0620.01) on complete rate assessment form (Enfield 17 Aug 36) - id Enfield UDC91.00Unsold
553KGVI 1d brown perfin AA/CoLd (A0190.02M) on grubby cover (Birmingham 8 Dec 1937) - id Alliance Assurance Company Ltd, 130 Colemore Row Birmingham11.00Unsold
554KGVI 1d pale red perfin CB (C0460.01M) on cover (Birmingham 28.9.46) id Dudley Road Hospital11.00Unsold
555KGVI 1d pale red perfin F/&/J ( F2140.01) on statement London 4 Apr 1951 - id Fassett & Johnson Ltd, 86 Clerkenwell Road, London EC111.001.00
556#KGVI 1d pale red perfin G (G0009.01M) on cover with Victory Bells slogan cancel London 30 May 1945 id Gordon & Gotch Ltd, London11.501.50
557KGVI 1d pale red, perfin WHS on cover (London 13 Dec 1949) logo on back "WHS Strand House London WC2" (WH Smith)12.502.50
558KGVI 2 x 2d pale blue perfin GW (G5360.01) on cover (London FS 28 Aug 46) to Helsinki - id Biddle, Sawyer & Co Ltd, london11.501.50
559#KGVI 2/6 (1951) block of 5 perfin GW (G5360.01) & QEII 1/- block of 6 perfin GW (G5360.01d) all on piece to Gordon, Woodroffe & Co HongKong12.003.60
560#KGVI 2d blue partial perfin C&Co. (C1520.01) on censored cover (tear through postmark) to Holland (London EC 18 Oct 1939) - id Cowie & Co Ltd, London EC212.00Unsold
561#KGVI 2d pale blue perfin B/Bk (B0740.03M) on roughly opened censored cover (Wimbledon SW19, 1945) to Dublin - no id1 (1)1.00Unsold
562KGVI 2d pale blue perfin G (G0011.12M) on self-addressed cover (19 Feb 44) - id J G Graves12.00Unsold
563KGVI 2d pale blue perfin W/&Co (W1340.02aM) on cover (Bedford 24 Mar 47) - no id12.00Unsold
564KGVI 2d perfin B.C./T.C. (B1750.01) on cover (London EC 2.8.40) id British Commercial Transport11.50Unsold
565#KGVI 2d perfin PB (P0410.01M) on delivery note (10.3.43) - id Petroleum Board11.00Unsold
566#KGVI 2d pale orange perfin R/A/L (R0130.01) on receipt (27.2.43) attached to statement which has example on rear of early Franking Machine use (see R catalogue under R0130.01b) - id R A lister & Co Ltd, Dursley - statement grubby & creased on one margin1 (1)1.001.00
567KGVI 2d red perfin B/SS (B6840.01cM) on receipt (8.8.52) - id Burton Son & Sanders & QEII 6p & 18p perfin STH on reply-paid cover to St Thomas' Hospital (Croydon 4 Nov 93)21.001.00
568#QEII 8p (sg997) perfin NSD/1976 on commemorative cover (6 May 1976)13.003.00
569#QEII & KGVI education enquiry forms (x2) from Sleaford to other councils bearing - QEII 1d perfin CP (C5760.01M), KGVI 1d perfin EC (E0510.01bM - Ealing Corporation)21.00Unsold
570QEII 12p perfin PAC (P0120.01M) on cover (Truro 8 Dec 80) - id Prudential Assurance11.001.00
571#QEII 16p (sg1259) perfin AK/44 (A3500.01) on commemorative card (special handstamp 1 Aug 84)12.002.00
572QEII 16p perfin GLC (G3100.01M) on cover (London SE1, 19 Jan 84) - id District Surveyor's Office11.001.00
573QEII 2d perfin KE/F (K0680.01c) on cover (London 21.1.57) with vertical crease clear of stamp - Crown over KEVII cypher on back1 (1)1.50Unsold
574QEII 2d & 3d (x2) Wildings, all perfin KC/L (K0340.02M) on cover to USA, no postmark - id on back Physics Department, King's College, Strand, London, WC215.00Unsold
575QEII 2d overprints - SE/EB on South Eastern Electricity Board bill dated 15.11.62 and Erith/Corporation on Borough of Erith receipt dated 3 Jun 58 (fold through stamp)21.002.50
576#QEII 2d perfin EMS (E3080.01) on receipt dated 21 0ct 1955 attached to a statement - id Evans Medical Supplies Ltd11.001.00
577QEII 2d perfin LCC (L1020.01cM) on cover (London E1, 4 Apr 57) - id London County Council 11.00Unsold
578QEII 3d perfin L&M/Ld (L4000.01b) on cover (Altringham, 8 Apr 1964) - id Linotype & Machinery Ltd, 21 John St, London WC111.001.00
579QEII 3d perfin LA (L0020.01M) on cover (London 11.2.64) - id Law Accident Insurance Soc12.502.50
580QEII 3d perfin LL (L3410.01M) on long grubby cover (London EC, 11 Mar 59) - id Lloyd's, London11.501.50
581QEII 4d perfin CG (C2660.01M) on cover (London NW1, 15 Jan 63) - id Castrol Group of Companies, Castrol House, Marylebone Road, London NW111.001.00
582QEII 4d sepia perfin CS (C6760.03M) on cover (6 June 68) id Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield11.50Unsold
583QEII 4d sepia perfin LC (L0960.02M) on cover (Leeds 22.1.69) id Kitson College of Engineering & Science, Leeds12.00Unsold
584QEII 4d Wilding perfin BCS (B1660.01) on cover (location & date part of postmark removed) - id Burnley Equitable Co-operative and Industrial Society Ltd, Burnley1 (1)1.001.00
585#QEII 6d Machin perfin GLC (G3100.01M) on cover postmark Oostende, 9.4.197* (date not clear) with cachet "Schip/Bateau" - no id11.003.60
586QEII 8p perfin LT (L5360.01M) on cover (Padington W2, 10 Jan 77) London Transport logo on back11.00Unsold
587QEII education enquiry forms (x2) from Sleaford to other councils bearing - 1d perfin B.C.C. (B1230.02M - Bath City Council), 1d perfin B/CC (B1270.01M - Berkshire County Council)21.001.70
588#QEII Machin 2nd perfin BC (B1110.03M) on cover (28.1.98) id The Print Unit, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council12.002.40
589QEII Machins perfin SCH (S1410.01) on 5 covers (dates from 27.8.80 to 27.3.81) - 2 x 14p, 2 x 12p , 1 x 10p + 2p - all id Schenkers Ltd, Bradford51.003.40
590#QV d vermilion Jubilee perfin WR (W6210.03) on prepaid postal stationery card (Bedford St SO WC) - id The Publishing Office, 37 Southampton ST, Strand, London WC (WR in die = William Robinson, publisher)11.001.00
591#QV d vermilion perfin CL/&Co.. (C4380.01) on tatty newspaper wrapper (undated EC cancel) - id very faint stamp showing address 1 Coleman St London EC (Charles Lavy & Co)11.001.00
592#QV d vermilion perfin G.D/&Co.. (G1375.01) on cover (Glasgow, 7 May 96) - id Gray, Dunn & Co, glasgow11.002.10
593#QV d vermilion perfin S/&Co (S1675.06) on book post cover (undated EC/43 cancel) - id Franz Schneider & Co, London EC12.502.50
594#QV 1d (sg188) perfin G/&Co.. (G1005.01) on letter (London WC 12 Mar 86) - id Gregory & Co, 1 Bedford Row, London WC14.004.00
595#QV 1d lilac partial perfin HM&Co./B (H4990.01) on trade card (Birmingham 28 Jun 1900) - id Hills, Menke & Co, Birmingham11.001.00
596#QV 1d lilac perfin Co. (C5470.03) on prepaid postal stationery card (London W duplex 21 Dec 93) - id Chappell & Co, New Bond Street London W11.003.60
597QV 1d lilac perfin E&Co. (E0770.02) on contract note (30 Aug 84) - id Ellis & Co & HC (H1160.13) on rates receipt (10 Jun 96) - id Town Hall, Kingston upon Hull2 (2)1.003.70
598QV 1d lilac perfin F&B (F0250.03) on contract note (17-11-00) - id Foster & Braithwaite1 (1)1.003.70
599#QV 1d lilac perfin K (K0010.03) on cover (roughly opened at top) London 24 My 89 - no id1 (1)0.500.50
600#QV 1d lilac perfin PV (P4910.03v) on Parochial rates demand (15 Nov 1900) - id Paddington Vestry (new id for this die)11.007.60
601#QV 1d lilac, 1/- Jubilee (no perfins) & d vermilion Jubilee perfin L&HB (L2810.01) on part cover front with 'late fee 4d' cachet (Lombard St 5 Apr 97) - no id11.001.00
602#QV 2d perfin CB/&Co (C0663.01v) on cover front (London EC, 4 Apr 99 duplex EC/70) to France - id Coulos Berthoud & Co, London12.002.00
603#QV 5d Jubilee perfinned M.B/Co. (M0515.01) an additional QV 2d registration stamp cut-out has been stuck onto this registered cover, but is not tied to it & may be a later addition to cover (King William St 5 Fe ...) cover in poor state - no id11.001.00
604#QV front with filing holes used Dec 2nd 1872 with 1d plate 122 with perfin GLYN (G3260.01)11.005.70
605#QV front with filing holes used Oct 3rd 1872 with 1d plate 146 with perfin GLYN (G3260.01)11.005.10
606#QV identified cover used Sep. 13th 1882 with 1d lilac with perfin A&N/C.S.L (A4205.02). Envelope contains correspondence in relation to the supply of a piano.11.004.10
607#QV Jubilee pair of d blue-green perfin AA/Co.. (A0150.01M) on roughly opened cover (London 7 Nov 01) - id Alliance assurance1 (1)1.00Unsold
608#QV Jubilee pair of d vermilion perfin DRJ/Co (D4210.01M) on post card with vertical crease (clear of stamps) London SW 28 Dec 98 - id Dr Jaeger's Sanitary Woollen System Co Ltd - card also has 10c & 20c Swiss postage dues18.00Unsold
609#QV letter sheet used July 25th 1877 regarding payments by Holloway Bros. Bearing 2d rose plate 8 with perfin H.B (H0370.07)11.007.60
610#QV letter sheet used Leith May 13th 1892, sent to Norway from Chr. Salvesen & Co, wood department with d vermillion with perfin CS&Co. (C6910.01).11.006.10
611#QV letter sheet used March 11th 1878 with 2d rosy-mauve plate 9 with C6910.01 CS&Co. Letter sheet has the identifying imprint of Christian Salvesen & Co.11.005.10
612#QV letter sheet used May 28th 1888 describing share purchase by Cox & Co bankers. Bears 1d lilac with perfin COX (C5680.04)11.003.70
613#QV pair of 2d Jubilees perfin BB&Co (B0640.01) one good, clear strike across centre of both stamps - on registered cover (Exchange, L'pool 29 Mar 92) - id Blessig, Braun & Co, Liverpool in red sealing wax on back11.006.60
614#QV stamped postcard type 2a perfin TV/R (T4820.01) with Liverpool cancel 10 Jul 01 - no id on card but known to be Taff Valley railway, Cardiff - earliest listed date of this die on this card type112.0012.00
615#QV stamped postcard type 3 perfin H.R/&Co (H6150.02a with Liverpool squared circle cancel 6 Sept 80 - no id on card but known to be Hayn Roman & Co, London110.0012.50**
616#QV stamped postcard type 4 perfin V.B (V0160.01) with London hooded circle cancel 3 Aug 92 - id Volkart Brothers by signature - earliest listed date of this die on this card type18.0012.60
617QV to QEII 20 covers & 25 singles mixed condition ids include Sun Life, Royal Insurance (x 2), Cadbury Bros Ltd, plus 8 QEII Kodak film numbers4510.0010.00
618QV to QEII 15 covers & singles - no ids except, Sun life Assurance, Cadbury Bros & London Electricity supply Co155.005.00
619#QV 1d plate - C anchor C - C1840.02M - plate 15612.003.10
620#QV 1d plate - D/W - D5180.01 - plate 20612.005.10
621#QV 1d plate - I.C/&Co/B - I0370.01M - plate 12412.003.10
622#QV 1d plate - T&Co T1010.03 plate 14611.005.10
623#QV 1d plate - T.B/&Co - T0480.02 - plate 17112.005.10
624#QV 1d plate - T.C.&/M.Co.L T1000.01 plate 12311.005.10
625#QV 1d plate - T.J.S.S/&Co. T2730.01 plate 20711.005.10
626#QV 1d plate - T.T/&Co. T4495.03 plate 17711.005.10
627#QV 1d plate - T.W.S/&Co T5180.01 plate 21411.005.10
628#QV 1d plate - TR&S/R T3910.01 plate 17711.003.10
629#QV 1d plate - TRAVERS T3790.02 plate 16511.005.10
631Australia private perfins DDF1113.0025.10
632Australia 24 pre-decimal & 15 decimal all perfin G/NSW - DDF391.001.00
633Australia on/off paper - 9 x QEII perfin G/NSW (duplication), 7 other perfins QEII & KGV 161.001.00
634Austria older issues ADD10011.0012.10
635#Bahamas KGV 1931 tercentenary 2/- & 3/- mounted mint perfin SPECIMEN in arc25.005.00
636#Bahamas KGVI victory issue 1d & 3d mounted mint perfin SPECIMEN in arc25.005.00
637Barbados d 1897 diamond Jubilee x 2 both perfin L&/Co.2 (1)1.001.00
638Belgium railway stamps DDF162.003.10
639British Commonwealth on/off paper - mixed condition - noted South Africa & Transvaal have duplicated/DDF TC/&S dies - Charity source22530.0031.10
640#British South Africa Company 1898 1 (sg90) mounted mint - perfin SPECIMEN13.003.00
641Ceylon QV 1, KEVII 1, KGV 8, KGVI 1 - on/off paper - some partials - DDF110.500.50
642Denmark - ADD24012.0021.10
643Egypt 4, Rhodesia 3, India 2, Ceylon 1, Hongkong 1, Palestine 1, Transvaal 1130.503.10
644European mix with a few from the rest of the world - DDF1282.008.10
645France older issues ADD9310.0028.20
646France older issues DDF496.0010.20
647France on Merson issue ADD6910.0021.20
648France off paper- mixed condition - Charity source1353.0021.20
649German area including Bohemia & Moravia, Danzig, Saar, Upper Silesia, POs in Turkey283.0028.20
650Germany older issues ADD58630.0090.10
651Germany older issues DDF37520.0065.10
652Germany on/off paper - mixed condition - Charity source1203.0020.20
653Greece DDF232.503.60
654Holland DDF10110.0022.00
655Holland DDF11111.0022.10
656Hong Kong KEVII & KGV & China (Imperial) off paper - mixed condition - noted HK duplicated/DDF 2 types TC/&S dies, China 5 pairs - Charity source983.0025.30
657Hungary ADD10010.0018.00**
658Hungary DDF1009.0012.70
659India older on/off paper - some partials - DDF130.501.10
660India on/off paper - mainly TC/&S Dup/DDF - Charity source1302.004.10
661India fiscals (no perfins) QV 1a & 1r, KGV "Special Adhesive" stamps 6a, 8a, 3r, 4r61.00Unsold
662Ireland older including KGV d & 1d 1922 overprint - DDF40.501.10
663Jamaica KGV - 2 on paper - DDF31.001.00
664Japan DDF153.0012.80
665Malta KEVII & KGV all partials - DDF60.501.70
666#Nawanagar State court fee fiscal - perfin Nawanagar State11.001.00
667Netherlands including 40 POKOs - ADD21014.0046.60
668Netherlands older issues on/off paper - 6 ADD, 8 DDF80.501.60
669New Zealand 40c 'Rainbow Trout' & 40c 'Domestic Moggy' both perfin PC/NZA21.301.30
670New Zealand KGV with partial perfins60.500.50
671North Africa on/off paper - mixed condition - Egypt-20, Morocco-25, Algeria-7, Sudan-4, Tunisia-3 - Charity source592.006.60
672Portugal DDF909.009.10
673Sarawak KGVI $1 (x6), $2 (x7), $5 all perfin with what appears to be "PAID + date" die141.001.60
674South America - Chile 2, Venezuela 2, Argentina 9 inc pairs of 1 peso map mostly on paper130.502.60
675South America - on/off paper - mixed condition - noted Brazil die BNU - Charity source131.001.90
676#South Australia - QV 2/6 sg276a perfin large 20 pin A10.500.50
677#South Australia - unmounted mint marginal block of 4 perfin SA on QV 1d sg17610.500.50
678Spain ADD13712.0024.10
679Spain DDF454.504.60
680Spain Telegraph perfins - large single hole or T types on 1870-89 issues151.501.50
681Switzerland DDF7110.0010.00
682USA mixed condition 9 ADD, 10 DDF100.500.50
683USA on/off paper - mixed condition - Charity source3503.0015.10
684USA precancels - only small towns - ADD14010.0010.00
685USA precancels includes Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin - some duplication450+6.007.10
686World including Australia-12, India-6, Straits Settlements-3, Ceylon-2, Canada-2 DDF30 (1)1.003.60
687#Australia - KGVI 1d x 3 perfin T (probably, but if so, some pins missing from top of T) on very tatty "On His Majesty's Service" cover (Hobart 2 Jun 1945)1 (1)0.500.50
688#Australia - QEII (25.7.63) - perfin VG on 5d (sg314) id Office of Titles, Melbourne11.301.30
689#Austria - 5h Francis Joseph perfin N.U. on trade card (Wien 8.7.16) - id Norbert Ulmann, Wien11.001.00
690Canada - 7c air perfin C/P/R on cover (Chateau Lake Louise, Alberta 19 Aug 49) - id Canadian Pacific logo on cover front11.003.30
691Canada - KGVI 2c perfin BT on cover (Tillsonburg 15 Au 42) - id Bell Telephone11.001.00
692#Cuba - 2c Gomez perfin SA/RRA on cover (Habana Jul 37) id Drogueria Sarra12.004.10
693Denmark - 100o Queen Margrethe perfin GK on cover (Kobenhavn date unclear) - id Gentofte Kommunebibliotek11.001.00
694Denmark - 10o sg300 perfin NV on large, folded cover (Kobenhavn 19 Nov 36) - id Nationalbankens Valutakontor, Kobenhavn11.001.00
695Denmark - 15o & 40o ship perfin D/SF on opened out registered cover to Oslo (postmark unclear, but backstamp Oslo 16.11.28) - id Dansk Sojakagefabrik a/s11.001.00
696#Denmark - 15o ship perfin double chevrons on cover (Kobenhavn 5.4.29) - Coat of Arms of Kobenhavn on back of cover11.001.00
697#Denmark - 15o ship perfin GP on opened out cover (Kobenhavn 25.2.29) - id Pahl & Petersen a/s, Kobenhavn11.002.10
698Denmark - 15o ship perfin KM on cover (Kobenhavn 6 Apr 32 - no id on cover but contains letter with id Kirkministeriet, Kobenhavn11.001.00
699Denmark - 320o Queen Margrethe perfin H on large folded piece (Kobenhavn 17 Nov 89) - id Hjemmevaernsdistrikt I, Osterbrogades Kaserne, Kobenhavn11.001.00
700#Denmark - 35o King Frederik IX perfin Maltese Cross on cover (Kobenhavn 7 Jan 65) id Det Forenede Dampskibs-Selskab11.004.10
701Denmark - 380o Queen Margrethe perfin double chevrons on cover (Kobenhavn unclear date) - id Direktorate For Stadens Faste Ejendomme11.001.00
702Denmark - 40o King Christian X perfin K.H. on cover (Kobenhavn 29.9.24) - id Aktieselskabet Kjobenhavns Handelsbank11.001.00
703Denmark - 50o King Frederik IX partial perfin (probably OO/B) on cover (Kobenhavn, Jul 66) - id Olaf O Barfod & Co11.001.00
704Denmark - 50o King Frederik IX perfin ESSO on cover (Kobenhavn 10 Apr 63) - id Dansk Esso as11.003.10
705Denmark - 50o King Frederik IX perfin G&S on cover (Kobenhavn 23 Jun 1963?) - id MJ Gronbech & Sonner11.001.00
706#Denmark - 50o King Frederik IX perfin NP on cover (Kobenhavn 15 Dec 66) - id Neess-Petersen, Kobenhavn11.001.00
707Denmark - 50o King Frederik IX perfin P11 on cover (Norsholm, 24.2.66?) - id Politikreds Nr 11, Politistationen, Horsholm11.001.00
708#Denmark - 60o King Frederick perfin PFA on cover (Kobenhavn 19 Nov 63) - id Hans Buus10.500.50
709#Denmark - 60o King Frederik IX perfin E.&S. on folded cover (Kobenhavn 25 Nov 71) - id Engelsen & Schroder11.002.70
710Denmark - 60o King Frederik IX perfin FD/M on cover (Kobenhavn 26 Jan 71) - id Forenede Danske Motorejere, Kobenhavn11.001.00
711#France - 1.75f perfin T/EF/& on tatty cover (Roubaix-Fosse Aux Chenes 24.11.38) - id Emile Toulemonde & Fils, Roubaix11.003.10
712#France - picture postcard - unused and no stamp. - card has perfin AN11.001.00
713Germany - 100m numeral in circle perfin DB on cover (Bielefeld 12.4.23) - id Deutsche Bank, Bielefeld11.001.00
714Germany - 25pf President von Hindenburg perfin DB on cover (Berlin 11.2.36) - id Dresdner Bank, Berlin11.001.00
715#Germany - 5pf, 8pf & 25pf President von Hindenburg all perfin DG on registered cover (Gotha 17.5.35) - id Deutsche Bank und Disconto-Gesellschaft, Gotha11.002.60
716#Germany - pair of 30pf Germania perfin FB/&Co on cover (Elberfeld, 14.9.06) to Zurich - id Friedr. Bayer & Co., Elberfeld11.001.00
717Ireland 2d map part perfin AC/LD (A1200.05M) on 2 unused covers - id Arnott & Co Ltd, Dublin & 2d map part perfin C.I.E. on cover (Baile Atha Cliath, 18 Oct 62) no id31.001.00
718Netherlands - 8c (sg 639) & 12c (sg776) both perfin K on picture postcard ('s Gravenhage 6.8.60)11.00Unsold
719#New Zealand Philatelic Federation card 1988-1989 - 1c nephrite perfin THANK YOU11.001.00
720New Zealand Philatelic Federation card 1989-1990 - 2c agate perfin THANK YOU11.001.00
721#Newfoundland - perfin AYRE on 3c Queen (sg 278) id Ayre & Sons, St John's13.005.50
722#Red Cross Prisoner of War Parcel receipt confim card (7.6.1918) - perfin "Gepruft/K.G.L.Chemnitz"110.00Unsold
723Switzerland - 20c Tell perfin HUG on trade card with filing holes (Zurich 21.1.27) - id Hug & Co, Zurich11.002.70
724#Switzerland - 2c sg121 perfin M on trade card (Wil, St Gallen 28.1.98) - id Maggi Nahrungsmitteln ag, Kempttal11.004.10
725USA - 18c & 2 x 1c all perfin sIu (? - poor strikes) on cover (Cedar Rapids 11 Jan 1982) - id American Society of Pharmacognosy, University of Iowa10.50Unsold
726USA - 2 covers (June 1940 Chicago to London) each with pair of 30c Theodore Roosevelt perfin with interlocking CC - id Crane Co. - 1 cover has censor label23.003.00
727USA 5 covers perfin GN/RY; X/CD; MP/RR (x2); CNB52.002.00
728#USA - U/W (monogram) - part of W is off-stamp - on 2c (sg904) (Madison 9.2.48) - id University of Wisconsin, Madison11.00Unsold

# after a lot number indicates that an illustration is available (view pdf here)

** indicates tied bids - earliest received won the lot

ADD = all different dies : DDF = different in die or face : id = identity : inc = including