Perfin Society Auction No. 104

This auction closed on 31st August 2016 .

Bids and enquiries can be sent by email to Ron Mills: send to ronmills dot perfins at gmail dot com (with dot and at replaced by the appropriate symbols!)

Bids may be submitted by post on a bid form or by email.
Email bidders should include their address and method of payment and list bids in lot number order.
All information should be given in the body of the email and not as an attachment.
Telephone or Buy bids are not accepted. All reserves are expressed in (GBP).

By submitting bids to this auction, bidders confirm that they have read and accept the terms & conditions contained within the AUCTION RULES (revised July 2016)

Please note that this auction is only open to members of the Perfin Society whose membership must be current on the closing date of the auction (Not a member? Join us!)

This auction has ended - prices realised are given below.

1All reigns QV-130, KEVII-90, KGV-170, KGVI-100, QEII-70 - ADD56014.0035.10
2All reigns QV-155, KEVII-90, KGV-195, KGVI-95, QEII-75 ADD61015.0060.30
3All reigns QV-280, KEVII-180, KGV-340, KGVI-175, QEII-95 ADD107025.00123.80
4All reigns QV-1, KEVII-6, KGV-14, KEVIII-2, KGVI-19, QEII-21 - mostly DDF633.003.00
5All reigns but mainly QEII - letters A to L - DDF1002.002.00
6All reigns but mainly QEII - letters A, B, C - DDF602.002.00
7All reigns but mainly QEII - letters M to Y - DDF1002.006.10
8All reigns including QV-211, KEVII-388, KGV-222 - about 30% with imperfections, but clear perfins120012.0090.80
9All reigns on/off paper - totally unsorted from non-GB collector500+3.0055.10
10Commemoratives KGVI-21, QEII pre-decimal 14, QEII decimal-6 - ADD417.0015.10
11Commercial overprints on/off paper - mixed condition - Charity source - QV-1, KEVII-1, KGV-8, KGVI-148, QEII-2133715.0010.10
12Full names including CARTER, DRAY, HUTH, LINE, MOSS, PANTIN, PAUL - DDF152.005.10
13Full names including POTTER, GLOBE, DUFF, HILL & SONS, Dun, DELIUS - ADD425.007.60
14High values QV-1, KGVI-7, QEII-7 - condition mixed - DDF153.005.10
15KEVII 2/6 perfin C/AN/S12.00Unsold
16KEVII ADD36012.0045.30
17KEVII ADD25615.0048.30
18KEVII ADD30015.0041.10
19KEVII DDF54620.0061.10
20KEVII letters A to F - mostly DDF855.005.00
21KEVII letters A to I - DDF2393.0017.80
22KEVII letters G to L - mostly DDF1325.0015.10
23KEVII letters J to P - DDF1973.0016.90
24KEVII letters M to R - mostly DDF402.002.00
25KEVII letters Q to Z - DDF1742.502.50
26KEVII letters S to Z - mostly DDF513.003.00
27KEVII unsorted perfins on d blue-green & d yellow-greenKEVII542.005.10
28KEVII unsorted perfins on 1d - mixed condition1205.008.10
29KEVII unsorted perfins, mixed condition - values 1d to 1/-KEVII603.009.10
30KEVII 10/- perfin SB/SA (S0920.01a). Some surface rubbing on stamp15.005.00
31KEVII 2/6 x 3 perfin PJF (damage to one side of stamp), A&Co/Ld, H.S/L (poor)3 (2)3.003.00
32KEVII 5/- perfin WW/Lt.d.11.502.10
33KEVII higher values - 9d - 11, 10d - 10, 1/- 40 ADD616.008.10
34KEVIII ADD23010.0035.30
35KEVIII ADD1004.005.10
36KEVIII DDF681.501.50
37KEVIII DDF521.501.50
38KGV 1d 1924 British Empire Exhibition perfin PBL (P0710.01v)KGV 11.001.00
39KGV 1d 1924 British Empire Exhibition perfin F.G (F1590.01M)KGV 11.001.40
40KGV 1d 1924 British Empire Exhibition perfin GSM/Ld (G4740.01)11.001.40
41KGV 1939 - 2/6 (green) x 2 perfin L, M.V/Co. (damaged), 5/- perfin AP3 (1)2.00Unsold
42KGV 1951 high values 5/- (B/BK), 10/- (DT), 1 (M.V/Co. - damaged)3 (1)3.00Unsold
43KGV ADD47510.0051.10
44KGV British Empire Exhibition 1924 1d x 2 - perfin DM & design "Circle in Diamond" 21.003.10
45KGV British Empire Exhibition 1924 1d & 1d both perfin W&SKGV 21.002.10
46KGV DDF471.001.00
47KGV Downeys - ADD28510.0035.10
48KGV good mix of values upto 1/-165+5.0015.10
49KGV includes around 25 x d UPU but duplication in theseKGV 653.003.00
50KGV including Seahorses (2/6 x 5, 5/- x 3 - mainly damaged) - DDF268(10)12.0012.00
51KGV letters A to M - DDF2743.0015.10
52KGV letters N to Z - DDF1432.008.10
53KGV mixed condition - ADD30415.0015.00
54KGV photogravure issue - mixed condition - ADD1203.003.00
55KGV Postal Union Congress London 1929 - ADD14010.0038.80
56KGV Seahorses 2/6 - type A perfin OB, type B perfin B.A.T/CoLd21.007.10
57KGV Seahorses 2/6 - 5 x type A, 1 x type B, 5/- 4 x type A - ADD 103.003.00
58KGV Seahorses 2/6 2 pairs perfin GB/&/Co.Ld., 5/- perfin N/MP53.0015.10
59KGV Seahorses 5/- type A perfin CPA11.003.10
60KGV Seahorses type B 2/6 & 5/- (nibbled perfs at top) - both perfin F (F0008.11) 2 (1)1.001.00
61KGV Silver Jubilee - d perfin CB, 1d perfin C/AN/S, 2d perfin T.J.B31.002.10
62KGV typography issue - mixed condition - mainly DDF48210.0010.00
63KGV typography issue - unsorted perfins on dKGV1104.004.00
64KGV typography issue - unsorted perfins on 1d x 40, 2d x 30, 6d x 40KGV 1104.0012.10
65KGV unsorted perfins - approximately 50 on d & 50 on 1dKGV 1004.004.00
66KGV unsorted perfins on 1d904.004.00
67KGV unsorted perfins on 6d804.0012.10
68KGV UPU - d perfin W/CC, 1d perfin D, 1d perfin S&S, 2d perfin TC/&S 4 (1)1.009.10
69KGVI 1939 10/- light blue (corner missing) perfin K1 (1)1.00Unsold
70KGVI 1939 10/- light blue x 2 perfin EE/Co, C&W21.002.60
71KGVI 1939 5/- perfin R.B.N. (perfinned after stamp attached to form), AO, IL32.00Unsold
72KGVI 1939 5/- x 2 perfin C&W, W/&S, 10/- x 1 perfin Q31.001.00
73KGVI 1940 Stamp Centenary 1d x 2, 2d x 1, 2d x 3 - ADD6 (1)1.001.80
74KGVI 1951 5/- x 3 (1 poor), 10/- x 2, 1 x 1 - DDF6 (1)1.002.60
75KGVI 1951 2/6 perfin SM, 5/- perfin AEC, 10/- perfin FD/B31.001.00
76KGVI 1951 2/6 (3), 5/- (2), 10/- (2), 1 (1) - DDF83.004.10
77KGVI 2/6 green (WD/&S), QEII 2/6 (W&W), 5/- (WHS), 5 x 1 (WHS, NW/EB, SE/EB) inc 1 pair - DDF8 (1)2.502.50
78KGVI commemoratives - ADD on different issues6 (1)1.003.20
79KGVI dark colours - ADD27910.0014.20
80KGVI including 1942 10/- light blue x 1 - mostly DDF463.003.00
81KGVI letters A to O - DDF3003.003.00
82KGVI letters A to Z - DDF1462.002.00
83KGVI letters P to Z - DDF791.501.50
84KGVI light colours - ADD20810.0025.10
85KGVI dark colours including high values (2/6 x 3, 5/- x 2) plus Coronation (3) - DDF23010.0010.00
86KGVI light colours & a few changed colours including high values (2/6 x 1, 5/- x 4) - DDF19810.0010.00
87Kings KEVII-200, KGV-230, KEVIII-18, KGVI-130 - ADD57812.0051.10
88Kings KEVII-195, KGV-230, KEVIII-18, KGVI-130 ADD57312.0012.00
89Kings KEVII-31, KGV-13, KEVIII-10, KGVI-26 - DDF802.002.00
90Kings on/off paper - mixed condition - Charity source - 30 grams-4.004.00
91Kings on/off paper - mixed condition - Charity source - 35 grams-4.0010.10
92Letter A: QV-32, KEVII-68, KGV-67, KGVI-43,QEII-30 - DDF240(4)10.0025.80
93Letter B: QV-21, KEVII-27, KGV-75, KEVIII-2, KGVI-49, QEII-118 - DDF292(7)8.008.00
94Letter C: QV-61, KEVII-84, KGV-94, KEVIII-8, KGVI-96, QEII-223 - DDF696(13)10.0030.80
95Letter D: QV-21, KEVII-60, KGV-35, KEVIII-7, KGVI-66, QEII-107 - DDF296(2)5.005.00
96Letter F: QV-33(5), KEVII-67(15), KGV-102(18), KEVIII-14(1), KGVI-66(18), QEII-99(8) - DDF379 (65)12.0012.00
97Letter F: QV-51(11), KEVII-28(6), KGV-68(6), KEVIII-5, KGVI-45(4), QEII-27(1) - ADD224 (28)10.0031.10
98Letter G: QV-27, KEVII-22, KGV-28, KEVIII-2, KGVI-21, QEII-61 - DDF161(4)3.005.10
99Letter G: QV-67(15), KEVII-106(15), KGV-133(35), KEVIII-8(1), KGVI-87(17), QEII-216(14) - DDF617 (97)6.0031.80
100Letter G: QV-88(13), KEVII-55(5), KGV-73(9), KEVIII-7(1), KGVI-40(8), QEII-28(1), Irish-1 - ADD292 (37)4.009.10
101Letter H: QV-108(20), KEVII-139(25), KGV-219(34), KEVIII-23(3), KGVI-149(25) - DDF638 (107)6.006.00
102Letter H: QV-139(36), KEVII-92(13), KGV-116(9), KEVIII-10, KGVI-80(2), QEII-52(1) ADD489 (61)6.006.00
103Letter H: QV-7, KEVII-38, KGV-45, KEVIII-3, KGVI-47, QEII-87 - DDF247(4)8.008.00
104Letter O: QV-8(5), KEVII-19(1), KGV-42(11), KEVIII-10(3), KGVI-73(18), QEII-102(11) - DDF254 (49)10.0010.00
105Letter P: QV-15, KEVII-48, KGV-31, KEVIII-5, KGVI-30, QEII-89 - DDF218(3)5.005.00
106Letter S: QV-36, KEVII-47, KGV-67, KEVIII-4, KGVI-43, QEII-129 - DDF326(6)10.0010.00
107Letter W: QV-19, KEVII-26, KGV-20, KEVIII-1, KGVI-23, QEII-49 - DDF138(5)3.003.00
108Letter O: QV-12(3), KEVII-16(2), KGV-28(6), KEVIII-2(1), KGVI-23(5), QEII-12(2) - ADD93 (19)6.006.00
109Letters E, F: QV-13, KEVII-29, KGV-22, KEVIII-1, KGVI-38, QEII-65 - DDF168(3)3.003.00
110Letters I, J: QV-26, KEVII-21, KGV-38 inc 2/6 & 5/- Seahorses x 2, KEVIII-1, KGVI-31, QEII-35 - DDF152(4)3.003.00
111Letters K, L: QV-19, KEVII-19, KGV-31, KEVIII-3, KGVI-44, QEII-157 - DDF273(4)3.003.00
112Letters M, N, O: QV-28, KEVII-38, KGV-42, KEVIII-4, KGVI-74, QEII-128 - DDF314(4)5.007.10
113Letters Q, R: QV-11, KEVII-18, KGV-18, KGVI-31, QEII-38 - DDF116(2)3.0015.10
114Letters T, U, V, Y, Des, Num: QV-15, KEVII-32, KGV-20, KGVI-31, QEII-41 - DDF139(2)3.0020.80
115Mainly QEII with some KGV & KGVI includes some high values - duplication noted120020.0020.00
116National Stamp Day 1975 booklet, perfin NSD/1975 on 2 x sg975 & 2 x sg97612.00Unsold
117Overprints on KGV 2d typo - W&A Gilbey, John Barker, William Crawford31.003.10
118Overprints on KGV 2d typo - W.J.Bush/& Co, J.C.&J.Field, Cross & Blackwell31.003.10
119QEII sd and decimal Machins - DDF381(6)5.0012.10
120QEII 100 DDF - no PAC2002.002.00
121QEII decimal commemoratives - ADD81.001.00
122QEII decimal Machins unsorted500+2.0018.90
123QEII decimal Machins unsorted 600+3.0025.10
124QEII Letter H - Wildings & Machins - DDF395 (11)2.507.10
125QEII Machins (1970) 20p PAC, OYEZ, WILLS, 1 WHS41.00Unsold
126QEII mainly Machins plus a few Wildings - much duplication2901.001.00
127QEII pre-decimal commemoratives - ADD62.002.00
128QEII pre-decimal commemoratives - ADD61.004.00 **
129QEII pre-decimal Machin high values 2/6, 5/-, 1 all perfin DT (D4710.07)31.503.70
130QEII pre-decimal on/off paper - mixed condition - Charity source - 57 grams-2.002.00
131QEII Wilding 10/- - corner damage on 2 - ADD4 (2)1.501.50
132QEII Wilding 2/6 - slight damage to perforations on 2 - ADD6 (2)1.001.00
133QEII Wilding 5/- - ADD61.503.20
134QEII Wilding high values 2/6 - 15 ADD plus one duplicate163.00Unsold
135QEII Wilding high values 5 x 2/6, 1 x 5/- DDF63.00Unsold
136QEII Wilding high values 2/6, 5/-, 10/- all perfin HM/SO (H5200.01M)31.001.00
137QEII Wildings - ADD3453.0030.10
138QEII Wildings - DDF245(2)5.005.00
139QEII Wildings 2/6 (4), 5/- (2), 10/- (2) - DDF83.00Unsold
140QEII Wildings 2/6 perfin ST, H, B (perforations nibbled), K : 1 perfin B/Bk5 (1)1.00Unsold
141QEII Wildings letters A to L mainly off paper - DDF1952.002.00
142QEII Wildings letters M to Z - DDF1982.0010.10
143QEII Wildings on/off paper - mixed condition - Charity source - 36 grams-2.002.00
144QEII Wildings on/off paper - mixed condition - Charity source - 44 grams-2.002.00
145QEII Wildings unsorted - values to 2/62502.002.00
146QEII decimal Machins - all IL/EA - values include p, 1p, 3p, 6p, 7p, 8p, 9p 300+1.00Unsold
147QEII decimal Machins on/off paper - mixed condition - Charity source - 104 grams-2.0037.10
148QV 1d lilacs & Jubilees - DDF402.503.10
149QV 1d lilacs - mixed condition - ADD12010.0018.60
150QV 1d lilacs - ADD1408.0029.80
151QV 1d lilacs - mixed condition - ADD502.003.10
152QV 1d lilacs - ADD1267.0030.10
153QV 1d lilacs & Jubilees with values upto 5d - mixed condition983.0014.80
154QV 1d lilacs & Jubilees, some earlier - some trimmed edges - mostly DDF663.004.10
155QV 2d rosy mauve (2) or blue (8) various plate numbers ADD 10 (3)8.008.00
156QV 2d rosy mauve (3) or blue (13) various plate numbers ADD 1612.0012.00
157QV Jubilee 2d - mixed condition - ADD 853.003.00
158QV Jubilees (mainly) & 1d lilacs - condition mixed - ADD1453.0015.80
159QV Jubilees (mainly) upto 10d & a few 1d lilac - DDF1403.0050.10
160QV mainly 1d lilacs, some Jubilees, 2x 6d on 6d - mostly DDF281.001.00
161QV no Jubilees or 1d lilacs - ADD5710.0016.10
162QV 2/6 (sg178) damaged, 3d & 1/- foreign bill stamps - all perfin CL (C4210.06M)3 (2)1.00Unsold
163QV 2/6 (sg178) x 2 perfin HSB, C/AN/S, 5/- (sg180) perfin B.N.Z. (damaged)3 (1)5.00Unsold
164QV 5/- (sg180) perfin C.B.I. (C0780.01M) struck twice (one partial)13.00Unsold
165QV GR/W (G4350.02) - 1d (sg43) x 5, 1d (sg51), 1d (sg166) x 3, 1d lilac (14 & 16 dot) 11 (6)3.004.90
166QV A to N - mainly 1d lilac & Jubilees - mixed condition - mostly DDF23610.0070.80
167QV early issues including 1d red x 4, 3d on 3d x 1 - ADD20 (10)5.005.00
168QV O to Y - mainly 1d lilac & Jubilees - mixed condition - mostly DDF1808.0028.10
169QV perfin GLYN (G3260.01M) - 2d (sg45) plates 13 & 15 both trimmed, 2 (sg157) plate 22 trimmed, 4d (sg 152 vermilion) plate 15 4 (3)3.003.00
170QV 2/6 (sg 178) x 8 including AA/B, J.W/C.Co, K : 5/- (sg 180) JG/&Co. - 8 DDF9 (4)9.0021.10
171QV Crown/BT perfin on d green (sg164) & 1d lilac (16 dot). Probably J Nelson's N-14 25.005.00
172QV on/off paper - mixed condition - Charity source1005.0016.90
173Railways related perfins CBS/CR x 2, CB/PR - DDF3 (1)2.507.60
174Railways related perfins all reigns, mainly KGV - mixed condition - DDF953.0010.00 **
175Revenue stamps with various perfins - QV(19) & KEVII(14)331.008.20
176Sloper Publicity Labels - 8 different colours - perfin JS/Co see Bulletin 356 page 1081.005.10
1777 perfin covers/pieces. KGV d perfin K&T/Ld id Kearley & Tonge, EC3 - T/BC on 3d Machin with Slogan cancel "Borough of Thamesdown first day 1 April 1974" - others no id 71.001.00
178#Commemorative cover for the last day of Swindon Borough Council 31 Mar 1974 - perfin SB/C on p, 2p, 3p Machins with 24 signatures (ex council members?) 12.009.00
179Commemorative cover for the last day of Swindon Borough Council 31 Mar 1974 - perfin SB/C on p, 2p, 3p Machins with 5 signatures (ex council members?) 11.005.20
180Covers, cards & fronts - from QV 3d Jubilee to decimal Machin - no ids201.001.00
181KEVII covers & card perfin M/C (x 2) id Manchester Corporation & L.S id Law Society3 (3)1.00Unsold
182#KEVII (May 1905) 1d x 2 perfin GC (G0760.03M). Great Central Railway letter form with reference request & reply12.008.60
183KEVII d green wrapper DLR (D2920.06) cancel London 08.04.02 - no identity 11.002.60
184#KEVII cover (Leith 8.9.08) to Denmark - 2d perfin SCW/SLd (S1810.01a) id Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society, Limited, Leith 12.002.00
185KEVII invoice bearing 1d perfin S.P/L - id Spratt's Patent Limited, London EC11.001.00
186#KEVII large parcel label bearing 2 x 3d perfin L.S/Co. - id The London Shoe Co Ltd12.002.00
187KEVII to QEII (Wilding) bundle of receipts, mixed condition - includes 5 x North/Western/Electricity/Board overprints on 2d Wildings - no perfins35+1.001.00
188KEVIII partial cover, some damage on rear. d perfin R&J/H (R2990.01) no id 11.00Unsold
189KGV 1937 rates receipt - 2d perfin M.C (M1020.03) id Macclesfield Corporation11.001.00
190KGV d & 1d on cover (21 JY 16) - perfin RH/W&H (R2570.02) logo R.H.W&H on back 11.001.00
191KGV d on cards & cover perfin W/L id W H Willcox, London SE, - A/D/C id Alexander Duckham, London E - JP/&S id John Player & Sons, Nottingham 32.00Unsold
192#KGV d x1, 1d x 3, 1d x 2, 2d x 2 on cover to Prague (Manchester 10 JA 34) perfin G&H (G2080.02) - id Gerhard & Hey, Ltd., Manchester - also cover to Sofia, Bulgaria (London 13.5.35) perfin W.G. on 1d & 1d - no id 2 (1)1.002.10
193KGV 1d perfin A/D/C (A1670.01) on card (London 20.11.21) id Alexander Duckham11.001.00
194KGV L&S/LD on d on invoice & LS on 1d on receipt - id for both Lilley & Skinner 2 (2)1.001.00
195#KGV d & 2 x 1d perfin HM/&S (Redditch, 31 MY 22) - id Henry Milward & Sons Ltd11.001.60
196#KGV d &2d perfin J's (London 2 Nov 1922) - id Jeyes' Sanitary Compounds Compy. Ltd 11.001.00
197KGV d perfin B.B/Ld (London 7 Jan 1925) - id Brown Brothers, London EC2 11.001.00
198KGV d perfin J.S.Co/Ld on invoice (Bristol, 7 Jul 21) - id Schweppes Ltd 11.001.00
199KGV d perfin W&A/JT (W0170.01) on cover (Ipswich, 5 Jan 18) id on enclosed invoice W.&A.J. Turner, Ltd, Ipswich11.001.00
200KGV d typo perfin B&H on cover - id Boosey & Hawkes, London W1 11.001.00
201#KGV 1d (Exeter 30.11.33) JW/&Co (J8420.03M) id J Wippel & Co Ltd, Exeter 1 (1)1.001.00
202KGV 1d perfin H/&S (1929) on tatty cover - id Hawkes & Son, London W1 11.00Unsold
203#KGV 1912 postal stationery cover to Stockholm with Downey d (corner missing) and 1d both perfin D.D/&S/Ld. id Daniel Doncaster &Sons Limited, Sheffield 12.002.00
204#KGV 1d perfin ML/L on invoice (Liverpool, 23 Feb 1922) - id Meccano Ltd, Liverpool11.003.10
205#KGV cover (1935) to Canton, China bearing 2 x 2d & 1 x 6d all perfin V - id J H Vavasseur & Co, London EC 12.002.00
206KGV cover (26 JU 15) to Sweden bearing 2d perfin AG/&Co/L & id of A.Gagniere & Co Limited, London partially obscured by censor label 11.001.00
207#KGV cover (Aug 1929) to Germany bearing UPU 2d perfin LMB - id The London Merchant Bank Ltd, London 12.002.00
208#KGV cover to Dublin (London 24.4.34) bearing d (not perfinned) & 1d perfin HCS - id Stephens' Writing Fluids, Aldersgate St, London 11.001.00
209#KGV registered cover (1934) to Switzerland bearing 2d & 6d both perfin KLd - id Kodak Limited London SW313.00Unsold
210KGV trade card d perfin (partial) S&S cancel London 11.3.30 id Shaw & Sons EC4 11.501.50
211KGVI Macclesfield Corporation gas charge receipt 14 Aug 1946. M.C (M1020.03) on 2d pale orange11.001.00
212#KGVI d & 2d pale colours on card to Brno, Czechoslovakia (London WC 3 Oct 47) perfin UC/L (U0470.05p) - id British Association c/o UCL, London 11.004.10
213KGVI 3d pale violet on cover to Prague (London FS 8 jan 46) perfin BW/A (B7620.01) - id Bank of British West Africa, London EC311.004.10
214KGVI (London EC 17.10.38) 1d red-brown. M (M0015.02) id I&R Morley, London EC2 11.001.00
215#KGVI (London SE1 11.12.46) 2d pale blue B/P (B5610.01p) id Beck & Pollitzer Ltd11.001.50
216KGVI (West Bromwich 3.04.46) to Tanganyika 6d & 9d both perfin K in circle (K0020.01) partial id on rear Archibald Kenrick & Sons Limited, West Bromwich1 (1)1.001.00
217KGVI 2d light blue perfin SM/GC - poorly punched, some missing pins - Lewisham, 15 May 1945 - id South Metropolitan Gas Company, Old Kent Road, SE15 11.001.00
218#KGVI 2d pale blue H/M (H4890.01p) confirms suspected id Howse, Mead & Sons 11.006.40
219KGVI censored cover (Aug 1940) to Sumatra bearing 1/- perfin WD/&S - id Wm. Dawson & Sons Ltd, London EC4 - vertical crease on cover clear of stamp1 (1)2.005.20
220KGVI cover (Chelmsford 30.3.40) - 1d red-brown perfin ECC (E0570.01b) id Essex County Council 11.006.10
221#KGVI illustrated advertising cover (June 1949) bearing d & 2d pale colours both perfin CP - id Chiswick Products Ltd, Chiswick W4 12.002.00
222#KGVI parcel tag bearing d, 1d, 2d pale colours and 9d all perfin B.W/&Co. - id Barber, Walker & Co, Eastwood Collieries, nr Nottingham 12.009.40
223National Stamp Day 6.5.76 commemorative cover - perfin NSD/1976 (N2956.01)11.001.70
224Petroleum Board delivery note 25.3.41 perfin PB on KGVI 2d orange & Shell-Mex and B.P.Ltd. invoice 3.2.54 perfin SM/BP on QEII 2d dark Brown21.501.50
225QEII 3d Wilding cancel Ipswich 5.3.1959 - perfin I/C (I0290.02) letter inside from Northgate School for Girls, Ipswich11.001.00
226QEII 40 perfin covers mainly Wildings. 25 have id of LEP Transport, 2 x Prudential Assurance. Royal Insurance and Automobile Association also noted, others no id401.0010.10
227QEII Wildings on cover perfin LCC id London County Council - SLO id Sun Life21.001.00
228QEII (London SE1 13.9.63) 3d Wilding. LCC (L1020.01a) id London County Council11.001.00
229QEII sd machins on covers perfin CP id City of Portsmouth & SLO id Sun Life2 (1)1.001.00
230QEII 2d Wilding perfin E/EI - id on reverse AEI 11.001.00
231QEII 2d Wilding perfin IL - cancel Leytonstone E11 1.6.56 - id Ilford Ltd, London 11.001.00
232QEII 2d Wilding perfin PL/A - id Port of London Authority, London EC3 11.001.00
233QEII 3d Wilding perfin AO - cancel London 7.1.64 id A. Oppenheimer & Co, London11.001.00
234#QEII 3d Wilding perfin HH - cancel Bolton 15.10.64 - id Hick, Hargreaves & Co, Ltd, Soho Iron Works, bolton11.001.00
235QEII prepaid trade card with additional d Wilding perfin FR/Y - unused - id on back J.S. FRY & Sons Ltd, Bristol 12.002.10
236QV 1891 Royal Courts of Justice document with 4d Judicature fees stamp perfin Crown/RCJ within circle13.003.00
237#QV Officials on piece - Crown/RCJ on 5/- Judicature fees stamp, Crown/LR on 2/- Land Registry stamp21.00Unsold
238QV 1889 Land Registry document with 1/- Land Registry stamp perfin Crown/LR13.003.60
239QV d blue-green Jubilee on magazine wrapper - perfin HC (H1160.05aM) id The Field, Windsor House, Bream's Buildings, EC (HC = Horace Cox, printer & publisher) 1 (1)1.001.00
240QV (London WC 6.01.83) 1d lilac GR&Co (G4270.01M) id (Rowcliffe) 1 Bedford Row WC11.009.10
241QV d partial wrapper (6.4.95) perfin A&N/C.S.L (poor strike), KEVII d wrapper cut-out type 4A (13.6.05) - perfin R&J/H (R2990.05) 21.001.00
242QV 1d Jubilee R/&Co (R1060.01) cancel LondonWC 15.11.93 id Rowcliffes, London 11.005.70
243QV 1894 Land Registry deed with 1/- Land Registry stamp perfin Crown/LR12.003.10
244QV 1d lilac (London WC 18.11.82) - perfin GR&Co (G4270.01M) id (Rowcliffe) 1 Bedford Row, WC11.0010.10
245#QV 1d lilac perfin R.B. (R0330.04) on receipt - id Richard Beckett by signature11.009.10
246QV 1d red pl 193 perfin GLYN (G3260.01M) postmark London 23 NO 76. GMC&Co logo on back. Glyn, Mills, Currie & Co13.003.00
247#QV cover - 1d lilac - B&Co (B1470.06M), cancel London WC 02.12.92 - id Busk & Co11.009.10
248Utility receipts - Eastern Gas Board with KGVI 2d red-brown, Yorkshire Electricty with QEII 2d - both perfin LC21.00Unsold
249QV 1/2d sg48 plate 14 perfin S.B.L (S0790.01M)1 (1)1.003.60
250QV 1d red - A&P(213), CAM/RYS(190), JD&S(205), P.J./N.T.(148), ST/&B(121)55.0012.10
251QV 1d reds I&R/M, S.H/&S, HUTH, F.G/&Co, H.SEB, C&B/SOHO, R&S/M.L, S.M.S/&T, JTM, A&N/C.S.L, D&Co.. - Some stamps trimmed11 (6)2.008.90
252QV 1d red perfin CS/L/SA (C7140.04AM) plate 19311.001.00
253#QV 1d red perfin J/C&Co (J1420.01) on Carter's illustrated envelope (London 27 MR 79)13.0031.10
254QV 1d reds - includes MAPLE, COX, C.B.B.T, TRAVERS - ADD12 (4)10.0010.10
255QV 1d reds - 50+ different dies - some trimmed edges & damaged corners9020.0060.90
256QV 1d reds - mixed condition - STOTT, KENT, GLYN noted - some duplication 2910.0010.00
25714 countries including Germany - 8, Australia - 9 - DDF361.001.00
258Angola perfin B.A - DDF71.501.50
259Argentina mixed condition - DDF21 (6)2.002.00
260Australia all perfin VG - approximately 85 DDF2191.001.00
261Australia & States including 5/- x 2, 3/- x 1 - mostly DDF26310.0014.10
262Australia & States mixed condition361.006.10
263Australia State officials - mainly modern, mostly off paper - Charity source2002.002.00
264Australia - 78 (57 DDF), New Zealand - 3, Papua - 1780.505.60
265Australian States 56 DDF612.006.60
266Australian States including Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania all perfin OS404.00Unsold
267Austria DDF1304.004.00
268Austria mixed condition - mostly DDF1097.007.00
269Austria older issues - mostly off paper - DDF10010.0010.00
270Bavaria DDF223.009.10
271Bavaria mostly off paper, mixed condition - DDF162.002.00
272Belgium DDF2226.006.00
273Belgium all with 'Ne Pas Livrer Le Dimanche' label attached - DDF213.003.00
274Belgium mostly off paper - mostly DDF25410.0014.10
275Belgium mostly older issues - ADD11310.0014.10
276Belgium mostly older issues - some on paper50+1.001.00
277Belgium older issues - DDF11110.0010.00
278British Guiana perfin BB/&/Co x 2 DDF - both are partials20.500.50
279Burma DDF81.004.70
280Canada mostly DDF19410.00Unsold
281Canada DDF684.005.60
282Canada DDF151.501.50
283Canada 2c excise stamp vertical pair perfin CPR21.003.10
284Canada OH/MS - DDF141.503.10
285Canada - 23, Newfoundland - 3 - on/off paper - mixed condition - 22 DDF 261.002.60
286Canada - 16, Newfoundland - 4 - mixed condition201.002.10
287Cape of Good Hope-8, Natal-8, South Africa-7, Transvaal-1 - DDF242.503.20
288Ceylon mostly DDF815.0041.60
289Ceylon QV-2, KEVII-7, KGV-34, KGVI-14, others-13 - DDF705.0041.60
290Ceylon mixed condition - some duplication501.0025.60
291Cochin - 10, Hyderabad - 3 - DDF131.002.10
292Czechoslovakia DDF475.00Unsold
293Czechoslovakia mostly DDF32 (10)2.00Unsold
294Czechoslovakia older issues - DDF10010.0010.00
295Denmark DDF1805.005.00
296Denmark DDF422.002.00
297Denmark mostly off paper - mostly DDF934.004.00
298Denmark on/off paper also includes a few Sweden & Norway50+1.001.00
299Denmark railway stamp DE DANSKE STATSBANER 20 blue perfin HP (2 strikes)12.007.60
300Egypt mostly DDF44 (5)3.00Unsold
301Egypt older issues - DDF212.00Unsold
302Eire mostly DDF - includes 2 different dies on GB KGV 1d 1922 overprints34 (1)2.002.00
303Eire mainly older - most off paper - 39 DDF482.002.00
304Europe (no France or Germany) on/off paper - mixed condition - Charity source3005.005.60
305Europe mainly Eastern countries, good mix of older issues701.001.40
306France Merson issue - DDF534.008.20
307France mostly off paper - mostly DDF24710.0025.20
308France Sower issues - DDF946.006.00
309France also includes a few Spanish offices in Morrocco - mixed condition50+2.0016.10
310#France 1953 piece perfin DUCHEMIN/29.4.53/PARIS through piece & 2 revenue stamps1 (1)2.002.00
311Germany design (number within circle) inflation issues - ADD352.504.10
312Germany Germania 10pf red used with swastika perfin15.00Unsold
313Germany Germania including 2 with Belgien overprint - ADD1134.0013.10
314Germany President von Hindenberg issue - DDF392.502.50
315Germany various issues to 1933 - DDF1805.0022.10
316Germany with a few Austria - older issues1753.0022.10
317Gibraltar-5, Malta-1, GB QV 1/2d (sg48) overprinted Cyprus trimmed at edge72.005.10
318Guatemala - perfin OFICIAL - 9 DDF - mixed condition221.00Unsold
319Hong Kong mixed condition - mostly DDF19 (6)2.007.60
320Hong Kong - QV-9, KGV-7 inc 1 pair, KGVI-2 - 17 DDF184.0015.10
321Hungary DDF443.005.20
322Hungary mixed condition - mostly DDF29 (9)2.002.00
323India KGVI 1937 transport series used - DDF83.003.00
324India QV-45, KEVII-24, KGV-44, KGVI-16, others-41 - DDF1708.008.00
325India mostly DDF1259.009.00
326India good mix of older issues130+2.003.10
327Iraq 1932 100f & 200f mint overprinted On State Service & perfin SPECIMEN in curve28.00Unsold
328Ireland ADD372.502.50
329Italy DDF1004.00Unsold
330Italy mostly DDF1076.00Unsold
331Italy mainly off paper - various different BCI and CI dies represented - DDF1524.004.00
332Italy - 15, Spain - 14 - mainly older issues - DDF291.001.00
333Italy on/off paper - mixed condition261.001.00
334Jamaica KGV - 1, KGVI - 6 - 6 DDF plus 1 duplicate71.00Unsold
335Jamaica KGV - DDF32.00Unsold
336Japan on/off paper - mixed condition - approx TC/&S - Charity sourceJapan on/off paper - mixed condition - approx TC/&S - Charity sourceJapan on/off paper - mixed condition - approx TC/&S - Charity sourceJapan on/off paper - mixed condition - approx TC/&S - Charity sourceJapan on/off paper - mixed condition - approx TC/&S - Charity source261.006.70
337Leeward Islands-2, Trinidad & Tobago-1, St Vincent-1 (partial of a "Paid" die?)42.002.00
338Luxembourg DDF202.002.00
339Mauritius KGV-6, KGVI-8 inc strip of 3, QEII-1 - 13 DDF152.002.00
340Mauritius from KEVII to early QEII - some duplication 292.002.00
341#Nawanagar State court fee fiscal - perfin Nawanagar State15.00Unsold
342Netherlands DDF1405.0025.10
343Netherlands mostly DDF572.0010.10
344Portugal DDF412.502.50
345Portugal mostly DDF332.002.00
346Portugal mixed condition - approximately 30 DDF451.001.00
347Rhodesia including British South Africa (1 perfin BSA/C - perforations nibbled)), Southern Rhodesia - condition mixed85.005.00
348Romania DDF785.005.00
349Romania mostly DDF383.003.00
350Scandinavia Finland-1, Norway-5, Sweden-23 - DDF293.006.60
351Singapore 10c shell definitive mint block (10x2) perfin S/MC very poor strikes202.002.80
352South Africa mostly DDF273.006.30
353South Africa (15), Natal (5), Transvaal (5), Cape of Good Hope (3)281.0015.10
354South America including Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela - DDF463.008.80
355Spain DDF633.007.20
356Spain mostly DDF815.006.60
357Spain Telegraph perfins T.1 to T.6. or single large hole on 1879 & 1889 issues9710.0014.20
358Spain & Portugal - mixed condition - some on paper25+1.003.10
359Straits Settlements mostly DDF695.006.30
360Straits Settlements QV-3, KEVII-17, KGV-27 - mainly off paper - DDF475.006.30
361Straits Settlements-58 (57 DDF), Penang-1, Singapore-2, Federated Malay States-2635.006.30
362Sudan-12 (6 DDF), Egypt-2, Gold Coast (partial), Zanzibar (perfin SA/SB - damaged)161.001.00
363Switzerland letters A to M - DDF2388.0025.10
364Switzerland letters N to Z - DDF1064.0014.10
365Switzerland symbols - DDF263.006.10
366Switzerland mostly DDF382.004.10
367Thailand strip of 3 stamps with perfin in Thai script?31.002.60
368United Nations 8c Disarmament Decade, used block of 6, perfin Star of David design61.001.00
369USA DDF2378.008.10
370USA DDF801.502.60
371USA DDF501.002.10
372USA DDF272.002.60
373USA mostly off paper - mostly DDF23510.0010.00
374USA some duplication2002.003.10
375USA Precancels - only small towns - ADD13010.0015.10
376USA mainly older issues - mainly DDF100+2.004.10
377World mix including USA, Canada, Australia, & some European - mostly DDF1067.008.90
378World mix with good range of countries - mostly DDF190+10.0036.10
379World older - mixed condition - includes Japan, Germany, USA, Italy, Belgium - DDF530.503.10
380Austria 3 cards & covers perfin HP, L.S.W. plus 1 other - all dated around 19101 (1)1.001.00
381Austria perfin EE (2nd E partially 'off-stamp') - id Eduard Elbogen, Wien III11.001.00
382#Christmas Island card (13 Feb 2015). 15c, 25c & 30c stamps all perfin JA11.001.00
383#Denmark 3 covers & cards - one with id Rodekontoret, Parkstykket 53 (1)1.001.00
384Denmark 3 covers including ids Otto Monsted AS Odense & Trifolium Kjobenhavn3 (1)1.003.10
385Denmark 4 covers & cards - one with id Jorgen Jensens Eftf. Kjobenhavn B.4 (1)1.003.10
386France tatty note (May 46)) about share offer - perfin SG on 4 stamps (2 different) cancel Paris - id on back Societe Generale, 29 Boulevard Haussmann, Paris12.00Unsold
387France Cover with letter March 1911 perfin AF id Amieux Freres, Nantes1 (1)1.001.00
388Germany 12pf Hindenberg on cover perfin BH/J - id Dresdner Bank11.001.00
389#Germany 4 covers & cards - one with id Schroder Gebruder & Co, Hamburg41.0010.10
390Germany cover to Zurich (24.2.06) 80pf Germania perfin FB/&Co id Friedr Bayer & Co11.001.00
391Hungary cover & card - card with 5f "Turul" issue perfin F.G.U. - id Gustav Fischer21.001.00
392Italy perfin B./C.I. on 2 covers dated 1905 & 1906 (different stamps) id Banca Commerciale Italiano, Milano & perfin C.B. on postcard (1920?) no id33.003.00
393#New Zealand (Auckland 6.11.2002) perfin PC/NZA on 2 x $1.50 kiwi stamps11.001.00
394New Zealand 1956 Southland Centennial Souvenir Cover with 2d, 3d, 8d commemmorative stamps. Invercargill special handstamp 16 JA 56 (non-perfin cover)11.001.00
395#Portugal cover to Canada (May 53) perfin B.B. with id Banco Borges & Irmao11.001.00
396#Switzerland 15 covers (1907-1946). 8 with id1510.0015.10
397#Switzerland design perfin on 30c William Tell - id Bankhaus Blankart & Cie, Zurich11.001.00
398USA 4 covers - 1 perfin JCB (Dec 1927), 3 perfin CNB (1952) on 4 different stamps41.001.00
399The Handbook of British Perfins by John S Nelson 1st edition (1967)11.001.00

# after a lot number indicates that an illustration is available (view pdf here)

ADD = all different dies : DDF = different in die or face : id = identity

** indicates tied bids - earliest received won the lot