Perfin Society Auction No. 101

All reserves are expressed in pounds.

Bidding steps: Bids advance in 10p stages.

This auction ended on 8th July 2015 .

Enquiries can be sent by email to Sean Brady: send to perfinauction at gmail dot com (with dot and at replaced by the appropriate symbols!)

Please put your address and method of payment on your email.

The lots in this Auction come from various members so the descriptions differ in detail.

Do not assume that a lot is any better than described

1. BIDS - Postal bids must be on the Bid Form or a photocopy or facsimile.
All details must be provided unless marked optional.
Email bids may be made and will be deemed to conform with the stated conditions.
Telephone bids will not be accepted.

2. PRECEDENCE OF BIDS - Email bids will not be registered prior to the receipt of the first postal bid, when all bids then received will be randomly recorded.

3. SUCCESSFUL BIDS - Lots will be sold to the highest bidder. The price will be either the bid made or one more bid step than the next highest bid, whichever is lower. If only one bid is received, the lot will be sold at the reserve price.

4. BUY BIDS - Will not be accepted.

5. TOTAL LIMIT ON BIDS - Members may place a spending limit which is less than the total amount of their bids.
Any limit must be stated on the Bid Form. Once the limit has been reached, all subsequent bids will be ignored.
Bids must be listed in order of preference using the numbered boxes in the Bid Form column 4 Serial No.

6. DESPATCH OF LOTS - This will start 2/3 weeks after the closing date and 2nd Class post will be used unless otherwise stated on the Bid Form or otherwise at the Auctioneer's discretion. Postage and packing will be charged to the buyer. Unsuccessful bidders will be notified.

7. PAYMENT - An invoice will be sent to each Bidder with payment procedure. ALL payments must be made to the Treasurer - not the Auctioneer.

8. REJECTED LOTS - Any item which does not appear to conform to its description must be returned within 24 hours of receipt. The reason for the nonacceptance must be stated and a Certificate of Posting should be obtained. A full refund will be given for lots mis-described.

9. BIDDERS PREMIUM. - There is no buyers premium

ADD All different dies
adr Addressed
anniv Anniversary
b/w Black & white
CC Changed colours
cds Circular date stamp
clr Colour
Cvr Cover / Envelope
DC Dark colour
DDF Different die or face
def Definitive
dupl Duplicate / Duplication
Ent Entire / Wrapper
Env Envelope / Cover
h/st Handstamp
id Identitiy
Illus Illustrated
imp Imperforate
inc Including
k/a Known as
LC Light colour
MDD Mostly different dies
mono Monogram perfin
ms Manuscript
n/p Not perfin
ord Ordinary
PC Postcard
perf Perforated
phos Phosphor
pl Plate number
pmk Postmark
PPC Picture Postcard
PS Postal Stationery
pt Part
s/l Straight line
s/r Single ring cancel
TPC Trade Postcard
unad Unaddressed
W Window (env/cvr)
wmk Watermark
Design perfin
This auction has ended.
1QEII mainly Machins 186 ADDs and 741 DDFs.10.0031.60
2QEII Wildings & Machins 181 ADDs and 664 DDFs.8.0018.10
3KEVII & KGV d to 6d. about 200 stamps on pieces, unchecked but duplication noted.2.0010.20
4KEVII 5d block of 8 perfin AP/Co + KGV 1d perfin OA/GC on torn receipt id Ocean Accident.1.001.00
5QV 1894/97 5 Receipts each with 1d lilac perfin E&Co + 4 similar but perfin R/&Co.2.006.10
6KEVII 1903/07 4 Receipts each with 1d red perfin E&Co id signed for Ellis & Co.1.001.00
7QV 1901 PC of Royal Technical Institute, Salford d perfin SC inferred id Salford Corp. (1)1.001.00
8KGV 1926 PC 1d perfin S&P + 1908 dmgd env 1d perfin PAC + 1927 env 1d perfin C.P.1.00Unsold
9QEII 1953 2d perfin LCC on London County Council ack'ment card with filing hole.1.00Unsold
10KEVII vars.on pieces - 10 strips, 2 blocks, 2 singles all perfin AP/C id Asiatic Petroleum Co.1.001.00
11KGVI Trade Card with d orange perfin NR/C b/wards id The Northern Rubber Co. Ltd.1.001.00
12QV 8 Consular Service 2/6d n/p on pieces Consulate cancels, 3 Antwerp, 5 Barcelona.1.004.30
13KGV 1936 Receipt Form with 2d orange perfin R.C. id Rochdale Corporation.1.002.30
14QV 2/6d & 5/- both perf. HSB.6.0010.10
15QV d green perfin AN/J/SL & small d red perfin B&L/H.1.50Unsold
16KGV 1924 British Empire Exhibition 1d brown perfin PBL.1.001.90
17KGV 5 Seahorses 2/6d ADD. (1)2.008.10
18KGV 3 Seahorses 2/6 & 5/- ADD.2.005.10
19QEII 3 Wilding 2/6d sepia ADD.1.002.30
20KGV 121 perfins A-J DDF.1.5010.10
21KGV 179 perfins K-Z DDF.2.0014.10
22KGVI 154 perfins DDF.1.508.10
23KEVII 234 perfins A-G DDF.2.5023.10
24KEVII 206 perfins H-Z DDF.2.2020.10
25KGV 231 perfins A-L DDF.2.0021.10
26KGV 144 perfins M-Z DDF.1.5012.60
27QV 185 perfins DDF,4.0037.30
28QV 7 Revenues, 3 on pieces, DDF,2.002.90
29KGV Silver Jubilee 4 x d, 3 x 1d & 7 x 1d appear to be DDF. (3)4.008.20
30KGV 2 x 2/6d perfin C/AN/S & I&R/M plus vert. pair 5/- perfin S/T/C. (1)3.003.00
31QEII Abbey 2/6d perfin C.B/B twice, multihead with five pins missing from 4 Bs.1.00Unsold
32QV block of 8 x 1d Jubilee on piece heavy parcel pmk perfin CL/+/CCo C4370.01.1.00Unsold
33QEII 10/- Castles pair perfin DT Daily Telegraph 4710.07 mint no gum.4.004.00
34QV 1d lilac perfin C6480.01 on piece of receipt, part id. Cock Russell & Co,4.004.00
35KGV 3 x 1d, 3 x 4d, 3 x 5d, 2 x 6d & 1/- all BW/&Co on 3 pieces back id Burroughs Wellcome.3.003.00
36KGVI 1945 2d blue perfin B/BK (B0740.03M) no id but k/a Barclays Bank Ltd.2.00Unsold
37QV d & 1d lilac on c.100 fronts, 31 DDF (some poor) with list.20.0020.00
38KGV 1930s Parcel Label with 9d photo. perfin LG/Co (L2510.02M) id London Glove Co.2.003.90
39QEII Decimal Machins on 8 pieces each with 2 or more perfin stamps.2.00Unsold
40QV 1d Jubilee strip of 3, pair & 2 +d blue all perfin H&R; mint but tatty.1.50Unsold
41KGV 1932 Part Receipt with 2d typo. perfin HG id Hazel, Grove and ?1.003.10
42QEII mostly, about 75 perfins with dup. & damage.3.00Unsold
43KEVII 2d blue perfin Crown over B.T (blind perfin at top) on small piece.1.501.50
44QV 10/- blue perfin partial HSB perfs.trimmed and slight tear, smudged London cds. (1)1.001.00
45KEVII 10 to 1/- ADD.1.00Unsold
46KGVI(2) 1953 & QEII 1054 2d stamps optd. Godfrey's/Limited and oversigned on receipts.1.002.10
47QEII 1992/2000 PS PC 18p & 2nd Class perfin MP/W id Metropolitan Borough of Wigan.1.001.00
48KEVII PPC St. Paul's written in French bearing two d green (faded?) perfin L.1.00Unsold
49QV/QEII Collection on 9 A4 stock sheets of 1,077 ADD all letter C, some damage noted.50.00132.10
50KEVII 4 x 1d SG221 perfins SPENCER, K&Co, cl and TC/&S1.00Unsold
51QV 1d 1880/81 SG167 perfin C.D.1.001.00
52QV d 1880/81 SG164 x 2 perfins JTM and GWR1.002.40
53QV-KGV 4 annotated pages. BR (Barry Rly), CLC (Cheshire Lines Station Comm), MS&L (Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Rly.) & SECR (South Eastern & Chatham Rlys.) (1)4.0011.10
54QV-QEII 450+ from non-GB collector, unsorted, condition unchecked.4.0045.10
55QEII Defs. blks. of 4 6d Wilding, 1d, 2d, 4d GLC + 1977 Silver Jubilee 8p SCPC all UM.1.00Unsold
56KEVII-KGVI Revenues n/p on stock card, good variety, some duplication. (41)4.008.50
57QV embossed 1d pale pink N.N/N.N cut square 1mm margins, apparently unused.1.003.20
58KGV 6 Seahorses 5/- red N.C./S.(pair), M.V/Co., BB/&C, PT/&S, RC/&S and M.3.0012.60
59QEII Machin blocks of 4, 5p & 6p mint, perfin SC/C S1310.011.00Unsold
60Justice Room non-perfin 2/- blue on piece, Guildhall cancel.1.001.80
61QEII 10 large formats 9 DDF.1.001.00
62QV 3 Foreign Bill stamps n/p 1/- green, 3/- blue & 10/- purple.1.003.10
63QV Patent stamps n/p, pair of 1/- green.1.001.60
64KGVI/1 & QEII/4 overprinted W.M./G.B. DDF.1.00Unsold
65KGV 1936 1d PC perfin W/L (4930.03) id W.H. Willcox & Co.2.50Unsold
66KGVI 1942/47/52 3 tatty invoices 2ds PB ids Petroleum Board - SM/PB - Shell-Mex & BP.1.501.50
67KGVI 1942/47/52 3 tatty invoices 2ds PB ids Petroleum Board - SM/PB - Shell-Mex & BP.1.50Unsold
68QEII 1958 Receipt with 2d optd. Merseyside/& N.Wales/Electricity/Board sideways.2.00Unsold
69KGVI 1949 Receipt 2d (torn cnr.) optd. Merseyside/& N.Wales/Elec/Brd sideways. (1)2.00Unsold
70QEII 1956 Receipt with 2d optd. Merseyside/& N.Wales/Electricity/Board sideways.2.00Unsold
71KGV 1924 Receipt with 2d perfin TP/LD (3600.01) id Temple Press Ltd.1.501.50
72KGV 1923 Invoice d & 1d stuck on top perfin A&O/Co id Anglo-American Oil.2.00Unsold
73KGV 2d orange on Bamfords Ltd. receipt perfin mostly blind holes.2.002.00
7413 Different 'Numbers' some have letters also - 3QV 1KGV 4KGVI & 5QEII. (1)2.005.10
75QV 5/- green Judicature Fee perfin crown/RCJ in circle, slightly larger than stamp.1.004.10
76QV 1/- green Land Registry on piece perfin crown/LR in circle, slightly larger than stamp.1.001.00
77KGVI 2d dk blue SG466 perfin 0990.01.4.00Unsold
78All Reigns ex.KEVIII 23 Designs DDF. (1)5.0014.90
79QV 9 different 'Full Names' DDF. (1)2.5012.10
80KEVII/KGV/KGVI 11 different 'Full Names' DDF.2.504.10
81QV SG201 perfin crown/B.T + SG211 perfin crown/B.T (smaller holes).1.001.00
82KEVII d green SG215 perfin OE&C monogram.3.00Unsold
83KGVI d dark green SG462 perfin ULP monogram.2.00Unsold
84Various Reigns 7 different perfin S.1.001.00
85Various Reigns 8 different perfin B.1.00Unsold
86Various Reigns 13 different perfin C.1.501.50
87Various Reigns 14 different perfin H to P.1.503.10
88QV 1888 Form d Jubilee (SG197) LLG/ICo id The Liverpool & London & Globe Ins Co.2.00Unsold
89QV 1887 Form + d slate-blue (SG187) LLG/ICo id The Liverpool & London & Globe Ins Co.2.00Unsold
90QV Inland Revenue 10 x 1d BF2 non-perfin used.1.00Unsold
91QV Inland Revenue 20 x 1d BF27 non-perfin used.1.00Unsold
92QEII 1966 2 x 2d optd. Preston & District Farmers' Trading Soc. Ltd. on separate receipts.1.002.90
93GB Revenue Cypher Labels, 3 with explanation.1.001.00
94GB over 230 mixed reigns, mostly QEII, alphabetic order in small stock book, some dupes.25.00Unsold
95QEII about 130 Wildings & Machins sorted on A4 stock book sheets.10.0010.00
96KGVI mostly SG.475, few others, approx. 170 perfins, some duplication.20.00Unsold
97QV d SG48 partial perfin S.M.S/&T 5220.01.1.00Unsold
98QV 2d Jubilee x 4 perfin DB, ADD.1.00Unsold
99KEVII 1/- perfin DB, pmk scarce London & Queensboro S.T.1.00Unsold
100QEII Machins 100 ADD, no GLC, ILEA nor PAC.1.003.60
101KGV 1920s 2 Invoices with 2d perfin AAO/Co id. Anglo American Oil Co.1.00Unsold
102KGV 1927 Invoice with 2d perfin SM/L id. Shell Mex Ltd.1.00Unsold
103KGV 1929 Invoice with 2d perfin G/T/C id. Goodyear Tyre & Rubber Co.1.001.00
104KGV 1929 Invoice with 2d optd. Received for/Herbert Ashman/& Co. Ltd.1.001.00
105KGVI 1940 Receipt with 2d. dk. orange perfin PB id. The Petroleum Board.1.00Unsold
106QV 1d lilac optd. Prudential/Assur.Coy.Ld., part signature.1.00Unsold
107KEVII 1d red optd. Received//For/Arthur & Company/Ltd., m/s
108KGV 2 x 2d. photo. optd. Legal & General/Assce Socy/Ltd & Barnes/Corporation.1.001.00
109KGVI 2 x 2d dk. orange optd.Birmingham/Corporation (on piece) & S.S.W.Co. + 2 x 2d lt. orange optd. Manweb & The Prudential/Assce.Co.Ltd. (1)1.00Unsold
110KGVI 4 x 2d optd. North Western/Gas Board; North/Western/Electricity/Board; Southern/Gas Board & Souther/Electricity Board.1.001.00
111KGV Seahorses 2/6d perfin JB/&Co.1.002.20
112KEVIII 146 ADD.8.0014.70
113QV mixture, no lilacs nor Jubilee 58 ADD.10.0058.10
114QEII Castles 21 x 2/6d, 13 x 5/-, 11x10/- & 2 x 1.00 ADD 47.7.0020.10
115QV lilacs 167 ADD.10.0011.20
116KGV UPU Congress 105 ADD.8.0020.10
117QEII 203 Machins ADD.4.004.00
118KGVI 51 High Values ADD, 15 x 2/6d, 22 x 5/-, 12 x 10/- and a 1.4.0015.40
119All Reigns 785 ADD, 215 QV, 120 KEVII, 230 KGV, 160 KGVI & 60 KEVII.16.0083.10
120All Reigns 650 ADD, 100 QV, 120 KEVII, 230 KGV, 150 KGVI & 50 KEVIII.15.0041.10
121Four Kings 563 ADD, 200 KEVII, 200 KGV, 23 KEVIII & 140 KGVI.12.0024.10
122Four Kings 516 ADD, 180 KEVII, 190 KGV, 16 KEVIII & 130 KGVI.12.0020.10
123QV High Values 10 ADD, 7 x 2/6d & 3 x 5/-.5.0030.20
124KEVII High Values 105 ADD, 16 x 9d, 14 x 10d & 75 x 1/-.8.0017.60
125KEVII Downeys 275 ADD,8.0025.60
126KGV Seahorses 18 ADD, 14 x 2/6d, 3 x 5/- and a 10/-.8.0020.10
127KGV High Values 147 ADD, only 1 x 9d but both 10d and 1/-.8.0015.10
128KGV Silver Jubilee 47 ADD.8.0021.00
129KGVI High Values 48 ADD, 23 x 2/6d, 17 x 5/-, 7 x 10/- and a 1,7.0014.50
130KGVI & QEII Commems. 37 ADD.6.0015.10
131All Reigns 129 DDF perfins Full Names.11.0025.10
132QV 60 unchecked perfins mixed condition, may be one or two duplicates.5.0010.10
133QV 60 unchecked perfins mixed condition, may be one or two duplicates.5.009.20
134QV 48 unchecked perfins mixed condition, may be one or two duplicates.4.007.70
135KEVIII 12(2) & KGVI 24(2) unchecked perfins mixed condition, may be one or two duplicates.3.00Unsold
136KEVII & KGV 228 perfins on 19 cards, unchecked, mixed condition, may be duplicates.6.0021.10
137QEII Machins 144 perfins on 12 cards, unchecked, mixed condition, some duplicates.4.00Unsold
138QEII Machins 60 perfins on 5 cards, unchecked, mixed condition, some duplicates.2.00Unsold
139QEII Machins 72 perfins on 6 cards, unchecked, mixed condition, some duplicates.3.00Unsold
140QV 48 perfins on 4 cards, unchecked, mixed condition, some duplicates.4.007.70
141QEII Wildings 60 perfins on 5 cards, unchecked, mixed condition, some duplicates.3.004.60
142KEVII, KGV, KEVIII & KGVI 11 cards 132 perfins, unchecked, mixed condition, duplicates.5.00Unsold
143KEVII, KGV, KEVIII & KGVI 12 cards 144 perfins, unchecked, mixed condition, duplicates.5.005.00
144KGVI 1940 Receipt 1d Cent W id Wales Ltd on top of 2 x d grn n/p & 2d Cent n/p inside.1.00Unsold
145QV 1887 Receipt with 1d lilac perfin HC/&Co (1300.06) id. Hunt & Cox & Co.2.004.10
146QV 1d red x 4 (one faded) pl. 175,198 perfin CS/L/SA, pl.125,155 perfin C.D/&Co. (1)3.00Unsold
147QEII Kodak Numbers through 9 stamps DDF inc. 2d Scouts & 5d Scottish. (1)1.005.60
148Railways - QV perfin CAM/RYS x 4; CBS/CR x 5 (4 dups.); G6 CP/R x 2; G6 issue 'R' 5/- and Canada QE 5c C/P/R. (3)1.004.10
149QV 1866 Officials Ovpts. Bankruptcy 2/6d & 5/- + Common Law Courts 1/- good ovpt.2.003.10
150QV Officials - Land Reg. perfin Crown/LR 1/- on piece x 4; perfin CO on 5/- of Chancellor's Office on piece; Police Courts 1/- part perfin of date for 1890. (1)2.506.50
151QV Officials - Probate 1 CROWN/PROBATE; Judicature Fees 2/- perfin CROWN/P.C.J.1.5011.10
152Revenues 3 - QV Foreign Bill 15/- perfin C.I.H./&S; 1/- part perfin CANCELLED/N.B.of I; KEVII Contract Note 1/- perfin W&S. (1)1.004.90
153KEVII 2/6d perfins C/AN/S, Kld, NA/SM and RT/&S.1.508.20
154KGV 5 Seahorses: Type 1 2/6d perfins ELW & JB/&Co; Type 2 2/6d & 5/- part perfin -/AN/S and 5/- perfin BG/&Co. (1)3.00Unsold
155QV High Values 2/6d perfin SG and 5/- perfin B.N.Z.2.003.60
156QEII High Values: Issue 'V' 2/6d, 5/- & 10/- DT + Issue 'W' 10p DT, 50p NB/L and 2 HM/SO3.005.60
157KGVI High Values: Issue 'Q' 10/- perfin CSS; Issue 'R' 2/6d perfin EMS.1.001.60
158KGV 1924 British Empire Exhib. 2 x 1d perfin PBL (0710.01v) & ETC (4700,05).1.001.00
159KGVI 2/6d dark & 5/- + QEII 2/6d, 5/- & 10/- all perfin JD (J1960,01a).1.502.10
160QEII 18 Overprints, 7 Elec., 5 Gas, Blackburn/Bolton Corp., Lewis's + KGVI Prudential,1.002.10
161All Reigns 229 stamps letters 'C1' to 'C2' many DDF, duplicates. 31 QV, 17 KEVII, 45 KGV, 9 KEVIII, 48 KGVI, 79 QEII. (31)2.0015.10
162All Reigns 452 letter E DDF - 52 QV, 55 KEVII, 92 KGV, 15 KEVII, 91 KGVI, 137 QEII. (37)5.0033.90
163All Reigns 290 letter E dupes - 55 QV, 49 KEVII, 43 KGV, 8 KEVII, 39 KGVI, 96 QEII. (61)1.001.10
164KGV 1d mint block of 4, each perfin J,M/&Co, 3 pulled perfs.1.00Unsold
165QEII 1.00 Castle perfin W weak corner. (1)1.001.00
166KEVII 2/6d perfin W.M/&Co sort tear.1.001.60
167QV 1d line engraved perfin GLYN trimmed on 3 sides.1.00Unsold
168QV 5/- SC176 perfin HSB damaged corner (1)1.001.00
169QV 13 ADD incldg. 1d reds plates 155 & 162, variously damaged. (13)1.00Unsold
170QEII 8 ADD SG497 to SG984 + 1.00 Castle PAC (1)1.00Unsold
171QEII 29 Regional Machins various perfins with duplication.1.001.00
172KGV 21 PUC, 8 Silver Jubilee & KGVI 4 Coronation all perfin some duplication.1.0010.60
173QEII Castles 9 x 2/6d & 14 x 5/- perfin OH/MS.1.001.00
174KGVI seven 2/6d & three 5/- ADD.1.003.10
175QV 1900 1d lilac PSB signed on Receipt of R. Salmon Backhouse.1.001.00
176KGVI 1952 1d CS id City of Sheffield 4 items with perfin in diff. positions.2.50Unsold
177QV 2d SG.141 plate 8 perfin HB (H360.03A).1.001.00
178QV 2d blue plate 23 perfin B&C/M (B1450.01).1.003.70
179QV 2d mauve plate 3 perfin H/C&Co (H1310.01) heavy cancel.1.001.00
180QV 1d red plate 167 perfin GB/&Co.1.001.00
181QV 1d red plate 193 perfin R&S/N (R4870.02) side perfs. trimmed.1.001.00
182QV 1d red plate 15? perfin A&N/C (A4205.02).1.003.70
183QV 3x1d reds (pl. nos. tentative) C&B/SOHO pl.140, CAM/RYS pl.140, A&G pl.165. (3)1.001.60
184QV 2d blue plate 14 perfin I&R/M (I2170.06).1.201.20
185QV 1870 wrapper 4d verm. pl.11 C.I.H/&S id rubber stamp cachet C.J. Hambro & Son4.008.60
186QV 4x1d red all perfin G.E.R plates 176, 198, 201 &
187QV 1d red perfin SM/&Co plate 1501.003.70
188QV 1d red perfin S.S plate
189QV 1d perfin B.T (B7064.01) plate
190QV 1d perfin GRW (G4350.01) plate
191QV 1d perfin GRW (G4350.02) plate 196.1.20Unsold
192QV 1d perfin RJR (R3060.01) plate
193QV 1d perfin R.B. (R0330,02) plate
194QV 1d perfin B.W.B (B7640,01) plate
195QV 6d on 6d perfin D.B (D0220,01) plate
196QV 2d blue perfin B/W&Co (B7720,04) plate
197QV 2x2d blue perfin H.R/&Co (H6450.02) plates 14 and 15.2.404.00
198QV 2d blue plate 14 perfin I&R/M (I2170.06)1.201.20
199QV 1d x 7 diff. plates, all perfin I&R/M (12170.06M). (7)3.005.10
200QV 1d red x 4 plates 140, 155, 165 & 193 all perfin C/S&Co. (4)2.004.90
201QV 1d red x 2 plates 164 & 168 both perfin C.E.W/CoL. (2)1.006.70
202QV 1d red x 2 plates 139 & 145 both perfin K&K and part 625 duplex cancels. (1)1.503.70
203QV 1d red plate 187, full name ELEY perfin.1.006.70
204QV 1d red x 6, pl.175, 181, 183, 185, 196 & 200 (seconds) all perfin J/C&Co (J1420.01). (5)1.002.10
205QV 3d red line engraved pl 16 perfin SM/&Co (S4290.01).2.504.70
206QV 1d plate 140 perfin J&G/OxSt (J3210.01).1.003.70
207QV 2d blue line engraved plate 23 perfin J&G/OxSt (J3210.01).1.505.10
208QV 1874 Entire with 3d red plate perfin GLYN (3260.01), bottom cnr. of stamp torn off.2.002.00
209QV 2d blue plate 18 perfin F.W.G/B damaged corner. (1)1.00Unsold
210KGVI 6 x PS 2d brown embossed, Alliance Assurance logo on front, clean unused.1.00Unsold
211QEII 1971 with Machin 3p perfin WHS ident. logo on front W H Smith.1.002.40
212QEII WEnv with d green perfin LL return address on front Lloyd's London,1.001.00
213QEII Env with 3d purple perfin RG flap id Royal Insurance (Royal Insurance Group).1.001.00
214QEII WEnv with 3d purple perfin RG return address on front id Royal Insurance Group.1.001.00
215QEII with 2d red perfin RT/G flap id Road Transport & General Ins. Co. Ltd.1.001.00
216QEII with p & 7p both perfin SB/C flap id Claridge's London.1.001.00
217QEII printed with 4d perfin KC/L id King's College London.1.002.10
218QEII W with 4d perfin LT id flap logo of London Transport.1.002.40
219KGV 1926 torn with d & 1d both perfin L&L/&G flap id pt logo The L'pool & London & Globe.1.00Unsold
220KGV 1917 with 1d. perfin M/C torn flap id Manchester Corporation.1.00Unsold
221KGVI 1950 with 2d perfin LG/H id return address "moved away address unknown".1.00Unsold
222KGVI 1938 with 1d brown perfin LCC flap id London County Council.1.00Unsold
223KGVI 1950W with 2d blue perfin LCC flap id London County Council.1.00Unsold
224KEVII with 1d perfin J.&/J.C id from address on flap J & J Coleman.1.001.00
225KGV 1920 Entire with 1d perfin W.P/Co letterhead id Worthington-Simpson Ltd.1.201.20
226KGV 1919 Entire with 1d perfin J.S/&Co front 'seal' id Worthington-Simpson Ltd.1.30Unsold
227KGV 1920 Entire with 2d perfin J.S/&Co front 'seal' id Worthington-Simpson Ltd.1.30Unsold
228KGV env. with 1d perfin F&M k/a Fortnum & Mason.1.001.00
229KGV 1933 cvr with d & 1d perfin pt C&Co C1520.01.1.00Unsold
230KGV 1936 cvr d green perfin S id Sangers Ltd. S0010.
231KGV 1936 cvr 1d brown perfin McK/& Co M1320.01A.1.00Unsold
232KGV 1936 front d green perfin KD/LD k/a Kelly's Directory London.1.00Unsold
233KGVI 1947 Env. with 2d blue no perfin, overlaid with War Economy re-seal with 1d red perfin BC id. Birkenhead Corporation.1.001.00
234KGV Trade Cover with d green perfin 4480.02A id. The Market Prices Co,3.00Unsold
235KGV 1936 Wcvr. with d perfin KD/LD (K0530.02) no id. but Kelly's Directories Ltd.1.00Unsold
236KGV 1923 cvr. with 1d perfin CM/CoLd (C4960.02) no id. but Charles Morgan & Co Ltd.2.00Unsold
237KGV 1925 Trade Card with 2 x d perfin E,B. back id British Engine, Boiler & Elect. Ins.1.00Unsold
238KGV d green perfin MP/Co on TEnv, id The Market Prices Co, MTP/1 in triangle pmk.3.003.00
239KGVI 1942 cvr 2d blue pt perfin WS/LD W6970.01 id William Sutcliffe Ltd Manchester.1.00Unsold
240KGV 1929 tatty env 1d perfin W&/Co W1350.01 flap id W.K. Webster & Co.1.00Unsold
241KGVI 1938 TPC 2 x 1d photo. perfin usual partials HE/O POKO id Harrods Estate Office. (1)1.508.20
242KEVII 1910 2d perfin S&Co (S1620.13M) front id. Sutton & Co.2.00Unsold
243KGVI 1929 Wenv 1d UPU perfin CLC (C4320.01) flap id London County Council.1.50Unsold
244KGVI 1948 with 3d pale violet perfin AL/M (A3670.01) flap id Associated Lead Mfrs.2.00Unsold
245KGV 1927 PC with 1d perfin JG/S (J3270.01) back printed id John George & Sons.3.00Unsold
246KGV 1934 Folded Statement with d typo. perfin CB/Ld return address id Crossly Bros.2.00Unsold
247QV 1890 Folded L'sheet with 1d Jubilee perfin R/&Co (R1060.01) inside id Rowcliffe's.2.50Unsold
248QV 1890 Folded L'sheet with 1d Jubilee perfin R/&Co (R1060.01) inside id Rowcliffe's.2.50Unsold
249QV 1890 Folded L'sheet with 1d Jubilee perfin R/&Co (R1060.01) inside id Rowcliffe's.2.50Unsold
250KGV 1913 Trade PPC perfin T&S id Toogood & Sons.3.004.10
251KGVI 1941 Env. with 1d light colour perfin RS/&Co (R4650.01) no id.1.00Unsold
252QV PS d Trade Post Card with extra d Jubilee perfin CA/Ld back id Central Agency.2.502.50
253KEVII 1911 Trade Post Card with 1d red perfin O (O0080.03) back id James Newman.2.50Unsold
254KEVII 1911 Trade Post Card with 1d red perfin O (O0080.03) back id James Newman.2.502.50
255KEVII 1909 PS Env. torn perfin A&N/CSL (A4205.04) + extra 1d perfin C/AN/S (C270.02).3.00Unsold
256KEVII 1902? Env. with 1d perfin RH/&SR (R2510.01) front id R. Hovenden & Sons Ltd.2.502.50
257QEII 1966 with 4d Wilding perfin A/EI flap id AEI.1.001.00
258QEII 1963 5d Machin LC flap id City Magistrate Leicester & 1969 'Arms' flap id London Corp.1.00Unsold
259KEVII 1910 Cvr. with 2d blue perfin D.B./Co. (Danish Bacon Co.)1.001.00
260QEII WEnv. Wilding 2d perfin A/EI flap id AEI (Associated Electrical Industries Ltd.)1.001.00
261KEVII 1909 Cvr 2d perfin D.B/Co. k/a Danish Bacon Co.1.001.70
262QEII 1972 Cvr. 2p Machin J/A/H (J210.02) k/a JA Harrison.1.001.00
263KEVII TPPC 'Bubbles' folded in half, with torn d perfin PEARS id A&F Pears Ltd. (1)1.00Unsold
264KGVII 1903 TC with d green perfin W&A/G (W1140.03) back id W&A Gilbey.2.002.00
265KEVII Env. with d perfin McE (M1250.02) id P. McEvoy, Sons & Pinnington Ltd.2.002.00
266OEII 1953 OHMS cvr. with 4d Wilding perfin HM/SO front id British Industries Fair.3.003.20
267QEII 1960/70s cvrs. with stamps of firms etc. identifiable by postmarks.1.001.00
268QV 1884 Cvr. with 1d lilac perfin GR/&Co ms. id inside Rowcliffe & Co.2.004.10
269QV 1884 Cvr with 1d lilac GR/&Co (G4270.01) ms. id inside Rawle? (Rowcliffe & Co.)1.501.50
270KGV 1923? Cvr with 1d typo. perfin S.S/&Co (S6565.01) back id Schill Bros.2.004.50
271KEVII 1905 b/w PPC of Chapel, Felsted School with d yell-green perfin FS.3.003.00
272KGV 1924 Cvr with 1d typo. partial perfin WL/&Co (W4960.03) flap id Whiteway Laidlaw.2.50Unsold
273KEVII 1915 Env. with 1d partial perfin B.W back id Arms of Wimbledon Borough.1.50Unsold
274KGVI 1938 1d brown perfin MC on REnv end torn, id Manchester Corporation.1.00Unsold
275KGV 1936 with 1d brown perfin M&/C flap id G.M. & Co, Holts Branch.1.00Unsold
276KGVI 1947 Air Mail 30c & 50c perfin H&/BC flap id Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp.1.004.40
277KEVII 1910 1d embossed cover + d & 1d perfin AF/EC.1.00Unsold
278KEVII 1904 embossed 1d. cover A&N/C.S.L + d & 1d KEVII C/AN/S.2.00Unsold
279KGVI 1940 Red Cross Postal Message Scheme (typed) 3 x 1d, 1 cut +d all perfin M.1.001.00
280KGV Reg'd Letter embossed 3d. + 2d blue x 2 perfin BF1.00Unsold
281QV 1d lilac perfin GLF, printed flap id General Life & Fire Assurance Co.1.002.10
282QV 2d ERL 1897 Gracechurch-Germany + 2 & 5d GR, id Girvin, Roper & Co. backstamp.2.002.30
283KEVII Trade PC 1902 Grantham-Ireland with d RH/& S printed id R.Hornsby & Sons, Ltd.1.001.90
284QV L 1d red GLYN, printed The Coventry Union Banking Co., B'ham. London 1876 pmk.3.00Unsold
285KGVI Env 1d brown CK on env. flap id S.P.C.K. + 3 WEnv same stamp E, SM & MM.1.00Unsold
286QV 2d on Reg Env. 2d emb, both C/AN/S + Env 2d EW&S flap ID Edward Webb & Sons.3.003.00
287KGV 1929 Cvr 2 x 1d + 1d, last perfin CA1.00Unsold
288KGVI 1915 2d blue perfin W&S Opened by Censor 86 reseal.1.00Unsold
289KEVII 1908 1d PS env 1d C/AN/S & embossed stamp A&N/C.S.L. k/a Army & Navy. (1)1.50Unsold
290KGV 1923 PC with 1d perfin W/L (4930.02) ident Wilcoxs.2.00Unsold
291QEII 1955 Wenv with 1d perfin ST (7060.01b) id Standard Telephone and Cables Ltd.1.001.00
292GB 3 x 2 card with all 4 strikes of multi die THB (2094.01m) q.v. p143 New lllus. Cat1.00Unsold
293KEVII 1903 Pictorial T/Card d part SUTTON(blind) READING (7880.01) id Sutton & Sons.1.50Unsold
294KGV 1926 & QEII 1975 env & T/Card OYEZ (2160.01M & 2160.02a) Solicitors' Stat.Soc.1.50Unsold
295KGV 1921 env 2d perfin HN/&Co (5360.01) embossed flap id Hedley Noriss & Co.2.002.00
296QEII 1963 Wenv 3d perfin M (0010.05) Poko flap id John Moulem & Co. Ltd.1.001.00
297QEII 1989 PS Env with 19p perfin MB/N (0820.05M) insert id Metro. Borough of Wigan.1.001.00
298KGV 1930 T/Card with d perfin W/L (4930.04) id Willcox's.2.002.00
299QV 1887 Ent with 1d Jubilee perfin G/&Co (1005.01) Gregory Rowcliffe & Co.2.00Unsold
300QV 1881 Cvr 1d lilac I.F.O. flap id Imperial Insurance Office.1.004.70
301QV 1881 Cvr 1d lilac G.L.F flap id General Life & Fire Insurance Co.1.001.00
302KEVII 1904 PPC Christmas-Greetings d green DI/CoLd(?) fancy geometric London pmk.1.001.00
303Various 'Cambridge' perfins - 5 stamps, 2 covers, folded card & postcard.3.003.00
304QV 1886 cvr with 1d lilac, perfin P.S/G.B id on flap The Pharmaceutical Society of GB.2.002.00
305QV 1892 cvr with 1d lilac, perfin M S/Co id on flap Milner Safe Company.2.006.40
306QV 1901 env with 1d lilac perfin FM/&Co id return address Foy, Morgan & Co.2.002.00
307QV 1891 ent with d Jubilee, CS & Co id printed letterhead inside Chr. Salvesen & Co.2.00Unsold
308QV 1871 wrapper with 3d rose pl.6, B(reversed)B&/Co id cachet Blessig, Braun & Co.4.004.00
309QV 1903 d brn PS PC + KEVII d dk grn RMS id Royal Mail Steam Packet Company2.002.00
310QV 1898 Cvr d & 2d Jubilee, both UP/O id return address University Press, Oxford.3.003.00
311QV 1899 Cvr d verm. Jubilee AF/&Co id Adolph Frankau & Co. Ltd and trade mark2.00Unsold
312QV 1878 env with 1d red pl.197perfin LB&L id on flap Lake & Co., London duplex pmk.5.0026.30
313QV 1879 ent with 1d red pl.174 perfin H.R/&Co id (printed inside) Hayn, Roman & Co.5.0026.30
314QV 1875 ent with 2d pl.14 & 1/- pl.10, both perfin T & Co id in cachet Truninger & Co.8.0021.70
315QV 1893 d brn. PS PC through card HM&Co/B (part off card); printed id Hills, Menke & Co.5.005.00
316QV 1879 1d brown UPU PS PC through card H.R/&Co back cachet id Hayn, Roman & Co.5.00Unsold
317QV 1878 1d brown Foreign PS PC perfin through card AW/B (in circle) id of Alterdorf & Wright, Merchants, Birmingham printed in red.5.0032.70
318QV 1890 1d brown UPU PSPC perfin through card S.T/&B id Spencer. Turner & Boldero5.005.00
319QV 1877 1d brn PSPC through card & value T.W.S./&Co id Thos. Wilson, Sons & Co., Hull.5.005.70
320QV 1901 d brn PSPC + d grn I.I & Co/L id Ismay, Imrie & Co. Horiz. card creased2.002.00
321QV 1902 d grn PS Wrapper + KEVII d S/CLC/S back id The Civil Service Co-op. Scty2.002.00
322QV 1888 2d mauve PSEnv + 2d Jub. perfin CL/&Co. flap id CHA Lavy & Co.2.002.00
323QV 1896 Private Reg'd Env 3d Jubilee perfin BIRK/BECK flap id Birkbeck Bank in blue3.006.70
324QV 1889 Reg Letter 1d lilac FN/M back id Fairburn, Naylor, Macpherson & Co. in purple2.002.00
325QV 1902 Reg Cvr 1d lilac & 6d Jub. both A.H. back id Albert Hildesheimer3.003.00
326KGV Airmail Cvr. 4 x 3d & 3 x 6d BM/I.1.00Unsold
327QV Jubilee 2d perfin WB/L legal size, folded envelope flap id Waterlow Bros. & Layton Ltd.3.00Unsold
328QV 1d SG166 perfin RGS/Ld on folded cvr. with crest on flap.3.50Unsold
329KGV 1931 Env 1d brown GR/&Co flap id Gregory Rowcliffe & Co. (contains 2 letters)4.00Unsold
330KEVII 1905 PPC Somerset Light Infantry 1d perfin CH/LTD C3280.03 id Carlton Hotel.1.501.50
331KGV 1914 The Carlton Hotel PPC 1d red perfin CH/Ld inverted1.00Unsold
332KEVII 1902 PPC Coronation Procession 1d perfin WEB Swedish Ferry pmk.2.50Unsold
333KGVIII 1937 long OHMS Wrapper d perfin S crown O id HM Stationery Office.6.00Unsold
334KGVI 1949 OHMS cover d lt. green perfin DS/IR k/a Dept of Scientific & Ind Research.6.00Unsold
335QEII 1961 OHMS Economy label Env 6d DS/IR k/a Dept of Scientific & Industrial Research.5.00Unsold
336QEII Air Mail Cvr 1/- & 3d Wildings perfin HM/SO arms on flap id HM Stationery Office.5.00Unsold
337KGVI 1940 Examiner 3467 resealed Cvr. 1/- & 3d both AA/CoLd flap id Alliance Assurance.1.00Unsold
338KGVI 1941 Examiner 1855 resealed Cvr. 6 x 2d lt. blue R/A flap id Philips Lamps.1.001.00
339KGVI 1939 fragment Env d dk grn GHW/&Co front id GH Wedekind & Co.1.001.00
340KGVI 1938 Cvr d dk grn AA/CoLd flap id Alliance Assurance Co Ltd.1.00Unsold
341KGVI 1942 WEnvPS d embossed +d dk grn CL/S id County of London Services.1.00Unsold
342KGVI 1945 Cvr 2 x 2d lt blue both CC flap id Coventry Council.1.001.00
343KGVI 1952 Torn Env 1/- & 3d both GE (one reversed) id G.E.C.1.00Unsold
344KGVI 1940 WEnv Censor 1099 reseal 1d dk brown partial BM flap id Bank of Montreal.1.00Unsold
345KGVI 1948 Torn Env d & 2d lt colours partials S.S/C flap id South Shields.1.00Unsold
346QV 1902 PPC (Man in silly hat playing ukelele) d grn JB&S/Ld.3.00Unsold
347KGVI 1947 pt 2 Form Letters 2 x d & 2d perfin EC ?id Education County (Sleaford)1.001.00
348KGV 1932 Enquiry Form d green EE/Co id Adam-Hydraulics1.00Unsold
349KGV 1928/30 two Vehicle Details Forms d CC & MCM ids Croydon & Manchester Cncls.1.001.00
350QEII 1954 Entire School Location Form 1d green NC id inside City of Nottingham.1.00Unsold
351KGVI 1944 Entire School Location Form 1d red LCC id pmk London County Cncl.1.001.00
352KGVI 1949 Entire School Location Form 1d red SBC id pmk Stockport Boro. Cncl.1.001.00
353KGV Piece 2 x d & 3 x 1d all NZ h/s Packet Boat & ms "...from NZ Govt. Offices, London.1.001.00
354QEII 195? 3d perfin C/EC + 2 x 1p both perfin CC (diff. positions) .1.00Unsold
355KGV 1918 Furness Railway Card d green perfin indistinct.1.004.60
356KEVII 1907 Trade PPC with 1d perfin LB/LD/PS front id. Lever Bros. Ltd., Port Sunlight.1.001.00
357KGV 1915 Cvr. (Censor 417 label) with d & 2 x 1d all perfin B flap id. Bamfords Uttoxeter.1.001.00
358KGV 1918 Cvr. (Censor 5460 label) with 2d perfin SB/C front id. Swiss Bank Corporation.1.001.00
359KGV 1926 Trade PC with 1d perfin TB back id. Tangyes Ltd.1.001.00
360KGV W Cvr. with d perfin GC/G id. Glasgow Corporation Gas Dept.1.001.90
361KGV 1937 Invoice d (postage) HT/C & 2d (revenue) G&Co both id. H.T. Greenlaw & Co.1.001.00
362KGVI 1938 Cvr. with d dk. green perfin CC/L id. Copestake Crampton & Co.1.00Unsold
363KGVI W Env. with 2d lt. blue perfin WU id. Western Union (tatty but contains cable).1.002.30
364QEII 1980 Philapol Card with 11d perfin F/SP special pmk. id. Polish Phil. Assoc.1.00Unsold
365QEII perfins in bundle of approx. 50 envelopes, few idents. unchecked.3.003.00
366QV 1900 1d pink PSenv A&N/S.C.L Army & Navy Civil Service Ltd. (A4205.04) addressed to The Housekeeper of H.I.M. The Empress Fredrick (eldest dau. of Queen Victoria).5.0015.10
367KEVII 1905 Trade PPC with d perfin W&A/G (0140.03) id W&A Gilbey.2.003.00
368QV/KGV PS printed on 2 pieces A&N/C.S.L. and R&J/H.1.00Unsold
369KGV 1919 Tatty Env. 1d brown OM&S/A (O at edge) sideways.1.00Unsold
370KGV 1923 Env 1d brown WG/&S id Wm. Gossage slight rusty pin dmge. (with letter). (1)5.00Unsold
371KGV 1923 Account Form 2xd green (overlapping) both BS/M id St Marylebone Bor. Cncl.6.00Unsold
372QEII 1966 Cvr 4d FB/&V flap id The Associated Paper Mills Ltd.2.502.50
373KGV 1940 Reply OHMS Card d green B.C. id prob. Birkenhead Council from pmk.2.00Unsold
374Belgium 1929 Reports et de Depot Wenv (holes) with 1f50 King perfin CG.1.00Unsold
375Switzerland 1934 cvr Tell 20c + dmgd. 1924 Wcvr Tell 30c both perfin SK, part on 30c.1.00Unsold
376Switzerland 1921 tatty cvr. 20c Tell perfin S id Schweiz.1.00Unsold
377Australia 50 Private Perfins ADD.2.0015.10
378Germany 1930/40s 19 dies on about 40 stamps some damaged.2.00Unsold
379Ireland 1928 Receipt with 2d Map perfin AC/LD (part off stamp) id. Arnott & Co. Ltd.2.00Unsold
380Ireland 1948 Receipt with 2d Map perfin D3585.01 id. Dockrell Sons & Co. Ltd.4.00Unsold
381Switzerland 10 perfins MDD.1.001.00
382World, mostly France & Germany 25 perfins,1.001.00
383India QV to KGV about 40 perfins. (20)2.004.10
384Egypt 9 perfin R/&Co and 2 perfin AB/E.2.003.70
385Ceylon KGVI 25 mostly Pictorial perfins, 5 diff. values, 8 diff. dies.2.008.50
386World, no GB, c.50 perfins with dup. and damage.4.004.00
387Australia 10, Canada 10, World 10 perfins with dup. and damage.2.002.00
388USA approx. 30 perfins, some damage & dup.2.00Unsold
389Denmark 26 perfins, 18 dies. (2)2.00Unsold
390Italy 7, Persia 2, Portugal 2, China 2, Switzerland 3, 13 ADD. (3)1.003.60
391Denmark 11 DDF, 5 ADD.1.00Unsold
392Australia 14 DDF. (5)1.001.00
393Straits 13 DDF but many partials.1.001.30
394World, no GB, about 20, some damage/dup.1.50Unsold
395Netherlands 1900/78 3 cvrs & 1 piece perfins VDB, VH&CV, P.N.E.M and MvZ all with ids.5.005.00
396Canada Saskat. 10c Law Stamp punch S + 25c, 50c & 1. Power Cmsn rcpt labels, mult PS.1.001.00
397Australian Antarctic Territory Map 2/- mult. G/MSW + Mawson 5d perfin TD.1.005.10
398Austria 56 diff. perfins on 74 stamps, sorted into packets.1.003.00
399Czechoslovakia 17 diff. perfins on 20 stamps, in separate packets.1.001.00
400Germany, 27 stamps mainly older ADD 18.6.00Unsold
401Netherlands 10 PPCs various perfins.6.00Unsold
402UN 1988 Helicopter Aerogramme PS 11c LUPO Vienna perfin quartered shield.4.005.10
403Bavaria 52 stamps all perfin E, Bavarian Railway, different types.3.00Unsold
404Germany, Allied Occupation 1949 8pf red perfin intertwined SS.1.005.00
405Netherlands Poko's ADD 8 (1).2.002.00
406Belgium 1969/70 R'way Goods Tkts 25f (dmgd) & 40f stamps, tickets perfins FGST or FRL.1.00Unsold
407Hungary 48 MDDF.1.001.00
408India KGV mostly 30 MDD, average condition. (1)1.001.00
409Austria 12 earlier issues MDD,1.00Unsold
410Spain 39 mostly older, MDD.1.004.60
411Australia, 17 mostly KGVI, MDD.1.003.70
412Austria 13 DDF.1.00Unsold
413Italy mixed packet of about 1,000 apparently collector's duplicates.1.0026.10
414Italy 1,000 perfin C.I. or B.C.I. on variety of stamps, some duplicated.1.0015.70
415Rhodesia 5/- SG49 perfin BSA/C1.502.60
416Tonga 1897 2/6d Parrot perfin SPECIMEN in arc.6.007.10
417Papua 1907-1910s Lakatoi all diff. 2d, 4d, 2d, 4d, d & 1d OS used. (6)3.00Unsold
418German POs in China 2c perfin LS.2.007.70
419N.W. Pacific Islands optd. on Australian KGV 2d red perfin OS.1.001.00
420Singapore 15c Dancer block of 12, multiple, irregular, uneven S/MC inverted UM.1.002.60
421USA/Canada 1935 Lux'b'g Red X optd. Lottery Tkt Bklt. (page missing) U110 through all.2.00Unsold
422Russia? Health Label (?) optd. 100P. indecipherable perfin. (1)1.003.20
423Hong Kong QV 10c C&/CO.(?) + 3c Stamp Duty with B.& S. 'chop' in purple. (2)1.001.30
424Finland 1m & 1m on piece ASEA, Helsingfors 1980 cancels.1.00Unsold
425Papua 4d Lakatoi blk. of 4 OS in different place on each, pmk. Port Moresby 1910.1.001.80
426Ceylon KGV 6d red blk. of 8 (4x2) HS/B multiple unreadable cds.1.005.50
427Germany 300pf optd. 2 Million block of 4 F.V.1.00Unsold
428Cocos Keeling Islands 3 diff. on piece each with large A, cds. Postal Services NSW 1994.1.00Unsold
429Germany Selection of 145 ADD.4.0025.10
430Norway 10 all perfin DUE all DDF.4.00Unsold
431South Australia QV 4d orange SG.299? perfin SA, mint.1.001.00
432Eritrea 1939 KGVI 10/- optd. blind & partil perfin BA?1.001.70
433Belgium 1948 9 values mint perfin IMABA see Bulletins 240/246 for details.4.00Unsold
434New Zealand 40c Ships perfin NZ/1990 used.1.00Unsold
435NZ 1940 d Centenial Exhibition Souvenir perfin NZ/1990 mint.1.00Unsold
436NZ 1940 1d Centenial Exhibition Souvenir perfin NZ/1990 mint.1.00Unsold
437Australia 1913 Kangaroo 3d olive perfin OS/NSW used.1.00Unsold
438NZ 1c, 2c & 4c perfin THANK/YOU postally used.1.00Unsold
439GB QV 1d lilac Inland Revenue x 6 cancelled.1.001.00
440Japan Large Fragment Cvr.29x50y & a 20y DBK pt id Daiichi Bussan Kaisha, tatty & dmge.5.005.00
441New Zealand Phil.Fed. Cvr 1990 40c NZ/1990 with 9-Nov-1990 pmk.1.00Unsold
442Australia QEII 36 Decimals all perfin G/NSW.2.00Unsold
443Australia KGV 10 all G/NSW duplication.2.00Unsold
444Australia QEII 30 Pre-Decimal all G/NSW.2.00Unsold
445Australia QEII 30 Decimal all VG.2.00Unsold
446Roumania 14 DDF.2.002.00
447Belgium 13 DDF.1.50Unsold
448Austria 21 DDF, except for a joined pair.2.00Unsold
449Bosnia & Herzegovina 10 DDF.4.0011.30
450Straits Settlements QV 12c perfin B.M/& Co + 12c optd. V(smudged).M.&Co. (2)1.001.30
451Spain 11 perfins each on written-up A4 page ADD.10.0010.00
452USA Precancels, over 100 with some duplication, sorted on stock card sheets.6.00Unsold
453World perfins in stock book, USA-140 Germany-15 Other European-29 NZ-1 Elsewhere-6.10.00Unsold
454USA over 700 Precancels, some duplication in larger cities, sorted in stockbook35.00Unsold
455USA over 350 Precancels, some duplication in larger cities, sorted in stockbook20.00Unsold
456Germany 45+ perfins.10.00Unsold
457Netherlands 10, France 7, Spain 9, Austria 6, Czeckoslovakia 3 + sundry perfins.10.0010.00
458USA approx 30, Canada 6 perfins.10.00Unsold
459Ceylon 14, India 4, China 3, Sundry Countries 10 perfins.10.00Unsold
460Denmark 32 DDF.2.00Unsold
461France 25 DDF.1.501.50
462Germany 42 DDF.2.00Unsold
463Netherlands 10 DDF.1.007.90
464Italy 24 DDF.1.501.50
465Spain 17 DDF.1.001.00
466Germany 445 ADD.12.0050.10
467Holland 188 incldg, POKOs ADD.11.0011.00
468Jamaica QV Opts. JUDICIAL on 6d, 1/-, 2/- x 2 & 5/-.1.001.00
469Papua d SGO38 perfin OS nice cds Port Moresby1.00Unsold
470Gibraltar QV 2d SG10 perfin AE1.001.00
471Argentina 28 perfins1.005.70
472Australia 283 G/NSW.1.001.00
473Australia 219 VG.1.00Unsold
474Australia 16 Kangaroo OS + 13 other perfins.1.004.30
475Australia KGV 103 various perfins.1.0010.60
476Australia States 53 mostly QV and mostly perfin OS.1.004.60
477Australia 87 MDD some damage.1.003.60
478Austria 91 perfins.1.001.00
479Belgium 188 perfins.1.0014.10
480Ceylon 126 perfins.1.0026.10
481Czechoslovakia 35 perfins.1.001.00
482Denmark 228 perfins.1.0029.60
483Egypt 24 perfins.1.001.00
484France 230 perfins.1.0040.10
485Germany & States 269 perfins.1.0026.10
486Guatemala 22 Official perfins.1.00Unsold
487Hong Kong 16 perfins.1.007.30
488Hungary 64 perfins.1.001.00
489India 220 perfins.1.004.70
490Ireland 150 perfins.1.008.10
491Italy 159 perfins.1.005.60
492Japan 36 perfins.1.0015.60
493Luxembourg 18 perfins.1.001.70
494Malaya & States 159 perfins.1.0056.00
495Mauritius 45 perfins.1.004.60
496Netherlands & Dependencies 115 perfins.1.0012.10
497Portugal 45 perfins.1.001.00
498Rumania 50 perfins.1.001.00
499South Africa, before and after union, 25 perfins.1.002.10
500Spain 53 perfins.1.00Unsold
501Sudan 39 perfins.1.001.00
502Sweden 23 perfins.1.001.00
503Switzerland 46 perfins.1.00Unsold
504USA 399 perfins.1.0012.10
505British Commonwealth 11 perfins incldg. one each Gold Coast & NZ1.003.10
506South America 14 perfins.1.001.00
507Europe 15 perfins.1.001.00
508Ireland 1923 2d Map perfin G (G0010,48) flap id (address) Guiness & Co. Ltd.3.00Unsold
509Ireland 2d Map perfin A&C/LD on cvr, no pmk., flap id Arnott & Co., Dublin.1.00Unsold
510Austria 1904 Ed Kanitz & Co. PC with 10h Franz Joseph perfin J.G.1.00Unsold
511France 1939 90c blue Peace perfin S front id Senat.2.00Unsold
512Denmark 1948 WEnv. with King Frederick 40ore perfin V.L. front id V. Lowener.1.50Unsold
513USA 2007 Env. (& letter) with 37c Flag & 2x2c Jewelry all perfin I front id State Rep. Illinois.1.50Unsold
514Denmark 1948 Cvr. with King 40ore pt DDPA front id Danske Petroleums flap id Esso.2.002.00
515Denmark 1948 W Cvr. with King Frederick 40ore perfin V.L. front id V.Lowener.2.00Unsold
516Nigeria 1960 Airmail Cvr. with 1/- & 3d partial perfins E&F/Ltd flap id. Elders & Fyffes.2.006.40
517Denmark 1948 WEnv. King Frederick 40ore perfin V.L. front id. V. Loweren.2.00Unsold
518Germany 1931 Cvr. Hindenberg 25c POKO T flap id, Garantie-und Kreditbank f.d. Osten1.001.00
519Austria 1903 PS-TC 5h with extra 5h perfin A.G. possible id from address on back.1.00Unsold
520USA 1944 Censored Cvr. with President 5c perfin IP/Co possible id from flap address.1.504.10
521Germany 1929 Reg. Cvr. 25c & 30c both perfin T flap id Gte-und Kred. Bank f.d. Osten2.002.00
522Australia NSW 1916 2 tatty Fronts 2d 'Roo OS/NSW id Traffic Branch + similar torn. (1)2.00Unsold
523Germany 1914 Cvr with 20pf Germania perfin J.P. flap seal appears unrelated.1.50Unsold
524Denmark 1948 WCvr with 40ore King Frederick perfin V.L. id V. Lowener.1.50Unsold
525Germany 1931 Cvr with 25pf POKO perfin T back id Gtie-und Kreditbank f.d. Osten1.00Unsold
526Germany 1929 Reg Cvr 40pf & 30pf both perfin T back id Gtie-und Kreditbank f.d. Osten1.501.50
527Netherlands 1943 PC 50th Anniv. Breda Phil. with 5c Horses perfin P.S.V./50.1.00Unsold
528Roumania printed with 16l (part under censor label) perfin BJR id Bank of Roumania.1.00Unsold
529Portugal 1941 Cvr slight dmge 1$75 perfin BNU flap id Banco Nacional Ultramarine.1.00Unsold
530Germany Goethe 25pf perfin C.S. on printed front only, id Speditions & Lagerhaus.1.001.00
531Sweden printed W with 15ore red perfin (part) A3E? id ASEA.1.001.00
532Sudan P&T No.17 printed O.S.G.S. with 2p Camel Post perfin SG cds. Khartoum 1934. (1)1.001.00
533Switzerland 1922 40c PS No.23 folded Tell 20c hexagon perfin id Schweizerische Volsbank.1.00Unsold
534Austria printed (torn at top) bearing 25h perfin WBV id Wiener Bank.1.00Unsold
535Germany 1932 printed front only with 5pf & 20pf perfin AM id Albert Merikofer.1.00Unsold
536Belgium 1923 Fabrique National Herstal Trade PC with Houyoux 15c perfin FN.1.001.00
537Belgium 1926 Phenix Works Trade PC with Houyoux 20c perfin PB.1.00Unsold
538Austrian Consulate, Aussig, Czechoslovakia cover with 2k Castle perfin A.H.2.00Unsold
539France printed bearing Sower 5c perfin HL ident Henri Lichtwitz (successor to PE Vaurs).2.002.00
540Italy 1923 Printed with 50c perfin B.C.I id Banca Commerciale Italiana.1.001.00
541Italy 1920 Printed with Emmanuel 15l. perfin C.I. id Credito Italiano.1.001.00
542Italy 1920 Printed ragged top, with 3l. red perfin C.I. id Credito Italiano.1.001.00
543Italy 1939 Printed + letter 50c Emmanuel III split FC id Fratelli Canova, Padova,1.003.40
544Italy 2 Printed PCs 1934/1939 both with same 10c & 20c perfin D & Co. id Desclee & Co.1.003.40
545Italy 2 Printed 1928 with 50c & 1953 with 1.25l both perfin CI id Credito Italiano.1.003.40
546Germany printed cover, initial letter cut off, with 5pf & 20pf Eagle perfin V, pmk. 1925.1.00Unsold
547Austria 10h printed envelope + 10h perfin (?complete) Rich Klinger.1.00Unsold
548Swiss 1934 Trade PC with 12c Cross perfin C&C/E Benzinger & Co.1.50Unsold
549Denmark 1938 W 10ore KH, printed flap id Kjobenhavns Handelsbank.1.00Unsold
550Australia 1942/3 KGVI 2d red VG, on Water Cmsn. Re-use Labels id Victoria Government.1.00Unsold
551Portugal Trade with pair 1$75 + 25c perfin C.M./& Co.(?) id Cupertino de Miranda & Co.1.00Unsold
552India part Reg'd. 25np embossed + stamps on back, all LFS, poss. id, part rubber stamp.1.001.00
553USA 1987 Cvr. with strip of 3 22c Flag perfin I front id. State of Illinois.1.00Unsold
554USA 1986 Cvr. with 40c & two 2c all perfin SIU front id. University of Iowa.1.001.00
555USA 1981 Cvr. with two 20c perfin U/OF/M front id. University of Minnsota.1.00Unsold
556USA 1987 Cvr. with 44c perfin I twice front id. University of Illinois.1.002.10
557USA 1986 Cvr. with 44c perfin SIU twice front id. University of Iowa.1.00Unsold
558USA 1987 Cvr. with 44c perfin W in U twice flap id. University of Winconsin.1.001.00
559USA 1962/65 3 Request PCs, 2 stamps CUm id Columbia Uni & 1 Um id Uni of Missouri.1.501.50
560Netherlands 1928 PPC with 7c perfin K (Railway Kiosk) pmk. Rotterdam Station.2.00Unsold
561USA 1993 The Perfins Club Commem. Cover with 29c perfin & special Vapex cancel.1.001.00
562Germany 1909 T/Card cnrs. damaged, 10pf perfin Buchhandlung Gustav Fock.1.00Unsold
563Switzerland 1926 Trade Card to London perfin DC id Danzas & Co. Ltd.1.00Unsold
564Austria 1935 60g blue on torn Oesterr. Radioverkehrs cover perfin BAVA partial, pmk. (1)2.00Unsold
565USA 1956 Statue of Liberty 3d perfin BOE on folded cvr. stamped Waller High School pmk.2.00Unsold
566USA 1914 PPC Rennert Hotel 2x1c green Washington perfin UST/Co.2.00Unsold
567India KGV 1948 Cvr. with 12a perfin SW/Co back sticker id. Shaw Wallace & Co. Ltd.1.00Unsold
568Netherlands 1943 Card with 5c perfin (card & stamp) PZV/50 id. 50th Anniv. Breda.1.00Unsold
569Netherlands 1925 Pieter Schoen & Zoon TC with 7c perfin SZ, filing damage to card1.00Unsold
570Netherlands 1947 WEnv R.S. Stokvis & Zonen env. with Wilhelmena 6c perfin S&Z/A1.00Unsold
5711905 German Mourning env 5pf perfin E&G + 1933 3x6pf perfin SS + 1936 3pf perfin K.1.004.60