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Boycott Wendy's Restaurants!

Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy's Restaurants, wanted to do something good to help children, so he set up the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. But perhaps Dave didn't realize all the ramifications of this decision. Perhaps he didn't realize that adoption isn't what it used to be.

Years ago, before child welfare services was created by federal laws in the seventies and eighties, adoption happened when a woman decided that her child (usually an infant) would be better off raised by another family. This is usually not the adoption scenario of today.

Today's adoptions, most of them, are happening because child welfare service agents have detained a child and convinced a judge to keep that child in state custody long enough for the parents' rights to be terminated.

"Sure," you might say, "these are parents who have been accused of child abuse or neglect. Should we care about them?" Well... I think so!! And the reason I think we need to care is that many of the child detentions are based on extremely flimsy, trivial, marginal charges. In fact, most of these charges are so trivial, no criminal charges are ever filed against the parents. Instead they are handled in juvenile court, where parents don't have constitutional due-process rights, but they lose that which is most dear to them: their flesh and blood children.

Most juvenile courts are closed to the press and public, so nobody can see the travesty of justice that goes on there.

Examples -- all real case scenarios:

Infant detained by CPS because father battered mother before baby was born. Rather than helping the mother to leave the batterer, the child is taken from mother's loving care.

Four attractive, young, blond children detained because social worker didn't approve of the use of a broken fan and absence of a child safety gate on a stairway. Instead of purchasing these low-cost items, the children were taken into state custody and taxpayers spent thousands on unwanted "services" for this family.

Mother used drugs. Child detained. Mother told to go to NA meetings. She quit using drugs, using a different program instead. Because she didn't use the NA program, her parental rights were terminated.

Mother requested emergency temporary housing help for her children due to illness. She did everything she could to complete a reunification program, yet the state never would give these very young, adoptable children back. They were released for adoption.

Autistic children taken into state custody for no reason other than that they are autistic. Parents are not accused of any type of abuse or neglect -- it is simply alleged that the child would be better off in state care because of the disability.

Is This Fair?

I could give numerous other examples, but I am sure you understand -- none of these children were being abused or neglected. I am sure for every case that comes to my attention, there are thousands and thousands of other similar cases out there where parents are being persecuted because they have given birth to cute, adoptable children that our states can get federal money for by putting them in foster homes then adopting them out.

Yes, this is a U.S. Government Money Scam. These children are worth money to local and state governments, to social workers, and to "service providers" like psychologists and foster contractors. For the Almighty Dollar, thousands upon thousands of American families are being systematically destroyed without just cause. Is this fair? Would you accept it happening to your family?

Abusive Oregon, for Example:

We believe that all the states are abusing families via unjust child detentions, however for a moment, let's focus on Oregon... which is fairly typical.

Many child welfare cases are not really about child abuse or neglect at all! Looking at Oregon's 1999 statistics, for example, we find that 2822 child welfare investigations were done for reasons of physical or sexual abuse. Another 3117 children were investigated for reasons of neglect and "psychological abuse". Still another 7,725 investigations were for "other". That's 5939 possible, suspected physical abuse or neglect cases (most of which are incredibly marginal incidents) and the largest group, "other", 7,725 incidents. Do you see, clearly, that most incidents are not even classified as abuse or neglect? Don't you wonder what all those "other" cases are?

Those who choose to ignore the crying out of America's oppressed are beyond my understanding. As a concerned citizen I am outraged, and have become a conscientious objector to all such horrendous injustice!

Therefore I call upon the public to join me in a nation-wide boycott of Wendy's Restaurants. I and many others have written to Dave Thomas on this issue. I never received a response. It is time for greater action.

My Unanswered Letter to Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's Restaurants:
[This was sent before he passed away.]

January 26, 2001

Dave Thomas
303 E. Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Mr. Thomas,

I am distressed to learn that Wendy's restaurants are donating to and assisting the federal adoption industry. I am a former customer, and will boycott your business and encourage others to boycott until I hear that you are no longer aiding them in their forced removals of non-abused, non-neglected children from families based on poverty factors or risk assessments, and adoption out of the same children to wealthier families. I will be putting up a webpage to let others know that you participate by helping this government funded adoption industry. One family destroyed is too many, but there have been thousands. This injustice cannot be ignored.

Linda Martin

Protest CBS Adoption Special
(Adoption isn't what it used to be, folks)

Fight CPS And Win

Look At Shelli's Boycott Wendy's Page

Boycott Wendy's Restaurants!

Its enough to break your heart
"Terrance is 13. His older brother is mostly a voice through the telephone line.
His mother is a grainy photo image, kneeling next to her boys.
He wants her back; says it out loud, the only emotionally
charged words he lets himself utter: "I want to be with my mom."
No such reunion will take place. A judge terminated his mother's parental rights.
If Terrance has a mother, she's out there somewhere. She's someone he has never met."
And they have the nerve to say this child is 'waiting for adoption'.
He SAID what he wants... his own MOTHER. The one GOD gave him.

Church Protests Racist Adoption Practices
Buying and Selling: Preacher Calls Adoption Fees Discriminatory
White babies are sold for $35,000 while black babies go for $4,000.
Now, is that something you want to contribute to?
Just say NO to Wendy's and their support of adoption!

Anti-Adoption Webring

Abolish Adoption Petition
"This petition seeks to phase out adoption and end
government subsidizing of adoption in order to instead
provide incentives for choosing family preservation,
rehabilitation and other forms of custody when a
child cannot be raised by his parents."

"State Of Missouri Doubles Number Of Adoptions"
As if this is something to be proud of!
Kansas City MO TV supports the adoption industry.
Note their link to Missouri's meat-market website.
It is putting children on the auction block.
This reminds me of slavery.
Want to go shop for a child?

Kim So Yung
"Kim So Yung is a faux Korean who was adopted/abducted
by white americans when she was four months old.
So Yung now speaks and writes extensively on the
racial and economic politics of transracial adoption/abduction."

Adoption Picnics?
How about a hot dog, chips and a kid?

Another "Picnic" With Stolen Children
"The young, dumb social wreckers have no idea what they are doing.
These social wreckers are just the pawns for more powerful people.
They are led to believe they are doing the right thing for these kids.
They are naive and easily used." - Michael Harris

Adoption isn't what it used to be

Exiled Mothers
"We are mothers who lost our children to the adoption industry.
NONE of us willingly surrendered our children.
None of us "gave them away" Our children were NOT gifts."

Ghostdancer's Anti-Adoption Pages
"Adoption is not the happy little fairy tale you might think it is."

''Most of these kids already have emotional problems,
so we should keep setting them up to get rejected
again and again?'' said Patrick Murphy, head of the children's
division of the Cook County (Ill.) Public Guardian's Office,
who helped persuade officials in Chicago to cancel
its adoption fair several years ago.

- From a Boston Globe article.

Family Destruction

From the U.S. Health and Human Services "fact sheet" on child welfare:

To reduce the number of children presently in foster care, the "Adoption 2002" initiative was launched to reduce barriers to adoption and double the number of children adopted or permanently placed each year, from 27,000 in 1996 to 54,000 in 2002.

Adoption 2002 is based on a set of principles that declare that every child deserves a safe, permanent family; that the child's health and safety should be the paramount considerations in all placement and permanency planning decisions; and that foster care is a temporary solution and not an appropriate place for children to grow up. Adoption 2002 establishes unequivocally that the Federal goals for children in the child welfare system are safety, permanency, and well-being.

By offering financial incentives and technical assistance to states, courts, and communities, the federal government will help states meet ambitious new adoption targets. In FY 2000, funding is $41.8 million for technical assistance and grants to state agencies, courts and communities, innovative demonstrations to reform the child protective system to reduce barriers to permanency, and a national public awareness campaign.

Efforts are also being made to break down racial and ethnic barriers to adoption: through the Multiethnic Placement Act of 1994 and the Interethnic Adoption provisions of 1996, which prohibit adoption agencies from denying or delaying placement of a waiting child based on race, color, or national origin.

In August, 1996, legislation was signed providing a $5000 tax credit to families adopting children and a $6000 tax credit for families adopting children with special needs. This tax credit is designed to help alleviate some of the financial barriers to adoption. Previously, the President signed legislation enabling parents to take time off to adopt a child without losing their jobs or health insurance.

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Fighting Child Protective Services False Accusations
Fighting Child Protective Services False Accusations

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