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This page is a protest
of CBS's holiday adoption special,
"A Home for the Holidays"

Last December CBS aired
"A Home For The Holidays"
an adoption promotion special program.
The owner of this website and thousands
of heartbroken, destroyed, grieving families
want to hear that there will not be
another CBS adoption promotion program.

Wendy's Restaurant Support of A Home For The Holidays
Boycott Wendy's Restaurants

You might think anyone would support the cause of little children being adopted out to eager families, but this is not the case. The 122,000 children that CBS seeks to help place with this adoption program -- many of them -- have been snatched from their loving homes by the United States government under color of law. Bad law.

There is a government child-kidnapping ring that operates in all states of the nation -- it is called "Child Welfare Services", "Child Protective Services", "Department of Human Resources", "Department of Children and Youth Services", "Department of Social Services" and other things, depending on the state you're in. These agencies are referred to by acronyms: CPS, HRS, DHS, DCYF, DCYS, DSS, etc.

While these government agencies obstensibly are there to protect children from abusive and neglectful parents, in fact, they are taking children that are non-abused and non-neglected from their loving homes by telling a judge that they are "at risk" and incarcerating them in the foster-child housing system where they are statistically proven to be far more "at risk" of abuse than in their own natural family homes.

You may be thinking, "No way could this happen in America!". Well, we thought that too, but having experienced the child welfare service system we are appalled at what happened to our families, and the techniques used by social workers to acheive their evil purposes.

You may be thinking, "No way - the courts will protect these families if the charges are false". However we discovered that the cards are stacked against the parents in juvenile court, especially those who cannot afford their own attorneys. We were coerced into pleading guilty to false charges in hopes of getting our children home sooner by "cooperating".

You may be thinking, "No way - the county will appoint public defenders to represent the poor families in court." Well, they do that, but we discovered that the public defender's offices are understaffed, overworked, incapable of providing adequate defense to poor parents faced with false or flimsy accusations in juvenile court. They do not want to spend time on trials and so they advise their clients to plead guilty because it saves them time and effort which they cannot afford to give.

You may be thinking, "No way - I would have heard something about this by now if it were true." This isn't surprising, since the doors of juvenile court are closed to the press and public. In most states, not even juries are allowed in to witness the travesty of justice that goes on there. Well, you're hearing it now, and there are dozens of other sites on the Internet that report the same information. It is clear that when there are dozens of sites in various parts of the nation where people have come to the same independent conclusions about how child welfare service cases are unjustly handled, there must be a problem.

The bad laws that led to this situation were passed as early as the 1970's, however the newest of these bad laws, the Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997, came into effect in 1999. This bad law is giving ADOPTION BOUNTY PAYMENTS to the states in exchange for adopting out the children. The states are paid up to $4000 per "normal" child and up to $6000 per "special needs" child for each adoption. This financial incentive payment is causing them to take more non-abused children under color of law than ever before. This is clearly CHILD SELLING. It is illegal if any private citizen does it but when the government does it, most people seem to assume it is allright.

Searching the internet, it doesn't take much time to find websites full of the pictures of children these government agents are trying to adopt out for bounty payments. How would you like to be the parent of a child who is being advertised for sale on the internet? Imagine the pain of seeing your own child advertised like a stray dog. Just about anyone can apply to adopt these children because the states are so desperate to give them away and collect their bounty. It is the natural parents, the people who love these children the most, who are prevented from taking their loved children home.

Not only will the state government profit financially for adopting out the children, but the adopters will also get ADOPTION SUBSIDY PAYMENTS for "special needs" children until those children are 18. This is clearly a money motivated industry, with our children as the merchandise.

Are we offended? YES!!! And we hope you agree that what is going on is neither moral nor ethical despite the bad laws that allow these child stealing, child selling practices. You may think the child welfare industry is justified, despite the many mistakes that tear apart good families. But we who have suffered this devastation feel that even one family torn apart unjustly is too many, and the laws must change.

Come on, people! Wake up! Can't you see what is happening here in America? This is a country with about as much freedom as Nazi Germany. These CPS agents act like the Nazi Gestapo in barging into our lives, papering us with false or flimsy charges, and making mountains out of molehills to take our children away.

I am asking that CBS CANCEL this child welfare service supporting broadcast and NEVER do anything to support the child stealing government kidnappers again!

I am asking that if you agree with this protest, you LET CBS KNOW that you do not want them supporting the government child stealing industry. You can email them by clicking here. (See 'contact us' link at the bottom of the CBS page.)

Happy Holidays to one and all. May all the children be set free and be allowed to find their loving, grieving parents once again.

Message sent to CBS Television via their online feedback form on 5/5/2001:

I never received a response from you about my feedback last winter regarding your "Home For The Holidays" adoption special. I put up a website: Protest CBS Adoption Special - which explains why I hope you will not show this adoption special again this year. Children are being unfairly ripped from their natural families all over this country to feed the fed. government sponsored adoption incentive program which gives bonus money to states for children adopted from foster care. The issue here is that families are being unfairly destroyed because of a government money scam. Please learn the issues and tell me that you will NOT continue this adoption incentive program that is promoting the grief and destruction of American families -- MANY if not MOST of them have NOT abused or neglected their children. They are deprived of constitutional rights in court!! Please research the issues and abstain from promoting these heartbreaking adoptions!!! Thank you, Linda Martin, California

Message sent to CBS Television via their online feedback form on 12/13/2003:

For the third year [note: I should have said fourth year] I am protesting your "Home for the Holidays" support of the CPS child welfare industry adoptions. You are promoting legalized kidnapping from poor people. Their children are taken from them on trivial and exaggerated charges, they are not given adequate legal representation, and their parental rights terminated. Then the states adopt the children out advertising them like stray dogs over the internet, and the states collect an adoption bounty payment. How can you support this socialist scheme to destroy American families, based on the teachings of Karl Marx? Please stop supporting CPS child welfare child abductions and adoptions. Thank you, Linda Martin
My site:
Protest CBS Adoption Special
(sent to: all other CBS programs/stations)

Here's a link to what I sent them in 2004

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"State Of Missouri Doubles Number Of Adoptions"
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Kansas City MO TV supports the adoption industry.
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''Most of these kids already have emotional problems,
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Public Guardian's Office, who helped persuade officials
in Chicago to cancel its adoption fair several years ago.

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Family Destruction

From the U.S. Health and Human Services "fact sheet" on child welfare:

To reduce the number of children presently in foster care, the "Adoption 2002" initiative was launched to reduce barriers to adoption and double the number of children adopted or permanently placed each year, from 27,000 in 1996 to 54,000 in 2002.

Adoption 2002 is based on a set of principles that declare that every child deserves a safe, permanent family; that the child's health and safety should be the paramount considerations in all placement and permanency planning decisions; and that foster care is a temporary solution and not an appropriate place for children to grow up. Adoption 2002 establishes unequivocally that the Federal goals for children in the child welfare system are safety, permanency, and well-being.

By offering financial incentives and technical assistance to states, courts, and communities, the federal government will help states meet ambitious new adoption targets. In FY 2000, funding is $41.8 million for technical assistance and grants to state agencies, courts and communities, innovative demonstrations to reform the child protective system to reduce barriers to permanency, and a national public awareness campaign.

Efforts are also being made to break down racial and ethnic barriers to adoption: through the Multiethnic Placement Act of 1994 and the Interethnic Adoption provisions of 1996, which prohibit adoption agencies from denying or delaying placement of a waiting child based on race, color, or national origin.

In August, 1996, legislation was signed providing a $5000 tax credit to families adopting children and a $6000 tax credit for families adopting children with special needs. This tax credit is designed to help alleviate some of the financial barriers to adoption. Previously, the President signed legislation enabling parents to take time off to adopt a child without losing their jobs or health insurance.


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