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When your name is Albert Clifford rules no longer exist.
Members of the Slater Sqwad also do not have to follow
the rules. Check out some of these rad pics of A.C. and
the Sqwad totally disobeying the law.

Don't fuck wit' Bayside bitch.

Slater paying Zack back.

A.C. clownin' this tiger and and giving it a scrumptious hoagie

Bitch didn't give A.C. his money.

A.C. being arrested in San Francisco for drug trafficking and possession of a firearm.

A.C. defacing public property with his art work.

"The Answer" Allen Iverson, Kevin Arnold, J-Tizzle and A.C. jaywalking.

Smokey says only you can prevent forest fires. But you can't prevent Slater and Smokey totally torchin' this place up.

A.C. and Mach lighting one up ready to go blast some dudes in front of school.

A.C. smoking on his Virginia Slims with Bobby Budnick and his pipe in front of a "No Smoking" sign. Does A.C. and Bobby see the "No Smoking" sign? Yes. But do they follow the rules? No. Following the rules are for lamers, which Slater and Budnick obviously are not.

A.C. takin' a dip and not waiting an hour to swim after eating a big bowl of Frankenberry and a 6 pack of RC Cola.

A.C. having total disregard for old ladies in wheelchairs, as he parks his car wherever he pleases.

A.C. supplying minors with drugs, alcohol, and pornography.

A.C. returning movies well past their due date. Movies include "Kazaam",
"D2: The Mighty Ducks", "Encino Man", and "Stop or My Mom Will Shoot".

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