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Bayside Gangster

Based on a true story. A.C. is the most wanted man at Bayside. But constant attempts to bring him down are thwarted thanks to help from his right hand man, Ham.
Slate On Fire

16 Glocks

The Sqwad film debut of Schwartz. Schwartz teams up with Slater to distribute 16 glocks to the block for profits. The police soon catch on to Schwartz and Slater's ways and are locked up. They are found guilty on 3 counts of gun possession with intent to sell. Judge Mathis then sentences them to 2 hours of community service. Each.
Phat Albert

Enemy of The Slate

Slater and Killa Ham are the enemy of the state, cuz everybody be hatin'.
The Sqwadfather

Don't cross the boss.
Make It Rain Man

Just call A.C. and Pacman Jones the weathermen the way they make it rain on them ho's.
Sqwad By The Dozen

Meet The Slaters

Macho Libre

After the most anticipated album of the year "Randy Savage Life" was released, it was only a matter of time before the Macho Man starred in his own movie. And here it is.
Mr. 3000

Slater is the all time leading scorer. Of bitches that is. Watch as A.C. goes for his 3000th career "score".

The Raddown

The Usual Slatespects

Billy Radison

Slate Crazy Nights

I, Radbot

Rad Club

Join the club.. if you're rad enough.
Big Raddy

Slater's one rad dad.
Raddy Gilmore

Rad Runnings

The Sqwad Bobsled team are shoo-ins for the gold, but decide to instead throw the olympics for their own personal enjoyment, and alot of cash.
Guess Who?

Guess who? It's A.C., that's who.
The Producers

Nominated for 10 Academy Awards, A.C. and co-star Pharrell Williams star in this epic true story about best friends who become the hottest producers the hip-hop world has ever seen.
Be Rad

Not Another Bayside Movie

Yes, another one.
Rad Santa

The holiday season is upon us, and Slater and the gang are here to bring that holiday cheer. A.C. plays a rad mall Santa who steals toys from children and sells them for profit. But Slater needs a little helper, so he calls upon none other than "The Answer" as The Elf. Also starring "Mildew" Tanner and Rodge Lodge.


The 40 Year Old Virgin

In this documentary, A.C., J-Tizzle and Joey Lawrence team up to help Screech Powers finally get laid. The trio helps Screech pimp his game and snag a hot smeez. Because no other girl's are interested, they set him up with a nerd ass girl from school named Violet. The plan works and Screech slams Violet, only to find out that she is really a man. A.C., Lambert and Lawrence laugh and laugh and laugh.
Slate and Sheed: Up In Smoke

In this hilarious comedy A.C. Slater and NBA star Rasheed Wallace smoke blunt, after blunt, after blunt and run through town wreaking havoc. With a cameo by NFL superstar Randy Moss. Watch as A.C. and Sheed flagrant foul dudes on the streets, smoke weed, pants twerps, push old ladies over, eat burger king, run over cops, smoke some more, moon little kids at school, bang bitches, and wear championship belts. This movie requires a two joint minimum to be seen for the work it truly is.
How Nye

Anchorman: The Legend of Tiger Radio

The Translater

Rad News Bears

A.C. coaches a baseball team full of losers. Rather than to teach them to win and play the right way, he sits in the dugout and pounds Natty Ice while his team loses game after game. A.C. makes them continue to lose because he is profiting by betting on the other team each game.
Saving Slaterman

A.C. Slater's Day Off

"A.C. Slater's Day Off" much like Ferris Bueller's Day Off, except A.C. doesn't fake sick, he totally ditches school all together. He also doesn't attend no lame-o parade. He just gets wasted and fucks bitches. Slater then takes a huge dump in Mr. Belding's filing cabinet. He then proceeds to call Belding and request his permanent record. Belding obliges and opens the cabinet to find a huge turd log. The end.
Wedding Crashers in Vegas

After hearing about the engagement of Zack Morris to Kelly Kapowski, a jealous A.C. vows to do everything in his power to crash the wedding. Only one problem. Slater's in Bayside, the wedding's in Vegas. Slater's about to lose the only girl he's ever loved to a lousy, no good, backstabbing friend. In a shocking turn of events, Zack's long time best friend Screech Powers shows up and offers to team up with A.C. to thwart Zack's plans for some payback. Even though Screech is a huge dork, Slater accepts his offer because he needs a ride to Vegas. He would drive his but his car is getting fitted for new 28-inch rims. Join Slater and Screech on their journey to find true love. Things get personal when Slater pours deadly rat poison into Zack's cup. A.C. deviously proposes a toast to Zack and Kelly, wishing them a happy future. Unknowingly about the deadly poison, Zack chugs it down. He then grabs his throat and begins coughing in a violent, yet hilarious manner. His face begins to turn red and starts sweating profusely. A.C. and Screech begin to thoroughly party it up as Kelly drops to her knees and performs fellatio on A.C. in front of Zack's family as they cry. It's all here in "Wedding Crashers in Vegas".
XXX: Slate of the Union


The Passion of Albert

Napolean Slateamite

Weekend at Belding's

This critically acclaimed comedy from the Director of the smash hit "50 First Slates", comes "Weekend at Belding's". A.C. and Carlton Banks stumble upon Mr. Belding's home, who is their rich high school principal. They enter his house only to find he is dead and shat his pants. But the house is rather sweet, so they throw Belding in a dumpster behind Denny's and totally rock it up in his house. They drive his cars in demolition derby's and use his credit cards to purchase whores of all sorts. Three days later Belding's family discover that he has perished. Carlton and A.C. attend the funeral and totally party it up.
SL8 Mile

28 Days Slater

A.C. Ventura

The Bourne Slatepremacy

Slatebusters 2

A.C. and Chunk Go To White Castle

Rad Boys

Whatcha Gonna Do?
Rad Boys II

Whatcha Gonna Do? Again.
Radkie of the Year

Slater's recognized as being the raddest player of the year.
Slateshank Redemption

The Slatelot


The Wedding Slater


Alot can go down on hump day.
Slatemerican Pie


The Slatrix


Head of Slate

An unlikely presidential candidate, A.C. becomes the "Head of Slate". Watch as Slater bones and humps all of the slims in the White House. Zack Morris becomes insanely jealous and will do anything in his power to bring Slater down. A.C. and JT Lambert have none of it, and continuously push him over in the process.
The Fast and The Slaterious

He's fast. He's Slater. He's "The Fast and the Slaterious". Watch as Slater races and pummels the opposition in his faaaast car NASCAR. After Slater has won the race, he is beaten and left for dead. Slater is helped by unlikely co-star Chunk. A.C. and Chunk vow to seek revenge on the chumps that have done this dastardly act to him. They then both commence to blazing and scarfing down as many corn dogs as possible.
Slate Property

Inspired by a true story. From the mean streets of Bayside comes "Slate Property". Watch as Slater, Zack Morris and the gang tell geeks, nerds and dorks to either get down or lay down. Chaos ensues when Screech Powers finds Lisa Turtle humping with Zack Morris in bed.

From the critically acclaimed director Charlie Chode comes the cult classic "GoodFellas". Starring A.C. Slater, Zack Morris and Samuel Powers. Watch Mr. Belding get his. A.C. Slater ain't nuttin' to fuck wit.

A.C. Slater stars in the empowering "Juice". This time it's personal as A.C. will do everything it takes to eliminate his best friend Zack Morris to hump the only girl he's ever loved, Kelly Kapowski. How far will he go to get it?
Men In Tanktops

From the hilarious A.C. Slater and Zack Morris comes "Men In Tanktops". A.C. and Zack do what they do best, show off their badass tanktops to hot babes. Ebert and Roeper say if you're going to see one movie about tanktops this year, make it this one.

A.C. Slater stars in his most dramatic film to date, "Slaterface". Slaterface takes place in the mean streets of Bayside. A.C. and co-star Johnny Dakota are notorious drug lords who are constantly on the run from the police. One day while A.C. and Johnny are shooting a no hope with dope commercial, Zack Morris discovers what A.C. and Johnny are really all about. Zack then asks why the fuck he isn't in on that shit. A.C., Johnny and Zack begin to blaze it up.
50 First Slates

Watch A.C. as he gets his grind on with none other than D.J. Tanner. These two light up the big screen like only two people with two letter initials as name's can. What can be better than "50 First Slates"? Nothing, that's what.

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