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Slater and Mobb Deep livin' it up before Prodigy's hauled off to the slammer.

Everyday they hustlin'. Rick Ross and The Sqwad partyin' it up in Miami.

A.C. helping Jay-Z and Nas squash the beef.

A.C. at the premiere of T.I.'s movie "ATL". What you know about that?

A.C. and Outkast are so fresh and so clean, clean.

A.C. with Sqwad Members Carlton "Money In The" Banks, and Lil' Flip.

A.C. chillin with Jay-Z and Beyonce at the 40/40 club with ESPN on the screen.

Regulators. Mount up.

A.C. and The Roc is definitly in the building.

Why is A.C. and Jadakiss as hard as it gets?

Hate it or love it but A.C. and The Game are on top.

A.C. and Joe Budden gettin' ready to hump, hump, hump it up with this smeez.

A.C. chillin' in Denver with his boy 'Melo.

A.C. and the YoungBloodz. They smoke, they drank, they supposed to stop but they cain't.

Call A.C. and Clipse subwoofer, cuz they pump 'base' like that Jack.

You can't deny Fabolous and A.C. are straight riders.

A.C. and Busta Rhymes got you all in check.

A.C. and Will Smith gettin' jiggy wit it.

In the Bay they don't play them games, they just stack and slang and load up them thangs. A.C. and Lil' Scrappy gettin' crunk.

A.C. visiting his buddy Cassidy in the big house.

They get the boosters boostin' and computers putin'. A.C. and Cam'ron showin' off their purple pimp suits.

They got fat bags of skunk, they got White Owl blunts. And they're about to go get lifted, yes they're about to go get lifted.

A.C. and Young Jeezy right before they were cookin' them O's.

Killa Cam, A.C. and Juelz Santana in Harlem on the set of Juelz' new video.

A.C. and Lloyd Banks. They're so fly, they got money, so that's a good enough reason to buy the things they buy.

They blowin on that endo, GameCube nintendo. A.C., the boss of all bosses Slim Thug and Bill Nye doin' it big.

It's the S the L the A the T the E the R it's Slater.. It's Slater. Can't nobody hold Slater and P. Diddy down, oh no.

A.C. keeping his mullet looking tight thanks to Ice Cube.

A.C. Slater and Kanye West ain't no broke, broke.

A.C. and Mase feelin' so good.

A.C. and David Banner chillin' in the Illadelph.

YEAAAAAAAHHH! A.C. gettin' crunk wit Lil Jon, he the livest in the South.

A.C. back in the day with his rap group, Niggas Wit Mullets.

50 Cent attending Slater's 21st birthday party.

A.C. in his heavier days, with the late Tupac Shakur, attending The Source Awards.

A.C., 2Pac and Snoop being true thug gangsters.

A.C. rides but never on teenage rims.

Ain't nuttin' but a gangsta party when A.C. and A.I. are around.

A.C. chillin' with the guy who goes by the name of Pharrell.. from the Neptunes.

A.C. gettin' down on the flo' with Beyonce.

Nuttin' But a C Thang.. A.C. that is. Dr. Dre and Slater chillin' like gangstas do.

A.C. on the April 2003 cover of the Source with Snoop and Ice Cube.

Everytime A.C. come around ya city bling bling.

While filming Saved by the Bell in Vegas, A.C. and DMX party up.

Slater and Nas makin' you look at them being gangsta.

Jay-Z and Slater big pimpin'.

This is how they do. Slater and G-Unit chillin'.

You "Can't Stop Won't Stop" Slater and the Young Gunnaz.

A.C. loves it when he chills with Big Poppa.

Ludacris thought Slater should grow an afro. So he did.

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