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Here's some rad pictures of A.C. doing rad things.
You only wish you were as rad as him.

David Hasselhoff challenged A.C. to a drink off. Slater won.

A.C. and Johnny Dakota taking a blunt break on the set of their "No Hope with Dope" commercial.

Slater's not even 21 sittin' on mil's.

Slater and Budnick in the quarterfinals match of their air hockey tournament. Budnick later went on to claim victory over D-Lips in the finals, 7-6.

Pimpin' ain't easy, but for Slater it is.


A.C. and Arnold settling the score in Madden.

Slater hitting it big.

A.C. cruisin' the beach for babes.

A.C. winning an oscar for his stunning performance in Baysideways.

Slater getting his weekly car wash.

A.C. fillin' up with no intentions of paying.

Slater tampering with Preppy's brakes.

Slater did a little snow blowing while at his mountain house.

Slater and his child slaves.

Slater gettin' his the fast way.

Dr. Slater telling this woman she has cancer.

DJ A.C. on the one's and two's.

Slater putting the hall monitor in his place.

A.C., Method Man & Redman admiring a proper ass.

Slater admiring his work.

Slater workin on his rad guns.

A.C. and Joey Lawrence partying it up at The Attic.

After hearing about a charity wheel chair basketball game Zack Morris was holding in honor of this anonymous girl who is handicapped he met the other day, Slater did whatever it took to get a wheel chair.

A.C. and Zack Morris in their friendlier days, rockin' out like only radical dudes can.

Ooo la la, A.C. radding it up in Paris.

A.C. being rad in space with his gnarly pants and sweet jet pack.

A.C. treating Jesse Spano like the smut that she is.

A.C. stocking up on the rad dude essentials. Polly-O string cheese,Frankenberry, and RC (which stands for really cool) Cola.

A.C. front row at the Sixers watching Dr. J totally kick Larry Bird's lame ass.

A.C. on Halloween circa 2005.

Slater and Grandpa boogie'ing down. Grandpa serving up the fish sticks. Drop it like it's hot Gramps.

Is that Juvenile? No it's actually A.C. Slater telling these slimmies to back that ass up.

Nothing will keep Slater from enjoying a pleasant water ski.

A.C. performing a stupendous trick he learned from Max.

Slater the Chef.

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