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Nothing gets by Slater, nothing.

A.C. showin' how it's done.

Slater showin' off for the ladies.

A.C. gettin' mad air.

Slater gettin' his grind on.

A.C. hitting pay dirt yet again.

A.C. winning the Heisman Trophy earning well over 850 first place votes.

Slater bangin' it home to seal victory in the World Cup.

A.C. claiming victory in the 2005 World Series of Poker.

A.C. throwin' one down on this chump from Valley.

A.C. giving Ron Artest some pointers on brawling.

A milestone as A.C. notches his 100th KO of his career.

A rare autographed photo of A.C. at the Trick Shots championships.

A gracious A.C. beating Lance Armstrong to win the Tour de France.

A.C. winning the Daytona 500 in his faaast car NASCAAAAAR.

A.C. throwin' one down.

Slater with a kick save and a beauty. Helmets are for lamers.

A.C. seconds after beating Valley for the Championship.

A tan A.C. in full concentration as he sank this putt to win the Masters.

A.C. can't contain his emotions after draining the winning basket against Valley.

A.C. after knockin' a huge dinger.

Nobody can escape the wrath of Albert.

Told you A.C. wasn't nuttin to fuck wit.

Slater showing off his speed after tanning.

A.C. rolling yet another strike.

A.C. hoisting the Bayside Cup.

A.C. signifying how many times he's boned JT's sister Al.

A.C. and the Mach serving one up.

A.C. being super rad defying the odds.

A.C. perfecting the foul line dunk before Michael Jordan stole it.

A.C. being drafted by the Cleveland Cavs. He refused to play after the Cavs declined to change their name to the Cleveland Rads.

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