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The Rad Light District

Rad Talk

Kiss Tha Game Goodbye, Valley

Game over Valley.
Sqwad Deep: Baysidez Nightmare

Bayside's worst nightmare is rollin' Sqwad Deep.
Straight Outta Bayside

The Niggas Wit Albert are back comin' "Straight Outta Bayside", featuring
the debut of Winslow and the hard hitting track "Fuck The Police".
Randy Savage Life

The streets couldn't wait any longer. The debut album from The Macho Man himself comes "Randy Savage Life."

Who Is A.C. Slater?

Bayside Stars

Bayside: Diary of a Summer

Slater Sqwad: True Story

Thoughts of a Bayside Felon

Slater holds nothing back as he tells you what really goes down in prison. (Bangin bitches and smokin' blunts of course.)
The Radumentary

A.C. gives you his rad life story in "The Radumentary".
Lil Albert and The Bayside Boyz present: Crunk Juice

Yeeeaaaahhhh! Lil Albert is back with the Bayside Boyz to bring you "Crunk Juice". The word crunk actually originated from Slater himself.
Let's Get It: Jock Motivation

Young A.C. Da Slateman is so icy. Thaaaaaat's riiiiight. Let's get it!
Bayside Legend

Bring 'em out, bring 'em out. It's hard to get a bitch when A.C.'s in the house.
Slate Registration

The follow up to Bayside Dropout, A.C. brings you "Slate Registration" featuring the single 'Tigers (From Bayside)'.
U.S.A: United State of Albert

Wait til you see Mildew's OOOOH. For the first time, Mildew and A.C. collab on "United State of Albert", and bring it to ya crunk.
The Chronic

Slater's "The Chronic" which was released before Dr. Dre's and was much sweeter.
Bayside N Da Hood

Thaaat's riiiiight. Five in the morning on the corner clockin'. That's how "Bayside N Da Hood" rolls.
Slate Luv

Show some "Slate Luv" with the Young Studz, A.C. and D-Lips.
Get Slate or Die Tryin'

You either "Get Slate or Die Tryin'".
The MAXacre

Slater's taking no prisoners as he unleashes an all out massacre (or Maxacre as A.C. calls it) on all who stands in his path.
Purple Haze

Slater letting you know to Just Blaaaze with Purple Haze.
Beg For Slater

Slater's first official collab with the Sqwad members, "J-Tizzle" Lambert and Carlton "Mo Money In The" Banks, comes "Beg For Slater".
Flesh of A.C.'s Flesh, Blood of A.C.'s Blood

From A.C.'s flesh of his flesh and blood of his blood.

Hear Slater's "Confessions" as he confesses to being totally rad and rocking it up.
We Invented the ReMax

Better than the originals, listen as A.C. and the Sqwad presents "We Invented the ReMax".
Life and Time's of A. Slater

Take a journey through "The Life and Times of A. Slater" as he spits it like no other can.
Slatepacalypse Now

Throw it up throw it up. A.C. can't see ya. In tribute to A.C.'s late great friend, 2Pac Shakur, comes the release of "Slatepacalypse Now".

It's automatic for hits when you're dealing with Slater. "Slatematic" that is.
Slaterist Threats

Beware of "Slaterist Threats" from The Bayside Connect Gang.
A.C. Forever

Slater with his release "A.C. Forever". Indeed the A.C. Clan ain't nuttin' to fuck wit.
Bayside World

Slater Disciple

A.C. with his upcoming release "Slater Disciple".
Word of Mouf

A.C. releasing his Word of Mouf CD. (Which went quadruple platinum by the way)

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