From: "Andrew M Brownhill" Newsgroups: Subject: NWFP in the 30's Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005

North-West Frontier Province, 1930s

Moslem prisoners at the Poona riots 1936

Ted Barker & others making bricks at Wana ?

On the way to Chakdara in mobile column

Taken in Lahore, the London signpost

Again showing the Chitral Column during a halt

Section group outside Peshawar Fort waiting to escort a treasury to the front during the last troubles

Sandstorm Ahmednagar - The workshop lorry was blown off the road

Bullock power through soft sand

Returning down the Kohat Pass

Piqueted at Dhand (Mohmand)

The 15th medium battery at the Mohmand Campaign

Infantry on the march (Mohmand)

Parked up after a days patrol - Mohmand Campaign

The cars parked up in the boneyard near Malakand Fort

Celebrating Duala by sprinkling goats blood on an armoured car

How to rescue an armoured car, RTC School

An armoured car that was specially ditched to demonstrate how quickly it can be rescued

'A' Coy Cardon Loyds, 4th Batt, RTC, Catterick Camp, Yorkshire

Sgt Thomas in the Coy Ford, Peshawar

Pulling the car out from the rear

Small bridge collapse under leading car (Boyne)

The Chitral Keleig Column on the way to Malakand

Armoured car 'Agincourt' smashed on the Khyber Pass.