From: "Andrew M Brownhill" Newsgroups: Subject: NWFP in the 30's Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005

North-West Frontier Province, 1930s

The base camp on the Mohmanel Campaign NWFP

Pay escort, Mohmand Campaign, NWFP India

Taken when passing through Lahore - Kims Gun

The cars in action during the riots after the burnt car incident - Peshawar City

Taken at Durghai with dad in the cupola

'Busaco' armoured car

'Porto Novo' at Ahmednagar with Ted Baker in the cupola

A light tank, possibly a Mk.IV, may have been taken at Catterick

2nd light tank company during stay at Khanspur, Murree Hills, India

Tanks of the 4th batt

Mk II light tank in the hangars

Entering camping site at Katlang

Getting set for the night with mosquito nets up

Andy 7/11/34 just before the move (recc) round Peshawar City

Showing the Ghurka's at Dargai

AC Abuera - attempting salvage which took 4 days - Swat Canal, Malakand

8th armoured car company on march from Delhi to Peshawar - Crossley armoured cars

Taken while the mountain battery were at drill

Deolali (where the taps come from)

'Albuera', snap taken from the rear on the Khyber Pass

Column of troop in transport on way to Loe Agra Salient?

Armoured car trapped & burnt during Peshawar riots. Just in front of Drs Byke who was stoned & burnt to death before help arrived

AC 'Albura' smashed into a native bus coming down the Khyber Pass

'Balaclava' - broken king pin & off side stub axle on way to Katlang

A crash on the Khyber Pass, NWF

2nd Michni Bridge

Bert getting ready to go out trekking

Towing an RAOC lorry out of a ditch - A Coy Medium Mk.2 4th Bn RTC Catterick Camp, Yorkshire

Result of a landslide