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MP3's of the Internationale
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A much larger library of internationale mp3's is avaliable at this site.

Unfortunately I don't have the copywrite information for these songs, but it is to be hoped that in the spirit of proletarian internationalism the authors will not object to their distribution.  That does not however mean that they do not deserve recognition, wherefore I would be thankful if anyone who has more specific information on these recordings would let me know.

I have a large collection of Internationale mp3's, but there isn't enough room for me to post them on-line.  You can e-mail me for others, I have German, Russian, French, English, Spanish, Hungarian, and instrumental versions, besides what's represented here.
On-line I have made availible what I consider to be a representative sample:

For those who've never heard the song before and are looking for the smallest possible download, this Swedish version a pretty straightforward, classical  interpretation and is a good place to start. (512 kB)

If you don't care about a larger download size, this high-quality Soviet rendition of the Internationale is the most "official" version of the song you'll ever hear (3.7 MB).  And here is another Russian version (4.83 MB).

This is my favourite English version of the song, because it has a pro-Soviet slant (as do I).  (2.59 MB)

This German Version by Hannes Wader has a Jovial bar-room feel to it (the whole audience joins in heartily) (4.97MB).

This Spanish Version is incomplete but still rather inspiring-sounding (1st verse only).

This French version is a nifty swing rendering which is an absolute must-listen!  It's probably the freshest interpretation since Eugene Poitier first wrote the song. (2.76 MB)  It adds a third stanza, the text and (non-singable--I'm not that good!) translation of which are as follows:

Ces paroles qui trainent dans la tête
Des opprimés du monde entier
Sont celles d'un de nos poëtes
Qui s'appellait Eugène Poitier.

Aujourd'hui le monde a changé.
Est-ce qu'il y a moins d'exploités?
De chômeurs, d'enfants affaimés?
Pour qu'on puisse se réposer de chanter...

C'est la lutte finale etc.
These words running through the head
Of the whole world's oppressed
Are those of one of our poets
Whose name was Eugene Poitier.

To-day the world has changed.
Are there less exploited?
Less unemployed, less hungry children?
So that we could stop from singing...

'Tis the final conflict, etc.

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