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Featuring Pagbilao, Quezon's Tourist Spots

Bilaran Sandbar
a.k.a Panambo or Balugbog-baboy
13 53.780N 121 43.145E

  This Sand Bar is being created by a natural phenomenon of wave action when the waves of Pagbilao Bay (left) and the larger Tayabas Bay (right) move into each other to create this giant mound of sand. As observed, the waves of Tayabas Bay are stronger pushing more mass of sand inwards at the middle, resulting into the sand bar's crescent shape.
The best time to visit the Sand Bar is during low tide when it is exposed to the maximum. The only setback is that the water will be too shallow that the boat has to travel very slow to avoid hitting with the propellers the rocks and corals underneath.

The Sand Bar offers a nice proximate view of Grande Island which hosts the Pagbilao Power Plant

How to get there?

Located at a point where Pagbilao Bay meets the bigger Tayabas Bay, somewhere between the southern tips of Grande Island and Bocboc Point in Brgy. Bantigue, Bilaran could be reached by boat from anywhere within Pagbilao Bay such as Brgy. Bantigue or from the now-accessible-by-bridge Pagbilao Grande Island. If you don't want your vehicle to go thru the rigors going to those points, Bilaran, as well the nearby Patayan Island, is accessible by boat from the wharf in Brgy. Daungan in Pagbilao proper. The wharf is by bank of the Tambak river which drains out to the sea. But the best access would be from Bocboc Point in Brgy. Bantigue

To get to Brgy. Bantigue, coming from Pagbilao, follow the road to Lucena. A few meters after passing by the front of the entrance to Peninsula Homes in the vicinity of KM136, find Greenview Inn at the left side just before a small bridge. Turn left at the road between the Motel and the irrigation canal. Then follow that concrete road, keeping yourself at the left side of the irrigation canal, for about seven kilometers until you reach a place marked as Bayview Accommodation. Follow a narrow road to your left just beside the fence beyond the entrance gate. Down the road, you will find boats moored along the shore. Use your bargaining skills to hire one to take you to Bilaran and nearby Patayan Island It is not advisable to allow the boat to just drop you off. The sand bar will disappear in high tide. Of course the boatmen will let you know that.

The short span of time that you may stay in this paradise will be enjoyed with the thought that the place you are setting your foot in will be submerged during high tide.


Mount Banahaw serves as a majestic backdrop viewed northwest of the sandbar

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The watermark background is an aerial shot of Pagbilao Bay.
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