You know you watch too much Fireball XL5 when...

Starfox,Mara and Charmander made some great humor pages call YKYWTMSMW"(You know you watch too much Sailor Moon when...) for a very cool Anime(Japansese Cartoon)named Sailor Moon. When I watched for the first time a Tv series created by Gerry Anderson, Fireball XL5(aka Fusée XL5 in French) on Canadian Channel Teletoon, I was so hooked by this show for unknown reasons. So here a YKYWTMFXL5(You know you watch too much Fireball XL5 when...) for fans of Fireball XL5

You know you watch too much Fireball XL5 when...
-You name your childrens Steve and/or Vénus
-You name your pet Zoonie.
-You study to be a great scientist just like Prof. Mattix
-You're an astronaut at the Nasa and you ask to be transfert at the Wsp(World Space Patrol)
-You think Sailor Moon's character Sailor Vénus was parent with Doctor Vénus
-You want to trade Apollo 11or Challenger for Fireball XL5.
-Your teacher give you a zero at school and you think she referred to General Zero.
-At Christmas you receive a robot toy and your name it Robert.
-You think Joe 90 is parent with Lieutenant 90
-You don't take a road with number 46 because you think the road send us to the subterranians
-You create your own Fireball XL5 website
-You write your own episodes of Fireball XL5
-You see a psychiatrist to talk about your fascination about Fireball XL5
-You made a petition to have a live-action movie of Fireball XL5
-You wants Tom Hanks,Harrison Ford or Kevin Costner to perform Steve Zodiac for a live-action movie of Fireball XL5.
-Your wife or mother-in-law's name is Grizelda
-You have no difficulties to imitate Robert the Robot or Zoonie the Lazoon
-You ask Gerry Anderson to made others episodes of Fireball XL5(and why not Stingray,Thunderbirds,Captain Scarlet for the same occasion)
-You think the Mysterons are parents or cousins with the Subterranians
-You sing the closing theme song in the shower or in any language (French,Italian,Spanish,etc,...)

 -You  sing  the closing theme song in the shower, on the way to work, or in any
  language  (French,  Italian,  Spanish,  etc) and you know all the words,including the third verse.
-You call your nosy neighbours Mr and Mrs Space Spy.
-You have a picture of Steve Zodiac set as a wallpaper on your home Page or your own Pc/MacIntosh

A couple of new additions -You think you nextdoor neighboors are mr and mrs space spy, you call you science professor Mat Matic -you look at the Empire State building and think it should be revolving -you go to the park and think you saw Zoonie hiding in the bushes you go to the coast and build your self a beach house -you want your maiking address as Fireball XL-5 -your parents named you steve and venus.

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