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Nobody gets it.
For the last time, Damien's not just a plot device for Queen Hecuba. He really is my brother. My twin brother, if you feel you must get into specifics.
I do know why nobody makes the connection. That would be because we don't look alike. I'm the only person in my family besides my mother who has black hair. Everyone else's is blond.
Which is why most people never guess that my little sister is Tori Jericho, the incredible human popularity gauge.
At least with me and Damien, the observant can tell we're related by mannerisms. He talks even less than I do. We both have some area of our faces pierced - he did his right eyebrow, I my nose. The only reason Tori's not in the Fashion Club is because there are more "weirdos" in her family than Quinn's.
Damien's birthday present last year was a cameo - only by name so far - in Queen Hecuba. Since nobody knows who he is, they all decided he was a plot device so I could put Upchuck in jail.
Just serves as proof that people here are dumb. When it's our birthday and he enters the discussion in that matter, they think it's even more proof. Why would we have the same birthday if I didn't make him up? if I try to introduce him to someone, they ask how much I'm paying him.
There are about four people in the entire school who would think enough to believe me. Maybe I'll tell them. More likely not.