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Alphabetical Name Index: Details

The radiohaha name index is a complete list of the names of writers, performers and producers mentioned in the programme summaries, with appropriate links.  Individuals whose names are mentioned, but who werenít specifically involved with the radio shows in question, are not listed here.  In the summaries, all writers are credited (where names are known), but the policy on crediting non-writing performers is a bit capricious, so this index should not be looked to as a complete list of all the performers who have ever appeared on any of the shows covered.  (Such a list would actually be pretty useless, since it would catalogue thousands of brief appearances arranged on a session basis and probably not recalled even by the performers themselves).  Producers, by and large, are mentioned only when they have some scriptwriting input.  The overall aim is to help the faithful user to trace the significant moments in a writer or performerís radio career.  But bear in mind that itís a big list, and some of the links might not work some of the time.  Cheers.

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