The Birth of Brahmarishis

The Birth of BrahmarishisAfter Parshuram, killed all the kshatriyas (the warrior class) on earth, their clans were carried forward by saintly and kind Brahmins(the teaching class). This went on till the time the clan of the kashatriyas was revived and their kingdoms were again established. The kshatriyas ruled well according to the rules and all their citizens were happy. This marked the beginning of Satyug.

It was an era of golden rule as the rulers and their rule was flawless. They had conquered anger and desire and the faults appearing from them. All the elements of nature were in harmony to eachother. The weather was conducive and it would rain on time. No one would die while a child and the minds of the young were not corrupt. The kshatriyas would organise great yajnas and give lot of alms to the brahmins and the brahmins studied the Vedas with full freedom. The Vaishyas (the business class) carried on with trade with great honesty

The animals and the cattle were looked after even when they were old and of no use to commercially. The cows would not be milked till the calves were properly weaned. The merchants would not cheat their customers. Everyone worked according to their class distinctions. No one was violating the rules of the society. Cows and women gave birth at the right time, even the plants and trees bore fruit at the appropriate time.

But things could not stay right for a long time as the demons started taking birth into the kshatriya clan. The gods then came to the rescue of the earthlings and killed them. But the demons took the forms and shapes of various living beings and filled up the earth. They were born as bulls, horses, donkeys, camels, buffaloes and deer.

As cruel and despotic kings, they started harassing the people on the earth. They were so troubled because of their behaviour that the earthlings now went to Brahma for his help. Brahma called the gods, the celestial nymphs and the gandharvas (semi-gods) and asked them to use their different parts and be born as different forms and avatars on the earth.

All of them agreed to do what Brahma had asked them to do and they went to Baikunth (the abode of Vishnu) to take his blessings and request him to take birth as an avatar on earth to relieve Earth of her miseries. Vishnu agreed and the gods started to be born as Brahmarishis and priests and sages and started destroying the demons who were devouring the human beings. They were so powerful even when they were children that the demons were unable to harm them.