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Awesome '80s Sports

The 1982 Milwaukee Brewers

There was never a team that exemplified the '80s as much as the 1982 Milwaukee Brewers. They were known to many as "Harvey's Wallbangers" after their manager, Harvey Kuehn (God rest his soul) and because of the fact they hit a TON of home runs. Gorman Thomas, Cecil Cooper, Rollie Fingers, Robin Yount and Paul Molitor were all members of this great team. This team was fun to watch, and it looked like they had a lot of fun playing the game.

Rollie Fingers
"The Fireman"

Rollie Fingers was a heckuva reliever. He was the original Rolaids Relief Man, if you ask me. Rollie put out more fires for the Brewers in 1982 than I care to recall. And you gotta love that handlebar moustache of his. Classic!!!

Paul Molitor
"The Lead Off Hitter"

Paulie Molitor was the consumate lead off hitter for these great '82 Brewers. Who can forget his 5 hits in game 1 of the World Series, or the way he single handedly kept the Brewers in many games throughout the year with his clutch hits? What a stud! It's too bad he had to go across the border to get his World Series ring, but I don't blame him for leaving.

Robin Yount
"The (Original) Kid"

Robin Yount was a Milwaukee Brewer his whole career, and won the MVP as both a shortstop (in 1982) and as a centerfielder (in 1990). This guy could beat you in SO many ways: with his slick glove, with his silver bat, and in his day, Robin even had a pretty live arm. Robin has forever been in my heart as the consumate Milwaukee Brewer and his workmanship made me love baseball!

Cecil Cooper

I can't remember the first time I saw Cecil play, but he always played as hard as he could. Personally, I think he should have been the number one candidate for the Brewers GM job this past year, but it's not for me to say. I can remember the first time I heard a Brewer game, and the crowd was screaming "Coop! Coop! Coop!" and Cecil didn't let us down. He drove in the winning run, as he did MANY times over the 1982 season.

Gorman Thomas
"Stormin' Gorman"

"Stormin' Gorman" hit a TON of home runs for the Brewers in 1982. 39 to be exact! He tied for the league lead, and without him, the Wallbangers wouldn't have been able to be! Now, Gorman has a great food stand at County Stadium, and I'm sure he will be taking it to new Miller Park, opening in 2001.

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