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"640K is enough for anybody." Bill Gates,1981
What can I say about Bill Gates that you don't already know?
Just check this out...
What do you think the H stands for? Click on Bill to find out.
Do you know what the computer behind Bill' s right hand is?
Give me your answer here!
Birth date: October 28, 1955
Claim to fame: Leader of the computing software's industry.
Net worth: Over $28 billion (Feb.1997) for more visit Bill Gates personal Wealth Clock.
Preferred foods: Cherry Coke and spray cheese
Annoying traits: Compulsive rocking, glasses that won't stay perched on bridge of his nose.
Bill Gates was the first programmer to call attention to piracy problem. In February 1976, he wrote an Open letter to Hobbyists, which was published, among other places, in the Homebrew Computer Club Newsletter, in which he lamented the widespread larceny of paper tape copies of his BASIC and called the hobbyists thieves. The letter had no effect whatever on the hobbyists except to anger them further at the $500 charged for his BASIC.
He now (1997) lives near Seattle, with his wife and new daughter, Jennifer Katherine Gates born on April 28, 1996 in a multimillion-dollar house that seems more like a convention center than a billionaire's retreat. Gates home is situated along the east bank of Lake Washington, just south of the 520 bridge - there it sits - a 40,000-square-foot waterfront home costing close to $50 million US. And NO, it's not true that the house has only 95 windows. Here is a picture of the home being built.
Click on the house to see what it should look like when it's done.

The other man that founded Microsoft.

Here is Bill when he was a young hacker.

Paul and Bill at school.

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