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the Paradise Free Festival
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A secluded waterfall to make this page prettier and more real

A secluded waterfall to make this page prettier and more real

Have you always wanted to
live in Paradise
but couldn't figure out
how it would be possible??

NOW'S the time to
come back to the land
and live together in Paradise.

What makes this Project unique:

*the gardens and their substance will never be sold *it will provide the means to properly help the disabled and impoverished, making it possible for them to live in the best of health *all Caretakers participate in a Unanimous Consensus Council for making decisions amongst the group *the abundance of the land and all facilities will be shared equally amongst the Caretakers *the Gardens are in the warm tropics, where no heating, air conditioning, electricity, irrigation, or other worldly un-necessities are required *there are many thousands of acres of unoccupied land just waiting to occupy, use and have as an eternal possession *No "money" will be charged for living on the lands, food or other things for Caretakers or their guests! Instead, we will have an equal share of duties and responsibilities based on common and individual needs, desires, talents and abilities *it will totally eliminate welfare dependency at the Gardens by promoting a totally sustainable way of life in harmony with Nature *it will be a totally smoking-free, drug-free, peaceful, cruelty-free environment *it will be practical to truly eat a fruitarian diet for the first time EVER *all plants will be 100% naturally grown and propagated from non-hybrid seed or plants *the Gardens will be passed forever from generation to generation *it will be the first time since the Creation that all original species of edible fruit-bearing plant existing on Earth plus many rare and useful plants will be growing in the same place at the same time, as nature intended. *the first great example in this time of restoring the Earth back to its Paradisial state will be accomplished and stand forever as a monument to Love and mutual cooperation.