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*My Info*

Well..............where to start!! This is me (above, middle with em & kate the erotic sisters!) I'm a 20 year old gal from Sydney and I was suddenly out of a job one day so I figured I'd make use of myself and create 'the parables'! I've only been aware of the brilliance of Powderfinger since Double Allergic and their tour in '96 (the one before the 'Word is Quintet' tour) but recently I've gotten into their old stuff in particular........ I'm a studying actress (in other words I'm out of a 'real' job!!) and I love going to gigs.............Favourite bands of mine would be........Powderfinger (surprise!!), iOTA, George, On Inc., PJ Harvey, Ben Harper, Air & loads more. I'm not a full interesting person so I won't pretend to be!! Just hope you enjoy the page and come again!!