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*Mailing Lists*

The Finger Family

The Finger Family has been shut down due to unforseeable hotmail is being an arse...... so another list has been made up...... primarily for the finger family users and old econodogs. The mailing address is (yes it is now tailmail) so to subscribe please send an email to this address with POW: subscribe in the subject line and we will try and restore what we once had!! Hassle I know but you get that!!

The Econodogs

The Econodog mailing list is a friendly place for discussion on Powderfinger and Powderfinger related stuff. The list was set up in June 1997, and now boasts 350+ members. Posts are sent out in the form of digests which consist of about 5-10 posts per digest. Anyone is welcome to join, and it's a 100% free service, simply send an email to

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