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The Band.....

Powderfinger formed in 1989 with Ian Haug on vocals, John Collins on bass and another guy on drums. Enter Bernard Fanning (He and Ian met at UQ) and Darren shortly after. By 1992 the current members formed and since then they have never looked back.
Powderfinger began playing Graveyard gigs doing mostly covers. After alot of flyer runs and self promotion, Powderfinger began to get a following at gigs which helped them to produce their self-financed, self-titled first ep.
These sold out quickly and the band was on a roll, producing ep's - 'Transfusion' & 'Mr Kneebone' as well as albums such as 'Parables for Wooden Ears' and 'Double Allergic'. It was 'Double Allergic' though that sent the band to fame, 'Pick you up' & 'daf' virtually being the anthems of 1996.

Come Internationalist and Powderfinger were on their 2nd Overseas tour.

Powderfinger have been a major backbone act for the Nationally touring Big Day Out for the past few years now. From Performing at the BDO '96 on a minor stage at midday to '99 when they performed in the evening on mainstage being the last Australian act to perform on Mainstage before the likes of Korn, Hole & Marilyn Manson.

My Philosophy

Now here I could ramble on about every detail of the band's private lives like you have read a million times before.......but you've heard all that.
Here I will let you in on some dark secrets that next to no-one on to find out the latest goss on your much loved members of powderfinger......

My Philosophy

BERNARD FANNING - nick-names: Bernie, Squintsy.b.Jones..
LOVES: Cricket, The Beatles, being a 'Rock Star'..
HATES: Pauline Hanson, Study

Bernie is currently in court battling several angry fans that failed their HSC due to following his advice that "study is not important and can result in Multiple Personality Disorders". The parents of these children are moving to destroy Bernard's band 'Terry & the Econodogs' and forcing them back through the Schooling system as 'study buddies' to punish them thoroughly. Bernard was unavailable to comment.

DARREN MIDDLETON - nick-names: Dz, Darius..
LOVES: Meditating, Cooking, being a hippy.
HATES: Meat, People calling him a hippy

Squintsy once called Dz a hippy on National Radio which resulted in a nasty brawl. All band members became involved - most on dz's side as they'd been waiting for the chance to 'sock it to Bernie' for a long time. It seems the 'lead singer syndrome' had affected Bernie and eventually the entire band.

IAN HAUG - nick-names: Hog, Haugsy..
LOVES: The Bush, Surfing, His home-made home studio & Dz's pout.
HATES: Losing the limelight

Ian has been seen purchasing several handguns in Brisbane. When asked his reason for buying so many he replied "I just want to be the singer again". Sources reveal that Ian has held a bitter grudge on Bernie since he "came in & took over" Ian's potential singing career. Sources have it that after asking a dozen pro. hitmen to 'do in' the lead singer, Ian was left with a dozen refusals as all hitmen were incidently fans of Squintsy's voice. This only enraged the guitarist so much so that Bernie was forced to put a restraining order out on him thus making rehearsals all that much more difficult.

JON COGHILL - nick-names: Cogsy, Juan Cee..
LOVES: Fishing, Surfing, Screaming 1,2,3,4 at every possible opportunity.
HATES: Being Serious, Fighting

Jon was recently involved in a tug of war where the man himself became the rope. Regurgitator were so impressed by Jon's quick moving, spontanious ability with the sticks that they offered him a full time position in the 'gurge'. The finger's got wind of this and didn't want to lose Jon if he was such a hit with the 'gurge'. The tug of war lasted months and Jon - after being stretched an additional foot - resolved the fighting by saying "Guys, I know I'm great but I can't do both". The end result being that Jon agreed to do the 'odd tour' with the 'gurge' when Martin had better things to do.

JOHN COLLINS - nick-names: JC, The Wolf..
LOVES: Fishing, Art & his long locks.
HATES: Party of Five, Having short hair

Inside sources reveal that at a recent rehearsal, John broke down in tears, crying "I want it all back dammit!" Apparantly when all members underwent the 'chop' surgery in 1994, John was against the whole hair cutting procedure but was forced by other members of the band after being told that they would never make it big with long hair. Sources also reveal that when at home, John dresses in Stone-washed jeans and leather vests to take him back to 'the good old days'.