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How to add sound in your Yahoo Mail

Note : It is only applicable for IE (Internet Explorer) user. Sorry for the Netscape User

Yahoo Mail "Formatted version" gives you great HTML formatting facility. IE has html tag to insert background music is

 <bgsound src = "" loop="-1"> 

("loop" tells how many times the source file has to be played)

If you are in "plain version" of yahoo compose window, you have to switch "formatted version"

To switch "formatted version" (Netscape user would not find this)

  1. Goto "Compose" page.

  2. Find link to "Switch to formatted version" under CC: text box

  3. Here we go.


How to add sound:

  1. Type your mail as usual and format it using available tool on compose window.

  2. So far so good. How to add music?. Here you have to enable "View HTML source" check box which is located in top row of formatted window

  3. Fine. Now you will see a lot of html junk of your mail. Goto end or first line of your mail. In the fresh line, add the following: <bgsound src = "" loop="-1">. Here "src" in the bgsound tag is the source of sound file. Apart from .mid file, that can be .wav, .au, .mp3 files too. Above mentioned files take hell lot of time to load. It may be for broadband user. Dialup user would not hear that files in expected time. I would recommend you to use only MIDI (.mid) files.

  4. Send mail (Press send button :-) ) Important note: Leave "View HTML source" check box enabled. Don't uncheck before send. Then you will loose sound tag. 

 We are done.

HTML manual says <embed src = > tag does same thing for Netscape. I tested with Netscape 6. It does not work. If anybody knows the correct tag to play sound in Netscape, please let me know (

Where to get MIDI files?

Happy news for Tamilians. I have got a lot of tamil songs keyboard midi files. Ellam adutha site-la irunthu suttathu thaan.... I've just consolidated all files here.

I am giving you great facility to link sound with your mail from my site. Look at the song and copy sound  tag next to it. Past it to yahoo mail.


More MIDI files visit: