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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Emily Hagins, Megan Hagins, Jerry Hagins, C. Robert Cargill, Tiger Darrow, Kate Dawson, Rebecca Elliott, Alec Herskowitz, Kirk Hunter

Director: Emily Hagins

Genre: Documentary/Horror

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

Emily Hagins is making a zombie movie. It's feature-length, it's bloody, and the zombies don't run. Just like it should be. But there's just one difference between her film and every other zombie movie you've ever seen. Emily is twelve.

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"Zombie Girl: The Movie" introduces us to Twelve-year-old Emily, an average pre-teen from an average American family. What separates Emily from other kids her age is that at a very young age she decided she wanted to make movies. That is where the film begins and we get to see Emily, her family and her friends come together to make a full-length zombie film. At times during the film you get the feeling that maybe she has gotten herself into something that just might be too much to handle, I mean everything here is amateur from the camera being used to a used paint roller pole which is used as a make shift boom mike. It is certainly an amazing and at times difficult journey but all along there is an underlying theme that keeps popping up that will make sure Emily reaches her dream. That theme is family, well Emily has her own visions of what she wants it is her mother that is the driving force behind making sure her daughter gets to finish her film. Even in big Hollywood productions there can be set-backs and some problems to deal with during filming so you can only imagine just how hard it is going to be for this young girl to complete a film own zero experience and no money. Emily's mother, Megan, is most certainly the driving force here, not only does she work a full time job and must maintain a household but she is also the one the keeps this project moving forward. Also I can't forget to mention Emily's father, Jerry as well since he too plays a big part in Emily seeing her dream through. On the outside this Documentary is about a young girl who wants to make a horror film but it's so much more than that, the film is not only about a family coming together and parents supporting what their child believes in but it is about an entire community coming together, something you rarely see but damn it sure feels good seeing it. By the time the film hits the editing stage everyone has been drained from the whole experience but the film isn't ready yet as re-shoots and lots of editing are needed before it is ready, in the end it is two years before the film's Premiere. Horror fans are sure to love this film but it isn't all about just horror, the community as a whole coming together makes this a family title as well so even if you don't like horror films you are going to enjoy the more personal side of it as well.

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The DVD not only contains this amazing documentary but the feature film, "Pathogen" as well, sure it's amateur at best but that is not really the theme here in the first place and no matter the age everyone has to start somewhere when taking on something new. The DVD also comes with Special Features that include:

Pathogen-Emily's Feature-Length-Film

Q&A with Cast and Crew of "Pathogen" during it's World Premiere

A Behind The Scenes Looks at Emily's second Feature Film, The Retelling"

Emily reflects on lessons learned from making "Pathogen" as she prepares for her third movie

Original Theatrical Trail for "Zombie Girl: The Movie"

This is not only a film for those of you that dream of making your own someday but it is also about seeing any dream you might have through and most importantly to me it is about family and supporting one another. "Zombie Girl: The Movie" is an amazing look at family-bonding and chasing your dreams, captivating and inspirational. Emily has gone on to make another film, "The Retelling" and is in Post-Production of her latest film "My Sucky Teen Romance". This is a must-see experience that I highly recommend to everyone. You can Pre-order the DVD of "Zombie Girl: The Movie" HERE.

Released by R-Squared Films

***** Out Of *****