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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Clayne Crawford, Judy Marte, Warren Christie, Sarah Wright, John Wynn, Kel Mitchell, Jill Bennett, Lynn Chen, Candice Accola, Maximillian Alexander, Jacob Battersby

Director: Kedar Korde

Genre: Romance/Comedy

Year: 2007

Rating: NR

Bookish biologist Simon lusts after Jane, a blonde beauty who barely knows he exists. Against the advice of his womanizing friend, Lorenzo, Simon decides to make Jane jealous by dating his lab partner, Trese. But every part of Simon's plan falls apart, trapping him between the pursuit of a hopeless dream and unexpected, real feelings for someone.

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This is a romantic comedy with numerous characters to follow and some nice twists as well along the way. The basic story line follows Simon who is in love with Jane but she is nothing more than a user who jumps from man to man on any given night, this character is very easy to dislike. Anyway Simon is a Biologist and works at a lab, his lab partner is Trese, you get the feeling right from the start that she is a nice girl and would be a perfect partner for Simon if he could just let go of Jane and her games. Simon comes up with a plan to date Trese to make Jane jealous but the plan fails and Simon is left more confused than ever because now he is starting to have feelings for Trese as well. An Indie film that has something to offer for both men and women, on one hand you have the whole romance thing for the ladies and on other you have some good humor and a few off the wall characters that the guys are going to enjoy. I enjoyed the story and it's various plot twists and thought the performances from all the actors were great. Clayne Crawford is wonderful as Simon and Judy Marte has no trouble in matching him as Trese, the two also show some chemistry together on screen as well.

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Like all romantic comedies the story is pretty predictable but with the twists and turns along the way it is enjoyable getting there. With characters you feel something about, a good soundtrack and some nice comedy and drama I think this is certainly a film worth seeing. There's been better films in the genre but X's & O's delivers on what it promises and more. If you like the genre I recommend giving it a chance, I'm sure you are going to find it as enjoyable as I did. This is Director, Kedar Korde's debut feature film and he did a great job putting this all together, I look forward to seeing what he does next. You can order the DVD HERE. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

Deleted Scenes

Gag Reel

Theatrical and Festival Trailers

Audio Commentary with Filmmakers

Released by Rivercoast Films

*** 1/2 Out Of *****