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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Rachel Grubb, Brooke Lemke, Derek Dirlam, Mike Rylander

Director: Rachel Grubb

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2009

Rating: NR

advertisement Ellen Farnsby is a modern-day Scheherazade. And if she doesn't tell the story of a lifetime, someone else will be writing her obituary. She is kidnapped by Paige, a failed novelist with an ax to grind. Jeremy is a video store clerk whose one talent is fooling himself, and others, that he's an artist. He and a pop junkie of a detective named Lydecker are hunting for Ellen. Will Jeremy and Lydecker find Ellen before a vicious maniac edits her out of existence? Will Ellen write a brilliant novel or end up a tragic movie-of-the-week?

When I was asked to review this film I was pretty eager to do so since the story sounded, fresh,original and plain different from what I have seen reviewing lately. The film's basic theme is that some people have ideas and they put them into action while others tend to only talk about them and never achieve anything. The theme is simple but Director,Rachel Grubb who also plays the lead actress in the film and wrote the screenplay from Josh LeSuer's poem does a terrific taking that theme and injects so much life and originality into it that I was hooked from the opening frames and even though the film is more a dark comedy it still had me on edge waiting to see what happens to this woman. The film makes you think about all the what if's in your own life, what if I did that or did this,would it of made a difference in my life up till now? I might be getting a little deep on the story and all but it does have that effect on you. The film really impressed me, from the settings to the effects used in the room when Ellen visions the character she is writing about which is amazing. The all white room she is being held in also adds great atmosphere to the whole situation. The acting is fantastic from all involved, Rachel Grubb and Brooke Lemke are both great here and they show chemistry together on screen. Other highlights are Derek Dirlam who plays a video store clerk who just happens to have a crush on Ellen and who becomes one of the main suspects after her disappearance and Mike Rylander who plays Ellen's "I don't have a clue" boyfriend. There is a lot about the story I could go into here but I see no reason to spoil a fun time for those wanting to see this film. I can tell you "Why Am I in a Box?" is a fun, dark comedy that delivers and is about as good a Directorial debut as there could of been. On a side note I thought the ending was both funny and sinister..way to go by all involved for providing some unique entertainment. The DVD is a two disc set with the feature, and our two short films, Young Eyes, and A Broken Family, and extra features. If you would like to purchase a copy you can do so at the Silent-But-Deadly Website HERE

Released by Silent-But-Deadly Productions

**** Out Of *****