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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: J.D. Shapiro, William Dozer, Jillian jihns, Kylie Bax

Director: J.D. Shapiro

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2009

Rating: NR

Rock (William Dozier) and Jake (J.D. Shapiro) are a modern-day "Odd Couple" with a twist -- both men married, and divorced, the same woman, and now they're trying to put their lives back together by sharing a place and trying not to kill each other in it. Dozier and Shapiro not only star in the film but co-wrote the script, apparently based on their real-life experiences as friends, roommates and mutual victims of the eponymous Margo.

Jake was married to Margo for six months. He says it was the longest three years of his life. Margo later marries Rock, who leaves her after two years and moves in with Jake, eventually getting on Jake's nerves with all his annoying quirks. Meanwhile, Tracy breaks up with Jake for what she says is the last time. In flashbacks, we learn this has happened before. Now for me to sit here and go on and on about the story would be a crime because this comedy is so different than any other you have seen and is a must-see to really appreciate it. The film has a great,fun feel to it and it has a fast pace as well. The story of Jake and Rock is pretty simple but the it is so well-written and acted that it quickly becomes infectious, I had to watch it twice not only because it was so damn funny but because things happen so fast I was afraid I missed out on some of the fun as well. Originally released in 2000 the film some how stayed under the radar all this time but all that will change now that it is released on DVD. The movie was simply hilarious and the fact that it was based on a true story made it even more so. Also keep your eyes peeled for the cameos in the film. What more can I say except that this comedy is genius and should not be missed. I recommend hunting the DVD down and buying it because you are sure to get multiple viewings from it. This will surely become a cult classic in no time with strong word of mouth. The DVD comes with Special Features that include:

AUDIO COMMENTARY by writer-director J.D. SHAPIRO and actress JILLIAN JOHNS

PHOTO GALLERY with additional audio commentary by director J.D.SHAPIRO


Released by Osiris Entertainment

***** Out Of *****