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Director: Joey Sylvester

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2011

Rating: NR

Macho, construction worker, Tony Parisi proudly voted for Prop 8 (AGAINST GAY MARRIAGE). Hes the kind of guy who takes great pleasure in ridiculing his gay co-worker, Steve. That is until fate and a magic Christmas ornament step in to teach him a lesson. Two weeks before his wedding, Tony finds that he is suddenly gay, while Steve learns he has mysteriously turned straight. Now, Tony must scramble to "straighten out" in time for his wedding... But, not before he walks a mile in Steve's shoes.

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I was really looking forward to seeing this film after I first saw the trailer, the subject matter is a realistic problem we face today but the film-makers treat it in a funny and respectful way.

There are many characters in the film but it's main focus is on two of them, Tony who is a macho guy who is about to marry his girlfriend and Steve, a gay co-worker. Tony starts getting on Steve relentlessly at work and it finally comes to a head at the bosses Christmas party. The two exchange words, Steve wishes Tony was gay and Tony wishes Steve was straight what they don't know is there's a magic Christmas tree angel there that has the power to grant wishes. When the two wake up the next day completely different men it results in a lot of confusion and some hilarious moments as well.

I loved this film from it's opening scene, the banter between Tony and Steve creates a lot of laugh-out-loud moments and everyone around them begins to wonder what is going on. Tony and Steve get themselves in hot water with their lovers for not being affectionate anymore and even Tony's friends begin to wonder what is wrong with their now sensitive buddy. The story is pretty simple but it's execution is flawless, combine that with some very clever and funny dialogue and you get an adult comedy that is sure to have you laughing and smiling all the way to the end.

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Speaking of the end, the film also provides a few important lessons on judging others, that is if you can find them through all the hilarity. As far as the acting goes the cast is amazing, Nathaniel Marston and Tom Archdeacon are fantastic as Tony and Steve and Tom Arnold is his usual incredible self as their boss. Dee Wallace and Mike Starr are also great as Tony's parents. I could go on and name just about everyone in the film because the entire cast did a terrific job.

"Walk a Mile in My Pradas" is comedy about excepting others for who they are plus it adds a little Christmas flavor to it. This is an original comedy with wonderful characters and zany situations that will have you laughing all the way till the end. A feel good comedy that does just that, it will leave you with a smile long after it's over. I highly recommend picking it up when it comes out on DVD November 11th. The DVD's Special Features include:


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You can visit Osiris Entertainment's web site HERE to check when you can Pre-order the DVD. If you like a good comedy then I highly recommend picking it up, you can thank me later.

Released by Osiris Entertainment

**** Out Of *****