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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: William Archiello, Henry Borriello, Raine Brown, Keith Fraser

Director: Bart Mastronardi

Genre: Horror

Year: 2010

Rating: N/A

Nicholas is a disturbed young man, whose failed suicide attempt unleashes an inner guilt, which manifests itself into frightening apparitions. A stylish and frightening exploration of the depths of guilt.

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Vindication is the story about Nicholas, a disturbed young man who not only feels regret and guilt for his mother dying while giving birth to him but even more so because of his father who blames him for his wife dying and tells Nicholas he was a mistake, pretty harsh words coming from anyone let alone from your own father. Sooner or later the guilt gets the best of the young man who then decides to commit suicide but ultimately fails and by doing so he unleashes the demon within, one that torments him until it takes him over the edge.

This is Writer/Director, Bart Mastronardi's first feature film and I have to say it is quite impressive. The film is deliberately slow for the first hour which is spent on the young man and his now real life guilt that haunts him, this is very effective as you are able to feel just what this young man is feeling and even if you are turned off or even afraid of his behavior you grow to care about it.

Vindication is a psychological horror film that spends most of it's in that genre, at least for the first hour of it. Then the film takes a more bloody turn as Nicholas finally gives in to his guilt and begins to take it out on everyone around him. There are some great killings and lots of blood the last 30 minutes of the film which should please any fan of horror. What I think I liked most about the film was that it doesn't try to be a typical horror flick, call it more an art-house type if you want and in a lot of ways it is but for what it offers it is a bloody good time.

There is no wonder Writer/Director Clive Barker had good things to say about "Vindication" because it does play out much like films made by the famed director. You can call it a thinking man's horror film which might not be for those that are into only horror of the mainstream variety but for those that like a challenge and enjoy watching a film with more of a story behind it and are willing to take the journey you are going to be well rewarded in the end.

I loved the cinematography here and the angle shots as well were very effective. The acting was another good thing about the film, I felt the entire cast did a fantastic job and actor, Keith Fraser did a great job playing Nicholas, this role is not an easy one to play and he was terrific. I see a bright future for this young man. Also what can be said about Bart Mastronardi, this is a film-maker with a great eye for horror and I look forward to seeing more work from him in the future as well.

Vindication is what Independent cinema is all about, creating thought-provoking and innovative films like this one that stays outside the realm of Hollywood and in doing so becomes something pretty special. You can purchase and watch the trailer for Vindication at R Square Films web site HERE.

Released by R Square Films

**** Out Of *****