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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Barry Corbin, Garrett Morris, Johnny Whitworth

Director: Stokes McIntyre

Genre: Comedy

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

Andy Taggert (Johnny Whitworth) set out for Hollywood to pursue serious acting, but years later finds himself as Vick Velour—adult film star. Feeling disillusioned and trapped, Andy walks off the set and lands in a mental hospital. His unwitting parents (Barry Corbin, Beth Grant) retrieve him and take him back to their Arizona retirement community for rest and relaxation. Andy’s troubles seemingly disappear…until his past hilariously comes back to haunt him in the last place on earth he expected!

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"Valley of The Sun" is one those rare comedies that has so much going for it you don't know where to start when you have to talk about it. For starters talking about the plot and characters isn't going to do the film any justice because this is one of those movies that just needs to be seen to be fully enjoyed. The story is about Andy, a man that had dreams of becoming a Hollywood actor so much that he went against his father's wishes of staying staying put and working in his father's plumbing business. But Andy's dreams of becoming a star never did come true and he some how ended up making porn movies and was very successful at it. One day while on set of his latest porn Andy has a break down and walks off the set, down the street and into a store...completely naked. He ends up in a mental hospital until his parents who live in a retirement community come to get him and take him home with them. What happens after he arrives is best seen and not told about because this is one of the funniest films with the most outrageous story line and characters I have seen in some time.

The characters in the film all have their own unique personalities and each one provides plenty of laughs so it's hard to pick just one actor that stood out because each and everyone did a terrific job. Johnny Whitworth is terrific as Andy aka Vick Velour but he's not alone, Barry Corbin is incredible as Andy's father and Beth Grant is just as good as his mother. But it doesn't stop there, Garrett Morris and Graham Greene are both hilarious as two "ladies men" and they both provide so many laughs I lost count when watching the film. I can name just about everyone in the film because this was really an ensemble cast and each and everyone did a fantastic job.

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Director, Stokes McIntyre did an amazing job keeping the film moving at a brisk pace and he really got the most out of his terrific cast.

On the outside "Valley of The Sun" looks like just another comedy but this one was truly something special. The film is about a man that has reached a cross roads in his life and he has regrets about things he has done and just wants to be happy again but it's a none in a light, playful way. Provocative, funny, cute, naughty and even touching at times best describes this little gem, if you like a good comedy then you need to check this film out when it comes to DVD on May 29th.

You can order the DVD HERE.

Released by Monarch Home Entertainment

**** Out Of *****