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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Gabriel Mann, Pete Postlethwaite, Bruce McGill, Diana Scarwid, Tom Bower

Director: Tim Boxell

Genre: Period/Drama/Murder

Year: 2009

Rating: PG-13

When a wealthy California families son is kidnapped it ignites a firestorm of suspicion and rage in idyllic 1933 San Jose, California. As the local sheriff rounds up some suspects on flimsy evidence a young, hard-nosed and principled reporter investigates the town's actions and takes on the powers that-be to prevent the lynching of two innocent men.

Based on the true story of the last lynch mob in California, there has been a few films and even books about these events but this is the only one that really brings the disturbing events to life in a way that truly effect the audience. This is Film-Noir at its finest, everything about this film is amazing. The cast is simply incredible from Pete Postlethwaite, who is always terrific and Gabriel Mann as the reporter who will stop at nothing to get the truth is a delight to watch, he is a mesmerizing actor. The supporting cast were all terrific as well and everyone made their characters very believable. The settings were fantastic and authentic and the lighting and atmosphere I felt gave the film that special feel that was needed,, a captivating experience. The story grabs your attention from the opening scenes as we see this reporter sitting at his desk, a voice over begins and you are hooked. There is always something about a film based off true events and when their done as well as this one is it makes the film that much more incredible to watch. I was really taken in by this reporter and and his determination to help these men who are accused of kidnapping and killing Brooke Hart. This is certainly a disturbing look at not only the power of the mob but also it looks at how the media can take a story and twist it for their own benefits. There are certain films I can sit and talk about for hours and Valley of The Heart's Delight is one of those movies, Director, Tim Boxell did a fascinating job with his cast, the settings and telling an important story that has you totally engaged it what is going on the entire time. If you love your cinema, smart, beautiful and compelling then you will not want to miss this brilliant film. Check back here for updated information on when you will be able to check this one out, I have to say it had me thinking long after it was over, I hope everyone of you gets the chance very soon to witness this one.

Released by Indican Pictures. ***** Out Of *****