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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Eric Benet, Erica Gluck, James Hong

Director: Joanne Hock

Genre: African American, Urban, Drama, Faith / Spirituality, Family / Kids, African American Drama

Year: 2012

Rating: NR

When 12-year-old Trinity Goodheart is visited by an angel who leaves her a pendant that belonged to her long-lost mother, Trinity concludes that her mother is in danger and needs her help. What ensues is an effort by Trinity to reunite her disjointed family; and in the process, she teaches them the value of love, faith and forgiveness.

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Trinity hasn't been the same little girl since her mother vanished on her and her father and it doesn't help matters that her father isn't very mature and struggles to keep a roof over their heads. So when Trinity discovers a pendant her mother owned next to her when she wakes up one morning it's easy to understand why she takes it as a sign her mother is asking for her help. Her father's inability to keep a job has taken a toll on Trinity and it shows even in her school work.

To go into any more details about the plot would only ruin the film for those wanting to see it so I will stop here, this is a wholesome family film that delivers some important messages while remaining entertaining to the very end. Eric Benet and Erica Gluck are terrific together as father and daughter which is very important because they are the film's two main leads. Also a lot of credit must go to Director, Joanne Hock, this is a very impressive debut for her and I look forward to seeing what she comes out with next.

The film's message of forgiveness and the importance of family is loud and clear, a faith based film but it's never over preachy.

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A perfect blend of family drama and wholesome messages makes for a great film the entire family can enjoy together and we can never have enough of those. I highly recommend seeing this film for all the reasons I mentioned above, I was impressed with everything about the film from it's acting to it's wonderful, warm story.

Available on DVD with no Special Features to mention, you can order the DVD HERE.

Released by Image Entertainment

***** Out Of *****