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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Meredith May, Kit Wannen, Shasta Lusk, Cameran Cash

Director: Alana Cash

Genre: Drama

Year: 2010

Rating: Unrated

Annie, an orphan, finds herself in a marriage of neccesity. When she bears the child of a man she doesn't love, she feels trapped until a stranger enters her life. She gets her first taste of respect, love and tenderness which makes her situation even more difficult to deal with.

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Tom's Wife is an Independent drama set in 1932, in rural Texas. Annie is a victim of circumstance, this is a woman that marries because she simply had to but as her husband becomes more and more abusive she feels that much more trapped. When Annie meets up with a traveler she gets her first taste of love and more importantly respect which makes her marriage that much harder to bear. Tom's Wife is a slow movie drama that is character driven, it is deliberately slow but if you like the genre you are sure to fall in love with if. The characters are real and you easily feel for them in one way or another. The cast of unknowns are incredible, but it is Meredith May that steals the show, with her portrayal of Annie, she really brings the innocence needed to play the role. The film has it all from Love to humor,sadness to tragedy, a movie-lovers dream that has won several awards and for good reason. This had to be a labor of love for all involved and you can tell they poured their hearts out getting this film made and it really paid off. If you're looking for action or explosions look elsewhere but it want to see a film that draws it's audience in until they are emotionally attached then be sure to check out Tom's Wife.

Released by Singa Home Entertainment. **** Out Of *****