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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Jarrod Crooks,Randy Vongphakdy,Shannon McDonough,Kimi Harris,Dan Quaile,Jeffrey Glenn,Nate Shallue,Ric McCloudTheresa Stecker,Phil Berbig

Director: Jarrod Crooks

Genre: Action/Comedy

Year: 2009

Rating: N/A

Toby (Jarrod Crooks) intends to give up his life of thieving and marry his long time girlfriend, Lindsey (Shannon McDonough). When his partner, Mark (Randy Vongphakdy), goes on a job alone and gets kidnapped, Toby is blackmailed into pulling off one last heist in order to get dirt to use on an ex-wife in court. Lindsey discovers Toby's plans and sneaks along to stop him when they both get caught by said ex-wife. After escaping, Lindsey leaves Toby, but he figures out a way to turn the tables and clear his name of criminal charges. But can he pull it off and win back Lindsey's heart?

This job can we a bit wearing at times for a number of reasons but over the last two years with the addition of many Independent studios and filmmakers I have found a new love for cinema. Thanks to writer,director,editor,star and fight choreographer Jarrod Crooks for giving me the chance to check out his new film. Right from the opening scenes I knew I was going to enjoy this flick, I read on another site that one of Jarrod's influences was Jackie Chan and watching this action/comedy you can really see that in Thieves Like Us. Mainly in the hand to hand fighting scenes. Now don't get me wrong the film also brings many of it's own ideas with it. Do not be fooled by the action/comedy genre, sure the action is fast, the fight scenes are well choreographed and the humor is very funny but the film is also very well written and smart with many interesting characters weaved into the story to keep you interested and highly entertained. Just when you think you got the story all figured out it tosses in another twist, I almost want to call this a thinking man's action/comedy if there is such a thing, it is that cleverly written. The production values are another thing, I was blown away by the cinematography, for a low-budget film it looks and plays much bigger. Finally to the acting, it is obvious Jarrod Crooks is talented by the credits above but I was really impressed with not only his acting but his ability to do the action scenes as well. The rest of the cast is just as impressive including, Randy Vongphakdy who plays Mark his best friend and partner in crime in the film. Randy provides a lot of the humor in the film and he is simply hilarious at times. Shannon McDonough is also in the film as Toby's girlfriend, Lindsey who doesn't have a clue that Toby has another job on the side. Shannon is a delight to watch in every scene she appears in, she is very talented as well as being very funny and very beautiful. The rest of the supporting cast were are terrific as well. Sure if you want to be picky you can find flaws in any film but I found it very hard to find one here. Thieves Like Us is a action/comedy that must of been a labor love to the entire crew and it translates back to the audience making for one hell of a fun action packed film laced with great humor and and a very talented cast. If I didn't know better I would of thought Jarrod was a seasoned director, a very impressive debut and a film any fan of the genre will enjoy. I am not sure on release dates but will update here when I find out more so be sure to check back.

Released by JC Films

**** Out Of *****