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Image and video hosting by TinyPic Cast: Cathy Rankin, Cristen Irene, Jose Rosete, John Dobradenka

Director: Kenneth W. Long Jr.

Genre: Horror

Year: 2009

Rating: Unrated

After their grisly murders, a lumberjack and his lover return a year later to enact deadly vengeance on those responsible. Soon, the members of a notorious inner city gang begin to die violently by the hands of an axe-wielding vigilante known as The Whistler. These brutal deaths land detective Kyle Rico and forensics investigator Jacy Hall hot on The Whistler's trail. But nothing is as it seems and the closer that they get to the truth, secrets are revealed that lead to an ultimate death struggle of ghostly proportions.

The Whistler is an Independent horror film that wastes no time in getting started. Right from the start of the film you have carnage, sure it isn't the kind you expect from a horror film but it is there and soon after you are treated to the revenge from beyond. As a fan and supporter of Independent cinema I get to see a lot of it thanks to the wonderful support I have and I got to say I get to see many gems I might not of ever seen so it is nice to pass along my findings here in hopes that many of you out there will hunt these down as well. I don't think they could of picked a more menacing actor to play the role of The Whistler / Leroy Jenkins, Derek laKeith Martin does a terrific job in the opening scenes of showing a huge, strong man in size with a tender side but after they kill woman he loves and he comes back in mask and all his size and motions make for one scary dude. The rest of the cast was terrific here as well, each actor did a great job playing out their characters. All films done on a low budget have their limits and even their flaws but it is how the story unfolds and the execution that is most important and that is where this one delivers. The film opens by quickly getting to the point and the pace stays excellent till the very end. The effects are good for the production, sure they could of been better but they serve the purpose and there is lots of blood and some creative kills along the way as well. The story doesn't break any new ground but like I said the action and killings never stop so the film is never boring. The ending is left open for a sequel but I can't say if it is being made or not. It would be nice to see since I really did enjoy this and also I would like to see how they wrap this all up. If your a fan of horror I recommend hunting this one down, it certainly is a solid piece of entertainment with enough gore to please any fan. You can order the DVD now HERE.

Released by R-Squared Films

**** Out Of *****


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