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Cast: Peter Gallagher, Victor Rusuk, Brian J Smith, Benjamin Walker, Greg Serano, Maria Bethke, Billy Lockwood

Director: Ron Daniels

Genre: Drama/Crime

Year: 2010

Rating: NR

Hoping for fast cash, David (Benjamin Walker), George (Brian J. Smith) and Greg (Victor Rasuk) -- friends whose high school pastime was chasing illegals back across the Texas-Mexico border -- steal a rig from David's father, Slater (Peter Gallagher). But the illegal cargo proves more alarming than stolen TVs. As their plan falls apart and truths come to light, the guys find themselves as vulnerable as the migrants they had chased at the border.

The Story follows David, George, and Greg, tight friends since high school. They used to hang on the US-Mexican border, waiting to spot illegal immigrants who were trying to run into the United States. Sometimes, without a thought for the immigrants, the boys chased them across the wasteland and back across the border just for kicks. After high school the guys go their separate ways but when David comes home from college they boys reunite and with not a lot to do they come up with a plan to steal a truck from David's father trucking company and fill it with what they believe to be black market televisions but when they see what is inside they realize they are in over their heads. The film deals with a number of issues including immigration which is a timely topic right now, racism, sexuality and just being who you are. In terms of issues covered the film is pretty busy and it gives you lots of food for thought, a thinking man's film that has a lasting effect long after it is over. The cast of young actors all did a terrific job at making their character's real and believable and it is always nice to see Peter Gallagher again. The War Boys is a film everyone is going to have different opinions about because it raises some hairy questions on immigrants and gays but it also asks questions a bit more personal like being yourself no matter what others might think. Director, Ron Daniels does a great job at asking the questions yet keeping the crime drama in the forefront, this is certainly a talented filmmaker that knows how to deal a story and isn't afraid to tackle issues others might shy away from. The War Boys is a film that will cause much debate, some will love it for it's deep, moving parts of the film while others may not but either way there is no denying that it isn't a thought-provoking crime drama that gets in your head. I can't say if you will like this film or not but I can tell you it's a smart and effective film so if you like a film that deals with tough issues, many of which are popular now then I recommend picking this one up. The DVD can be ordered HERE.

Released by Maya Entertainment

*** 1/2 Out Of *****